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Star Lotulelei in the first round makes sense (which is bad)

I know Jeff Ireland loves defensive tackles. A lot.

In two of the past three years the Dolphins have used their franchise tag on, you guessed it, defensive tackles -- Paul Soliai in 2011 and Randy Starks this year.

Only days after tagging Starks with the franchise tag, Ireland made no secret to his personnel people that he still wanted to add another defensive tackle because those guys are good to have and he already knew Tony McDaniel was headed out the door. Ireland also sees the defensive line as a Miami staple and he wants to keep it strong.

Ireland has said in at least two drafts that he's always looking for big bodied nose tackle/defensive tackle types because men built to play the position are hard to find.

One of the Dolphins signings this offseason? Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin, who was inked to a two-year deal.

So we've established Ireland likes to have defensive tackles in the fold.

And that leads me to my concern:

That on April 25, sitting at No. 12 in the first round, Ireland will look at his horizontal draft board and see Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei sitting there and he'll pull the trigger.

Lotulelei is by any measure a solid NFL draft choice at No. 12. Indeed, he might be the highest player on the Dolphins board at that time if the selections go as most of the experts have it mocked so far. For example, Mel Kiper of ESPN and the NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, Gil Brandt and Charley Casserly all have Lotulelei on the board when Miami picks.

Furthermore, most of those experts have the big man going one pick later to Tampa Bay.

So what we have is the Starman being available and not being a reach around the No. 12 spot where Miami is scheduled to pick.

Then you have the fact the Dolphins like Lotulelei, you have the fact they've met with him privately, you have the fact both Starks and Soliai are in the final years of their deals, and it spells the Dolphins giving serious consideration to Lotulelei. I mean, very, very serious consideration.

And why do you sense tripidation about this on my part?

Three things:

Star Lotulelei doesn't play cornerback. And the Dolphins need to add a starting-caliber cornerback fairly high in this draft because I'm a lot more certain that Tom Brady will be his old self in 2013 while I'm not nearly as certain that Brent Grimes will be.

Star Lotulelei doesn't play offensive tackle. And if the Dolphins want to keep quarterback Ryan Tannehill's head on his shoulders next year, they need to add a starting-caliber offensive tackle in this draft.

Third, Star Lotulelei has a reputation for being very good on plays he didn't take off. In other words, his motor wasn't in gear every play he's on the field. Yes, he's on the field a lot. But I still don't like players that take plays off.

Fourth, and this one is thrown in as an aside because the problem has apparently been resolved, Star Lotulelei had that heart issue during the Indianapolis Combine. And having players with a past history of heart issues (even small and temporary ones) is scary in South Florida where the July and August temperatures are trying even for players with strong hearts.

I guess I'm worried the Dolphins will draft Lotulelei in the first round because he's a value pick and it makes sense addressing a future ... but he doesn't resolve either major need today.

The Dolphins have had no issues addressing future needs this offseason. They replaced Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett. But in the face of needing a starting OT and a starting CB (my opinion) are they going to address DT in the first round?

It's possible. Very possible.



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I'm NOT buying the Tavon Austin hype.
Why do I have a premonition Ireland is gonna take a chance on Manti Te'o in the 2nd round. He will trade UP!
Whew, just woke up.

By the way, if ANOTHER so called NFL expert calls Te'o "Tay-Ow" as in Seau.......
Arrgh, the season can't start soon enough.

millner could drop to us

When Odindouche says "hottie" he is referring to the hot air in his blow up doll that leaks. Heck, he spends every Fri and Sat night on this blog anyways.

ALoco, it seems like Massachusetts is full of terrorists, yes?

Phins 78....

you may have never said the words "injury prone"....but your 5 or so post mentioning his health implied it (imo).....

thats why I spoke on it...I still think its an unfair to mention (harp) on his health when prior to last year he played (started) 72 consecutive games as a TE in the NFL...catching balls in the middle of the field....I think that is a testament to his health and conditioning.....

Clearly...I am in the Keller Korner (on purpose)......

but i never debated or disagreed with you on your position of drafting another TE....that was between you and YG.....and nobody else if memory serves.....

I just felt that the record should be accurate when you mentioned Keller's health so many times....


Good day.....

Lets hope Ross doesnt get the stadium charity and then sells the team to someone with a clue.

Dear Miami Dolphins. The placement of the logo on the new white tee shirts is really bad. It sits directly in the middle of the nipples and makes the wearer look dumpy. It should be a bit higher on the chest like every other tee shirt in the world. I will not be buying one until this is rectified.

Ross Will Win A SB As The Owner Of The Dolphins.

Dustin Keller Will Be Productive. No Real Need At TE.

If We Can't Get A Linemen At #12. Draft E.Lacy.

I want to see Ross sell the team to someone who cares about performance. Someone who cares more about winning then about the logo, or the celebrities. Someone who demands performance and results from his GM. Someone who knows winning will bring the fans back and make him money. Someone who will restore our once proud franchise to its glory years instead of the Arena caliber team Ross has let it become.

I like something to sit direct in the middle of my nipples.

Monte, if you went to a single game last season you'd know Ross has ALREADY dropped all the celebrity crap.

The Orange Carpet..the constant video shots..all of it...GONE.

He got the message and responded.

You are free to dislike the guy but you should also be fair (and get up to speed, too).

My only concern for Keller is this....i'm not sure how often Tanne looked for Fasano....or Clay....

Perhaps it may not be in his repertoire to look for the TE....I mean after all...I wouldn't have looked for Fasano in the least....

Fasano may have mentally damaged Tanne against the TE position...

We can get Lacy in the 3rd. He is too slow to go any higher. Cleveland over drafted at RB last year, Buffalo over drafted Spiller the year before. Nobody is taking RB in the first round anymore unless they look like AP.

Ross is a Dolphin Fan.

That Is Good Enough For Me.

Most Owners Aren't Fans of The Team They Buy. Aka Jeffrey Gloria.

I've wasted way too much money on these crappy Dolphins. No more until I see a complete turnaround and some top talent on the team. Ross is the worst Dolphin owner ever.

What the hell does the new logo have to do with anything, Monty?

Please tell me you aren't one of those dimwit fans who thinks the team somehow stopped doing football-related activities because everyone was fixated on a redesign of the freaking logo.

You DO realize one thing has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other, right? Or do you think the Miami Dolphins just have two or three employees and run the team out of a leased warehouse space?

Monte the troll with a thousand names. 99% of the blog was hoping you were standing by a garbage can yesterday in Boston. We cannot all get what we hope for

Perhaps it may not be in his repertoire to look for the TE....I mean after all...I wouldn't have looked for Fasano in the least....

Fasano may have mentally damaged Tanne against the TE position...

Posted by: Kris | April 16, 2013 at 07:46 PM

hilarious. write the guy off after one season. nope, fin fans won't give a player more than half a season to develop. the same fools berated us for not taking brees who took 4 years to learn the position.

"Jeff, Coach Philbin..I need you to stop watching game tape and assessing players so we can work on the new logo."

None Of Those Guys Are Built Like Lacy.

Or Averaged As High As Lacy. And Lacy Wasn't Breaking 60-80yd Runs. He Was Beating People Up. 6-8 Yds At A Time.

BPA, Lacy Over any Of The TE's Or Wr's In This Draft.

Best Offensive Weapon. E.Lacy.

G.Smith Is The Best Qb. But E.Lacy Is The Best Offensive Player In This Draft.

At #12 E.Lacy Is A Steal.

Look at you suckers responding to Monte Fin 77 Zonk the troll who just has to say any stupid negative thing to get you memory deficient A.D.D. bloggers to respond and try to debatte him.

I'll bet most of you don't even remember who won the last presidential election that his how pathetic you dunce faces are.


@7:50. I knew he was Safe. He never leaves the house.

Must be why Ross just spent more money than anybody else in the NFL this offseason on free agents.

Oh, that's right. He's "cheap."

Monte = Self-Loathing Jets Fan

@ 7:51....

are you mentally challenged...or just plain retarded.....



Don't answer....i'm sure your just plain...old fashioned retard....

So he did sign his franchise tender. What's he trying to prove?

Lacy at 4.63 won't be nearly as effective in the NFL. Patterson will be the star offensive weapon over the long haul in this draft.

not sure on idiot patterson but agree lacy wont do anything

Ok so you don't think Hartline is a #2 because he only caught 1 TD last year AND his yardage was padded by the Zona game, but the phins didn't score much last year as a team and the WRs were probably the weakest link on the offence and pretty average at best, that being said I think that he is a number 2 and with the WR additions and the upgrade (IMO) at TE I believe he will shine this year and show that he is legit...

some of you bird brains forget tannehill was a rookie with very little experience, who was not even given the starter role until late in training camp. now you whine he is not yet a master qb, hilarious.

Players in Stark's position might be best to follow the Boss for at least 1 year, for X reasons. Otherwise, it might mean the end of their careers as NFL Players.

Yeah, Starks and Solai can become FAs next year and, yeah, Ireland will probably draft at least one DT this year. But using a 1st round pick on a player that would more than likely sit behind two PB players makes absolutely NO SENSE. Unfortunately, the media hasn't given up its habit of adding 2 + 2 and getting 5.

If Lotulelei is there at 12 it would be tough not to pull the trigger.

On the the other hand that means 11 teams passed him up. Most of who probably aren't as deep as we are at DT.

If Lotulelei is there at 12 it would be tough not to pull the trigger.

On the the other hand that means 11 teams passed him up. Most of who probably aren't as deep as we are at DT.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 16, 2013 at 08:31 PM

we are not really deep though if you look beyond 2013. one has to think ahead.

EVERYBODY has its place in an Organization, and they must know where in It.

What is it that Starks wants long term that is unreasonable?

I know some of these players like Jake Long can be stubborn but if I have 2 fairly young DT's who are among the best in the league I try to keep them.

We also can talk bpa all we want but there is a point that it would just be silly. Like using a very high 1st rd pick on a person to sit on the bench.. It's not like we've won a couple super bowls just recently.

Generally most teams are hoping their 1st rd picks make an immediate impact.

No more freebies. You should give Us a good reason why we should protect you. Otherwise, no dice.

Just read Martin checked in at 318 today. Report said he was out pulling trucks in the offseason out in Cali. Yes, trucks. Said his shoulders and legs are a lot bigger. Also read John Jerry reported in good shape. Lot less weight then last year!! Good news for both

Where a good place for me to be a skank ho in Broward County?

starks is not fairly young.

If we have to pick at 12th, and none of the top 3 left tackles are there, the Warmack or Lotulelei...

That is good news on both Bobby! I think guys are buying in and want to a part of this system.

I think he's 30. Should have 3 years left easy.

Go to Kendall Debbie. Skankville zip code is 32189.

This from Armando's post:

"Ireland also sees the defensive line as a Miami staple and he wants to keep it strong."

Why is it a staple? Wake, Solia, and Starks.

Where a good place for me to be a skank ho in Broward County?

Posted by: Deborah L. Winston | April 16, 2013 at 08:56 PM

The dead end road that Odinstank lives on is a good place to start.

Yes, I have a "Shift" where I have to be "On Call" with the County. I get paid whether I tow or snow plow or not(salaried). If I exceed a certain amount of mileage and/or tows/snow removal, I'm paid extra and am reimbursed for Gas/Oil and wear and tear(percentages).

Posted by: odinseye | April 16, 2013 at 06:28 PM



Yeah, that is the profile of a man every HOTTIE seeks!

You know in the old days, hot women sought well to do gentlemen, the very rich, or the young buffed boy toy. Not anymore...they seek out on call tow truck drivers that get paid extra for wear and tear!!!!

Hahhahahahaahaha... No..check that..

Bwaaaaaahaaaaaaa Hahaaaaaaaaahaaaaa!

Posted by: Toooooo funnny! | April 16, 2013 at 06:55 PM


at 30 starks knows his days are numbered. he is going to be seeking a longer contract than 2 years. ireland already knows he won't give him more than 2.

What has Ross done to deserve a handout except lose every friggin year?

Zonk, thinking out loud here, maybe if you heated some peanut oil to smoking temperature and then poured it over your pecker would give you some new insight?

The only thing that would change my insight is a 10 or more win season. And that aint happening.

Zonk, what ain't happening is anybody buying your rap. Try over at the Jags site. Better yet, open the wallet and pay for it. It is not healthy to go so long without it.

I would like everyone here to think about Dionne Warwick right now.

i met dionne warwick, she was already older. super nice person. no star struck attitude. it was in a club in LA. she got up to sing a song with the band. it was so awesome al jarreau who was there asked her to sing it again, and she did. she was thin, angular, but yeah i thought about poking her.

bc, I thank you for sharing your encounter with Dionne Warwick.

She is a magnificent gift from God.

Dionne Warwick?


If you have no Dionne Warwick memories or thoughts to contribute then PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING!

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