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Players Dolphins might trade at No. 12

The first thing you must understand about draft trades is that intelligent and successful general managers do not trade for draft picks. They trade for players.

That's why the second overall pick last year was worth a mint to the Washington Redskins. They didn't trade for the slot. They traded for Robert Griffin III.

That's why the second overall pick in this year's draft won't be worth nearly as much to anyone interested. The reason is a team would be trading for Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel or Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah. Not the same value as RG3.

And so in discussing trade up possibilities for the Dolphins consider what player the team would covet so as to give up its own No. 12 pick plus multiple more picks this year and next to climb five or six slots. Who is worth that?

Is Dee Milliner, the most versatile cornerback in the draft, worth that? He's not Deion Sanders, people. Indeed, some teams are concerned about his durability because of the number of times he's required surgery to correct various problems.

Is Ziggy Ansah worth that? The kid is a project. Yes, he might become Jason Pierre Paul. Or he might become a tremendous bust who never figures it out.

Are either Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel worth that kind of ransom? Let me rephrase, are they worth giving up a No. 1 this year, a No. 1 next year and probably both No. 2s this year and perhaps another next year? Some of you are freaking out because the Dolphins might give up second-rounder for Branden Albert but you'd be ok with mortgaging this draft and possibly next for Fisher or Joeckel?

When you do the exercise this way it becomes hard to fathom the Dolphins trading up in this draft unless the price for doing so has dropped dramatically.

Remember, the Dolphins are not one player away from going to the Super Bowl.

There is not a sure-fire superstar that will make 10 Pro Bowls among the first 11 players of this year's draft. I've had two NFL personnel men tell me there are more likely six solid players and multiple busts in the group.

So that out of the way, let us concentrate on what players will available at No. 12 that the Dolphins would be willing to trade away.

That's right, what player that will never play for Miami is Miami willing to trade to another team wanting that player. That's how you must think of it. It's not Miami selling the No. 12 pick. It's Miami selling a player another team covets.

Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei will probably be available at No. 12.

Quarterback Geno Smith will probably be available.

Wide receiver Tavon Austin might be available.

Wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson will probably be available.

OLB Jarvis Jones will probably be available.

The two prized guards -- Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack --  will probably be available.

Of all those players, I see only three that might create enough of a buzz to cause a team to try to get up to No. 12 to get them. Those players are Lotulelei, Austin and Smith.

Smith is intriguing because if he's not drafted by Arizona, Cleveland or Buffalo, he's going to fall at least to No. 13 and the New York Jets. So a team wanting him has to get ahead of the Jets, which is perfect for the Dolphins.

Who might be interested? Obviously, this is all conjecture but Minnesota might want a QB.

Lotulelei is one of four defensive tackles that are likely to be drafted in the first round, along with Sharrif Floyd, Sheldon Richardson and Sylvester Williams.  

What teams might covet him more than the Dolphins do?

The Cowboys want DT help. So does San Francisco. So does Minnesota.

Austin is a wildcard. Yes, he's too small. Yes, he might be gone (perhaps to the Jets at No. 9). But if he's there, he might draw the attention of multiple teams that badly want a playmaker.

St. Louis might be interested. They've got two first round picks --  at Nos. 16 and 22.

San Francisco makes sense. The 49ers have 13 picks this draft but nowhere near 13 available roster spots. Seattle is loading up on defense. The 49ers lost Randy Moss and, ahem, Ted Ginn Jr. Anything  to help their young QB?

The point is think players when thinking draft trades. Don't think picks.


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1) Ireland is not very smart. Knowing that, he'd better stay put at 12 and pick BPA.
2) Play it though with the Chiefs and get Albert for a 3rd round pick. For them it's a 3rd now or nothing next year.

Trad e down and just draft playmakers period, forget the fat a** lineman playmakers playmakers playmakers period !!

if dolphins want eifert, like lots of us want,or anyone they target, than take it at 12. it's silly trading down and hoping to take him late.

What bugs me about trading up or down, is you still don't know what you are going to get until it is time to select. So you can't really trade down until you are ready to pick or you are an idiot. Trading away something you have for a couple of birds in the bush is dumb dumb dumb.

One more thing. Why can't Miami win the Superbowl? Who says? Experts? Las Vegas? Was Baltimore picked to win the Superbowl last year? What if they hit on 8 picks and get 8 real good starters at the positions they need filled? We don't know and won't know at least until October.

One thing I do know. There are no experts. Just educated guesses at best.


ps: we'll really give the 2nd round 2013 to kc for albert without a medical evaluation before? so instead changing the logo we could change name in miami krustyes


Trading up or trading back....doesn't matter...Ireland usually gets does a pretty good job in terms of value in these trades.

Personally I would rather give a late 2nd/3rd for Albert. Some are putting too much value in draft picks. Albert in a proven NFL tackle that was rated higher then Long and is a better scheme fit. Getting a starting tackle while maintaining the team's 1st round and one of their seconds is a much smarter move.

Message to kindry 1 playoff appearance in the last 12 years dude hello reality check that is why nobody take you dolphin fans seriously !! Also kindry the Ravens since J.Flacco arrived in 2008, you know the same J.Flacco fat a** B.Parcells didn't think was good enough along with M.Ryan since his arrival 5 playoff appearances 3 AFC title games 1 SUPER BOWL TITLE what has this franchise done since 73 ?

If Eifert is still on the board at #12 and we trade down and lose him, I'm going to have a coronary...

Convenient Truth at 7:03,

Too much value placed in draft picks? This is the proven formula for a building championship teams. I respectfully disagree. The first 5 picks the Dolphins have in this draft, if they hold onto to all five, should become starters on this team (either immediate or starters in time). FIVE PLAYERS! 11 guys on the field at any time- 22 counting defense and offense. 5 out of 22 is almost 1/4 of your starting lineup. When a team drafts picks in rounds 1-3 there is reasonable hope that those picks turn into starters. If picks in rounds 4-7 turn out to be diamonds in the rough, then thats just great luck.

This draft is a make or break draft as far as if our beloved Dolphins ever become a super bowl contender. 5 picks in the top 100. Draft BPA- regardless of position- and turn this team into a championship one.

Brandon Albert will be a non issue come draft day!!!!!

And yes Armando, trading up this year is clearly not worth it...We have all these picks but we needed them last year...Not this year...





Take Eifert at 12. It may not be a must position but it is a need. An elite talent who can grow as a combination with our young QB. This is the new NFL and skill guys, especially a TE, are more important than OL and high picks should be used on them. Eifert will not be there if we trade down. Wallace helps to score more touchdowns, but not in the red zone. Eifert helps the red zone offense.

We need the tackle, but don't need to overpay in picks and cap space for albert. If we were going to pay big money there we should have signed Long and saved the 2nd. Hold unto our 12th pick. Keep building a young team by giving up our later 2nd round pick and a 3rd and moving back into the first round and draft Justin Pugh-LT. He will not be there by the 2nd. Let him compete with Martin, with the loser playing RT. Do not trade up into early first for a top 3 tackle. The difference between them and Pugh is not great enough to justify all the picks. that we need right now.

Pick a DE/pash rusher with remaining 2nd. That position won't be available in the third.

Trade the 4th rd pick and one of our 5's for another 3rd. Draft a CB early in the 3rd. Deepest position in the draft and we can wait to pick a player there.

Then take a safety like Philip Thomas of Fresno who had 12 interceptions last year with the second third.

Could stop right there and have picked up an elite, impact offensive weapon (Eifert), filled the tackle hole and the CB hole, and picked up a pass rusher and playmaking safety as a bonus.

Can't give away picks in a deep draft when we are rebuilding.Need to protect our cap space and can't give up big money contracts unless the player is special.

Like all of us. Wish I was running the draft.

One thing I forgot to mention- every pundit talks of the depth of this draft- the true value is on day 2 of the draft (rounds 2-3). If you can trade down, still get a talented BPA, and pick up another pick in the 2nd or 3rd, that is a net gain. I feel if the Dolphins trade down, it has to be with NO at #15 or STL at #16 and I think they can still get Eifert if they want him (that was for you #1 Dolphin Montreal). IF they trade down to one of Minn or SF picks, we will miss out on Eifert and some of the others projected to go at #12, but we will also pick up multiple picks and even a pick next year. When a team is trying to build itself up to a contender- trading down and accruing high picks is the way to go. This is the year we are suppose to contend for a division championship. This draft will set the foundation for the next 5 years minimally.

Round 1 spells PLAYMAKERS...Not LTs...DTs...RTs...Centers...NO...PLAYMAKERS...Haven't we learned anything over the years?? Get me Eifert...The guy scores TDs...That's good enough for me...We suck at scoring TDs...We suck ever since Dan Marino called it quits...You need to score TOUCHDOWNS to win...

CT,You are forgetting that Albert will cost a lot more than just a 2nd round pick. He wants a huge long term contact as well with guaranteed money. That is what's holding up the trade,not the draft pick to KC.

Huge is relative....again Ireland may be a poor drafter, but he is very good in working with the cap and there is no reason why he couldn't work the deal to the benefit of the Dolphins. The team is already going to be fine cap wise next off-season and that is with Wallace's big cap hit so I don't see signing Albert as an issue at all.

Money is Money, it is Ross' not mine, so how ever they want to spend it is fine with me.

Prepare to have a coronary,,,I do not see Eifert at 12.


You make a sound argument not to trade up. In my view the Dolphins will have a hard time improving the offensive line without getting an OG, yes an offensive guard at the number 12 draft position. In the Dolphins zone blocking scheme the OG is important. So my guess is that the Dolphins pick either Cooper or Warmack with the number 12 pick in the draft. Moreover giving up a 2nd for Albert and paying him gets done. So giving up a 2nd for Albert and paying him what he wants might be to much but it becomes the lesser of the evils to undertake.

I have to say this is one unpredictable draft. I just want BPA for the offense. We need to keep adding to the talent on that side of the ball. It would be crazy to make the Albert trade before Ireland sees how the first round goes....It is not impossible for Johnson to fall to the Phins at 12. There could be a run on the QB's early which could change the whole draft. Memo to the Bills, Raiders and Cards you may only get one chance to grab a Smith or Nassib.

Rick, you're right...I should be used to it by now...I should expect a DT or a LT...Hell, maybe even a RB...Who knows...God forbid we should take a guy who scores TDs...

Whatever you do Ireland, don't trade up (ala stupid move like Daniel Thomas) and mortgage our surplus of draft picks. We need them all.

Albert is asking for the same money Long got from the Rams. He is a better tackle than Long and far less of an injury concern. It's unfortunate we need to give up a second but the better left tackles signed w their own teams and Long wasn't worth the money as he has been an average tackle the las couple of years. Doesn't make sense to trade up for a tackle and use our first round pick and multiple others to get one. We can't risk the season on the current tackles on the roster or sign old backup quality tackles.
Forget eifert at 12, he is the best of a mediocre group of tight ends and not as good as a gronkowski or Hernandez. Egnew is an inch shorter and faster than eifert. See what happens w him first. If we use our 12 pick, milliner, vaccaro or one of the defensive lineman would be of more value.

Who cares what you think Sal. The new uniforms do suck

Dont do a deal for Albert. Stay at 12 take Eifert. Need more weapons on Offense, and Eifert is said to be a match up problem for defenses. If Keller gets hurt then we have who? Egnew??
When your chasing the Pats you need to be able to score points!
Then get a Pass Rusher/CB in 2nd rd.
Pick a Left Tackle in 3rd, hell take another CB again in 3rd as well.
Every team wants to trade down in this draft so I'm not sure the Fins will find a team that will want to do a deal anyway, to get out of #12.
My 2 cents. All this will be settled anyway tomorrow..

The fact is that Miami doesn't have anyone that is considered "the future" so take the BPA with each draft pick. Anyone they take at #12 or with the two second or third round picks ought to be able to compete for a starting position this season because other than Tannehill, Wake and Pouncey, there is a battle for the starting position at each position. At least there should be.

GA fin, yeah ok...That's why Saban asked Miliner, the top rated corner in the country (and most likely will be the first corner taken in the draft) to cover Eifert in the BCS game...Cause he's "mediocre"...LOL!!

Value in the draft is between 15 and 75. Keep our pick at 12 and get first in line for the value picks expected to go in second half of first round. See my earlier post above but we need to still end up with our 5 picks in first 3 rounds and still be able to move up a few picks to get the top talent before it is gone. We can use the 3 picks we have in the 4 and 5th rounds to accomplish that . We don't need depth picks in the later rounds. We need to get starters and if we get lucky quality starters who provide a real upgrade.

Trading down/Trading up

I definitely don't want to trade down. There's no reason to get cute and out smart yourelf. There are plenty of players who's value is a perfect fit at #12 who will be there. Warmack, Eifert, Vaccaro and even Cooper will all be there and all would be plug and play players. This team isn't a player or 2 away. They are a draft or 2 away from competing for the AFC East. Why get cute and trade back. You miss out on Warmack, Eifert and Vaccaro in that case for more meat and potatoes like the year they passed on Pierre Paul and Earl Thomas at #12 and got Odrick and Misi who are serviceable players to average starters at best.

So Miami passes on Warmack/Cooper and ends up with Justin Pugh? They pass on Eifert and land Escobar whos a total slow footed, slow twitch athlete later in the draft. They pass on Vaccaro for Cyprien who's clearly not played at the level of competition as Vaccaro. Trading back for the sake of doing it is just not wise. It's outsmarting yourself and landing a lesser player. I hate the idea.

Trading up? For who? There's going to be as effective a prospect at #12 as there will be at #1 IMO. Obviously not at the same positional value but take for example Joeckel/Fisher in whatever order go 1,2 and I like both players and think they will be good but Warmack has the skill set and ability to be the next Larry Allen. So why would you mortgage this draft and future drafts when you need more then 1 spot to fill. Forget positional value in this draft. Both LTs are good but neither are as clean of a prospect as Joe Thomas or even Jake Long coming out. There's no player in this draft worth trading multiple picks for if you are Miami. You can get a really good player staying put at #12.

Thank you Kindry... who the hell knows...we could make it to the Super Bowl. Anything can happen with the right picks and circumstances. Stay pat at 12 and take the playmaking TE Eifert!!!

So, when a team trades a second round pick this year for a first and third next year, they are trading for picks, not players. That too is an intelligent gm, and a move belicheat makes to continually stockpile picks (although, ironically, not last year). Sometimes it is about the player, sometimes it's about the picks. Both can be the signs of an intelligent gm.

By midnight Saturday morning you'll know where this franchise is headed and the uniforms BLOWS god these uniforms really SUCKS damn this organization keeps embarrassing themselves wow !! The more I look at them they're so ugly and boring typical dolphins organization !!

Lets see a tiny punt returner in Austin or a future stud in Patterson....... I think they would trade up for Patterson.

The way Ireland drafts we'd be far better off trading our draft picks for established players.

Who is Jean Pierre Paul?

I just hope the Jets don't get Austin...And of course some see a tiny punt returner in Austin but that guy has a lot of talent and can hurt teams in a lot of different ways for example he had even more receptions last year if he didn't carry the ball 72 times for an 8.9 YPC avg. That guy if used in the right system can be a weapon at the slot and RB in the red zone. I'd pick that guy in a second.

We need an A-B grade OT.
We need an A-B grade CB.
We need a quality power running back.
We need a quality back-up inside linebacker.

Add those players to our roster, trade, draft, whatever, and we can be a very good football team.

After the above is achieved, trade every pick you can for next year.

Screw you Armando. I hate your attitude about our chances.

What happened to mike Williams from Baylor did he fall off the planet or what

Broward County was smart not to give charity to the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man.

People are caught in the media trap this draft is full of playmakers nobody is talking about just the same 10 names how naive

This is the weakest draft class in 25-30 years.....

We will have an outstanding draft dudes oh and by the way I love our new look its fresh

Fin 81 that is a weak statement just wait and see

Forget about eifert he will be going to cleveland. He will not be there at 12.

Ireland will knock our socks off.

Why would we trade down for more picks? We would still have 10 even if we traded for Albert. 10 picks are not making this team. We need one or two IMPACT players ... players you find at #12, not #31 and #34. 2010, Jared Odrick + Koa Misi do not = Earl Thomas or JPP or Derrick Morgan.

Those who do not learn from the past ...


With the 12th pick in the nfl draft the Miami Dolphins select......Eddie Lacey rb from Alabama

We have been as quiet as a church mouse that means watch out our front office is up to something big


That's what I'm talking about jet hater

Putting aside the need for OT and CB, everyone is forgetting that our two starting safeties and two starting DT are only under contract though 2013. To be honest, we need all of these pieces, Every pick is important. To stockpile more picks in a draft that is deeper and better valued in rounds 2-3 makes total sense. You want to take BPA but dont want to reach. Stockpiling picks is NEVER a bad idea. Grant it, you have to hit on your picks and I think some are nervous about Irelands track record. Well dont worry- 2011 and 2012 drafts out from PArcells influence proves that IReland knows how to draft. Our 2012 draft has netted 4 starters! Thats a damn good draft by any stretch.

People never follow the media , think for yourselves , don't be a media zombie

The fins have a solid core of defensive beasts and offensive weapons. Im telling you guys if we add Lacey to the run game, teams will HAVE to put 8 in the box.......whats next.......Tanney to Wallace over the top. You build teams from the inside out. Rb, Qb, C, MLb, S...........its a proven formula.


Miami needs players. I am really interested in seeing what happens with Eifert. He appears to be one of those guys who makes it so much easier for the qb to do his job.

as long as two of those wins are against the jets...........GREAT SEASON!!!!


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