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Players Dolphins might trade at No. 12

The first thing you must understand about draft trades is that intelligent and successful general managers do not trade for draft picks. They trade for players.

That's why the second overall pick last year was worth a mint to the Washington Redskins. They didn't trade for the slot. They traded for Robert Griffin III.

That's why the second overall pick in this year's draft won't be worth nearly as much to anyone interested. The reason is a team would be trading for Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel or Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah. Not the same value as RG3.

And so in discussing trade up possibilities for the Dolphins consider what player the team would covet so as to give up its own No. 12 pick plus multiple more picks this year and next to climb five or six slots. Who is worth that?

Is Dee Milliner, the most versatile cornerback in the draft, worth that? He's not Deion Sanders, people. Indeed, some teams are concerned about his durability because of the number of times he's required surgery to correct various problems.

Is Ziggy Ansah worth that? The kid is a project. Yes, he might become Jason Pierre Paul. Or he might become a tremendous bust who never figures it out.

Are either Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel worth that kind of ransom? Let me rephrase, are they worth giving up a No. 1 this year, a No. 1 next year and probably both No. 2s this year and perhaps another next year? Some of you are freaking out because the Dolphins might give up second-rounder for Branden Albert but you'd be ok with mortgaging this draft and possibly next for Fisher or Joeckel?

When you do the exercise this way it becomes hard to fathom the Dolphins trading up in this draft unless the price for doing so has dropped dramatically.

Remember, the Dolphins are not one player away from going to the Super Bowl.

There is not a sure-fire superstar that will make 10 Pro Bowls among the first 11 players of this year's draft. I've had two NFL personnel men tell me there are more likely six solid players and multiple busts in the group.

So that out of the way, let us concentrate on what players will available at No. 12 that the Dolphins would be willing to trade away.

That's right, what player that will never play for Miami is Miami willing to trade to another team wanting that player. That's how you must think of it. It's not Miami selling the No. 12 pick. It's Miami selling a player another team covets.

Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei will probably be available at No. 12.

Quarterback Geno Smith will probably be available.

Wide receiver Tavon Austin might be available.

Wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson will probably be available.

OLB Jarvis Jones will probably be available.

The two prized guards -- Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack --  will probably be available.

Of all those players, I see only three that might create enough of a buzz to cause a team to try to get up to No. 12 to get them. Those players are Lotulelei, Austin and Smith.

Smith is intriguing because if he's not drafted by Arizona, Cleveland or Buffalo, he's going to fall at least to No. 13 and the New York Jets. So a team wanting him has to get ahead of the Jets, which is perfect for the Dolphins.

Who might be interested? Obviously, this is all conjecture but Minnesota might want a QB.

Lotulelei is one of four defensive tackles that are likely to be drafted in the first round, along with Sharrif Floyd, Sheldon Richardson and Sylvester Williams.  

What teams might covet him more than the Dolphins do?

The Cowboys want DT help. So does San Francisco. So does Minnesota.

Austin is a wildcard. Yes, he's too small. Yes, he might be gone (perhaps to the Jets at No. 9). But if he's there, he might draw the attention of multiple teams that badly want a playmaker.

St. Louis might be interested. They've got two first round picks --  at Nos. 16 and 22.

San Francisco makes sense. The 49ers have 13 picks this draft but nowhere near 13 available roster spots. Seattle is loading up on defense. The 49ers lost Randy Moss and, ahem, Ted Ginn Jr. Anything  to help their young QB?

The point is think players when thinking draft trades. Don't think picks.


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I know I'm in the minority with this, but I think it would be a good move.
Trade down in the draft and select RB E. Lacy.
The best thing that you can do for a young QB is give him a running game. L. Miller and E. Lacy would do that for Tannehill. Power, speed, and pick up the blitz. Give him a little protection when he's scrambling around back there. Then, pick up a Tackle and/or Guard in later rounds. Hey, it could work...


I'm sorry but there isn't a RB in this draft that's worth a first round pick. No way.

BTW--You're also talking about a player that couldn't even finish his workout a couple of weeks ago.

I see NE trading up to get eifert. Gronk is too iffy

Now, if I were GM I'd pick DJ Fluker at 12. Perfect scheme fit or not, this guy is gonna be one heckuva RT in the NFL. Of course, that would leave Martin at LT which is a big risk.
In regards to Star, to pick him at 12 when he is just going to be a rotational DT, and have little impact this coming year, is just way too high. His only pass rush move is the bull rush. To me, he's just going to be a run stopper, albeit a very good one. I just would not take him that high. I want impact/playmaking at 12. Run stopping DT's can be found later in the draft (think Paul Soliai here).

"mass, Werner over Star? I definitely hope not. Maybe Star can get winded at times, remember all the help he would get in Miami - that line is staccked including get rotated in with Randy and Big Paul. Those three fresh all game would be a nightmare for the interior lines across the league. I have genuine concerns about Werner's athleticism and that school has a long line of DL busts."


Are you serious??? Werner??? Never going to happen. The guy is a stiff & IMO won't even be picked in the first round. And if you're going all European I'd take this kid Margus Hunt over Werner.

I believe Lotulelei is a top 5. The only guys I'd rate higher as prospects are Fisher, Joeckel, Warmack, & Cooper.

NE don't have the weapons to trade up. Only 5 picks .. I think

I have been opposed to the possible selection of T Austin but man, the more and more I watch and the more and more I think.... I believe I would be quite okay with taking a shot with him @ 12 if there.

Stay at 12 and take Eifert, Vacarro, Austin. This team NEEDS playmakers. This team NEEDS Red zone threats. This team NEEDS a guy opposite Wake who puts the opposing QB on his ass. This team NEEDS a CB and safety who intercepts the ball and covers receivers. That's what this team NEEDS.

Well Bobby, I think it NEEDS a OT more than it NEEDS any of those other things. Kind of hard to get the ball to move forward if your OL is being compromised.

The fans are behind picking Tyler Eifert and thats what sells tickets and puts people back into the stadium. It's a real need. We signed Dustin Keller for year and I think last year's pick is a bust.

Lots of depth at corner in the draft and if we can get Albert or Winston, we have a team worth paying money to see!

Trade a 2nd (to go up) for Lane Johnson, Trade a 3rd for Albert... Trade down for Trufant/possible Eifert...Other than those trades stay put get the BFA that meets a need and 2nd day quality picks will be key to our next couple of years!

We Need Playmaker at 10:03 AM

I have to agree, Fisher over Joeckle but oh well. And I know, a rook is a rook is a rook. But damn it all, I just don't like paying thru the nose that includes a long term contract for Albert. And what about guaranteed money?
If the contract language gives the Dolphins a way out AND amount of guaranteed money is not outrageous....I'm good with it even with 9 mil or so a year. I am convinced that Albert is NOT the long term answer at OT.

The Dolphins aren't building this team to win the SB this year, I think that making the playoffs and being competitive with any team is the more realistic goal this year. Do they expect to be in the mix for the SB in 2014? Yes I think they do. That being said I just don't see any offensive playmakers worth the 12 spot. IMO Austin has "Ginn family" written all over him and Eifert is no Jimmy Graham or Gronkowski. I think Dolphins front office should explore trade down especially with St. Louis. If we could get their 2 first rd picks for say our 12 a 3rd this year and 2nd next that would set the table for us to take a S Vaccaro/Cyprien and CB Hayden/Taylor in the first OT Armstead and DE Okafor in the second and WR Swope/Bailey in third. Could realistically see 4 starters there for years to come and would set us up really nice for next years draft and a SB run in 2014. We have all been waiting for the Dolphins to be relevant again for years so lets not blow this draft and set us back again just because some of you are insisting on an offensive playmaker at 12. Just my opinion.

Austin is NOT Ginn, not even in the same world. Not even close, it is a travesty to compare the two. That doesn't mean we should take him but still, not a close comparison.

"Eifert is no Jimmy Graham or Gronkowski."

Really dude? You watch any film on him. Alabama put their top corner on him in the National Championship..

He is a lot of upside and we need a TE. Keller is there for 1 year and after that we have nothing...

That's nice commander, lets pick ANOTHER f$&king OL cause that has been such a ripping SUCCESS the past 5 years!!! That's bulls$&t. I guess you believe kicking field goals is the key to winning.

All you guys that want playmakers, playmakers, playmakers,... your QB cant get the ball to them if he's on his freaking back. Like it or not we got big probs on the OLine. We need to run the ball in the red zone too for crying out loud. Take Warmack!

I know everyone thinks that Fisher is gone with Joeckle in the first few picks, but honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he fell to at least 7. In which case I wouldn't hate moving up to 6 for him. However I know I'm in the minority.

I think Ireland wants his 1st pick to start this season so it will be O-line. The second reason for that is Philbin is an O-Line coach at heart and desperately needs a pulling guard for his offense. If you remember the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl when Alan Faneca wiped out 3 defenders on the game winning touchdown run, a pulling guard can really open up the run. It allows for counters and pitches and stops our running game being too predictable like it has been for years. If Lane Johnson doesn't fall to us, I'm thinking Cooper as he fills a need and isn't an over draft.

I don't believe BOTH Cooper and Warmack will be there at 12. One or both will be gone.

And enough with the 'we need playmakers' shyte....

Fellas, why are the experts saying 9 of the first 10 picks are expected to be lineman? If you ONLY win with playmakers then how come more aren't been picked?

Answer: because that's not how you win. And two, that's not the strength in this draft. We've added playmakers in the past. Ginn, Henne, Avery, Davis, Marshall, Beck, Yatil Green, Jason Allen. How did those work out? We added Keller, Wallace, and Gibson in FA and we have Miller who hardly ever played and Egnew waiting in the wings. Oh yeah....we drafted Tannehill 8th overall last year too. You do know that only 11 players can play on offence at a time, right? So who are you sitting? Bess? Hartline? Keller?

Come on....GIVE ME A BREAK....

"Eifert is no Jimmy Graham or Gronkowski."

Really dude? You watch any film on him. Alabama put their top corner on him in the National Championship..

He is a lot of upside and we need a TE. Keller is there for 1 year and after that we have nothing...

Posted by: Va Fan | April 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/04/the-first-thing-you-must-understand-about-draft-trades-is-that-intelligent-and-successful-general-managers-do-not-trade-for-d/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

I'm not saying Eifert isn't any good because he is good, what i'm saying is that he isn't value at 12 at all, most years in draft he wouldn't be a 1st rd pick. Also I am one of the people who hasn't given up on Egnew yet, and yes I know he may be a huge bust but lets see what he looks like this year.

Take Austin in the 1st for special teams punts and kickoff and team with wallace to streatch the field on 2 or 3rd downs. Talk OT Armstead and CB Amerson in the 2nd round. CB Slay in third. You can pick up Washinton (DE) and Dion Sims (best blocking TE in the 3-4 rounds and get Bailey in the 6 round. Problem solved with 2 extra picks left


Our O-Line is not horrible. There is a lot worse in the NFL and by the way Baltimore won the SB with an average at best LT...

I still think if your premo tackles are gone.. you don't settle for 4&5.. You get the best player available..

And for those guys on here saying that playmakers dont win.. Really? Its comical.
Gronkowski killed team's last year. The Patriots won games by passing to Gronkowski and Welker all day long.
Burned the FINS!

Go ahead and make your argument!!
Eifert is a playmaker and is big. He can block (which we don't have) and catch.

This is a passing league!! Get Eifert.

Egnew? Common man. He maybe cut this preseason...

To all of you who are hell bent on drafting TYLER EIFERT in the first round; compare him to Kelce, who can be had in the second round, and probably with the second second round pick...
Kelce can and will be everything Eifert will be. The dude is a stud football player!!!

Eifert will be gone by pick 13, if not Miami at 12 then the Jets will take him or someone will move up to get him. He has the best hands in this draft for all receivers. Good speed and leaping abitity too.


Keller 1 year contract...
Egnew as insurance... lol Did you watch HBO? he was alomst cut last year. Needs to improve to even stay on the roster.

What if we pass on Eifert and Keice gets picked ahead of us...

Take the playmaker while you can.

Winston and Albert are there and there is plenty of value at corner in rounds 2&3.

If Austin is there at 12 we better take him!

"It's not about the number of draft picks or order of those picks, It's about the players picked"

Does anyone really have confidence that Ireland can pick good players? If your answer is yes, then I refer you to the evidence, i.e the large number of horrible picks he has made so far. A sudden turnaround is not in the cards. I think we all know we have THE dumbest GM in the game. He talks about "drafting vertically" and all that BS. DRAFT GOOD PLAYERS, Period. Let me repeat that, DRAFT GOOD PLAYERS.

Message to kindry 1 playoff appearance in the last 12 years dude hello reality check that is why nobody take you dolphin fans seriously !! Also kindry the Ravens since J.Flacco arrived in 2008, you know the same J.Flacco fat a** B.Parcells didn't think was good enough along with M.Ryan since his arrival 5 playoff appearances 3 AFC title games 1 SUPER BOWL TITLE what has this franchise done since 73 ?

Posted by: mace taggart | April 24, 2013 at 07:14 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/04/the-first-thing-you-must-understand-about-draft-trades-is-that-intelligent-and-successful-general-managers-do-not-trade-for-d/comments/page/1/#comments#storylink=cpy

You Dolphin fans? I've been reading and posting here for months and every post u write is usually ridiculing or slamming the team and fans. WTF? R u a fan? If so, act like it, if not then why do you post here.


Sinatra Jr why dont you shut up and mind ya business

Jets and niners talking the 13.th for niners 31&34 also Ss Dolphins really look very desperate trading for Albert !! I see J.Ireland his usual old black magic tricks of ineptitude typical Ireland. You try giving this man a chance to change but Jeff is who he is very sad for this franchise !!

trade the 12 to San Francisco so they take Austin ... impact guy and would add another weapon and give San Fran Percy Harvin 2.0 ..Miami gets number 1( 31st pick) number 2 ( 34th pick) and a 3rd pick this year or a 2nd round pick in 2014...San Fran has a lot of picks and very few holes and they would keep there other 2nd round pick to pick a safety in a very deep draft for the secondary..San Fran can afford this deal for an impact guy...Miami moves down in and picks up a early 2nd round pick which they will need when they trade pick 54 for Albert and can really take the best available guy with extra picks

There are to many reports coming out from to many sources in both Miami and Kansas City to think this is a "smokescreen". It's ridiculous. Andy Reid had to come out and admit he was wrong and yes in fact Albert's Agent and the Fins are talking. Coaches don't come out and admit something like that. Like Armando has being saying for years, once the Fins go quiet on him, something is happening. He has said this over and over and and he has been proven correct.
BTW, Albert had "back spasms" not a back injury and 3 different Doctor's have medically cleared him. He played 16 games in 2011 and 13 in 2012.
Jake Long has knee issues, back issues and has torn muscles in both his lower and upper arms in which he has had surgeries.
In 2011 Jake played 13 games 2012 he played 12 games.
Huge difference

1. trade down Eddie Lacy/Sheldon Richardson
2. Johnathan Cyprien
2B Jamar taylor
3. Travis Kelce - faster, better feet and blocker than Eifert
3b. Melenik Watson
4. Ryan Swope

Posted by: GAfin | April 24, 2013 at 07:52 AM

GA, just because the Rams were stupid enough (new GM wanted to make a splash) to sign Long for nearly 9 million doesn't mean we should jump off the same moving train. We over-paid for Dansby, and perhaps Wallace, but Wallace scores TD's, I don't believe Long or Brandon Albert ever will.

As far as Eifert, you must not haver watched him play to call him mediocre.
Egnew will be gone by the middle of training camp, and Clay is on a very short leash. As for Keller, at least he can't kill the Fins any longer, but he's taken a world of hits, and is on the down side of 30.
One thing not mentioned, is a TE is also help in Pass protection when called upon.

stay at #12 and trade back into 1st round.

Its silly to trade back. We can only keep so many players.

waa waa waa stop the whining. I believe that we should draft the best TE that is yhe new offence in the NFL. If we don't and get a player like cooper who can really complain?

Dolphins should trade back and switch spots with the Cowboys and still get their CB and pick up an extra pick to use to move around and get their guys in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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