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Reason Eric Winston is available: Money, certainty

So what do you think Eric Winston is worth?

It's a pertinent question because, if you remember days ago I reported the Dolphins interest in the free agent offensive tackle had waned. And the only way that interest would be renewed is if Winston dropped his asking price.

Well, since then Winston has visited with the Dallas Cowboys and continued to consider a standing offer from the San Diego Chargers. And he's still unsigned.


Because he wants more money than his market is willing to offer and, I'm told by a source with knowledge of his thinking, he'd like a multi-year deal that would guarantee he's not going to merely be a one-season rental.

So what does Winston think is a fair price for his services?

“In the $3-4 million range is something that I think is more than fair for a starter who has played pretty well throughout his career,” Winston said on Sirius NFL radio.

Actually, when you consider that demand, it doesn't seem exceedingly steep until you recognize what else is involved. Because Winston is working on being with his third different team in three years, he has concerns he's simply becoming a mercenary.

So he would like some sort of certainty (as much as the NFL offers, anyway) that will keep him with his next team for a few years. That usually means a big enough signing bonus that makes cutting him after one year more difficult.

Obviously no NFL team is there right now.

Most are now focused on the draft and picking a right tackle that will be younger and more promising than Winston -- albeit with less certainty of what they'll do in the NFL -- and do that at a much cheaper price, typically.

Winston, meanwhile, wants to get a deal, "sooner rather than later."

So Winston wants his price. He wants some longer-term certainty. And he'd like that get it done before the draft.

He might get one of those, maybe two. I doubt he gets all three.



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$3-4m? SIGN HIM! A 1 year deal for $3.5m. That's not gonna hurt anything. Get him on board at the very least to compete with a rookie!

He want long term


VOTE NO. Eat ass. Ha ha

Jason, Armando is by far the best of the 3 papers. Omar Kelly talks about rap music, his new car, and working out, and when he has time he will talk about the Dolphins. Ben Volin is a joke why said the Dolphins were using the franchise tag on Sean Smith, he lost instant credibility. Good luck in your quest, moron.

We dont need Winston, because in a couple weeks we will have Lane Johnson!!

Posted by: Rob M | April 09, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Rob, read the artice again, he does not want a one year deal. Winston will get his multiyear deal from someone else. Time to move on from Mr. No Deal...just sayin!!!

Well, bky, we'll be able to test your theory right away. Volin recently wrote that Drew Rosenhaus is saying we're drafting OL 1st round. Let's see if he's right (or if Ireland was throwing the hounds off the scent).

"Armonda, this is probably the least informative blog post on the Miami Dolphins I have ever had the displeasure of reading."

Good lord, I hope the police break down the door and rescue you from the kidnappers who are forcing you to read this blog.

Why don't YOU start a blog where you post something new about the Dolphins every weekday? Provide us with a link so we can see how you're doing. And don't forget to enable comments.

Perhaps Eric Winston has not been able to find a NFL home this Spring because he spoke to the press in the locker room after the KC Chief’s struggling quarterback, Matt Cassel, was literally knocked out of a game last October. Winston was quoted as saying the Kansas City (home) fans were “100% sickening” in the way they cheered when Cassel was carried away or helped off the field. I personally agree with Winston but could it be that coaching staffs don’t like players being quite so “frank” with the press?

I don't know if I could come up with anything better to write about today. Wait, yes I could!!
Armando, slip into the Tannehill practices and let us know if Agnew is there.
Interview some of the promising practice squad players. Ask them why they think they can make the team this year.
Interview Yeatman, find out how his body restructuring is going.
Interview Josh Kiddu.
Just suggestions

Well, he has to wait. So do We.

Sorry!! EGNEW

I truly doubt that shepard..Desean Jackson has ripped philly fans from time to time over his play before his big contract extension and guys like Eddie Goerge when he was in nashville killed media and fans over the way they handled Mcnair as QB when they were in tennessee together..the truth is teams dont see anything more special from winston then they do in someone that can replace him and his skills at a cheaper rate thats up and coming in the draft and maybe he didnt fit the scheme for KC moving foward...

We should sign winston, trade for albert or look at the tackle from atlanta ( forgot his name), That will make this draft much easier and more effective , as we will not have to fill 2 glaring holes CB and OT, there is depth in pass rushers so 2nd round will be fine for that TE will be ok for this year and maybe Keller can give us 2 years. Shoring up OT makes sense prior to the draft, If Lane falls to 12 Great, if not we are OK

waived 2 years in a row and he wants big money ? Ha ha ha, this smells like Kyle Orton all over again, Fans crying to sign him when in fact, he stunk. Media and fans have no inside info on what's going on and are always proven wrong when wanting some "name". Winston stinks and Armando and his clan can cry all they want about getting him, Ireland rules and he knows the facts !

Winston along with 90 percent of NFL players need to realize that unless you are a top 10 NFL QB, WR ,CB, or Rush Lineman you are not going to get a long term contract. This has become the rent a player for the team NFL. Look how many 1 year contracts have been signed this year. The time of teams being together over several seasons and becoming great is in your rear view mirror.

Forget Winston. I could be wrong but I believe we're looking for a LT & even if I'm wrong & Martin IS going to be our starting LT why not just draft a RT who is younger & cheaper???

Sign Winston to an open ended deal. Make the team out of camp and you are here 2 seasons. 3 mill per. If not we pay you 500 k for your time.

Then we draft from the Best Player Available which is certainly a drafting for building a very strong team.

If kanas city sucks das the tru!!!! But dolphin need a right tackle not question about dat

"Sign Winston to an open ended deal. Make the team out of camp and you are here 2 seasons. 3 mill per. If not we pay you 500 k for your time.

Then we draft from the Best Player Available which is certainly a drafting for building a very strong team."


If Winston was THAT good--considering asking price is not unreasonable for a starting RT--he'd already be signed by someone. The fact that he was cut twice in two years is a serious red flag.

BTW--He's still likely to be unsigned after the draft so what's the rush??? Let's see how the draft plays out & then worry about whether we need a RT.

Maybe Egnew could learn to block.

1. PFT just did a interview with Winston who said he is willing to do a one year deal.
2. We will not be drafting Lane Johnson


It sounds like Winston took Marketing in college. Well then he should also know that there has to be a demand to overpay for something or someone. He should be only signed for backup money because that's what he is a backup!

Draft Matt Barkley at #12.

Posted by: albert | April 09, 2013 at 12:04 PM

And that is in part why the rookie salery cap for draftees have indeed screwed vets across the NFL...how ironic is it that little did the NFLPA know that when they made this rule that it would benifit GMS and owners more than seasoned players with experience especially the older vets in Urlacher,Freeney,ect....

sign him please need right tackle he the best out there

BTW--Before we signed Wallace people were crying that we NEED to take Patterson or Allen. Well, it's a good thing that we did sign Wallace b/c Patterson has MAJOR question marks & Keenan Allen who is still not recovered from his injury just ran a 4.72 & 4.75.

Top 5 biggest busts in this year's draft;

1) Geno Smith
2) Ezekial Ansah
3) Dion Jordan
4) Cordarrelle Patterson
5) Bjorn Warner

Cal WR Keenan Allen ran forty times of 4.71 and 4.75 at his personal Pro Day on Tuesday.

Allen has never been known as a true vertical threat -- he draws comparisons to Miles Austin and Reggie Wayne -- but these times are concerning. Allen suffered a torn left PCL last October 27. He admitted to a setback before February's Scouting Combine and recently told the Sacramento Bee that he's only about 85 percent. It's been over five months since Allen's injury. His medical status may be a greater concern than the slow forty times.

Egnew = BUST

I know that Ireland has done a decent job this spring, but that does not erase the past 4yrs of horror. Please, no more interior OL inside the top 15 of the 1st round....they can be found in a later round.

I think its pretty clear we should've kept Jake Long. Its a mess trying to half fill his shoes.

The PBP said Egnew wont even make this years roster.

And that is in part why the rookie salery cap for draftees have indeed screwed vets across the NFL...how ironic is it that little did the NFLPA know that when they made this rule that it would benifit GMS and owners more than seasoned players with experience especially the older vets in Urlacher,Freeney,ect....

What are you talking about??? That has nothing to do with it. Rookies were getting overpaid for not doing anything which was ridiculous. The thing that has screwed the veteran players is the overall flat salary cap.

The top players at their positions (Flacco, Romo, Wallace, Bowe) continue to earn record contracts but b/c the NFL & its owners are not increasing the cap they're crushing the rest of the players. I find it hard to believe that players union didn't INSIST that the salary cap needed to be increased by a certain percentage each year. This CBA was a bad f#cking deal for the players.

The NFLPA is a joke. It fights for todays wages for players. We all know the majority of NFL players are broke within 5 years of retirement. The Union should have always fought for long term care and retirement money. NOT currrent wages. These guys could make 100 million a year and still blow all of it and be broke before they reach 40.

I think its pretty clear we should've kept Jake Long. Its a mess trying to half fill his shoes.


You're an idiot. This is coming from the same person who said we should have never drafted Jake to begin with??? Go suck Matt Ryan's nut sack.

get winston, he is out of kc only 'cuz he took on thee stadium when his qb got hurt and they were clapping.
that's who u want on the team.


Matt Ryan was a far better choice then Jake Long. Thats obvious. But that doesnt mean we should just let Jake Long walk away and get nothing for him and replace him with a worse player.... just to save a buck. And resorting to name calling when you dont share an opinion is childlike. GROW UP!

paying a washed ^ vet 10 $$$$ is just as bad as paying a rook that much. "j,russel."

denny has comp. at camp davie. denny is the 1st 1 down field after every snap. wtf is irecorn thinking.?

We need to watch out for those slow curves after a 95mph ball right now. Rosenhaus? It's going to be core Players at #12, better, as my friend up there said, if they are Gamechangers.

It's been a long time guys. Remember me? Looking forward to this season so much!

lol keep jake long to block decently for 8+ million per year so that he can sit for the last qtr of the season when this team will be looking to make the playoffs... Thats like replacing a windshield on a car that has cracks on it.. itll protect you for awhile but you already know its going to break sometime

Hey, Ohio, wassup?

With the phins 'this year' you will never know. Out of nowhere they sign another long snapper.

Hey Oscar..........my boy is now 5 months old, Ive been distracted but paying close attention to our Phins..........I've missed talking and arguing about our Miami Dolphins

So you see, dusty, it's easier now to guess which Player out of five positions the Dolphins are going to Draft at #12.

What did Jake Long do the past 2 years besides struggle and fall apart? He is a shell of the guy we drafted and he does not fit our new system. There is no reason to replace him with out first pick. We need the best player available and we have 2 2nd and 3rd round picks to draft a RT. Get an impact player that fits out scheme - WR - TE - CB or DE.

Way before the Patriots started using two TE formations, TEs have been killing the Fins for years.

The Fins need to plug the leak in their defensive backfield that's allowing TEs to run free.

It's cornerback and free safety. I believe those will be the TOP two picks. Not necessarily in that order.


Armando, I love your Posts....keep them coming. Those who don't like his posts go somewhere else.

Bless, Ohio. That's what we are here for, to talk and being talked to and sometimes, to argue.

They got to get a guy who can play backup minutes at a position to do long snapping. It's a spot the can be used for another player if you don't have a specialist there. I know the mechanics and timing thing but you should have two guys who practice this but who actually serve another purpose too in my mind.

Eric Winston is a human turnstile.

Winston is stuck, because of the draft coming up.

Can't be greedy. You can't always hook up with cute chick. Sometimes you are stuck with the ugly one.

Sure, it's going to be CB, WR, QB, S or DE not necessarily in that order.

( . )Y( . )

When stuck, opting for the chunky one sometimes ends up being more fun ... just can't tell anyone.

The real reason Winston remains unsigned is because Fireland is a grossly incompetent negotiator.

Posted by: J. Fireland - Worst GM EVER | April 09, 2013 at 01:40 PM

Yeah thats why we have the CAP space that we do now.. dee dah dee

Hey, Ohio.
I agree with the poster(s) who said "what's the rush" with Winston?" He'll most likely be there AFTER the draft, and reality will set in. He's been fired twice, and any team that picks him up should do so with THAT understanding, and pay accordingly.
And I'm a UM grad, so it's not fun saying the above.

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