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Reason Eric Winston is available: Money, certainty

So what do you think Eric Winston is worth?

It's a pertinent question because, if you remember days ago I reported the Dolphins interest in the free agent offensive tackle had waned. And the only way that interest would be renewed is if Winston dropped his asking price.

Well, since then Winston has visited with the Dallas Cowboys and continued to consider a standing offer from the San Diego Chargers. And he's still unsigned.


Because he wants more money than his market is willing to offer and, I'm told by a source with knowledge of his thinking, he'd like a multi-year deal that would guarantee he's not going to merely be a one-season rental.

So what does Winston think is a fair price for his services?

“In the $3-4 million range is something that I think is more than fair for a starter who has played pretty well throughout his career,” Winston said on Sirius NFL radio.

Actually, when you consider that demand, it doesn't seem exceedingly steep until you recognize what else is involved. Because Winston is working on being with his third different team in three years, he has concerns he's simply becoming a mercenary.

So he would like some sort of certainty (as much as the NFL offers, anyway) that will keep him with his next team for a few years. That usually means a big enough signing bonus that makes cutting him after one year more difficult.

Obviously no NFL team is there right now.

Most are now focused on the draft and picking a right tackle that will be younger and more promising than Winston -- albeit with less certainty of what they'll do in the NFL -- and do that at a much cheaper price, typically.

Winston, meanwhile, wants to get a deal, "sooner rather than later."

So Winston wants his price. He wants some longer-term certainty. And he'd like that get it done before the draft.

He might get one of those, maybe two. I doubt he gets all three.



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Just draft playmakers Jeff, on both sides of the ball period Jeff PERIOD !!

Any UM Fan Will Tell You Winston has Overachieved as a Pro.

With That Said. We can do better.

I just hope Ireland and his people are learning all they can about the players in the draft They need to have thier board set and right going into draft day. because I am a true fan they will get 100% of my support no matter who they draft. I will reserve any negativity untill we see how each player works out.

Draft only long snappers and place kickers please.

Maybe one punter.

Jake Long is damaged goods like Drew Bress was damaged goods. Fins are idiots!

Alot of Fins Fans wanted Brees... So that was an idiot call on Saban as he admitted..
You not being able to see that he hasnt finished the past two seasons and has fell off with his blocking seems you are calling the kettle black..

Alot of Fins Fans wanted Long.....Ireland will admit the mistake 8 years later also.

Actually, to the contrary, this maybe one of the most informative blogs of this offseason. Why?

If this is truly the snag in the Dolphins signing him, it may strongly suggest the fo and coaching staff truly may be content with Martin starting LT, 2013. A Branden Albert(LT) trade is on the table and they haven't bitten on this either.

So what does it suggest in my opinion? IMO, it suggests the Fins may be seeking a RT upgrade, and not a LT upgrade. However, it still doesn't mean that if it became reasonable enough, that they wouldn't pull the trigger if one of the top two LT's became within reach. Or Lane Johnson fell right into our laps at #12 we would not pounce.

Reason enough to assume, exactly why the fo doesn't want to extend an offer of more than one season to Eric Winston. You never know how this draft truly falls(a chance to grab 2 of the top 3 LT's) because we know that either Fisher or Joeckel will go 1st overall. Still, even that has yet to be written in stone.

Its still far too early, with too many scenario's to play out, and still the possibility Martin could be the starting LT. Plus there's always the possibility of drafting a RT to develop and kicking John Jerry outside to play RT. That became possible with the addition of OG Vaughn Martin.

Seems all of the cards are in Ireland's hand right now. So Winston may have better chance of making it rain snow in hell before Ireland gives in to his multi year contract demands.

Drew Brees put a team on his BACK and WON a SB. When Long does that, then come talk to me. Until then, you're just proving what an idiot you are!

Armondo: keep the posts coming, at least you are keeping these possibilities out there, so any rumors on Clabo?
I think either one of these two signings key to draft.

Ok, let's play out this scenario:

Beginning with, 2011, Long goes down near season's end. Jerry is the replacement at LT. If we can remember, it was the best we've seen Jerry play as a Dolphin. Beit the last couple games.

So, what did we learn from this? Jerry does have enough athleticism to play outside. The remaining questions are these two:

A. Can he do it consistently over a 16 game stretch?
B. Will he come to camp in shape and at the recommended weight?

If Jerry does B, Then A, may not be such a farfetched stretch.

Then all that remains is that Martin has hit the offseason weight training as strenuously as we all he does. If these two things come to fruition, opening day could look like this:

Martin LT
Cogs LG
Pouncey C
Louis OG (Also should have said Louis, not Vaughn earlier)
John Jerry RT

f things shaped up like this, I w3ould not be surprised to see a OG added 2nd rd.

Great Post YG.

I Like To Call It The T-Hill Theory.

Ireland Did Something Similar Last Year. We Went Into Last Years Draft With No Real Qb, but He Kept M.Moore.

Why Sign A High Priced Free Agent To A Multi Year Deal, When You Already Know We Are Going To Draft A Kid To Play The Position.

All You Wanting CB's Should Think About This. The Fins Have 3 CB's That They Are Paying Good Money To. Doubt That They Will Go CB High. Now Safety? Different Story.

Same Thing With TE. Please Explain How It Makes Sense To Have Keller, Egnew, and Clay. And Still Want A TE Early!! The Fins Only Carry 3 TE's On Game Day. And Usually The 3rd TE is A Mini Linemen. Doubt Ireland Will Go Early For A TE. Doesn't Make Sense. Specially When Egnew and Keller Are More Athletically Gifted Than Any TE In This Draft.

I suspect that the REAL reason they didnt sign Jake Long or Drew Brees was CHEAPNESS. And they blamed both on injuries.

Also, Branden Albert, is like Ireland's "ace in the hold" should anything go awry.

If KC takes a LTY 1st overall, it only strengthen's Ireland's position. There's always the possibility of a post draft Albert to Miami trade.

As I said, it appears Ireland holds all of the cards. The subtle addition addition of OG Lance Louis gives more flexibility to kick Jerry outside and still have a starter capable OG to replace him in inside.

SOrry Steve but over paying for a player that doesnt score TD's and isnt there to do his job for the entire season isnt smart..
Theres a difference between fans wanting something to happen and the people that work for the organization that have more insight than you and I wanting something to happen for the right price..
So Long walked for the money after the Fins paid him in his rookie contract..

Posted by: CHEAP FISH | April 09, 2013 at 03:08 PM

Cheapness? lol anything that has happened this offseason dispells that theory.. so try again please.. Money wasnt the issue as Saban pointed out.. it was his call and he picked Cullpepper..

YG4 - Jerry at RT ??!!- No way


people keep forgeting that besides the draft coming up the fins get $10M in cap money freed up June 1 from cutting Dansby and Burnett. They have to allocate enough money for 11 draft picks which does not leave a tom of room of the existing $8M in cap. They will see how the draft plays out then keep about 12-14M for just in case. Winston and a couple other vets will be out there until June 1 because other teams also have money coming due for the cap.

YG4 - Jerry at RT ??!!- No way

Posted by: gocanes1 | April 09, 2013 at 03:11 PM

You forget Jerry started at LT when Long went down near the end 2011. He did a great job, if only for a couple games. This does prove he has the athleticism to play outside(LT or RT).

Now, it's only a matter of commitment. Will he come to camp in shape and at the right weight? Seems this has been what's truly been holding him back.


I haven't given up on Egnew. I know many here have. When watching his college film, I just see far too much athleticism and talent.

Yes, his college film definitively tells he was an absolute horrible blocker. The fo and coaching staff saw this, yet still decided take him 3rd rd.

They knew he would he would be a work in progress because of this. So, I feel, between trying to develop his blocking skills to an acceptable nfl level and learning the playbook. Somewhere, Egnew, fell behind.

Now, Egnew has had the entire offseason to get upto speed on the playbook. Things moves so fast on this level, that if a rook gets behind in the least on the playbook, there's just no way to bring things to a stand still while he catches up.

Like I said, he's had the entire offseason to catch up in the playbook dept. I fully expect we'll see him slowly integrated into the passing offense this season because Egnew's college tape definitively states he is very talented as a pass catcher.

Egnew wont make the roster this year.

I hope Egnew becomes the beast of a talent he truly is. His 4.64 40 alone states he can be a far better seam threat than the TE's you would like to see us draft.

Braman was right about the Marlins and he’s right about the Dolphins. Ross can and will make the improvements himself. What has he done to deserve welfare except lose every friggin year? Ross is WORSE then Loria!

This blog pretty closes the chapter on expecting to see any more predraft offseason moves. Ireland holds all of the cards and is doing very well to stand pat.

pretty much

Bring back Richmond Webb and Keith Simms. LoL.

If Winston comes down on his multi year demands, he would then become the last pre draft move we see. However, I don't expect to see this, and if Winston doesn't sign before the draft his chances of becoming a Dolphin probably slips to absolute zero.

Draft strategy clue? Sign Winston pre-draft & stay pat / open to offers. If no offers -BAP. If pass on Winston move up in draft for a tackle. Can't see a G at 11 tho!

Dolfans, we also may be seeing the last of John Denny as longsnapper. For the first time in ages, he Dolphins have brought in training camp competition.

Seems like forever Denny has had the strangle hold on this position. Just goes to show that in the end Father time always win.

Thank you John Denny, you did your job as none other.


Two players Im not ready to count out yet:

John Jerry
Michael Egnew

Now go ahead, bash away! LOL...

All you people need to keep in mind that you don't know what the Miami Dolphins long term plans on for their roster & salary cap usage for the next 2 or 3 years. Keep in mind that Miami is trying to put a core of players together that they want to try & keep for at least 5 or 6 years, not just a team they can get a 1 year upgrade for. Also keep in mind that Miami has as many free agents next year as they had this year, so that is possibly why they don't want to commit to a long term contract to Eric Winston.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2013 at 04:05 PM

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's away! A many of terrible things can happen at th lonsnapper's position. No it isn't a glamorous job, but it's one the most important positions on the playing field.

You just don't realize the great importance of this until things begin going horribly wrong. welcome to turnover city!

Mando, Your Article on the Marlins was Awsome. Best thing you have wrote in 5 years.

Im out for today. Nothing else to add. top of the day to you all!

Everyone knows that Ireland stinks at drafting.

What's this I hear about the Dolphins loving DJ FLuker? What's there to love? The impending eating competition with john Jerry? Fluker is shite... if that's the #12 pick I'm going to throw up in my own mouth ...

Especially with Tyler Eifert, Sheldon Richardson, and Johnathan Cooper projected to be on the board.

Get Sense and everybody know you are a suckass troll. What is your point on this?

Agreed fully with Vontae's Grandma. Great article hope it's the harbinger of change. S Florida baseball and fans deserve the best.

no thanks on winston, keep that bum far away

Nahh, KC probably will add Joeckel or Fisher for the R side this Year and let Albert play LT. btw, Walter F says Ireland has been irresponsible in FA this year overpaying for Players. I agree Jeff has always been a bit loose-handed but, apparently, they don't know the salaries that were being payed to Dansby, etc. Besides, you'll never know if you overpaid anybody until that Player finishes the Season.(Wallace'$ was stiff. He has to produce at least an avg of 3 points/Game for Us).

I doubt Miami balked about the money. $3.2 - $3.8 Million per season is a reasonable price for a talented O-linemen.Where Winston will hit a hitch with Jeff Ireland is length of contract.Miami is likely willing to offer a 2 year deal. One similar to Paul Soliai but a bit less money overall. Soliai's deal was 2 years, $12 million (I forget the bonus or guaranteed cash). Offering Winston a 2 year deal at $3.5 Million a season with 5 Million guaranteed is a solid offer IMAO.
I understand why Winston wants a long term deal... but I also understand why Miami would only offer a 2 year deal. Miami is interested in getting and staying young. They will address the O-line in this draft, and will also take a player or so for the O-line next year.
In order to trade up, Miami would approach either Cleveland or Oakland. If they get to #3 where Oakland picks, there will be a FEW blue chip pieces to contemplate, Sharrif Floyd, Eric Fisher (perhaps a better choice then Johnson in a zone based O-line), Lane Johnson, Dion Jordan (a hell of a pass rusher who would look great on the strong side opposite Wake)and Dee Milliner (best corner in the draft but one who has been losing ground)... To reach the point totals for Oakland. Miami would have to give up they're #12 overall, R2P2, R3P2 & a middle of the road 7th. The 7th rounder give Oakland about 90 Extra points in the deal. That is the cost for "mov'in on up" to pick #3. To get to pick #6, Drop the 7th and move the round 3P2 to Round 5P1
If No trade back occurs... I look to see Cooper drafted at #12 or if Ireland REALLY want to rev the fan base go after Efert at #12 (my pick without a hesitation, Eifert will be a pro bowl player for years to come and give RT17 his most dominant weapon.

But overall, this off-Season has produced the most changes I can remember in a long Time, with several upgrades at core positions from last Year's Team. And there is a huge Draft to come. If you don't feel excited about the upcoming Season then you have no Dolphin blood in your veins. huh


go fins, still hiding oscar huh

What are you testing for, cannabis, benzos, yeyo...?

What do you suppose is daShes frequent obsession with the word swallow?

..Some interesting Phin discussion on moving the chains this afternoon. Some of the topics. Why we may move up to take a tackle. If we don't move up. Why Rhodes is the best corner after Millner. And Deandre Hopkins.

First off. Take this or leave it. I know people get heated when the Ex-GM radio heads say things that may not jive with our own opinions. they are all unemployed for a reason, or they are idiots, know nothings. But a lot of these guys have more access to information then any of us could possibly imagine. More knowledge as well. Whether it be studying game tapes, or talking to insiders. I may not agree with what they all say. But I certainly listen.

About trading up. Kirwan said it makes perfect sense. He laughed at the idea the team would go into the season with Jon martin as the starter at left tackle. The caller, disagreed. And thought Martin was going to get the call. Kirwan laid it out..He explained that the tape says otherwise. Martin has a ton of issues that he didn't think could be coached up enough that the team would settle for Martin protecting Tannehills blindside. His scenario was a trade up with Cleveland to take a tackle in round 1.

Another caller asked about why the Phins hadn't explored a trade for Revis. The answer was that Kirwan did not believe the jets would trade within the division. But, the Phins definitlety had the cap space and the ammunition of they wanted to try..His thought(Kirwan) was that Xavier Rhodes makes a lot lore sense at 12(if they cannot make a trade up). That Rhodes is a physical freak. He has the best combination of speed, arm length, and jumping ability in this draft. He is also very quick in short spaces. The idea that he couldn't excell in a zone scheme is ridiculous.

The last little bit had to deal with Keenan Allen. That his slow 40 time solidified the top 2 WR;s in the draft Austin and Patterson. But it also brings in Deandre Hopkins into the conversation as perhaps the 3rd receiver off the board...a bummer because this is a guy I thought we could get in round 2. My favorite receiver in the draft. Do you guys know he only had 1 drop last year? 1


We avg 18ppg in 2012. For Wallace's scoring alone to to avg 3ppg more, that means he musty add 48pts(16gms x 3ppg) to 2013's offense. That is achievable with 7tds in 2013. That's puts 2013's numbers up to 21ppg over 2012's(18ppg).

However, to be a legit playoff contender, an offense needs to avg at least 25ppg. So, in addition to his Wallace's 3pg, the rest of the offense need score 4ppg more while making up for the 8tds Bush contributed last season.

64 more points(4ppg) needs to be made up in the passing offense. While Miller needs to make up for Bush's lost 8tds, whether by ground or thru air.

Hartline/Bess/Moore combined for only 3tds, and lets not forget Fasano's 5tds need to be made up for by the TE's unit. So to get us to 25ppg, The rest of the wr corps need score 9tds(63pts). This means in addition to Wallace scoring 7tds(49pts), Bess/Hartline/Gibson need contribute 4tds, each. These are all obtaining numbers.

Keller's last fully healthy season in NY he contributed 5tds, so that makes up for Fasano's 5tds. The greatest obstacle looks like getting the same Bush scoring numbers from the rb position. either we have to replicate this Or the WR/TE positions needs to score 1 more td per man than I listed.

That's how we become a 25ppg legit playoff offense. Which Wallace could become the key to unlocking all of this.

DD, re: Rhodes. he had the worst agility tests results of any CB in this draft. That idea of him moving well in tight spaces seems a little far fetched given the eividence. he does have crazy speed and explosion tho

Interesting points Darryl. First of all,i'm not 100% convinced Martin is capable of being our starting LT but having said that,i trust Philbin enough that if he says Martin is good enough,thats fine with me.

As much as i like Revis (the best CB in the NFL imo),trading for him is crazy because not only would we have to throw in alot of picks,it also would require us to offer him a silly contract so not trading for him makes the most sense.

I'd love Ireland to draft a WR early but after the signings of Wallace and Gibson and resigning Hartline,i dont think Ireland drafts one early. Hopkins does indeed look good and i'd want nothing more than to take a chance on my man Justin Hunter in the 2nd. Think he's gonna be awesome...


Common sense dictates that a team signing a number on wr fa and paying him what amounts to 12 million a year, they are not looking to draft a wr 1st rd. I would say not even 2nd rd. Maybe the second 2nd rd pick, depending on what wr was still available.

DD, think about it. Wallace at what amounts to 12 million a year. Hartline for what amounts to 7 million a year. Just because they will play for less in the 1st year of their contracts doesn't minimize what those contracts are actually equivalent to.

When looking at things from this prospective, it become more unlikely we see a wr come off the board to us before 3rd rd. Though, with the last 2nd rd pick, the probability is still there.

But if you weigh that against perhaps a safety, then a safety would take priority over the wr pick.

..Mark in Toronto..Kirwan was talking about the tape he had watched on Rhodes at FSU. IMO this is much more of an indicator then combine scores. These were his words(although the combine stuff wasn't brought up)

YG..Good points about ppg. There were 9 teams that averaged over 25 ppg last year. Only 1 NO(28) didn't make the playoffs. So if the goal is one and done in the playoffs...23-24 ppg will do it. To win playoff games. You have to have an offense that can put up 25 plus on any day to be taken seriously.

revis is a tampa bay buc, almost done

Im a lone reed blowing in the wind, when suggesting if Stedman Bailey is available with our 3rd pick, we need to pounce. He's Devon Bess 5.0.

With legit seam threats at TE, and a guy like Bailey in the slot(25tds last season), I belive this can instantly become one of the most potent passing attacks in the league.

Just the thought of Bailey working on teams 3rd best corner, send visions of td sugar plums dancing in my head.

yesterday the weapons are already there, its all depending on how thill develops now

..Mark in Toronto..Another thing to about Rhodes. Perhaps because he has such long arms. He is able to make plays on the ball that others can't. This may be what Kirwan is talking about when he likes his ablity in short spaces. His ability to make plays on the ball.

Yg..I don't think we would draft a receiver in the first round. I really think the odds are low that we do it round 2. I just like Hopkins. I would like to see him in our colors. I have conceded on many occasions it was doubtful that we would be in a position to do it. My point was that with Allen possibly falling. It makes these odds even slimmer. Add to what Ireland said about "horizontal draft approach" and the way I understood it was that the need would come before a higher grade. So Naturally, if there was a corner, or LT, available it would trump WR.


Even the best defenses in the playoffs were hardpressed to stop opposing offenses from scoring 25pts.

The new defensive weapons is to try and limit high caliber offenses scoring ability. While also having the offensive horsepower to outscore them on offensive.

The Saints failed to make the playoffs scoring 28ppg because sometimes, even great scoring ability cant make for absolutely horrible defense. Saints ranked dead last in 2012 defense.

I told you, dusty. The #12 pick is going to come from Passrusher, Receiver, CB or Safety. Now who is the BAP in each of those categories? Who do you like at CB?

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