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Reason Eric Winston is available: Money, certainty

So what do you think Eric Winston is worth?

It's a pertinent question because, if you remember days ago I reported the Dolphins interest in the free agent offensive tackle had waned. And the only way that interest would be renewed is if Winston dropped his asking price.

Well, since then Winston has visited with the Dallas Cowboys and continued to consider a standing offer from the San Diego Chargers. And he's still unsigned.


Because he wants more money than his market is willing to offer and, I'm told by a source with knowledge of his thinking, he'd like a multi-year deal that would guarantee he's not going to merely be a one-season rental.

So what does Winston think is a fair price for his services?

“In the $3-4 million range is something that I think is more than fair for a starter who has played pretty well throughout his career,” Winston said on Sirius NFL radio.

Actually, when you consider that demand, it doesn't seem exceedingly steep until you recognize what else is involved. Because Winston is working on being with his third different team in three years, he has concerns he's simply becoming a mercenary.

So he would like some sort of certainty (as much as the NFL offers, anyway) that will keep him with his next team for a few years. That usually means a big enough signing bonus that makes cutting him after one year more difficult.

Obviously no NFL team is there right now.

Most are now focused on the draft and picking a right tackle that will be younger and more promising than Winston -- albeit with less certainty of what they'll do in the NFL -- and do that at a much cheaper price, typically.

Winston, meanwhile, wants to get a deal, "sooner rather than later."

So Winston wants his price. He wants some longer-term certainty. And he'd like that get it done before the draft.

He might get one of those, maybe two. I doubt he gets all three.



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yesterday only cause the bounty money dried up

ok so u would of lost our bet your admitting then. picking 4 guys. they wont take a corner at 12 but if they did it would have to be rhodes or trufant.

Those calculations were great, YG. Thank you.



Anyway, because Wallace and Hartline were signed to sizeable contracts, the best wr position to target for huge upgrade is Bess' slot position.

Actually, say we draft Stedman Bailey 3rd, Bailey would be a huge upgrade and at the same time come in cheaper than Bess' contract extension.

It just makes sense on so many levels if Bailey is still there with our first 3rd pick. Cheaper, far better, and sets up a trade of Bess for a perhaps a mid rd pick. WIn-win-win!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd rd yeah that wouldnt bother me, i still think whole season now depends on thill

That changes some things for Us, for good or bad, dusty, as TB was picking right after Us.

tampa will take best safety

Ireland's done a very solid job of filling needs in fa. His draft hand is hidden well because he and Philbin may see Martin as the starter at LT and Jerry RT.

There just isn't anything overly concrete to suggest what direction Ireland truly goes in the draft.

In the past, certain teams new what we were after then traded top of us and snatched them away. The Giants did it, and I think Bellichik's drafting of 2 TE's may have been to block our attempt at drafting Hernandez.

Sometimes you just have to be smarter than the average bear. Seems this offseason, Ireland has done exactly that.

if those are our tackles im canceling my direct tv

TB gave their #13 pick to the Jets for Revis, dusty.

its official? jets take corner then

You almost said it's official, dusty.

oh yes

Is Swallow A Curse Word?

Then STFU.

Plus, Dashi Hasn't Used Swallow In A While.

Also, What Is Your Infatuation With Dashi? Why Do You Have A Constant Woody For Dashi?

"may or may NOT see Martin as the starter at LT..", YG. We are Masters at deceiving, here.


I have no overly pent up worries about Tannehill. Though naturally some worry has to exist. My worries are a little lessened simply because I believe Sherman/Philbin did a masterful job "handling" him last season. Plus throw in they did this by having him surroundd by virtually very little to no true receiving weapons.

Also, I do not believe Philbin signs off on the Mike Wallace signing without feeling he saw some definite signs Tannehill will be able to handle the 2013 offensive heat.

In 2013, we will see, "Tannehill Unchained". Will he be perfect? Absolutely not, but you cant expect that from any qb his 2nd season. Exactly why theyre trying to surround enough playmakers around him to feel he doesn't have to try and do it alone.

I just feel his great athleticism will truly enhance all of this. Plus get him Stedman Bailey 3rd rd, just another legit playmaker in the slot position and more pressure on opposing defenses.


I Over Estimated The Marlins Talent. Hopefully Redmond Develops This Young Bunch. But 80 Wins Does Seem A Little Bit Of A Reach. This Is Looking Like A 60-70 Win Team At Best.

And I Thought I Would Never Say This. But I Won't Support The Marlins As Long As Gloria Is The Owner. Dashi Finally Understands How The Ireland Haters Feel.

u love this bailey guy i see, ill have to check his highlights out


The way everything is set so far, Ireland has done a masterful job of concieiling his draft hand. No one can really buck us because there are so many different ways we can go.

he plays for wv, so i dont like him. offense is a joke, means nothing in nfl

Ryan Tannehill finished his pre-Med studies. He's a Winner. I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

..Yg. You have been high on both Bailey, and Swoope. I don't know where each will be picked. But say for conversations sake both were available in the 3rd round. And we didn't use a second on a wr..Which player would you take?

i tried telling u dashi, team is horrible. 105 losses at least

Still, YG, do as I say when writing about this stuff. I know...


Bailey is 5'10, if he were 3 inches taller, he's easily in 1st wr drafted conversation. Hell, if he ran a 4.3 40 like teammate Austin, he's in that conversation. He was easily more productive than Austin at WV.

Its only because of his lack of size and not running a 4.3-4.4 40, he's projected at nfl slot. You just cant sneeze at this kid's college production. 25 tds last year alone on a team that featured Austin?

IMO, that's one helluvah accomplishment, and in the english language his name is barely a spoken word.


Ive cooled a bit on Swopes, dropsies seem to continue to follow him. Both at the Senior Bowl and the pass drills. Love his speed, but the drops couild come at the most inopportune moments.


If both Swope and Bailey were available 3rd rd, by a landslide I take Bailey.

Steadman "Biletnikoff" Bailey, some kind of receiver. You saw the tape on him already, dusty? What you think?

Here's a Stedman Bailey for you guys, sophomore to senior season:


If you watch this and don't think he's 3rd steal to play the slot. Im so sorry for you.


I say the best way to keep a Secret is to let it out it's based partly on Operant Conditioning. Once in a while, randomly, you publish something that you know it's not true. And you got them all confused. Still, for me, is better to always say the Truth.

YG is on fire right now!! Let me jump in here!!

Uncle Jeffy holds all the cards right now. Why would you possible sign Winston if there is a chance you draft an O-lineman in the 1st. Makes no sense.

I really believe he is going guard here. Warmack and Cooper are two of the most can't miss players in the draft. Remember Cogs will not be a Dolphin next year. You can move either to left guard next year.

Jeff has to let the draft come to him. The three positions of so called need TE, DE,and Safety have a young guy there waiting to prove himself. I don't see them as immediate. The only immediate for me is CB and OL. You can never have enough good CB on a team. Someone will screw-up in the first 11 and a good player fall to us.

I would still consider trading back if possible.

As The Biggest Critic Of This Wr Class. Dashi will Take S.Bailey.

Swopes was The Main One Dropping Passes From T-Hill at A&M. He Is A Body Catcher With Concussion Problems. Austin Collie Without Peyton.

Plus, Bailey can Return Kicks.

I Will Still Pick Neither. But Bailey Is The Better Wr and Overall Player.

Later. I have to prepare my Picadillo con papas now.


dolphinsrule65 at 2:52 PM April 09, 2013
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Agreed. We Shall See T-Sizzle This Year. While The Other Rookie Qb's Were Shooting All Their Bullets. T-Hill Was Only Allowed To Pistol Whip Teams With A Pea Shooter.

T-Hill already has Good Chemistry with 2 Wr's. And Already Building Chemistry With His New Deep Threat.

Bess= Short Threat
Hartline= Medium Threat
Wallace=Deep Threat

I believe Some Of You Are Reading To Much Into The Fins Don't Want Bess. And Not Enough To The Fins Running More Spread.


Gibson = short medium and long threat

Wallace = medium and deep threat

Bess = short and mediim threat

Keller = medium and deep threat

Hartline = short, medium, some whay deep threat

Winston is simply a bit higher on his value than most teams are on him.He s a seasoned veteran but he s also got age on him.Health ...long-term is a question mark for players like him.Unless he s very elite........and he s solid perhaps......he ll not get teams fighting to sign him.Lane Johnson is a much better bang for your buck...long-term and he ll be cheaper and very young.Fins are not closed to Winston but he s beginning to close his own open door as the draft is fast approaching.Either he drops his asking price or the Fins upgrade the position with a younsgster even better than him in this month s draft.

..Yg really good posts today. Back to the 25 ppg topic. Lets say this is the barometer for offenses that can win playoff games. It is not going to be easy to get to this mark. Difficult, but not impossible.

3 teams improved by 7 ppg game last year. All 3 made the playoffs. Indy, Wash, Denver. (Only Indy was under 25ppg 22) The common denominator is that each team had superior quarterback play to 2011.

So it puts some pressure on Tannehill to improve. But the rest of the team has to as well. You talked a bit about it earlier. I would think that the receiver corp will do better then 1 td each. That is sad production from your receiving corp. The running backs had 13 rushing TD's as a group(Bush had 2 receiving, Lane 1)

I think that even with the loss of Bush' 8 total td's. If the group matches or betters the total from last year we can still meet the mark. You cannot discount the fact that 5 of those scores came in 2 games. Spread that production out, and it will help the teams totals(assuming we will get more production from the receivers)

Tight ends had 7 TD's. This number need to get better. Fasano lead the team with 5 receiving TD's. That is sad. We have to at least double his total from the group. Fasano was our only receiving threat in the redzone. Hopefully Keller, and whoever is in the group can get to around 10-13 td's as a group.

We have the weapons to get better offensively. We will see what we add in the draft and into training camp to round out these positions. 25 ppg is going to be difficult. But not impossible.

16 days until the draft. Getting closer to seeing which way we do go in the 1st rd.

At this point I have no clue.

Of all of the possibilities I've heard, I think Fluker would get the most negative response.

Dashe Hasn't Used Swallow In A While.

Posted by: Dashe | April 09, 2013 at 06:13 PM


Who's Suck and Who's Swallow? Because You 2 Flamers Definitely Take It.

Posted by: dashe | April 09, 2013 at 09:08 AM

Speaking of ppg...

Let's assume our FA moves made our defense better.

Then lets assume that drafting a CB,DE or S will also make our defense better.

Then, it is not a stretch to say that our bolstered defense will lower our opponents score by 7 points.

Anyway you slice it, our opponents gaining 7 ppg less is just as equivalent as us scoring an extra 7 ppg.

Is Winston any good ? Hard to really tell with lineman, you only know when they suck, draft someone in the 2nd or 3rd round or later and develop them GET ANOTHER IMPACT PLAYER PLAYER PLEASE!!!!!

..Senso..I think for the regular season what you are saying makes sense. But I am looking at it from a playoff angle. You have to be able to put up points in the playoffs is your team has any reservations of being relevant. Sure there may be a game or 2 that you squeak by(playoffs) But if your team is an 18 PPG type of offense. You had better have an all time great defense if you want to win come playoff time. You have to be able to put up points..Even the best defenses got shredded in the past few post seasons.

How Long Is A While?

You Are A Master of The English Language. Explain, "With" English.

Did Dashi Say A Real Long While? Or Just A While?

And Didn't Dashi Say You Can Cut & Paste? Playing You Like A Fiddle.

Look At The Time. Would Love To Stay And Chat But It Is Past 5 and We All Know What Happens After 5. The Booty Karate Tournament. So Go Ahead Bruce Lee have At It.

..Senso. Last year we gave up right under 20ppg(19.8) The Seahawks had the #1 scoring defense at just over 15ppg. Consider that in the last 20 years there have only been 2 teams that gave up under 13ppg(2002 Bucs, 2006 Ravens) It would be a tall order to improve that much. A lot more realistic to score 7 PPG and get to that 25 point mark then it would to have a defense that allowed less then 13 ppg.

I understand that these numbers seem extreme considering the offense we are accustomed to playing here the last how many years? We have to find ways to score more points.

Armando, You do a ok job keep it coming . Its got to be hard to work each day with all the left wing nuts at the herald.


Personally I still do not think we have enough fire power on offense yet. The only really dynamic offensive player we added was Wallace.

I'd go for Patterson. He's got game and is a physical specimen. I don't buy the intelligence crap. He has field smarts, he's got that sixth sense. He's a guy I'd pull the trigger on and take the chance we get a star star WR for the next 12 years.

I think Gibson and Hartline make Bess dispensable now, either can work the slot better than him. Bess can be trade bait to fill some other needs.

...Senso. I don't know how much we will improve offensively. Odds are we will not get to that 25 ppg that I we have been talking about. Not out of the question though. If we take what Irleand has said the past few days about draft strategy as the gosphel. I don't believe we would take a receiver in the first round. Not at 12 anyway. It is clear as day that he wants need over projected talent in the early rounds. So to me this eliminates Patterson.

Patterson may be the best prospect in this draft. But I think we are in win now mode. I don't think Ireland survives another sub 500 season. So drafting such a raw prospect as Patterson goes against this years thinking. I believe we need a player in the first round that can contribute right away. I'm not sure Patterson with all of his question marks is that guy. He may be down the road. But to me his potential to be a bust is as equal to his potential to be great. To much risk for us IMO.

BPA ...... Do not reach because of need or position. BPA at#12,42,54,77,82..... After that depth at position of need. It's like chasing a straight or flush in poker u never get the right card. Look at ur big board and pick the guy at the top trust ur scouts and get the value instead of reaching for a position not the player. We need football players at every postion IMO and more the fucin better. OT is a need but to reach for Fluker because he is next available and leaving a better football player on the board pisses me off. At #12 there will b a future probowler still available and I want that guy so go get em Ireland.


I have to disagree with you on one point. I absolutely believe we are in win now mode. Just as Carroll and Harbaugh and Rex were when they took their teams over.

This idea of tiny incremental steps for a decade to get there is ridiculous. This team has been in rebuild mode long enough. Despite the poor drafting for many seasons, they do have a pretty good core now and a full house of cards on draft day.

I fully believe they are gunning for glory and out to make a statement now. Right now.

This year we are seeing the new Ireland. The bold Ireland.

Patterson would be the bold choice. He has taken a lineman first in 3 out of his 5 drafts. I say there has been enough of that for now.

Wasn't the idea to build a core and then get the playmakers? And not the other way around? We'll never have a core of probowlers, no team ever does. So I say it's time to put scary players on the field, not just boyscouts with good work ethic.

this team def in win now mode, its a contract year for fireland

If Dolphins don't draft Lane Johnson I would have Martin playing LT rather than overpaying either Winston or Albert.

I'm no scout. I go with my gut and what my eyes see. Patterson looks like a serious talent to me. 12 might be high, so what, if you'd take him at 18, you take him at 12 too, sometimes you just have to pay up to get what you want.

Any player can be a bust in any slot, so 12 is a risk no matter who you take.

Ireland has quietly eliminated all of our urgent need positions in fa.

Grimes, a healthy Grimes gives us pro bowl caliber play at the position. Certainly no longer demands a 1st rd pick.

Wallace. after signing Wallace, where's the urgency to make a wr a 1st rd pick?

Keller, ran a 4.53 combine 40, and was drafted 30th by the Jets, 2008. He would definitely be the best ranked TE in 2013's draft. So, I say, why roll 1st rd dice on any of these "much slower" 2013 TE's?

No additions as of yet, but whose to say the Lance Louis addition isn't designed to kick Jerry out to RT, while Martin mans LT?

Pass Rush
Ireland said it himself last season. Getting both Miller and OLIVIER VERNON was like getting 2 1st rd picks a year early. So Ireland isn't pinned to taking a pass rusher 1st rd either.

What all of this clearly illustrates is that Ireland made enough offseason fa moves to not have a sense of desperation with his 1st couple of picks in the draft.

So whatever Ireland decides to do with the 1st pick, looks to only strengthen and already pretty solid position. Hell, he could throw us all a curve ball and make Chance Warmack our 1st rd pick.

We're solid enough in all areas for Ireland to pretty much do whatever he wants in the 1st rd.

I think the Pats glory run may have turned the corner with last years loss to the Ravens. It is rare for a team in any sport to have a streak of success like NE has, and when they fade, they fade fast.

I believe we have a legitimate shot to win the division. There is no reason why we shouldn't finish ahead of the Jets and Buffalo, too teams in total disarray.

Martin will be better this year no matter where he plays. I have high hopes for Miller, I think we leaned on Reggie too much last year. The passing attack has to improve with better receivers and now Tanne will be the #1 QB for the entire preseason, plus he has a full year of experience as an NFL starter. They made the right call there.

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