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Reason Eric Winston is available: Money, certainty

So what do you think Eric Winston is worth?

It's a pertinent question because, if you remember days ago I reported the Dolphins interest in the free agent offensive tackle had waned. And the only way that interest would be renewed is if Winston dropped his asking price.

Well, since then Winston has visited with the Dallas Cowboys and continued to consider a standing offer from the San Diego Chargers. And he's still unsigned.


Because he wants more money than his market is willing to offer and, I'm told by a source with knowledge of his thinking, he'd like a multi-year deal that would guarantee he's not going to merely be a one-season rental.

So what does Winston think is a fair price for his services?

“In the $3-4 million range is something that I think is more than fair for a starter who has played pretty well throughout his career,” Winston said on Sirius NFL radio.

Actually, when you consider that demand, it doesn't seem exceedingly steep until you recognize what else is involved. Because Winston is working on being with his third different team in three years, he has concerns he's simply becoming a mercenary.

So he would like some sort of certainty (as much as the NFL offers, anyway) that will keep him with his next team for a few years. That usually means a big enough signing bonus that makes cutting him after one year more difficult.

Obviously no NFL team is there right now.

Most are now focused on the draft and picking a right tackle that will be younger and more promising than Winston -- albeit with less certainty of what they'll do in the NFL -- and do that at a much cheaper price, typically.

Winston, meanwhile, wants to get a deal, "sooner rather than later."

So Winston wants his price. He wants some longer-term certainty. And he'd like that get it done before the draft.

He might get one of those, maybe two. I doubt he gets all three.



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Pass rusher has a greater chance of making plays by his effort. Possible game changer if not distraction to allow wake to make a"wakes". DL 1ST ROUND MUST!

Pass rusher has a greater chance of making plays by his effort. Possible game changer if not distraction to allow wake to make a"wakes". DL 1ST ROUND MUST!

Pass rusher has a greater chance of making plays by his effort. Possible game changer if not distraction to allow wake to make a"wakes". DL 1ST ROUND MUST!

Pass rusher has a greater chance of making plays by his effort. Possible game changer if not distraction to allow wake to make a"wakes". DL 1ST ROUND MUST!

Pass rusher has a greater chance of making plays by his effort. Possible game changer if not distraction to allow wake to make a"wakes". DL 1ST ROUND MUST!

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Posted by: Fins of Fury | April 09, 2013 at 11:16 PM

Basically I was stating I would not trade up for Lane Johnson. The only LT worth trading up for is Fisher.

Fisher's a longshot shot because he costs a 2nd and a additional pick. Perhaps a 3rd-4th. Ansah is the guy that drawing my most interest. He had 9 passes defensed and I in playing DE last year. Meaning he batted down at least 8 qb throws.

We would have to trade up to 5th(Lions) to get Ansah. meaning a 2nd rd pick. The last trade up I would do is to #10 and take Milliner. At least that's where he's now mocked and is the least expensive trade up to do. A 4th-5th rd pick should do it.

Still, I see nothing major to gain from trading down but adding an additional contract to negotiate when this draft class become fa's.

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Fluker is not a zone blocking RT. He is better suited for power blocking. Breenan Williams is our guy, if we are drafting for that position. Just watch some tape on him. I would not be surprised if we came out of the first three rounds with him and his brother Cooper.
With the talent in DE, WR, DB and OL in this draft the possibilities are astounding.

Fluker is not a zone blocking RT. He is better suited for power blocking.

Posted by: Fins of Fury | April 09, 2013 at 11:54 PM

What the fook do you know about it? Nothing but something you read by some hairdo wannabe writer that no NFL team would ever employ.

Yet still, you make my point. Fisher is not one that would entice me to trade up. Merely for the fact that to get to the projected draft position to get him would cost far more that the picks would be worth.
I think you may be underestimating the value of the mid round picks.
We are, yet again, in a transitioning period in acquiring talent. This draft has a very close talent evaluation from the first round to the four round. Talent can be acquired without great expense.

I know what I see, Fluker can not get his massive girth on the move. If we want a Fluker at tackle we would just play Jerry. Speaking of which, Jerry would be as good or better fit there than Fluker.
Why draft a player that we already have on the roster?

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Posted by: Dashe | April 09, 2013 at 06:13 PM


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Posted by: dashe | April 09, 2013 at 09:08 AM

Posted by: Half a day | April 09, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Someone is protesting a bit to loudly. Of all the negative things said here about the troll this is the one thing he takes offense with.

Indeed, very telling.

whne have Dolphins to make there 1 pick of draft?? i can not find the formaton of this but before I did see this? so they will take maybe 10 player of course some not make team but how many will be good?? so if you can tell me this is very good also the day of draft and what are the name?

I know you guys get paid to antagonize, but that is pretty wimpy.

Bill, after deciphering your post, it appears you want to know who we will draft. That is the big question we are all debating. Ireland has a new position as to the type of talent we need.
The trend seems to be toward athletic personnel as opposed to bulky.

All I remember is Tom Brady having all day to throw the ball.

If there is a Serious pass rusher in the draft, we need him desperately.

Seems like we addressed most things in free agency except pass rush.

Applauding cap space shows how very desperate Dolphin fans are. Hilarious applauding cap space.

Posted by: Get Sense | April 09, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Troll Boy you've been wrong on just about EVERYTHING you've posted tonight. It's also obvious that you weren't "Just Trying" to stir the pot. You are actually this SEVERLY challenged when it comes to your "SUPPOSED" Football Knowledge(Sorry-LOL. But it's True).

Applauding the Excellent job Ireland and Dawn Aponte performed has NOTHING at all to do with desperate(how did you get this ignorant-LOL?).

Parcell's just trashed our cap space, our Roster and The Miami Dolphins in general. It was criminal and for Ireland and Aponte to fix this mess as well and as quickly as they did, they DESERVE to be applauded.

And your "Win Now" posts were equally ignorant. Being in "Win Now Mode" has nothing to do with whether or not you're trying to win or lose games on Sunday you idiot-LOL. It's all about strategies in regards to building your team and filling out your roster.

"Win Now Mode" is simply a misnomer that means you're making moves that land play-makers with the hopes of them making a more immediate impact.

As opposed to targeting depth and core players that will develop and help more over the long hall.

I hope this helps you out Simpleton.

You could have made a case for this simply being "Semantics". But, First Off, the big words just confuse him irreparably. Secondly, he's not intelligent enough to make an honest argument about ANYTHING - ROTFLMAO....and....SMH!!!!

The trend seems to be toward athletic personnel as opposed to bulky.

Posted by: Fins of Fury | April 10, 2013 at 01:07 AM

I agree 100 Percent and I like it.

He definitely seems to have excused himself from Parcell's antiquated philosophies and prototype player requirements.

From witnessing this free agency period and the few glimpses we got from Hard Knocks, it looks like Ireland and Philbin are on the same page.

I just can't help wondering how much of this is simply Ireland growing into the job or Philbin being an excellent influence.

PS: Ignore "Bill(Resident 24/7 Troll with NO LIFE-LOL)", he's been doing this stupid "Bill" routine since the Free Agency period started.

However, I have to say, the "Stupid Bill" persona does fit him to a "T".

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Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 09, 2013 at 04:18 PM

WTF, Then he continues to post till 11:41..

Well, Im out. I see that freaks really do come out at night. GN!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 09, 2013 at 11:41 PM

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The Draft is coming and like Free Agency cannot wait, the most pressing needs for me is LT / OL, CB, DE, S, TE, RB in that order.

With 11 picks we should be able to cover those positions.
Go Phins

trade up for lt or trade down for te. now don't need a rt at leat take one on the draft

Ireland is playing this right. If Miami signs Winston now, it begins to limit how he can play the draft (not likely to select OT w/ first pick if 2 starters (Martin/Winston) are in place). What happens if a top OT falls unexpectedly or the trade price changes and Ireland finds he could have gotten a younger, cheaper, equal-or-better player in the draft?

Remember, draft trades are sometimes about waiting for the other guy to blink. Today, Cleveland may be asking for our 1st round pick + our first 2nd-rounder to trade up. But they desperately want to add picks as they have no second-rounder and lots of holes to fill. Maybe they decide that having Rhodes or Trufant + our second 2nd-rounder (could probably still get a top QB prospect there to challenge Wheeden) is better than only having Milliner.

Ireland has the luxury of being able to see how the draft pans out for him, then looking to fill any remaining gaps after with FAs. Maybe he still ends up paying more than he wants for Winston or Albert, but no point in doing so now.

posted R dubs We dont need Winston, because in a couple weeks we will have Lane Johnson!!

Good luck getting Lane Johnson , he will be gone. The Chargers unfortunately need an O lineman and have been drooling all over him as well as possibly moving up to pick up Eric Fisher who i wish we had. The Chargers pick 10th right in front of us. too bad mos of the teams ahead of us need O linemen.

Rob M did you even read the article? He DOESNT want a 1 year deal. 3-4 Mil for a solid right tackle that is more than fair Incognito makes like 5 mil a year and is definitely not elite. They should give him the deal, I dont understand the hold up. I think Ireland just wants a reason to draft a O-lineman in the first round. I like Winston I hope he gets some guaranteed money wherever he goes, hes just looking out for his own future holding up to his buisness side of the NFL.

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