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Trades involving 2nd-round picks have been terrible

The Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs are in a stare down contest over a trade for left tackle Branden Albert.

The Dolphins know what Albert expects to be paid and continue to go forward with talks. They're not blinking about either the $9.8 million franchise tender currently on Albert or the potential asking price in a long-term deal, contrary to an ESPN report. That is secondary right now.

Every report on the topic says the problem is over a second-round pick the Dolphins must pay to KC for Albert. Apparently the Chiefs want not only a second-rounder but Miami's first of two second-rounders -- the No. 42 overall selection as opposed to the No. 54 overall selection.

So this trade happening ... or not ... will ride on the decision of Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland's plans for his second round picks.

Which begs the question, what is it with the Dolphins and second round picks?

The second rounders have often been used as trade bait by the Dolphins the past decade or so. And rarely has the use of those resources returned a dividend.


In 2004, the Dolphins gave up a second round pick to Philadelphia for A.J. Feeley. The idea was to have Feeley, the Eagles backup at the time, become Miami's starting quarterback. Not only did Feeley fail to win the starting job in 2004, he was terrible in the 2005 preseason and new coach Nick Saban traded him and a sixth round pick to San Diego for Cleo Lemon. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2006, the Dolphins gave up a second round pick to Minnesota for quarterback Daunte Culpepper. They did this after they decided Culpepper was a better injury risk than signing Drew Brees as a free agent. Culpepper, outstanding before blowing out his knee in 2005, was never the same. He played only a handful of games in 2006 before getting into an argument with Saban and eventually being shut down. He was cut by the Dolphins in the spring of 2007. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2007, the Dolphins tendered receiver Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. The New England Patriots, seeing an opportunity and on the advice of Nick Saban, wanted Welker. They dealt a second rounder and a seventh-rounder to the Dolphins for Welker. Welker went on to become a Pro Bowl fixture. The Dolphins used the second round pick on center Samson Satele, who played only two seasons for Miami. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2008, the Dolphins were in the middle of a franchise revamp and the only real asset of high merit on the roster was Jason Taylor. But Taylor, wanting a Super Bowl ring, didn't want to go through another roster revamp. He asked, through his agent, to be traded. The Dolphins did just that to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick in 2009. Taylor failed in Washington and was cut and returned to the Dolphins in 2009. Verdict: WIN.

(Even in victory, the Dolphins failed because the pick they gained from Washington was used to pick Pat White. And he was off the team within a year.)  

In 2010, the Dolphins wanted to add a bigtime playmaking wide receiver. They identified restricted free agent Brandon Marshall as that player. They gave up not one, but two first round picks to the Denver Broncos for Marshall. He played two seasons with Miami, leading the team in receptions both years and going to the Pro Bowl in 2011. But he had the same off-field issues in Miami he had in Denver. He also argued with teammates such as Chad Henne, Igor Olshansky and Vontae Davis. He was traded a year ago. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2012, the Dolphins apparently tired of Davis having troubles with maturity and other things. He also showed up sloppy out of shape to camp that summer. The club shipped the former first round draft pick to Indianapolis for two second-round and conditional sixth-round pick. Well, the Dolphins have that pick to use this draft. The second is not quite as high as the Dolphins figured because the Colts played well in 2012 and were a playoff team. The Dolphins also didn't get the sixth-rounder because Davis did not play the required 60 percent of the down for Indy that the pick required. The Dolphins have the No. 54 pick from Indianapolis to use. Verdict: INCOMPLETE.

Obviously history has no tangible impact on what is likely to happen on this issue. But history should warn you that the Dolphins have had a gift for losing when making deals involving second-round picks.


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kc will play fisher at rt, hes played there before. price to move up to 3 is way to high

everyone hated taking long at number one, but now u want to take a lt not considered as good at 3 and give up a future first rd pick also plus more insane

Yeah, YG, but so did JMartin at Stanford vs elite pass rushers for 4 yrs and look now.

NFL Net Rapoport just said Albert deal may not get done until Dolphins are on the clock. Talk about drama

oakland considering hayden at 3 has to be a joke

Screw fat Andy he's a snake oil salesman buyer beware ! Just say no offer a 4th rounder take it or leave it


You don't draft RT's 1st overall. Chiefs are in quite a bind if forced to keep Albert. They'll end up trading him for a bowl of jello if they don't pounce on the best "OFFER" soon. They are in no real position to make "DEMANDS".

So they will draft a right tackle 1st overall hahahahahaha

yeah cocoa kc radio saying ireland might be holding out till friday even

Dusty bottoms, I agree with you 1000%. Giving up a #1 this year, a #2 or 3 this year and a #1 next year for a freaking Left Tackle is just beyond insane.

Is everyone confused as me as to our 1st pick

yesterday it would only be for a year if at all, if albert was still a chief and reported

..Obviously the connection between Sherman and Joeckel is huge. I listened to an interview with Joeckel a few days back and he was very very impressive. Why it is relevant to us is Joeckels high regard for OC Sherman. Sherman was the reason Joeckel attended A&M. So he said. According to Joeckel. The scheme of Shermans offense fit his abilities more then last years. He loves the Zone Blocking scheme. Being able to put your hand in the dirt, and play physical football. That the style last year was more upright, the Zone Scheme traded for a spread style passing offense. Joeckel said this experience with the pass blocking A&M did this year helped him be a more well rounded Lineman. But he was in a scheme he wasn't used too.

So..it makes a lot of sense that the team would be interested in a player who could quickly adapt to what we do. A player who is loyal to one of our coaches. who has familiarity with our system..None of this is breaking news. But it has softened my opinion about a possible trade up. I still have to see what the parameters of the deal would be. But the idea is making more sense the longer I think about it.

Hey lets just draft one how does that sound


Are you the only guy in America that still listens to radio?

Hell, I didn't even think that they still made those damn things. LOL...

i still say make the albert deal and use first rounder to get millner or eeifert

dusty bottoms, Ireland must have a plan b or is that plan c ? LOL


As a hc, I wouldn't want an unhappy lame duck OT protecting either side of my qb. The biggest loser in this situation could be Alex Smith.

He'll have no idea what he's walking into. Once he sustains a severe concussion neither will he remember.

maybe yesterday? love sports talk radio

dusty, yes Eifert. It seems to be the consensus pick down here listening to the sports talk shows. 6:6 catches the ball at his highest peak, gets open in traffic, he will be a nightmare in the REDZONE for opposing teams. EIFERT


Teron armstead anyone oh baby 6-6 310 4.72 forty time maybe 2nd or 3rd round Arkansas pine bluff

PFT saying with certainty that Chiefs take Fisher

The move up talk is posturing for the Chiefs so we get Albert for a 3rd rounder. Never gonna happen. We will be trading back if trading at all. expect some dudes to slide. No way you pick a guy #2 that wont be healthy by camp.


Every single draft there will always be players, as fans, we wont to get. This one draft isn't the make or break all for the entire future of this franchise.

But ending up with a turnstile at LT could do that.

Not saying Albert is a turnstile, just the often injured history suggest we could be revisting addressing LT as early as 2 season. Possibly 2014, if Albert sustains a close to career ending injury.

Menelak Watson 6-6 315 huge upside 2 round

This has to be a smokescreen by Ireland because Fat Albert does NOT fit Philbin's mold of an athletic LT who can zone block and get downfield quickly.

Nicely played Jeffy, Nicely played indeed.

yesterday if he reports and played left tackle he would be in a free agent year

Left tackle will be had later in the draft along with a veteran. You don't mortage the future on one guy unless you are one guy away.

Chris Faulk 6-6 320 he's a moose LSU

Chuck long 6-8 310. Duck power

sure yesterday if u look at it that way. goes both ways, if he plays every game like he did year before last we get a very good lt. id offer them a 3rd rd and stick to it, kc will have to get rid of him to stop the distraction he would be.

There are tackles to be had fellas

..Well there we go..Phins and Chiefs agree to stop ALbert talks until after KC picks..


No matter the position, signing often injured players has just gone terribly wrong for us. I believe this absolutely can not be overlooked.

Lets boycott the nfl network they are dolphin haters back to espn

I agree DB...wait it out, see who's there and by Sunday if Fat Albert is still there and we somehow miss out on a LT in the draft, grab him at a lowball price.

Sounds like Ireland's going for the Joeckel trade up in lieu of Albert. LOL...

Man we waited for this since December it's draft night!!!!!!!!!!!!M

@gregcote: Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Chiefs informed Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel he will NOT be chosen No. 1 overall tonight. Eric Fisher instead...

I still think we should draft Gators LT Xavier Nixon in the 7th. with the proper oline coach training I think he could be a beast, at least very high calibre depth.

Tr ad e up would be awful. City will hang him


Love it or hate it. That's the news Ireland's been waiting to hear. Notice the timing of Chiefs/Dolphins albert talks stop?

I believe Ireland is now all in on moving up for Joeckel.

Yup fisher has been loved by kc. Bet hes the pick. Radio here already reporting it is lol

Lets hope yesterday that would be a disaster. No first rd pick next year. Yikes. He cant be that dumb

Todd McShay has lost his mind. He keeps trying to give us DJ Fluker at #12.

Seriously McShay? I'll have to name you Todd McShady.

If oak really loves hayden that much then they will def deal the 3 pick


With Albert and his often injury history. We're going to be using a 1st rd pick to go after a LT, within the next couple years anyway. So we already don't have that 1st rd pick.

May as well spend it right now.

I have had this theory that JMartin was so effective in that zone blocking scheme at Stanford because he had David DeCastro right beside him, helping him. Perhaps, a DeCastro similar(or better) this year... What you think, YG?

Trade 1st and 3rd(82) this yr and 1st next yr to Jac take Joeckel. Than trade D.Bess and pic 77 to cleveland for cleveland pic # 68

I know you guys don't 100% understand it, but this is the right time to go all in on a franchise LT. We drafted our supposed franchise qb last year.

This is very polar opposite the Jake Long situation. We didn't even have a qb when we did it.

It is highly probable that the zone-blocking scheme does not depend so much on individual effort by the linemen but on interaction among them.


Martin's going to be a great RT. Enough said! LOL...

dusty is still talking albert, a week after he laughed at those who said it still wasn't a done deal.

Armando, your recitation of the bad second round picks speaks to poor draft choices with second round picks, not poor trades. But I absolutely agree with you that the team should not trade away valued players. I hated the Welker trade back then, and there are other examples of bad trades. I also don't like the Bess talk. A bird in the hand is worth more than one in the bush, though football execs routinely think otherwise.

Oscar now it is time for you to present original thought. We have enough here that can repeat the media.

Wow, nice history with the Fins and number 2 picks- and that doesn;t even count moving up to take Daniel Thomas, who has done zero to convince me that he won't be a complete bust. Ireland gets a pass on some of these, but unfortunately he was involved in quite a few of the misses.

I hope he gets it right this time. I can't stomach anymore Ireland if he screws it up again

Read well my posts above about zone blocking, YG. You agree? No? You're a thinking man, man.

McShay isn't the only one to say we take Fluker at 12. He was in Kiper's mock as well.

Am I missing something? Is anyone projecting Fluker to play LT??

Todd McShay has lost his mind. He keeps trying to give us DJ Fluker at #12.

Seriously McShay? I'll have to name you Todd McShady.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 25, 2013 at 05:57 PM
-------------------------------------------------------I don't know how that guy keeps a job. People on this blog better

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