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Trades involving 2nd-round picks have been terrible

The Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs are in a stare down contest over a trade for left tackle Branden Albert.

The Dolphins know what Albert expects to be paid and continue to go forward with talks. They're not blinking about either the $9.8 million franchise tender currently on Albert or the potential asking price in a long-term deal, contrary to an ESPN report. That is secondary right now.

Every report on the topic says the problem is over a second-round pick the Dolphins must pay to KC for Albert. Apparently the Chiefs want not only a second-rounder but Miami's first of two second-rounders -- the No. 42 overall selection as opposed to the No. 54 overall selection.

So this trade happening ... or not ... will ride on the decision of Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland's plans for his second round picks.

Which begs the question, what is it with the Dolphins and second round picks?

The second rounders have often been used as trade bait by the Dolphins the past decade or so. And rarely has the use of those resources returned a dividend.


In 2004, the Dolphins gave up a second round pick to Philadelphia for A.J. Feeley. The idea was to have Feeley, the Eagles backup at the time, become Miami's starting quarterback. Not only did Feeley fail to win the starting job in 2004, he was terrible in the 2005 preseason and new coach Nick Saban traded him and a sixth round pick to San Diego for Cleo Lemon. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2006, the Dolphins gave up a second round pick to Minnesota for quarterback Daunte Culpepper. They did this after they decided Culpepper was a better injury risk than signing Drew Brees as a free agent. Culpepper, outstanding before blowing out his knee in 2005, was never the same. He played only a handful of games in 2006 before getting into an argument with Saban and eventually being shut down. He was cut by the Dolphins in the spring of 2007. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2007, the Dolphins tendered receiver Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. The New England Patriots, seeing an opportunity and on the advice of Nick Saban, wanted Welker. They dealt a second rounder and a seventh-rounder to the Dolphins for Welker. Welker went on to become a Pro Bowl fixture. The Dolphins used the second round pick on center Samson Satele, who played only two seasons for Miami. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2008, the Dolphins were in the middle of a franchise revamp and the only real asset of high merit on the roster was Jason Taylor. But Taylor, wanting a Super Bowl ring, didn't want to go through another roster revamp. He asked, through his agent, to be traded. The Dolphins did just that to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick in 2009. Taylor failed in Washington and was cut and returned to the Dolphins in 2009. Verdict: WIN.

(Even in victory, the Dolphins failed because the pick they gained from Washington was used to pick Pat White. And he was off the team within a year.)  

In 2010, the Dolphins wanted to add a bigtime playmaking wide receiver. They identified restricted free agent Brandon Marshall as that player. They gave up not one, but two first round picks to the Denver Broncos for Marshall. He played two seasons with Miami, leading the team in receptions both years and going to the Pro Bowl in 2011. But he had the same off-field issues in Miami he had in Denver. He also argued with teammates such as Chad Henne, Igor Olshansky and Vontae Davis. He was traded a year ago. Verdict: LOSS.

In 2012, the Dolphins apparently tired of Davis having troubles with maturity and other things. He also showed up sloppy out of shape to camp that summer. The club shipped the former first round draft pick to Indianapolis for two second-round and conditional sixth-round pick. Well, the Dolphins have that pick to use this draft. The second is not quite as high as the Dolphins figured because the Colts played well in 2012 and were a playoff team. The Dolphins also didn't get the sixth-rounder because Davis did not play the required 60 percent of the down for Indy that the pick required. The Dolphins have the No. 54 pick from Indianapolis to use. Verdict: INCOMPLETE.

Obviously history has no tangible impact on what is likely to happen on this issue. But history should warn you that the Dolphins have had a gift for losing when making deals involving second-round picks.


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I know YG will disagree, but it's NEVER a good time to go all in on a starting LT. Not when you need at least two more corners, another Safety, a DE, a RB, and arguably a lot more depth at OL.

So we should mortgage next year's #1 and a 2 and/or 3 this year? No thanks

Very, very few know and have thought deep about zone blocking and its off-shoots, Maison. Perhaps Shanahan, and I.

There so much crazy info going around, could it be possible that Lane Johnson falls to 12???

You never know!!

I am with dusty on Albert. If Joeckle doens't fall within reasonable trade up range, I believe the deal for Albert gets done.

By reasonable I mean in range of a second rd pick.

Are you still thinking maybe Cooper Oscar?

If Austin is there at 12, Miami will trade out of that pick. They will have a ton of suitors!!

So PUMPED right now!!!

Make it rain Jeffy!!!

I can't put myself in Ireland's mind or needs, Rick, but I will certainly like Cooper playing alongside J-Martin.

Rick how is it reasonable to pay a top salary AND a high pick to an average LT with injury histories?

Will it still be reasonable if he doesn't make it through a full season which has already happened in 4 of his 5 years?

Hard to believe Ross is allowing Ireland to do another draft. When is enough enough?

Thats cool Oscar. This one is very hard to read. It would be sweet to trade down with maybe the Rams and get Cooper at 16 and an extra pick to boot.

Many many different ways to go though. It should be interesting tonight.

How is it reasonable for a team to pay top dollar to an injury prone lineman when the last three times they did it it backfired on them? (Smiley, Grove, Long)

I am still trying to comprehend why the dolphins let a franchise LT go and now are looking to pay the same money for a Chief reject. Long at one point was considered the best LT in the game and Albert is an above average tackle at best. On top of that they will have to give up top picks for him.

I want to have faith in Ireland but it is decisions like this that make you want to scratch your head. I mean at this point why not just draft Flucker, Cooper, Warmack, or Watson to upgrade your OL and keeping your sceond round pick (and maybe more) while at the same time saving 8 million dollars. It just makes no sense.



How is it reasonable to hope players with a history of being injury prone won't get injured wearing your uniform?

He has back spasm's Vern not bone cancer. Also KC has been a mess the last couple of years. He will want to play for Sherman and Philbin.

KC should only get a 3rd pick just for taking alberts off the payroll.

Backs spasms, wonderful. Do linemans need their backs much?

5 seasons, 1 complete season, 4 incomplete seasons.

The idea is to have a major position like LT available in the playoffs, not just before the bye.

History suggests Albert will never be available for the playoffs. He seems to max out at 13 games a season on average.

Cool, Rick. I KNOW all 3 of the big LTs will go early + at least 3 or 4 of the D linemen, ends or tackles + 1 or 2 QBs, so there is an excellent possibility that either Milliner or JC might fall to Us.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 25, 2013 at 05:36 PM

This is it for me.

I trust Sherman blindly. Thanks to this guy we got ourselves a QB for the future last year, and if he says we should go for Joeckel now then just shut up and make it happen damn it!!! :)

You take a risk on Albert at a cheap price only, not at top dollar plus a high pick. Crazy. Irresponsible.

I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd for Albert.

Tell that to the Fins Vern. They are the ones that are considering him.

I just happen to get the reason why they are. You obviously do not and thats cool too.

Why trade a 2 for Albert when the Dolphins could find a middling/fringe starter (Merling, Pat White, Koa Misi, Chad Henne) at the end of the second?

Just do the trade. People inflate these draft picks way to much beyond the first round. Very few franchises can "work" a draft, and the Dolphins aren't one of them. Get Albert now!

Forget Albert. It's not going to happen at least Tonight. Talk Draft.

The Raiders are fielding calls for the 3rd pick. I hope we are talking to them as well.

I just listened to Joeck and Fish talk on ESPN. Joeck seemed kind of timid, boy next door. Fisher seemed outgoing and firey. That has been reported. Joeck is Honda Accord and Fisher is Mustang. I'd take Fisher.

Hydrashock @6:33..........AMEN!

Man, either Cordarelle is huge or Tavon is tiny.



Jumpin for Joeckle is headline for Mando in tommorow's sports section. De nada Armandito! Do what you gotta do to get him Jeffrey. Do yo daaaaance!

Man, Milliner looks big as hell.






pat white never played besides in the w/cat...iwatched him n college the dude was sick...never had the right coach for his style of play

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