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Two meetings with potential draftees that truly interest

I'll admit it, I used to get caught up in the hype about which college players the Dolphins would meet privately or workout this time of year. I used to be interested in what players the team would bring to town in its top 30 visits or what local prospects made the cut to visit the facility.

This was a big deal back in the Jimmy Johnson era. Basically, if a player was coming to Davie to meet with the Dolphins the chances of him being drafted by the team were quite high.

Lately, the truth is a majority of the players the Dolphins bring to town don't end up getting drafted by Miami. Many are borderline guys the coaching staff needs to meet up close to gauge. Many are simply priority free agent types for after the draft.

So the process is not as interesting to me except, well, when it's interesting to me.

This is interesting to me:

This week the Dolphins are bringing in their local prospects and according to a league source, one of the players the Dolphins are expected to host is a defensive lineman named Jose Jose.

I'm not kidding. Jose Jose.

Jose is a Miami kid. He was All-Dade at Central High twice. He was recruited by Miami, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia and Rutgers before accepting a full scholarship from the University of Central Florida.

And then things went terribly wrong.

In March 2010, one month after signing his national letter of intent, Jose was arrested in Miami-Dade for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and aggravated assault with a firearm.

UCF cut him loose but Jose was not convicted. He was sentenced to a six-month administrative probation. So Jose went the JUCO route. The following January he was again offered a scholarship at UCF.

And for 14 months things went smoothly. Until March of 2012.

After making a transition from offensive line to defensive line and battling weight issues, Jose apparently got into a heated argument with head coach George O'Leary.

And the argument escalated.

And O'Leary kicked Jose off the team.

"Really it wasn't, well ... yeah it was an argument," Jose told the Orlando Sentinel. "I do not really want to get into what was said in the argument, and I said some things that I probably shouldn’t have said. He took action and did what he had to do and that's just kind of how it is. I can’t really take back what I said."

Indeed, Jose now is trying to get himself either drafted or picked up as a priority free agent after the draft. Because he's from Miami, the Dolphins can host him along with other local products.

I'd love to know how that conversation with Joe Philbin goes.

Among the Top 30 players scheduled to visit with the Dolphins is former Washington State wide receiver Marquess Wilson.

Wilson is a 6-4 and 198 pound receiver with good speed and solid albeit not spectacular production in college. So why does he interest me?

Wilson, if you can remember, quit the WSU football team last November and then alleged abuse by coach Mike Leach before eventually recanting the allegations. And then when all seemed settled, in February Wilson recanted the recant of the allegations while he was at the Indianapolis Combine.

Wild, right?

Wilson actually released a letter to the media claiming he was the victim of "physical, emotional and mental abuse" at the hands of Leach and the WSU coaching staff. Wilson timed the letter's release on the day WSU played a nationally ranked UCLA in a nationally telecast game.

The PAC-12 and WSU conducted an investigation and cleared the coaches.

And that left Wilson off a team and looking at expecting hard questions from NFL suitors, including the Dolphins now.

The likely questions?

Why did you quit?

Can you be expected to quit when any situation turns difficult?

Have you turned on any other people you know?

If you come here, would you do the same here that you did at WSU?

Why should we trust you to keep problems in-house?

It's an intriguing situation because Wilson was expected to be a second-round caliber receiver before he left the team. Now, nobody knows where he'll be drafted if at all.

Obviously, the Dolphins are doing their due diligence. They're seriously beating the weeds here in hopes of landing a bargain player.

Me, I'd love to be a fly on the wall on the Jose Jose and Marquess Wilson meetings with the Dolphins.


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Problem players don't seem to be a fit in the Philbin system. However, people mature so there's got to be some credit for that. Also, Mike Sherman seems like an intense guy, doesn't take any guff, who would be able to deal with those bonehead types (at least from the offensive side).

Umm....pass and pass. Next!

A couple of rookie trouble makers. The worst one is the he said she said. Cya. Don't come around here. Imagine having enough talent to have the Phins take a look at you and but screwing that up by arguing with a coach and getting kicked off the team.

What was the physical abuse? Was it a lack of reach around in the shower or was it a smack on the helmet for doing something stupid? We will never know.

Bah, why bother. Doesn't Philbin have work to do?

Not worth the trouble.

Hey let them keeping kicking the tires on some of these guys. We might get lucky. No harm no foul. All the teams do this.

Maybe we find a "If you had half the heart of Ruttiger's you would of been an All American!!"

These are not coach philbins type of players, philbin likes good character guys !! Guys you build and win super bowls with !! A guy like K.Allen in rd.1 then trade both #2's back into the 1.st rd and pick a S.Lacey now your offense has the potential to be unstoppable !!

Maybe they see some randy moss in the kid? Meter maids beware

You are going to get all types of players that fell through the cracks for numerous reasons. Wasn't Devon Bess undrafted!!

What's the latest draft rumors...? They sound much more interesting than some guys the team won't likely touch. Maybe some trade up or down scenarios?

I watched path to the draft last night where they talked about Miami's draft. The guest was a writer from another paper and he talked about the obvious draft strategies and then stated the team could also go BPA with Tavon or Eifert. The talking heads just completely ignored that part (wasn't on their script)and talked instead about trading up for a tackle. How rude.

Why you white boys in here I've noticed are in love with 2 stiffs at TE's from notre dame and stanford respectively, and some white WR from texas a&m what's up with that ?


A - These the the two top TE's in the draft!

B - Ryan Swope played with Tannehil and Sherman, and the guy. Is really fast.

Do these players have to be black?

This Jose Jose is more of a gavilan than a paloma or delfin lol

Sorry, Jose Jose doesn't interest me. But if we combine today's blog with yesterday's, it's far more interesting to consider that 29 teams were in attendance at West Virginia's recent Pro Day (including the Miami Dolphins) with Tavon Austin drawing most of the attention. Further, Austin is scheduled for a private visit with the Dolphins this week.

I have yet to read a scouting report or commentary that didn't warn about Austin's small size. And yet NFL scouts, analysts and personnel men are shoving him into or toward the top half of the Draft's 1st round. The most frequently used word to describe his football talent is, "rare."

As the NFL moves more toward "safe play" and the high energy of passing games, maybe the small playmaker becomes vogue. Tavon Austin could be the prototype of that player. Someone stated that trying to catch him was like trying to catch a rabbit in a cornfield. That's an apt description and an entertaining prospect for fans on a Sunday afternoon.

He obviously hasn't missed the attention of the Dolphins. We just don't know the priority placed on Austin- or drafting WRs- by the team. At this point we can safely say the Dolphins are doing due diligence but who knows what may happen when it's time to pick #12 and Austin's available.

You half a** clowns have this wild fascination with T.Austin ? Coach Philbin isn't taking no bragadocious players period !! You can forget about Patterson also if Philhin drafts a WR, they'll trade down a little and take K.Allen from Cal to play the role of G.Jennings in his offense !!

Austin could be productive IF used correctly. 11.7 ypc or whatever is the same as Bmarsh was here so thats alarming. If tavon is used in the slot like chrebet was then its all over soon for the kid. But if used like the rams used Az hakim well then you have a dangerous man on your team.

yeah, sorta interesting but considering we already have a few intriguing roster/practice squad guys, without the potential headaches, not sure why we'd bring these guys on board--if Wilson was considered a potential 2nd rd pick, and with his size, he'd be the guy to look at more closely.......still cant figure out why Fuller went from a good college prospect to not being able to get on the field when our WR talent last year stunk.

Message to Bane YES !! No doubt about it my man hell yeah !! K.Allen is the way to coach philbin type of guy !!

I admit my fascination with scoring TD's and having the best offense in the league. Tavon can have an immediate impact every Sunday and is a great red zone threat. What pass defense wants to match up with Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Keller, and Tavon? How many chances do we have to get a guy like him? They say speed kills but TD's win games. This guy can give us both.

You people with Austin, what Austin is all of a sudden Red Grange ? The way you people make him out to be Damn can he play a couple of games 1.st !! Geez typical delusional dolphin fans !!

A JUCO DT and a non spectacular college WR...these guys are a dime a dozen coming out of college...pass.

I really think Jeffy will do the smoke screen thing and bring Austin in to get other teams attention.

If they don't trade up, and one of the LT, Millner or the guards fall they will take one of them. After that they trade back.

Glad they're taking an interest in another WR but they need to be looking in Justin Hunters direction in the 2nd round...

Forget it. For those of you who watch film, it is worth it to see Cooper spring Giovanni Bernard constantly with blocks 5-10 yds downfield. I don't get tired of seeing it.

In Fact...None of these guys have played any games at the NFL level so to wait for them to play games is not an option. For every player it's projections based off potential from measureables, college games and statistics. You know the only real things we really have to evaluate draftees. Delusional how because some like a player? Is it more delusional to evaluate talent on those factors rather than if they are white players?

Dolphins bring in a 6'4" 200lb WR.

Yet, some here keep beating a dead pony. T.austin is not a philbin player. Philbin rather develop someone who made a mistake, than a guy that has reached his full potential.

Jose Jose?

What is next Julio Iglesias?

No one knows what philbin and Ireland will do talk all you want but it remains totally unknown ,these two guys are very tight lipped

But I would prefer a pass rusher or a tackle

I'm not a big Ireland fan but this is exactly what he should be doing. He should be looking for diamonds in the rough. Hell - if he signs them as FA after the draft and they don't work out, who cares? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I look at Jimmy Wilson and believe that's worked out pretty well. Maybe Jose and Marquess will too.

Yes, we have a few surprises in our PS.

"Two meetings with potential draftees that truly interest"

Truly interest what? Ducks? Aardvarks?? It would be nice if our home town reporters could write complete sentences once in a while. Or at least sentences that make sense. Oh, I forgot, this is Miami. A place where people aren't hired on their merit or skill. This is a place where you only get hired if your last name is latin. My mistake.

Me, Mando, I'd rather get guys that aren't so irrational. If Philbin wants a smart football team, then you need to go all in and get FOOTBALL players. Guys who live and breathe football. We don't need these hotheads who could go off on a dime. If you have those emotional problems, you're not thinking about improving your game.

Plus, we tried that route. We went and gave a guy a second chance (Jimmy Wilson). Has he been some superstar? Not even close. He's a marginal player, just trying to get right. Other guys are doing more than just getting right, they are perfecting their game and being consummate professionals. That's the type of player we need to be pursuing.

Tavon is the elephant in the room for the next 22 days. So the debate is far from over. No one here knows for a fact what their level of interest is in the player. So your guess is as good as mine and if you want to respectfully disagree and debate fine but don't try and bully me into liking a different player.

If you recall Jennings supposedly wasn't a Philbin player either...so there's always that. To say definitively that he isn't a Philbin player doesn't hold water.

I like that Miami doesn't waste their visits on blue chippers. If you haven't gotten a solid idea of the top guys by now...after the post-season bowl workouts, combine and pro days...you're probably not very good at your job.

It's these fringe players a close look can make a difference with...

The best way to keep a Secret is to air it out(Careful, you need big balloons to do that).

You don't need to know what Philbin and Ireland are going to do. To know what their reaction will be to certain situations.

Study the Behavior.

Look at The Pattern.

Specially with Philbin. People so meticulous and well organized, have a set process almost for everything.

Ireland Doesn't Speak A lot, But Ireland Doesn't Lie. Or Deceive. If a Reporter is On To Something, Watch Ireland Doesn't come up with a lie, Ireland just stops talking.

Spo was the guy that said random things that don't make sense to the media. Or anybody.

Why do you think I Own the Troll?

Because the Sociopath knows Dashi knows. He Might think he is Pavlov and any other Corny Name he can come up with. But One Thing Is For Sure, Oscar/aloco is more the Mental Patient than he is a doctor. Cause his Psych skills suck. I know Social Workers that understand the mind and our behavior better than Buddy. This Guy is a Fraud right down to his Occupation.

Err, JC plays LG and is the best pass protecting G I have ever seen coming out of College. Anybody on our OL who should be worrying?

dadsmith, if I were a betting man, I'd put the odds of drafting Austin 100 to 1. That's just my take on it. CB, OT, DE, that's where I believe they will go with the #1 pick.

Dashi is full of Sushi.

Later. I have to go treat a lot of Dashis.

Fine DC. I'm in for that bet. Heck with those odds put me down for 10...just kidding that's illegal. It's going to be a long 3 weeks in any case. I understand the need for an OT, CB and DE at this point. And likely all those will be addressed it's just a matter of when.

I was a teacher at Booker T and Jose Jose was my student. This kid is a moron and was always getting in trouble. He has no respect for authority and I’m not surprise that he got kid off UCF . Jimmy Johnson once said that you never draft stupid players and that’s what Jose Jose is.

was hoping to hear they are seriously considering J Cyprien from FIU. He is being talked about as the best safety in the draft ahead of Vaccaro and Elam

No way on Jose Jose either. Anyone actually think Philbin is even slightly interested in that kind of player? The other WR's story is a lil interesting considering the video of that college bball coach going off on those kids...

Guessing what YOU want To Happen!!(Midget Wr's and 2 TE's)


Guessing What The Team Wants To Happen!! (3-4 Prototypical Wr's, and 1 TE on Run downs!!)

Are 2 Different Things!!

Some of You Think, Because I Like This Player The Team Has To Like This Player!!

Or The Team Needs To Run This Defense!! Or We Need To Run This Offense!!

Yet, What The Team Wants and Is Doing Are Not Even Remotely Close!!

Mando has learned This. Omar has Not.

Reason Mando has Such a Good Pulse of the team Now. Mando is no longer writing like "Fake GM" second Guessing Everything Ireland Did. Mando Is Writing Like The Dolphin Beat Reporter. Giving Fans Insight into What The FO and Coaching Think. Some of you need to stop Playing Madden, Acting Like "YOU RUN THE TEAM", and Ask Yourself 2 Questions before you Post, WWPD and WWID!!

What Will Philbin Do?

What Will Ireland Do?

I know some of you have been hating Ireland For So Long That You Might Not Get The 2nd One!! But Look at The Roster and The Way It Is Getting Built and You Will See A Pattern What Ireland Is Doing.

Dashi Is Just Trying To Help Some Of You Get A Better Understanding Of What Is Going On.

Cause This Is The Last Time Dashi Is Ever Going To Acknowledge T.Austin or Any Other Midget WR Going To The Dolphins.

Think with your Brain, not your ass. So you won't get caught talking sh't!!

Jose Jose are you kidding me. what parents would do that to their poor kid.

Jose Jose has bust written all over him.

Greg Jennings is maybe 5'11... Tavon Austin is the most explosive home run hit in the draft. Yes he has potential to be a bust but his potential for being a star is there as well. I personally would rather take the safe route and trade down and get either Eifert or Ertz... But I'd def support Austin at #12. Gotta take chances sometimes with these guys.

Draft Matt Barkley at #12. He's a stud QB.

I'll take any midget that can gain 550+yrds in a game against the sooners. Dashi stop being Douchee... your hypocritical rant was nauseating this early.



You just switch your name and go Trolling.

Thanks for exposing yourself today and Yesterday, Kemosabe.

Yesterday, you said "Dashes", Today, you said "Dashis"

Neither Of These Pronounced Out Loud Even Come Close To Dashi!!

Guess Typing DaShe was Just To Obvious. Don't Worry I Know More Than 95% Of the Trolling Done On Dashi. IS YOU!!

And Remember Dashi is Like God. Singular Not Plural.

Dashi's is OK.

Dashis is another word altogether. (Actually that Isn't Even A Word)

Sorry Steve but that has to be the one exception to the Dashi rule. There's no chance in hell we draft Barkley. Tannehill is the QB. End of discussion.

I'm not impressed by Tannehill. Barkley is far better IMO.


All I read into this is that the Dolphins have 3 7th rd draft picks and Undrafted rookie fa invitations to give out. They'll be forming a new practice squad too.

Nothing more, nothing less.

2013 sb champs, San Francisco 49ers. Signed Boldin, now Asamugha.

Everyone else is playing for 2nd place!

Perhaps if one or both these players are invited as undrafted free agents thdy would get an.opportunity on a Joe Philbin team. But everything I have seen thus far indicates Philbin has very little tolerance for smart azzzzez, hard cases or revolutionaries. In fact, anyone who initially mistook Big Joe as a "Mr. Rogers" type of guy, Was WAY off.base.


I understand your disappointment. It was his rookie season though and you need to dial it back a bit on judgement. Tannehill will improve. But you need to also improve the talent around him as well. They've done that so far through FA n now they need to keep doing that through the draft. You don't give up on the #8 overall franchise QB after 1 year.

I don't think I need to even get into bashing barkley n USC

Same guy who only got 30yds in a bowl game. And Couldn't get off the Line when they pressed him.

G.Smith Scored 8TD's in One Game. He is Being dropped like a Sack of Potato. Because of The System he played and the Opponents he played.

Yet, Some Small Dwarf. Is MF'ing Mighty Mouse!!

If G.Smith Is A Bust, What Does that make the Scrubs he was throwing to?

Remember, G.Smith Couldn't Make All The Throws He Needed because The Wr's Couldn't Make All The Catches. No Sideline Throws or Fades. Or Back Shoulder Throws. Just a Bunch Of Drag Routes and Slants.

G.Smith is Underrated. He Is Way More Accurate Than M.Barkley. G.Smith Was Throwing To Wr's With A Very Limited Catch Radius. And T.Austin's Is Extremely Small. Since He Is A Body Catcher And Rarely Extends His Arms To Catch The Ball With Hands!!

Body Catchers Are The Worst For Qb's With Good Arms.

You Get The Henne Effect. Drops Can Become INT's. The Ball Bounces So Hard Off The Pads The Defense Can Fair Catch The INT.

Swope is like this also. Reason T-Hill had So many Drops In College and Less Drops In The Pro's.


why did you not mention that WSU coach Mike Leach lost his previous job at Texas Tech due to alleged abuse?

Are you assuming everyone already knows that?

Tech cut him loose for some reason...and that was following an 11-2 season.

So, Wilson may be a quitter who is just leveraging Leach's past, or, maybe there is something to his story. Maybe Leach has an irrational hate for wide receivers.

I don't know, it seems worthy of mention.

I'd rather have Wallace and Ellerbe than Boldin n Asomugha

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