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What to look for tonight: Deal for Bess, need for CB

The second and third round of the NFL draft happens today.

So what can we expect?

Well, the talks between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins about a Branden Albert trade have not yet borne fruit at this hour. Truth is they have reportedly not progressed much, if at all.

Me? If I'm Jeff Ireland I don't bother with this issue until after the draft. If Albert is available today, he'll be available after the draft, particularly following Kansas City's drafting of tackle Eric Fisher at No. 1 overall on Thursday.

Give them a draft pick next year.

The news on a possible Davone Bess trade is more substantial. Although Ireland said nothing was going on with the Bess issue Thursday, I have just gotten word from the Dolphins that the process is proceeding.

It seems as if Bess will indeed be traded before the weekend is over and possibly by tonight.

I have no details beyond that.

Now, the draft itself. The Dolphins hold the No. 54 overall selection in the second round. They have two selections in the third round -- 77th and 82nd overall.

The areas of need?

Tight end. Offensive line. Cornerback.

About the cornerback spot, Ireland refuses to acknowledge that it is a need.

“What do I think about my need at cornerback? Well I don’t know that it is a huge need," he said. "I certainly would like to address the secondary at some point, but we’ll have to see how the draft goes.”

If Ireland is comfortable with Brent Grimes (coming back from Achilles' surgery) and Richard Marshall (coming back from back surgery) and Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson, he is trippin'.

That group is a house of cards waiting to collapse. If they all remain healthy and all play at their career best, then the Dolphins won't be terrible at the position. But how often does that happen? How often does everything that must go right, actually go right?

The Dolphins need to draft a cornerback.

Some of the corners the club has shown interest in during the past few weeks include Boise State’s Jamar Taylor, Oregon State's Jordan Poyer, SE Louisiana’s Robert Alford, Mississippi State’s Darius Slay, California’s Steve Williams. All remain available.

History says corners taken after the second round typically don't make a positive impact. That would could mean today is Miami's final chance this offseason to address the position.

If they don't, it is my belief this issue will be troubling to the team in 2013.


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Did Ireland ask Jordan if his momma's a hooker?

Trippin'... Ha! Seriously, his saying that better be a dang smokescreen.

While I agree that the Dolphin CBs don't scare anyone, I think that half of the reason we traded up for Jordan is that he instantly makes the secondary better.

Look for a trade up with Bess as part of the deal....

The offense is pathetic especially without Long and Bush. And is the FO content with the 29th ranked QB? WTF?

Yo ...does anyone know what the FM station for ESPN radio is?/???

Get Sense...You are such a first class fool that you absolutely positively have got to be a democrat.

If Grimes and Marshall play at their career best we are set and looking damned good at corner. All this dude can drop is, "not terrible". Somebodies upset Hayden is a Raider :(

I agree that TE, OL and CB are positions of need. I agree that CB should be addressed tonight. I wonder if Cyprien could be a Nickel CB? The draft is supposed to be CB deep so we will see how it goes.

I do like Ertz and Kelce as picks in Round 3 if they are still there.

If Albert is not done tonight then I think it could be done after the draft. As a whole I think the OT issue can be resolved with Free Agents after the draft. McKinnie, Clabo, Winston, Smith ( think he is available?) all seem viable to me.

History says corners taken after the second round typically don't make a positive impact.

I guess the Seahawks didn't get the memo...they have a 5th RDer...and a UDA.....

exceptions to every rule I guess....

And you Steve-o are an absolute jackass. Only jackass right wing nutbags take time out of the day to not only bring up politics at every opportunity but slam folks that might not think like a jackass does. The 50s call dikkwad, they want their viewpoints back.

If there still in the trade up mode Cyprien could be a possibility. Best safety left and a local guy. If we go CB, Taylor, Slay, and Alford are candidates.

I wouldn't be surpised if Ireland scooped up Lacey if he fell to 54. Ireland is all about value. At least in his mind.

Obviously, winning is not a job requirement for a Stephen Ross GM.

The republicans need to stop their assault on blacks, gays, women, and the middle class.

Some nice receivers at 54. Larry Warford at guard?

Trade up, with Philly...they get Bess and our 2nd...we would then get to pick Third tonite....could happen, Bess would fit that ne Coach's style play....

Could trading DEVLIN to pick one of the QBs be in play?

Warford wouldn't surprise me Hayden. I doubt we go WR that high. Although Gibson seems mostly a stop gap an upgrade and more depth would be a good idea.

54 pick should be a CB. I think corner is a bigger issue than OLine right now.

Considering Patterson was a late season addition, Marshall was hurt last year and Carrol is still young, why do you think not getting a DB and seeing what we have, is a bad idea. I mean, if we go after a db, something else will get shorted. You are the one trippin as usual. Our secondary got much better with the draft of Dion Jordan. If Ireland says we are cool at DB then we are cool at DB. He has handled the last 2 offseasons to perfection. He can do what he wants as long as there aren't many other holes to fill. Do you really feel we can fill every hole on this team in one off season?


Even You Posted The Fins Have 4 CBs. And We Only Start 2.

Can Anyone Name Me The #3 CB On The Pats Or Bills. How About The #2?

The Jets Just Drafted Their 3rd CB. And They Still Are Missing 1 If They Plan On Covering The Fins.

We Have OK CBs. And With The Pass Rush We Will Have. CBs Won't Have To Cover Long.

I don't hear anything about SWOPE (former T-hill compadre at A&M). He doesn't seem to be showing up under the radar.

Would there be a place for him if they get rid of Bess?

Can we get Marshall back for M Egnew?

Got to give it to Ireland he does have set of nuts

I think Ireland is trying to get back another pick in the 2nd round for Bess the one they had to give the Raiders to get the 3rd overall pick.

I For One Don't Get The Love Affair With Swope.

He Is Concussion Prone.


Swope Was One Of The Primary Reasons T-Hill's Wr's In College Dropped A lot Of Passes.

Or Some Forget Discussing This Before Last Year's Draft. As A T-Hill Flaw.

I Would Rather Draft S. Bailey. And Dashi Won't Draft S. Bailey.

Panthers dealt their 2nd for Bess and Mia second round pick

Wow Armando,

Ireland's basically telling you he has at least a couple corners he really likes on his draft board without broadcasting it to every gm in the draft. Exactly why should he do this just for the sake of you?

What I gather from Ireland's comments is that it all comes down to how this draft goes if their guy will be available or not. You just cant be any honest that without tipping the competition your draft plans.

Maybe you also ask exactly how much he has in his bank account too. Im sure he wont be as nice after that question.

Armando has some great connections.

After yesterday, who knows wth Ireland is going to do. They got my guys Vaccaro, Cooper, Hopkins, Milliner, so all I have left to be happy is Steadman Bailey's pick. We'll see.

When A Prospect Has Good Character And No Red Flags. You Don't Have To Ask Hooker Questions.

And That Question Says All Dashi Needs To Know About How Dumb D. Bryant Is.

If Ireland Would've Asked Dashi The Same Question. I Would've Told Him "No, But My Dad is A Pimp." Pimp Slap Ireland And Walked Out.

Stop Playing The Victim For Poor D. Bryant. How Long Ago Was That? And You Are Still Living That 1 Question.

Solid points Dashi @ 622

Need LT, CB, Guard, RB, TE. Sure would be nice to have that pic back

Why you no wanna draft Steadman, Dashi?

I think that the qb run is now coming. Still, sitting at #22 of the 2nd rd, I believe we get a player that fits the bill somewhere.


we have 4 cb and live iN THE CELLAR...


Jags just stole Cyprien from the 49ers.

Dez Bryant had MORE TD's then TanneBust!!


After 5yrs I finally get it. It's your fulltime job to bash anything the Dolphns do, and anyone that agrees.

Boy, am I slow! LOL...

There's still 2 more good Ss to draft. Eric Reid and Rambo.

Gees Mando, did you know what was going to happen last night? That would be a big fat no. So, I am going to wait for Ireland to pull some other crap outta his butt and come up with something real good.
There are still other FA lineman. The deal with KC may be a smoke screen to throw off other GM's from stealing the guy the Phins really want.
So far this off season, Ireland, Aponte, Philbin and the rest of the crew have been brilliant. And I will really wait for them to decide and love the ride.





By Irelands ACTIONS thus far, he seems comfortable with Jmart on the left side.


News Flash: Niners took Eric Reid yesterday. Also, my bad for saying Jags stole Cypriens from Niners with 1st pick of rd 2.

theyve checked most of the boxes so far, in free agency and with the Jordan pick......they'll continue to make progress and upgrade the roster tonight

5 consecutive losing seasons is brilliant? LMAO!


Oscar Reid went at 18 to San Fran yesterday.


Wish list....

1 Jamar Taylor CB
2 Johnthan Banks CB
3 B. Wreh-wilson CB
4 Jordan Poyer CB
5 Zach Ertz TE
6 Menelik Watson OT
7 Terron Armstead OT

oscar is clueless

5 YEARS........

THE COMMEN FACTOR THROUGH THESE YEARS ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




Ertz to Philly. forget TE in the 2nd rd now, unless its the guy fro the Gators. But I don't think we need another small TE.

There goes my trade up with Philly theory....oh well....

Zach Ertz very good.

red snapper......





dashIdiot, please try to respect the blog on draft night and hold yourself back from offending our mothers.

I don't know, Kelce could be an interesting TE pick at the back of the 2nd rd(#54). I just think better players at other positions will be available too.

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