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What to look for tonight: Deal for Bess, need for CB

The second and third round of the NFL draft happens today.

So what can we expect?

Well, the talks between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins about a Branden Albert trade have not yet borne fruit at this hour. Truth is they have reportedly not progressed much, if at all.

Me? If I'm Jeff Ireland I don't bother with this issue until after the draft. If Albert is available today, he'll be available after the draft, particularly following Kansas City's drafting of tackle Eric Fisher at No. 1 overall on Thursday.

Give them a draft pick next year.

The news on a possible Davone Bess trade is more substantial. Although Ireland said nothing was going on with the Bess issue Thursday, I have just gotten word from the Dolphins that the process is proceeding.

It seems as if Bess will indeed be traded before the weekend is over and possibly by tonight.

I have no details beyond that.

Now, the draft itself. The Dolphins hold the No. 54 overall selection in the second round. They have two selections in the third round -- 77th and 82nd overall.

The areas of need?

Tight end. Offensive line. Cornerback.

About the cornerback spot, Ireland refuses to acknowledge that it is a need.

“What do I think about my need at cornerback? Well I don’t know that it is a huge need," he said. "I certainly would like to address the secondary at some point, but we’ll have to see how the draft goes.”

If Ireland is comfortable with Brent Grimes (coming back from Achilles' surgery) and Richard Marshall (coming back from back surgery) and Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson, he is trippin'.

That group is a house of cards waiting to collapse. If they all remain healthy and all play at their career best, then the Dolphins won't be terrible at the position. But how often does that happen? How often does everything that must go right, actually go right?

The Dolphins need to draft a cornerback.

Some of the corners the club has shown interest in during the past few weeks include Boise State’s Jamar Taylor, Oregon State's Jordan Poyer, SE Louisiana’s Robert Alford, Mississippi State’s Darius Slay, California’s Steve Williams. All remain available.

History says corners taken after the second round typically don't make a positive impact. That would could mean today is Miami's final chance this offseason to address the position.

If they don't, it is my belief this issue will be troubling to the team in 2013.


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Nah, ALoco, I just got very pissed last night with Ireland's selection and knew we could not pick anymore in the 1st Rd. I lost interest.

Darrius has been "SLAY_ED" by the Lions.

Good grief there coming off the board now. Banks, Hunter, Cyprien,Ertz, and Slay.

Hey Oscar..what's cookin' tonight?

Jeff's not showing his hand.

Giovani Bernard, 1sat rb taken. The Dashi bashing(Lacy) will start in 3.2.1......

Chargers get T'eo! LOL...

I'm still trying to delude myself about the DJ selection.

Bess to the Browns....

Fool Chargers think they have the next Junior Seau! LOL...

new blog page.....

Rapsheet on twitter just announced Bess was traded to the browns.

@RapSheet: Davone Bess has been traded to the Browns, I'm told

From Seau to Te'o. Interesting pick for Chargers.

jets take Geno Smith LMAO

These QBs this year must really sukkk badly. Nobody wants them. So do the RBs. But we knew that, didn't it?

Bess to browns, don't know what we got back.

Jests, 4 QB's but no one to run the ball or catch it. Bahahahaha. Maybe geno can just run the ball every play, until wake and Jordan smash him into dust!!

So.... Dolphins get a good CB.... and it seems Armando is the one who is "Trippin"...

Armando..... I love ya babe... Yur the best man....

But I've never seen you so hustled by GM speak in all the years I've been reading your stuff...

Ireland and Company have had you chasing your tail and sweating bullets since Day 1 of Free Agency...

I cannot help but wonder if you have convince yourself Ireland, Ross & Philbin are destined... if not predisposed to totally screwing the pooch this off season...???

I'f I'm wrong I apologize.... I just don't think I am....

BTW.... Anyone else ready to throw rocks at the entire NFL Channel Staff Talking Head Hive for breaking away from the Miami and NE picks to rattle on and on about New Yawks Jests and there new entitlement thinking QB Gino "why you di'in'draf me" Smif and that fake a"zzzz Monte Teo...???

I can't believe they cut away from 2nd round picks to talk about those idiots.... Ican see puff puff talk in the 6th and 7th rounds... But these guys are still serious draft picks.... NFL Channel lost my respect tonight!

We were the 27th ranked offense last year and we use our first 3 draft picks on defensive players. Ireland is a bloody idiot.

mondo I thought u had a man crush on Grimes when he was a FA?

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