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Where Dolphins needs, wants and must haves stand

First a quick refresher course on material covered over the years on this blog: The Dolphins personnel department, at least this group that has been mostly together since 2008, rates their offseason priorities in three general categories ...



Must haves.

Must haves are players that play positions that are an absolute necessity to field a team in the fall. Must haves have the ultimate priority. If the Dolphins don't fill their must have list, they are doomed. And that obviously means the world is doomed. So not wanting to doom life on the planet, the Dolphins always address their must haves.

By the way, when the team fails to properly address must-haves, it goes to training camp and ends up signing stopgap veterans such as Marc Colombo in 2011. Who wants that?

Needs are players that play positions that are necessary to upgrade the team but don't meet the urgency of a must have. A need, for example, comes at a position where a player already at that position is lacking and the team wants to replace. But if you don't upgrade the spot, at least the team has a body to play the position at some tolerable level, even if it requires holding your breath and pinching your nose.

Wants are the least urgent of the categories. These are players that play positions that the personnel department would love to address, but often cannot. The last three years or so, the Dolphins wanted to upgrade the tight end position. But because starter Anthony Fasano was a C-plus to B-minus player at the spot, the team put it off and put it off. The team had a want at tight end. But, well, the franchise didn't fall apart because tight end wasn't properly upgraded.

Got it? Good, refresher over. Now let's skip to today.

The Dolphins are about one week past their breakneck run through free agency and just over two weeks from the draft. And so it is time to assess where the Dolphins stand going to that draft. It is time to assess what the team's wants, needs and must haves are today.

This, of course, is my opinion. It does not reflect what the team is thinking because I have not asked team personnel. (Frankly, this is a bad time to talk to those guys because they are locked in rooms for long hours everyday in draft meetings. Nobody has time for wittle 'ol me :-(

Here we go:

Must haves: Offensive tackle qualifies because the Dolphins lost Jake Long to the St. Louis Rams and didn't really replace him. The club either needs a left tackle so that Jonathan Martin can go back to right tackle, or it needs to add a right tackle to start while leaving Martin stays at the left tackle spot where he finished last season. Either way tackle is a must have ... Cornerback is a must have in my humble. The Dolphins might not agree based on how much love GM Jeff Ireland showed Dimitri Patterson weeks ago while at the NFL annual meeting. Me? I'm not sold on Patterson as a solid starter and I cannot be completely sold that Brent Grimes will be back to his old Pro Bowl self by the start of the season. Richard Marshall is also back from back surgery, but again, the next season he plays without being injured for the Dolphins will be the first. Yes, the Dolphins have bodies at the position but all of them, ALL OF THEM, come with question marks.

The must-haves this year are particularly important to address because they both involve the passing game. The tackle must protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The cornerback must defend the pass. And the NFL, by the way, is a passing league.

Needs: Defensive end has to fal here because Cameron Wake cannot do it all by himself. Yes, the Dolphins have high hopes for Josh Kaddu as a rush specialist (which I reported last month). Yes, Olivier Vernon has promise. Yes, the club has a starter opposite Wake in Jared Odrick. But none of the players I just mentioned is proven as a very good 4-3 NFL defensive end ... Tight end makes this list because while the Dolphins added Dustin Keller, that was a one-year rental. Charles Clay isn't the answer and neither is Michael Egnew. Meanwhile, Fasano is gone. So you need to draft somebody for the future.

Wants: The club wants to add a defensive tackle. Yes, another one. Remember that Paul Soliai and Randy Starks will be in the final year of their deals in 2013. Also, Vaughn Martin is only signed for two years ... The club wants to add a safety. Yes, Reshad Jones is a keeper. But Chris Clemons is on a one-year deal that shows the team likes him, but doesn't love him. While Clemons can be the starter this year, Miami wants to upgrade the spot for long-term ... Kicker qualifies here. Dan Carpenter had a poor 2012 and finisihed the season on injured reserve so the club cannot go into 2013 without bringing in someone -- perhaps a priority free agent -- to at least compete ... A running back would be nice, too. Yes, Lamar Miller will be the guy and Daniel Thomas is expected to back him up. But Thomas is often injured and you probably need three guys. Are  Marcus Thigpen or Jonas Gray that guy? I don't know. I'd rather bring another body in there just in case.

Discuss ...


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Also Simon is known to bench 225 in the 40s range... definitely one of the strongest players in the draft.


1st round pick @ #12 nees to be a value hi impact player...two best most valuable players for miami dolphins are:

cordalle patterson...wr vols.....legit elite big time playmaker with the highest upside in nfl draft...

millner...cornerback/alabama...this corners upsides huge, crazy athletic ability, solid coached up by saban,he is a ''lockdown'' corner....could become best in nfl one day with his athletic ability, its crazy...go watch for yourself on youtube or sports science!

these two guys are freakish athletes who will make immediate impacts short and long term!!!!

instant production...

other needs can be addressed later in draft with so many draft picks phins have and how deep this draft is...

also if we sign a left tackle, then we might be ble to draft rb ball...this guys athletic abilitys are better than adrian petersons when after both worked out for sports science!!!!


wr....patterson...tennessee vols



te...guy from stanford!

dolphins will get an A plus if they land one of these guys in round one!!!! instant big time production...

''NEW LOGO ROCKS'......bout time we trashed that ugly helmet on dolphin log...it was sissy looking...been a phins fan since 1973, change is good...i dont think the uniforms are drastic changes to change any of the tradition, but also improves upon it...would love to of seen a dark blue alternate uniforms....

...I have said this over and over..I don't think that we will, or should we draft Patterson. No way. He is going to be a situational receiver at best next year. Why would we draft a guy who is going to play limited snaps? We need more production out of our first round pick. A guy who will play a bunch of snaps. A contributor now. It isn't like Patterson is a once in a lifetime receiver who we have to develop. There will be equal if not better prospects down the road. He isn't a must have, and IMO will not make a huge impact on a team that is in win now mode.

The idea that we can sell a rebuild is just an excuse. That line has come and gone. This team has to make strides to show we are on that path. A wide receiver with as many question marks(even though he may be a great prospect) to me goes against what the strategy is for this year..You guys have to remember. And it came from the mouth of the GM..Horizontal draft strategy..This means taking a need over a desire. Patterson is a luxury item. Not a must have.

i dont think we can address every single need or want this year, give ireland credit in free agency and setting us up to do good in nfl draft, plus resigning some key free agents of our own..

i think by next years draft we will see for most part a finished roster...we do need this year or next all of these positions filled by next season...

young stud running back
tight end who produces on blocking and catching the ball..

another safety!!!

two corners

defensive end



wideout/another young stud to develope long term..

gotta keep drafting for the future as well as miami did horrible at for many years neglecting drafting for the future..you loose free agents every season or players retire,etc.

IMO CP will be gone before 12... Patterson is the best WR available any team with WR as their priority should pick him. Now WR was the phins #1 priority before Wallace signed. I remember thinking to myself when we got Marshall that it'd be nice to have Hakeem Nicks with Marshall that year. CB was more of a need and we ended up with Davis. Patterson reminds me of a faster Nicks...

last years rookies need to step up big this season...free agents need to produce right away...no time for relaxing!

check out Wisconsin game for Simon.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 10, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Hate to burst your bubble there kid, but Wisconsin olineman are notorious for be nfl duds when it comes to pass protection. They only know how to run block. That's all they do at Wisconsin is run the ball.

Even their rb's become nfl duds. Starting with Ron Dayne.

So, John Simon dominating Wisconsin olineman as a pass rusher is nothing exceptional. All Wisconsin olinemen become nfl duds in pass protection.

Again, I will ask the question ... how is it Cordarelle Patterson can be the best WR in the draft when he was pencilled in to be the 3rd WR on his own college team? He is already behind Hunter but in addition, if Da'Rick Rogers had the mentality beyond that of a 15 year old schoolboy - he would easily be #3.

Same can be said for Austin.. Bailey had way more production in college.

Maybe beating Wisc doesn't impress but take these words from def guru Dick Lebeau ...

I know that this is a relentless football player, and a strong character too. He's going to be an asset wherever he goes,” Steelers’ defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau told The-Ozone.

Relentless, productive, strong ...

not sure why your slamming Wisconsin. Watt played DE there Zeitler was a first rd pick and starter for bengals all year... Wisconsin is notorious for having a great offensive line... not only for run blocking. Just big OL men. Ron Dayne? really how long ago was that? John Simon is a great football player regardless of his 4 sacks in that game.

There is a lot more to Simon, however, than just 40 times and bench press reps. He was two-time captain at Ohio State, and a guy who was called the “heart and soul” of the Buckeyes last season by head coach Urban Meyer.

“You can always base a guy’s character off his effort and leadership abilities,” Meyer told The-Ozone.

“Those are things you can’t measure with stats.”

Patterson was in juco in 2011, you don't really expect he would be penciled in as the #1 wr straight out of juco in 2012, right?

Actually, it would have done Patterson better if had 1 more year of college eligibility. Im not sure if he did or didn't. But 1 more year would give a better insight on what he really is.

..Yg..I don't think you can say that all Wisconsin lineman are duds in the NFl. Joe Thomas, Mark Tauscher both all pros..I agree they are much more suited for run blocking. But they do produce Pros. I think they had 3 guys drafted last year, 2 they year before. So it is too early to say all of them stink.


I did miss with Thomas. He's the lone Wisconsin exception.

@mark 2:11
Urban Meyer talking about John Simon


Tausher was pure luck. Green Bay drafted him 7th rd in 2000.

..I think the deal with Wisconsin lineman is that there are a lot drafted. So it is easy to say some of these guys are over-rated. Can't pass protect because they pound it. I think this is a myth over fact. Lets see how this recent Alabama draft class, and future classes do...They are similar lineman..big strong straight ahead run blockers. Think about Fluker. He is known for his dominant run blocking, Warmack too. How will they do in a pass heavy offense? Add Barret Jones. We know they can run block.

Mando, Dashi Disagrees.

DD, I am scared to death miami drafts Fluker @ 12. I think he's a big fat unathletic cow who will amount to nothing better than a run of the mill RT in the NFL.

Regardless about Patterson ebing in JUCO last year. This is the NFL draft .. no excuses ... he was outperformed by Hunter last year. This reeks of when Miami drafted Tedd GInn when he was behind the other Anthony Gonzalez at OHio State. #12 overall pick is fro drafting the best of the best. Not guys who weren't the best even on their college teams.


O.Vernon Is Faster and Stronger Than Ansah. And He Played DE for A lot Longer.

I Posted The Question Yesterday. Who In This Draft Is More Physically Gifted Than OV In This Draft? Add The Age Factor Also.

Mando Wants A NFL DE. He Won't Get That this Draft.

I don't like the whole Alabama class actually except for Jesse Williams. I don't think any of the rest are spectacular individual talents...well maybe Warmack too ...


Youre getting a little out there on this subject. You responded to a post I made to someone else concerning john Simon. Simon plays DE, therefore going mainly against tackles. Wisconsin tackles usually suck at pass protect.

Aside from Joe Thomas, you gotta go all the way back to 2000 when the Pack took Tauscher 7TH RD. 7TH RD? Im sure every GM in the league saw him coming.

Lets just say, generally, Wisconsin olinemen are not well known for their pass blocking prowess and agree to that, ok?

The topic is Wisconsin, not trying to weed out every college that may or may not have the same problematic issues. This has zero to do with John Simon.

WOW Armando makes it easy...the Dolphins NEED, WANT and MUST HAVE a quality Left Tackle to replace Jake Long....

....does that give anyone a clue what the 1st Round priority will be...???

@BenVolinPBP: RT @spydercane: Breaking News: I'm on 2:55 flight to FLL and Manti Teo just got to the gate. Fins Workout I'm presuming @BenVolinPBPt
Mentioned this a week ago, heard rumors about the Fins liking this guy


Months ago, that was pretty much my same argument, but impatient detractors want to boot Vernon now.

Even the other day I tried to remind dolfans that post 2012 draft, Ireland stated both Vernon and Miller were like getting 2013 1st rd draft picks 1yr early.

Ohio State played a mix of 3-4 and 4-3 D

Some want to mock DJ Fluker to us. But those mocks must be ran by Jet fans. Fluker has pass protection red flags plaided all over his entire body.

Olivier Vernon

22 Yrs Old
6'3" 268
34 1/2 Vertical
10ft 2in Broad Jump
31 Reps BP

But You Guys want A Older and Less Talented DE At #12. Please Explain.


A league source tells The Sideline View's Lance Zierlein that Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson could fall out of the first round.
NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah is hearing the same thing. At 6-foot-2, 216 pounds with 4.42 wheels, Patterson is a freak athlete, but a raw route runner. He's also been nicked for his tendency to "body catch," though he didn't struggle with drops in college. Patterson was reportedly "very unimpressive" in his Combine interviews. Patterson has legitimate question marks, but he could end up one of the steals of the draft if he falls to day two.

Buster Armando also said we MUST HAVE a CB. He also added it was his "opinion". Everybody has an opinion. I've heard other opinions where people claim we don't need a LT at all, and everything in between. I don't believe we are taking OL at 12.



Last Year We Basically Got 4 First Round Picks. If Ireland Could Do Something Similar This Year. What!!

I Brought Up A Point That Ireland Likes To Draft Underclassmen Because They Are Younger. And Can Develop More Than A 5yr Senior. Besides from T-Hill Everyone We Drafted Was 21 or 22. Some Should Keep That In Mind.

..Yg..The reason I mentioned Alabama. Is that they are similar offensively to Wisconsin as far as running the ball. Think about it. Both teams produce a lot of pro running backs. Both teams are not known for their pass offenses(even though both schools have produced some pretty good receivers)..So my point was, and I agree with you. Wisconsin is better known for producing soid run blockers. I think that the jury is out on the Alabama guys. But it could be a similar story.

Right Bobbyd12.....and I believe CB will be the next pick we make after the OL.....

Fluker is a huge red flag. Can't move his feet, has trouble with speed rushers and on and on. No way

Dashi, the top end DEs in this draft are better prospects than Vernon. Vernon really needed more snaps at DE in college. He is extrememly strong for a DE though and has nice explosion good speed too so he does have nice traits. Not very agile though. There are more complete DEs in this draft than Vernon.

Bobby @ 2:34. I hear theres also a lot of gay clubs in Miami. One is just as likely as the other...

Even if there is more complete DE coming out than Vernon was, it doesn't mean draft them at 12.

So Buster after spending 5 of 6 years picking OL with our top pick, we need to again pick OL, cause that has worked so well in the past?? No thank you. We have no need whatsoever to pick OL at 12. None


Dashi has Been Saying The Fins Still Need A LB More Than A DE. Even For Depth Purposes. But Misi Needs Replacing. Misi Is Not A 4-3 LB. It is Just Dansby And Burnett were That Bad!! That They Needed Replacement.

But Some People Think DE!! DE!!! DE!! Like There Is No Other Way To Get To The Qb.

How Many Sacks Could've Dansby & Burnett Had If They Just Closed In On The Qb!! After The D-Line Flushed The Qb Out The Pocket? At Least 3-4 More Each. Reason They Started Playing Vernon As Nickel LB by The End Of The Season. To Many Times Did Odrick and Wake Flush The Qb Out For The LB's Not To Finish Them Off!!

Kevin Zeitler OG 1st rd to Cincinnati started for the Bengals every game last year...


If Vernon Would've Came Out This Year, How High Would He Have Gone?

Top Half of the First Round.

Vernon is Younger and Already Has NFL Experience. The Fins Are Not Going DE Early.

If L.Miller Would've Came Out This Year? Wouldn't He Be The Top Rated RB.

In fact I will go so far as to say our pick at 12 will have a big effect on this referendum Ross is trying to get through. I can already hear the people who live down here. Same old Ireland, same garbage, we are tired of this etc etc etc

Whoa Bobbyd12 what was wrong with the Poncey pick @ Center, and the Martin pick @ RT ?? And since Cogs is just fine at LG.....let's see..oh Yeah the LT ..Long...that didn't work for four years....if he didn't wear down , he'd still be there....

...RG is the only real sore spot ....I'd say we've done alright .....since the line, with a blocking TE is over HALF the offense on the field!!!!!...

..or did you want to play without a line this season in favor of "playmakers" elsewhere?....

....filling holes/reserve spots in the O-line or D-line is a CONSTANT process ....

Dashi, really disagree on Vernon being a first round pick this year... based on what??

Half of this year's class of DEs tested out as well or better than him and he still has no track record of production at any level. As I said before, he does have some nice traits and potential but he was and still is a maybe.

You want to point at his measurables well, this is how he compares to this year's DEs ...

40 time (7th)
Bench (3rd)
Cone (19th)
Shuttle (14th)
Vertical (4th)
Broad Jump (3rd)

If he was a bit more agile then you could really point at his measurables but his lack of produciton at any level plus his very good but not all world measurables puts him pretty much where he was drafted - 3rd round.

He's yet to do it at any level. 12 sacks in his entire life. Damontre Moore had more last year in the SEC.

The more I watch Milliner play, the more I'm impressed with him. You want a physical CB that knows how to play that way? He is It.

Armando, Wasnt Jeff Ireland going to have a conference about the draft today at 1230pm.

what happened to that?

Well Bobbyd I hear what you are saying re: the referendum...but if the fan base here needs to rely on glitz and glamour as motivation to support or not support a Stadium upgrade..then football's future here would be quite bleak..I don't think that's the case...

..anyway...we disagree...nothing wrong with that...we'll know in a couple of weeks....

..but I'll just go on record as saying, either by draft, trade or FA acquisition..the Fins will have a new LT prospect before the 1st round is over....just my opinion...

..either way..I'm gonna enjoy watching the outcome....GO FINS!!!!

If Not Offensive Tackle With the #1st Round Pick , Not Any Offensive Tackle I Mean The Top 3 In The Draft Everybody Know Who They Are . I Won't Mind Drafting The Defensive Tackle From Utah Star Lotuleley , I'll Be Wise For Jeff Ireland To Draft One Defensive Tackle For Next Year , Even If A Guy Like A Star Lotuleley Fall To Us which I Think Is Gonna Happen , I Won't Mind Trading Soliai Or Starks For A 3rd Or Fourth Rd Pick This Year Or Used Those Players As Bait To Get Better Possition in The Draft Or Even Better Trade Starks For Brandon Albert To The Chiefs They Need A Defensive Tackle And We Need An Offensive Tackle , Starks Can Play The 3 Or The 4 , He Won't Be Able To Keep Both Next Year , So Is Better To Get Something For One Of Them , The Same With Bess , I'll Love For Them To Get Something For Bess This Year. They Should Get Corners In The 2nd And 3rd Round , Used One Of The 2nd On Offensive Lineman And The other 3rd Rounder on A TE

The People at TMH are leftist? Boy, you shouldn't be. Rightist neither.

So Oscar...they should be Centrists then???????lol

What you think, Buster?

Mark Not Bad If You Ask Me.

Top 8 In 4 of 6.

Top 5 In 3 of 6.

Oscar...I think they should be Neutralists.....

Very difficult to find a Centrist in this World, Buster, they always tend to go for Theirself.

Oh....lol...that's a self-ist......the world's got an abundance of those.....

That's why We always repeat that the World belongs to the Highly Empathetic. And it does. Now.

btw I agree with your assessment of Miliner's skills...but he may not still be on the board at #12...and even if he is...don't know if Ireland can overlook his propensity for Linemen (on both sides of ther ball) in the 1st round....and I think he trades up to get one if he can't swing a deal with KC re Albert...

Probably a survival mechanism of Our Species to come up with those Advanced Beings, Buster.

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