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Where Dolphins needs, wants and must haves stand

First a quick refresher course on material covered over the years on this blog: The Dolphins personnel department, at least this group that has been mostly together since 2008, rates their offseason priorities in three general categories ...



Must haves.

Must haves are players that play positions that are an absolute necessity to field a team in the fall. Must haves have the ultimate priority. If the Dolphins don't fill their must have list, they are doomed. And that obviously means the world is doomed. So not wanting to doom life on the planet, the Dolphins always address their must haves.

By the way, when the team fails to properly address must-haves, it goes to training camp and ends up signing stopgap veterans such as Marc Colombo in 2011. Who wants that?

Needs are players that play positions that are necessary to upgrade the team but don't meet the urgency of a must have. A need, for example, comes at a position where a player already at that position is lacking and the team wants to replace. But if you don't upgrade the spot, at least the team has a body to play the position at some tolerable level, even if it requires holding your breath and pinching your nose.

Wants are the least urgent of the categories. These are players that play positions that the personnel department would love to address, but often cannot. The last three years or so, the Dolphins wanted to upgrade the tight end position. But because starter Anthony Fasano was a C-plus to B-minus player at the spot, the team put it off and put it off. The team had a want at tight end. But, well, the franchise didn't fall apart because tight end wasn't properly upgraded.

Got it? Good, refresher over. Now let's skip to today.

The Dolphins are about one week past their breakneck run through free agency and just over two weeks from the draft. And so it is time to assess where the Dolphins stand going to that draft. It is time to assess what the team's wants, needs and must haves are today.

This, of course, is my opinion. It does not reflect what the team is thinking because I have not asked team personnel. (Frankly, this is a bad time to talk to those guys because they are locked in rooms for long hours everyday in draft meetings. Nobody has time for wittle 'ol me :-(

Here we go:

Must haves: Offensive tackle qualifies because the Dolphins lost Jake Long to the St. Louis Rams and didn't really replace him. The club either needs a left tackle so that Jonathan Martin can go back to right tackle, or it needs to add a right tackle to start while leaving Martin stays at the left tackle spot where he finished last season. Either way tackle is a must have ... Cornerback is a must have in my humble. The Dolphins might not agree based on how much love GM Jeff Ireland showed Dimitri Patterson weeks ago while at the NFL annual meeting. Me? I'm not sold on Patterson as a solid starter and I cannot be completely sold that Brent Grimes will be back to his old Pro Bowl self by the start of the season. Richard Marshall is also back from back surgery, but again, the next season he plays without being injured for the Dolphins will be the first. Yes, the Dolphins have bodies at the position but all of them, ALL OF THEM, come with question marks.

The must-haves this year are particularly important to address because they both involve the passing game. The tackle must protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The cornerback must defend the pass. And the NFL, by the way, is a passing league.

Needs: Defensive end has to fal here because Cameron Wake cannot do it all by himself. Yes, the Dolphins have high hopes for Josh Kaddu as a rush specialist (which I reported last month). Yes, Olivier Vernon has promise. Yes, the club has a starter opposite Wake in Jared Odrick. But none of the players I just mentioned is proven as a very good 4-3 NFL defensive end ... Tight end makes this list because while the Dolphins added Dustin Keller, that was a one-year rental. Charles Clay isn't the answer and neither is Michael Egnew. Meanwhile, Fasano is gone. So you need to draft somebody for the future.

Wants: The club wants to add a defensive tackle. Yes, another one. Remember that Paul Soliai and Randy Starks will be in the final year of their deals in 2013. Also, Vaughn Martin is only signed for two years ... The club wants to add a safety. Yes, Reshad Jones is a keeper. But Chris Clemons is on a one-year deal that shows the team likes him, but doesn't love him. While Clemons can be the starter this year, Miami wants to upgrade the spot for long-term ... Kicker qualifies here. Dan Carpenter had a poor 2012 and finisihed the season on injured reserve so the club cannot go into 2013 without bringing in someone -- perhaps a priority free agent -- to at least compete ... A running back would be nice, too. Yes, Lamar Miller will be the guy and Daniel Thomas is expected to back him up. But Thomas is often injured and you probably need three guys. Are  Marcus Thigpen or Jonas Gray that guy? I don't know. I'd rather bring another body in there just in case.

Discuss ...


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"Nobody has time for wittle 'ol me :-(,,,"

I got a huge laugh after reading this line and realizing DC and Kris were probably squirming in their seats after seeing it. No emoticons Mando, they no likey! ;D


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Las Olas, Is Also Nice To Walk Around and Is Near By.

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Agreed. With Lincoln Rd. You Can't Go Wrong With South Beach.

Stick Close To US1 And A1A. And You Will Have A Great Time.

we have one corner capable of anything on roster and he cant run yet

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Can anyone help me out here, who was the beast we had opposite Jason Taylor during his career?

I keep reading how we need a pass rush specialist (opposite side of Cam) but I can't remember who in the heck was here when Jason (in my mind) seemed to be doing it all by himself.

Did JT have more help than Wake does? I seriously don't think so but someone please tell me if I'm forgetting someone.

...sounds feasible Ivan..except I don't think trading Starks is in the plan.....



No CB until The 7th. Seriously.

Don't Be Surprised When It Does Happen.

Dashi Is Still Upgrading The Secondary. A Safety. A Real Good One. Elam Or The Cowboy(Vaccerro) From Texas.

It has Been Brought To My Attention The Fins Will Run More Cover 2, With CB's Playing Mostly Zone.

What Do Most Good Cover 2 Defense Need? Safeties!!

CB's Aren't That Important In This Defense. They Just Need To Understand NFL Pass Offenses. And We Have 4 Veteran CB's. Remember Carroll won't Be Asked To Start or Play Nickel. Carroll can Make Due As A #4.

Obviously you don't remember the great years we had with Trace Armstrong who posted 16 sacks opposite Jason Taylor, and Adawaulye Ogenlieya who had 15 sacks one year and turned that into a big payday with the Chicago Bears.

I left him off because he actually only played for the Phins for two seasons Dusty. His first season he was injured. Then after he made the pro bowl in his third year they traded him. JT was here for 13 years. So for 9 years he had no Ogunleye or Wake.

97,98,99,2000= Jason and who on the opposite side?

2001-2003 (act. 2 seasons playing time) Ogunleye

2003- 2007= Jason and ?

2009 = Jason and Wake

2011 = Jason and Wake

daShebo says no to OT at 12. We took lineman with the first pick in 3 of the last 5 drafts, we won't make it 4 out of 6. Good teams do not draft like that.

We have to move up at least to the #3 position to land one of the big 3 LT. Oakland has no 2nd round pick, obvious team that has a lot of wholes and probably would want to dance with us. Draft Lane Johnson who is a perfect fit for our zone blocking scheme.

If we don't find a partner to trade up with then we have the luxury this year to go bpa! We need a red zone target like Tyler Eifert, another home run hitter in Tavon Austin, a consensus top 5 pick before heart questions popped up in Star Latululai, best zone blocking OG in the draft Jonathan Cooper, or raw freakish athletic DE in Ziggy Ansah. One of these players will be there at #12.

Phins 78,


Jason Taylor Did Alright By Himself.

It's Like Name 1 LB That Played With Zach?


2 Years Out Of A 16 Year Career Doesn't Seem Like A lot.

Who Played Next To Bruce Smith In Buffalo?

Or Reggie White?

Is J.Smith A Great Pass Rusher Opposite A.Smith?

Defensive Pressure Is More Than 2 DE's!!

When Will You Guys Get it?

Sacks Is A Team Effort. Our DE's Will Be Fresher This Year In The 4th Qtr. Because Dansby Won't Be There Extending Drives For The Other Team.

You Guys Are Talking Like We Are Ranked Below 15 In Sacks With Cam Wake In The Lineup.

If Odrick Would've Been 20lbs Lighter(Which He Is Now) He Might Have Had 10+ Sacks Last Year.

We Had A 21 Yr Old Rookie Get 3.5 Sacks and A Couple Fumbles. Playing Less Than Half The Time. And He Also Scored A Couple Defensive TD's.

O.Vernon Had More TD's Than Our Wr's.

OK Dashi I'll take your word for it and we'll see.

Also I don't know if Armando is correct in saying that an OT is a must.

The Fins have said they are in a position to draft bpa. That must mean they have Martin and Jerry penciled in at the tackle positions.

Maybe they go guard 1st rd and draft a RT to compete with Jerry 2nd or 3rd rd??

Okay thanks man, that's right it was Trace. And the missing link is 2003- 2007. We were pretty bad went 10-6 with Wanny then 4-12. Saban came in and we were 9-7 then 7-9. AND THEN CAME CAMERON.

So I was trying to see if we could maybe get away with not worrying about finding a pass rusher opposite Wake. I thought maybe JT had been in the same situation but he wasn't. The only time he didn't have true help the team was mediocre. (10-6 was on the back of Ricky.)

Trace was a situational guy and that's why I forgot him. If I remember right he didn't start games, came in on obvious passing downs. I think he started a little but not much. Made the pro bowl as a situational DE.

If the link below has already been posted, my apologies.
If not, it is a MUST read, as iut directly concerns our draft. The key is whether Sherman will allow Tanny to do what he does really well, roll out and through on the run. I believe our guy can, in time, and with the right mindset an coaching, be our Big Ben, or at least close enough.

He did well Dashi but the team didn't. I'm starting to agree with the people who say we need to find someone but I'm really hoping he is already on the roster and Coyle knows it.

I Didn't Know Odrick Plays LT.

2 Of 5.

Jake Long Was/Is A Pro Bowl Player.

Pounce is A Pro bowl Type Player.

Explain How Getting A Guaranteed Pro bowler In The First Round Is A Bad Thing?

Let Me Guess The Fins Should've Went M.Ingram, Instead Of Pouncey.

Besides QB's who makes the most money in FA? LT do. So I think this is a no brainer. We can get a stud LT for the next 4 to 5 years on a rookie LT contract. That is why I don't think Ireland will hesitate to move up and grab one of the big 3 as long as it isn't the #1 overall pick. If we didn't re-sign Long it is because we thought we can draft a LT who is younger has less health concerns and pay him 6 to 7 million dollars a year less then a 2nd contract up and coming LT.

Nice Dusty!! Mock C

If Ireland ever drafted those guys he would be fired on Sunday after the draft!!!

All these mock drafts are a joke to me considering no one has seen half these guys play.


The Team Had No Qb. During The JT and Zach Era. And No Coach.

The Defense was Still Top 10.

Buster talking about places to eat. Perricones on Brickell by far the best Italian I have had in a long time.




We took linemen with the first pick in 3 of the last 5 drafts, we won't make it 4 out of 6.


Some people don't know how to read. Too much fast food and not enough education. Here are the 3 lineman:

1. Long
2. Odrick
3. Pouncey

From a salary cap standpoint drafting a Pro-Bowl LT is the way to go! We let Jake Long walk cause Ireland is thinking I can get an all pro LT in the draft and pay him a rookie contract for the next 4 to 5 years. He doesn't have injury concerns right now, and when he is ready to hit his big payday, we can do it all over again. I am also interested in the progress Will Yeatman is making. Former TE who is adding muscle an weight to make the transition to LT. He maybe the surprise we don't know about yet that allows us to go after the BPA in this years draft.

We will not draft OT with the first pick. Last time he did that it backfired. Ireland is going to surprise us.

How did Jake Long back fire on us? 4 time Pro-Bowl selection, and we made the playoffs the first year he was with the team. Yes not landing Matt Ryan hurt, but Long was a heck of a player. Now that we have Ryan Tannehill and some new receiving toys, we got to keep him upright. So we will trade up to land one of the big 3 LT's. Mark my words we trade up to the #3 spot to insure we land one of these top 3 tackles. From a salary cap standpoint and to protect our investments in Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace. Got to give him time to get open deep.

Try the Blue restaurant at the Mandarin Hotel. Really affordable...

By the way, who says we have to fill all our needs and wants in one offseason or draft, that's why we have vets and short term contracts and there will be a draft again next year.

I'm seriously getting sick of all this tackle talk I hope Jeff would just sign a proven vet already and 2 RT's are on the market that both rank the top 10 in the NFL at the position last year. Look, I know many will disagree, but the only teams imo that need all pro's along their line are teams that have a bad QB or bad weapons like we had last year and teams that depend primarily on the running game. Our Ryan T was 2nd in the NFL last year, by the numbers, in completion% against the Blitz(extra rushers)with a starting line of Martin(who most fans thought was not good at right or left), fat John Jerry who doesn't fit the blocking scheme and J Long who was a shadow of his pro bowl self.

Why can't Martin with a year of exp. plus at his more natural LT position, plus amore in shape Jerry or Louis with the addition of Winston or Clabo not do even a little better than last year. SERIOUSLY, who was watching the games last year, when our receivers either couldn't get open or were dropping balls, and was sitting there thinking "man we would have won that game if we had R Clady instead of Long or a better right tackle. Instead what I saw, in addition to little to no weapons on offense, was a defense that was one of the worse on third downs regardless of yardage. Little to no pressure on the opposing QB for long stretches of the game, DB's who gave up too much cushion on short yardage plays and made very few takeaways.


Yet here we are talking about a tackle fixing our problems and giving away picks in a deep talent pool draft to get one. I would feel better with a solid vet at RT, which today would be easy and relatively cheap, than any unproven rookie while we continue to upgrade our skill positions on both sides of the ball especially DE and corner. I'm not saying don't take a guy in the 2nd or 3rd or double down deeper in the draft for development, I just don't think tackle should be our #1 priority and I'm a little frustrated Jeff hasn't signed someone already.

Lastly, I've seen some saying Green Bay didn't win more last year because of o-line and I disagree. They didn't win more because their defense was shyt, especially against the run. A Rogers had a pretty decent year and during their Superbowl run I believe they were at the top of the league in takeaways. Good QB's in good systems with good weapons don't need to hold the ball long to hurt you(the anti-Vick). Rant over.

Just kidding. But just crossing the street from Perricone was/is Oceanair, a really good all cuisine Restaurant.

In Hialeah, we have all kinds of good restaurants, the Olive Gardens, the Red Lobsters, the Texas Longhorns, etc, etc.

I'm getting hungry.

The draft is crap shoot. I will take free agency over the draft any day. The offensive line played well when Jake Long went down. I am more concerned with are corner backs situation. I don't know why we let Sean Smith get away. I remember 2 years ago when people rated Vonte Davis and Sean Smith as one of the better cornerback duos in the NFL. Also I hate the new logo.

We gave up a #1 overall pick in the draft, something a team gets maybe once every 40 years, for a LT that never helped us win a single playoff game and is no longer on the team.

Long did very well for Long. For the team, the choice backfired. Does anyone believe they would have picked him had they known in advance how things would have turned out?

Missing on the #1 pick before CBA was an extra blow. Jake made millions more. He made millions more just by us picking him first, and he goes to St Louis for a mere half mil more?

No class, no loyalty. Double bust.

Ravens pick up Mcclain. Could be a good fit for them.

Check out this Bleecher Report link on a possible trade with MN, this would be sweet.


Wow the Dolphins probably have the worst draft record in the league when it comes to signing draft busts. Missing out on guys like Drew Brees, Darelle Revis, Patrick Wilis, Clay Matthews just to name a handful. You can also put Jake Long on that list too, being the first pick, he should've been with this team 8-10 years at least. I love the moves in free agency but are they enough to beat Brady and the Pats? Really would have liked Clif Avril or Dummervil down here opposite Cam.There still are plenty of needs and with that 1st round pick, I surely hope Ireland gets it right. Jonathan Martin is not LT starting quality material and our corners are 1 really great player short. Also Cam needs help on the other end. Lets just hope Ireland can do some magic and get this right.

The Fins don't need extra picks, they already have 11!!! They need to trade up, not down, add 4 or 5 better players. This team has to catch up to the competition, it ain't going to happen with late rounders.

How Does McClain Get Signed Before Dansby?

How The Mighty Have Fallen.

How Does McClain Get Signed Before Dansby?

How The Mighty Have Fallen.

Posted by: Dashi | April 10, 2013 at 08:20 PM

This is how, super cheap:

The Ravens and former Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain have come to terms on a one-year, $700,000 contract.

Let's keep things in perspective.

Manti Te'o is here. Backs to the wall!(Sorry, Blog)

Nahhh, I haven't lost my sense of Humor at all.

Opportunities in life are fleeting. Look no further than Manti. One moment a sure high 1st round pick, the next, fake girlfriends, slow 40 times, he could fall, fall, fall. And fail.

Fall into the Big Gulp, daShe?


Te'o, How Great Will That Be For Dashi!!(If You Guys Hate Dashi Now, Wait Til We Draft Te'o)

Hopefully, Ireland Is Looking At Him More As A 2nd Rounder Than A First.


Just Saying. Fluker is a RT, Not A LT In The NFL. Vacarro Is A Smart Play making Safety, and Te'o Is A Smart Play making LB. The Only One Who Isn't A Scholar is Fluker, But He Is As Strong As An OX With OK Mobility For An O-linemen.

Also enough with the Swope to the Fins talk. Swope ran a good 40 but doesn't play nearly as fast as he times. HE also is stiff in the open field and doesn't get on top of coverage as much as his 40 will lend you to believe.

No faith in Lamar Miller. He is afraid of contact and always has been. Fragile shoulders at UM and doesn't really elude tacklers the way Reggie does. Poor vision and no real ability to cut and elude = a frustrating running game. We need another back in here who can carry this running game. Lots of dynamic options in this draft. Just a thought.

I do not think we will trade up does not make sence to me. I can c a trade or 2 but the cost to move up even a few spots in the 1st would cost us a 2nd and most analysts say the best value in this draft are the 2 nd rd because the difference between the 20 to 60 players are very close. The depth of this draft is what makes this draft what it is why then would we give up that value . We are in a good spot to pick up a great player at #12 (I admit it will not b the top 3 OTs or Milliner my fav) but a good player none the less and 2 2nds filling the depth charts. 11 picks should get BPA and fill needs.

You 2 Got What You Wanted. How Does It Feel?

I Don't Know If Mando Will Be Happy With Declining Numbers. This Blog Was Doing Great. But People Can Only Take So Much Before They Had Enough.

Dashi Could Care Less. Specially When That Is the Best You Can come Up With You Jock riding Rainbow Clown.

Excerpts on Martin from the Bleacher Report:

....Martin was placed at his original position of left tackle for the final five games of the season.

The results?

Martin struggled at both spots, allowing slightly more pressure on a per-snap basis than he did at right tackle.

He didn't hold his own at left tackle, but he did look more comfortable there.

Was there improvement, though?

He faced a higher caliber group of defensive ends at left tackle than he did at right tackle; Aldon Smith and Chandler Jones accounted for 10 hurries and a sack in two games against Martin.

What does that tell us? He did poorly against top competition and well against inferior competition.

The problem is, he has to be ready for an opponent's best pass-rusher week-in and week-out if he's manning the left side. Based on the numbers and tape, there's enough reason to be concerned about that.

Some believe his issues pertain to strength.

In a game against the Buffalo Bills, he allowed four pressures and one sack to Mario Williams on the right side.

Williams extended his arms, throttling Martin off-balance. He then pushed Martin into Tannehill's lap for the sack.

He was also beaten with speed.

Martin was at left tackle against Chandler Jones. Martin got his hands on Jones, but once again failed to get in front of the defender.

Jones easily got pressure by doing exactly what Mathis had done to him several weeks prior—simply dipping his shoulder and continuing on his merry way.

It's not necessarily an instant failure for Martin to be the team's starting left tackle as there is a chance he could improve, but he didn't show much progress from the beginning of the season to the end.

The potential is there, but potential won't do much good if Ryan Tannehill is on his back in 2013.

I do not think we will trade up does not make sence to me.

Posted by: sean | April 10, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Come back when you get your GED. You are dumber than cat poo.

odin is awfully defensive. a full half page post trying to convince us he has a hottie over.

when you have a hottie over, do you:

1. fk her sideways
2. fk her upside down
3. fk her every which way
4. come to the miami dolphins football blog

Posted by: trooth be told | April 08, 2013 at 10:12 PM


I'm Not Saying Martin Will Be A Great LT. But It Has To Affect A Linemen Switching Sides During A Season. His Technique And Strength Need To Get Better. Way Better!!

But Martin Also Had Jerry On The Inside, Not A lot Of Help. And Incognito Is Over Rated. Long Was Masking A lot Of His Faults.

The Funny Thing Is Dashi Was The Only One SCREAMING!! Resign Jake!! Now Everybody Is A Jake Long Fan. Or Is Talking About How LT is Important.

Will be sooooo glad when April 23rd gets here......tired of talking about this frik-kin draft !!

It is true what Sam Madison stated that the Draft NEVER goes according to Plan, so you have to bring in all these good Players(and any of them might be the true top choice) just in case things go wrong. btw, Manti Te'o, regardless, looked to me like a Playmaking LB except for the Alabama Game.

or is it the 25th...I don't even know anymore!!!!

Things could change during camp and Pre-Season. But as it stands right now, I'm telling you, neither Sherman nor Philbin are counting on Martin being "That Guy".

Most are even misinterpreting the possible signing of Eric Winston.

Martin played Right Tackle as did John Jerry and even Garner.

They're NOT looking at Winston to take Martin's spot on the Right Side. If they sign Winston, it would be to play Left Tackle. This is another reason Ireland and Philbin are content to wait on Winston until after the draft. They're targeting someone they figure will be a lot better and a lot cheaper.

But, the point is, when it comes to Martin and Winston, the FO would play Winston at Left Tackle.

We have THREE GUYS that can play RIGHT Tackle and TWO of them are very young with tons of upside. The THIRD a capable and versatile Back Up. On top of that, if they were sold on Martin, a capable Right Tackle could be found with any of our 2nd and/or 3rd round picks. Maybe even later.

They are NOT looking to sign Winston and add him to the cluster of Right Tackles. Winston would start at Left Tackle over Martin 6 days a week and twice on Sundays.

Like I said, hopefully things change in camp and the Pre-Season. But as it stands, if Winston signed, he would instantly become the best Tackle(right or left)on our Roster.

I'm Betting On This O-Line Coach Developing J.Martin. Something Spo Never Did.

Just Like When Philbin Showed If He Coaches Against A Team More Than Once, The Phins Will Play Better. I Expect The Phins To Be Better Prepared Coming Into This Season.

Last Year Philbin Made Me A Believer, Philbin Is A Real Coach. This Season If He Does What I Expect. The Fins Should Be Fighting For A Playoff Spot.

Sherman And Philbin have Both Coached A Top 5 Offense In The NFL. And By The Looks Of It We Are On Our Way To A Top 5 Offense.

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