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Where Dolphins needs, wants and must haves stand

First a quick refresher course on material covered over the years on this blog: The Dolphins personnel department, at least this group that has been mostly together since 2008, rates their offseason priorities in three general categories ...



Must haves.

Must haves are players that play positions that are an absolute necessity to field a team in the fall. Must haves have the ultimate priority. If the Dolphins don't fill their must have list, they are doomed. And that obviously means the world is doomed. So not wanting to doom life on the planet, the Dolphins always address their must haves.

By the way, when the team fails to properly address must-haves, it goes to training camp and ends up signing stopgap veterans such as Marc Colombo in 2011. Who wants that?

Needs are players that play positions that are necessary to upgrade the team but don't meet the urgency of a must have. A need, for example, comes at a position where a player already at that position is lacking and the team wants to replace. But if you don't upgrade the spot, at least the team has a body to play the position at some tolerable level, even if it requires holding your breath and pinching your nose.

Wants are the least urgent of the categories. These are players that play positions that the personnel department would love to address, but often cannot. The last three years or so, the Dolphins wanted to upgrade the tight end position. But because starter Anthony Fasano was a C-plus to B-minus player at the spot, the team put it off and put it off. The team had a want at tight end. But, well, the franchise didn't fall apart because tight end wasn't properly upgraded.

Got it? Good, refresher over. Now let's skip to today.

The Dolphins are about one week past their breakneck run through free agency and just over two weeks from the draft. And so it is time to assess where the Dolphins stand going to that draft. It is time to assess what the team's wants, needs and must haves are today.

This, of course, is my opinion. It does not reflect what the team is thinking because I have not asked team personnel. (Frankly, this is a bad time to talk to those guys because they are locked in rooms for long hours everyday in draft meetings. Nobody has time for wittle 'ol me :-(

Here we go:

Must haves: Offensive tackle qualifies because the Dolphins lost Jake Long to the St. Louis Rams and didn't really replace him. The club either needs a left tackle so that Jonathan Martin can go back to right tackle, or it needs to add a right tackle to start while leaving Martin stays at the left tackle spot where he finished last season. Either way tackle is a must have ... Cornerback is a must have in my humble. The Dolphins might not agree based on how much love GM Jeff Ireland showed Dimitri Patterson weeks ago while at the NFL annual meeting. Me? I'm not sold on Patterson as a solid starter and I cannot be completely sold that Brent Grimes will be back to his old Pro Bowl self by the start of the season. Richard Marshall is also back from back surgery, but again, the next season he plays without being injured for the Dolphins will be the first. Yes, the Dolphins have bodies at the position but all of them, ALL OF THEM, come with question marks.

The must-haves this year are particularly important to address because they both involve the passing game. The tackle must protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The cornerback must defend the pass. And the NFL, by the way, is a passing league.

Needs: Defensive end has to fal here because Cameron Wake cannot do it all by himself. Yes, the Dolphins have high hopes for Josh Kaddu as a rush specialist (which I reported last month). Yes, Olivier Vernon has promise. Yes, the club has a starter opposite Wake in Jared Odrick. But none of the players I just mentioned is proven as a very good 4-3 NFL defensive end ... Tight end makes this list because while the Dolphins added Dustin Keller, that was a one-year rental. Charles Clay isn't the answer and neither is Michael Egnew. Meanwhile, Fasano is gone. So you need to draft somebody for the future.

Wants: The club wants to add a defensive tackle. Yes, another one. Remember that Paul Soliai and Randy Starks will be in the final year of their deals in 2013. Also, Vaughn Martin is only signed for two years ... The club wants to add a safety. Yes, Reshad Jones is a keeper. But Chris Clemons is on a one-year deal that shows the team likes him, but doesn't love him. While Clemons can be the starter this year, Miami wants to upgrade the spot for long-term ... Kicker qualifies here. Dan Carpenter had a poor 2012 and finisihed the season on injured reserve so the club cannot go into 2013 without bringing in someone -- perhaps a priority free agent -- to at least compete ... A running back would be nice, too. Yes, Lamar Miller will be the guy and Daniel Thomas is expected to back him up. But Thomas is often injured and you probably need three guys. Are  Marcus Thigpen or Jonas Gray that guy? I don't know. I'd rather bring another body in there just in case.

Discuss ...


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Walter Football has the Fins taking Alabama OL Fluker with the 12th pick and Tampa taking ND TE Eifert with the 13th pick and stating Fluker does not fit the Fins scheme.
Please tell me I am lost but why wouldn't the Fins draft an OL in the 2nd-3rd Rd and sign McKinney to a 1-2 year deal and bloom and take Eifert at 12.

btw, Manti Te'o, regardless, looked to me like a Playmaking LB except for the Alabama Game.
Posted by: oscar canosa | April 10, 2013 at 09:23 PM

.....Oscar..you could have added the participle phrase ....", during which he looked overmatched...overstressed and overwhelmed".

Agree, Buster.


Agreed. The Fins Aren't Interested In A Veteran RT. They Have Players That Can Play The Position.

The More Intriguing Player is McKinnie Who Has Always Played LT. Even At The U. When He Was The First Round LT!! And Winston Was A 6th Rd RT. Plus, McKinnie is Already Building A Friendship With T-Hill. While I'm Telling You, Winston Doesn't Seem To Be A Good Locker Room Guy. He has A Little Bit Of That Jake Long Attitude To Him. The I'm Better Than You Attitude. The One Thing I Never Liked About Jake. But Jake Was Supremely Talented, So It Was Acceptable.

The Only Reason Te'o Was Over matched was Because Alabama had E.Lacy

I really don't think Ireland drafts a TE @ #12....he trades up or down or otherwise before he does that..if history is any indicator

ok Dashi..so what does that tell you.....?

As Buster and I are tired of talking about the Draft, this guy told me the other day about a chick that he said was the best pusssy he ever sukkked. I'm still thinking about that one. What was it, a catcher's mitt?

His job is on the line and think with Coach Joe he will do it differently than in the past.
Can you imagine Keller and Eifert together with Wallace, Harline and Bess/the new kid from Rams? Also makes Bess even more available in trade.


phins trace armstrong

Oscar...for me...every single one met that description....til the next time....so I kinda can understand his perspective...

.....sort of a matter of mandatory superlatives....

Walter Football has the Fins taking Alabama OL Fluker with the 12th pick and Tampa taking ND TE Eifert with the 13th pick and stating Fluker does not fit the Fins scheme.
Please tell me I am lost but why wouldn't the Fins draft an OL in the 2nd-3rd Rd and sign McKinney to a 1-2 year deal and bloom and take Eifert at 12.

Posted by: Tampa Fin Fan | April 10, 2013 at 09:31 PM

You make better sense than Walter Football. I still think we will trade up if the FO isn't confident in Martin at LT. We have enough picks and filled enough holes in FA that it isn't a bad idea, regardless of what some fans around here believe.

The Dolphins have 11 draft picks this year. I give Jeff the GM credit he will make the correct picks this year.I think he will draft oline with the 12th pick.

Okay ..here is Ireland's dilemna....if indeed he is NOT convinced he has a LT on the roster NOW....he then has to draft one the top 3.....BUT..there is no guarantee that any of them will drop to #12...so he almost is FORCED to either....ONE, trade up with someone, or TWO make a deal with KC for Albert....

..that's it ..period... Otherwise, he's left with inferior candidates the rest of the way...and that just can't happen....

...nuff said...I've got a headache over it already...


disagree buster, johnson nowhere near fisher and joekel, let chargers take johnson. deal 2nd rd pick for albert or draft one in 2nd rd

ok Dusty ..so maybe he's trading up for Fisher....dunno....we have the picks to make it happen

dusty is talking like he knows every thing......

i wouldnt give up those picks, they will be gold come second and third rds

it would be just one pick.....they are swapping their #1's and Fins give up a # 2...same liability as trading a #2 for Albert...same same...except as I noted regarding the younger, healthier less expensive player...

Nick Saban Owes Us A RB!!

Okay dashi..I'll bite..how ya figure that?

wow...you can type pusssy but not a-z-z together.....unbelievable

not same buster if u give up 2nd rd pick u get albert and still have first rounder

well,,,apparently Ireland doesn't want to do that deal, otherwise he would have already, doncha think?

Who Is E.Fisher?


Who Did He Play Against?

What Was His Level Of Competition.

College Isn't The NFL.

The DISPARITY IS HUGE!!!!! In College.

The WAC Or The SEC?

Pac-10 Or Big 10?

ACC or The Big East.

Everybody In The NFL Has The Capacity To Get Equal Talent.

E.Lacy Best RB in The Country.

Tomorrow Is The Pro Day.

If Lacy Runs A 4.4. Pick Him At #12 If He Drops That Far.

Tape Don't Lie.

...I mean, for three weeks now we have been saying...get Albert....solve the LT prob....muv on....but it hasn't happened...tbhere has got to be a reason....

okay dashi..I'm for that...we need another RB besides Miller.....still doesn't solve the LT problem

no buster hes waiting on kc to lower price of 2 picks

ok ...so KC picks Joeckel...keeps Albert in lieu of the 2 picks we won't give, opens camp with Albert at LT and Joeckel at RT...and we are left with our proverbial hand on our venerated a-z-z !!

If Teo was a non factor against Alabamas offense, whats he going to do against an NFL offense?

While We At It. Nick Sagan Owes Us A CB!!

One Better Than Surtain. For A Second Rounder. V.Davis Is Not P.Surtain. Never Will Be. But They Were Traded For The Same Value.

Lt is way overrated. It isn't 1995. Defenses attack the whole line. Especially the middle. QB's throw quicker. LT is not the position it was 20 years ago.

No way we take OT first round. I think CB, WR or S.

our corners are awful outside grimes

Mark, draft Austin who Bess will never be, trade Bess for popcorn..Bess ran in the 4.6's in his combine and Austin ran 4.3...some say high 4.2. Then you have Wallace, Hartline and Austin.Who gets doubled covered...and who gets single coverage. There hasn't been a Linebacker or safety born that can cover Austin one on one. There's plenty of talent in CB and TE later in the draft and I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins don't make a deal for a RT...either before or after the draft.

Fishypete.....if Ireland piks a WR @ # 12 I'll be pleasantly surprised....but if he signs an OL with LT plan in mind, it would probably be before he picks @ #12

our corners are awful outside grimes
Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 10, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Heh..tell me about it Dusty.....play that recording over again....when is the last time we haven't been awful there?

well time to do something about it buster, take a few high in draft

When Te'o Lost The Heisman Was When I Knew Te'o Wasn't First Round Material.

When Te'o Became Eddîe Lacy's B'tch for The Night. Was When I Realized Te'o Should Be The Dolphins First Round Pick.

Tomorrow, I Believe E.Lacy Should Finish Convincing Everybody.

I See Flashes Of Ricky Williams In E.Lacy. He Runs Thru People.

dusty is one of the lamest bloggers here. lame. his posts are lame. he knows nothing,

Lacy is no Ricky Williams. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Had Ricky been drafted to another team, or a good team, he would have easily been in the top 5 RB's in NFL history. Punishing runner, speed, moves, and great hands too.

Lacy is no RW. Not even close. No way no. Bite your tongue and swallow.

I disagree that Dan Carpenter had a poor 2012. Carpenter made 22 of 27 field goals in 2012, missing three of five from 50-plus yards. In other words, he made 2 of those very difficult kicks. Everyone went nuts when he missed those 48 and 47 yarders against the Jets. Those are not chip shots. There's his 5 misses: all 47 yards plus.

With all our cap space, would have been kool to sign one in FA.....just sayin..

...in retrospect..our FA acquisitions were impressive,
but I think the Jake Long end of it was miscalculated, and internally we are regretting it....

carp sucks, cut him and his high salary

Just too many younger, less expensive, just as capable kickers to be stuck on the one guy too long....

I Have Only Seen One Player Jump Over A Guy And Run Over A Guy In One Single Motion. His Name Was Ricky Williams.

Then I Saw Eddie Lacy.


If E.Lacy Runs A 4.4 He Is Ricky Williams Like.

A 4.5. Then Yes. He Is No Ricky.

We Shall See, But I Know What I Saw. And Eddie Lacy Is The Only Player I've Seen That Looks and Moves Like Ricky.

Built the Same Way, 5'11" 230+.

Only Player Similar To I is Jim Brown. But Jim Brown Was Taller and Not As Shifty

People Are Sscared To Hit E.Lacy.



A Couple Of People At The Same Time.

He Is A.Peterson Like.

E.Lacy Is No Reggie Bush.

E.Lacy Brings The Pain.

I agree about with Dashi about E Lacy he's a strong fast RB who's a pounder. I too have concerns about Lamar Miller stay healthy all 16 games. He has shoulder problems all in college. Sign McKinney he was decent as a LT for the Ravens. Please don't draft another LT with the first round pick we did Long and it got us nowhere!

Ricky Williams was a victim of the media, Wanny, and Dikta. Triple dose of bs. He was probably one of the top 10 football players of all time. As underrated as his greatness.

Lacy is no Ricky Williams. Let's not insult Ricky, he has taken enough.

Our biggest "must have" is a new GM.

Ireland Is Waiting Til Pre Season.

Carpenter Is A Good Kicker, But He Is On His Last Leg In Miami.

We Have A Standard Of Good Field Goal Kicking. Except For Von Schamann.

Ricky Williams was the most talented player to ever wear a Dolphin uniform.

we passed on Randy Moss in draft. Mark Clayton was 5/9 172. Tavon Austin is 5/8 174 with Super Blazing Speed. Any Questions? Tavon is better than Welker, Spiller, and Sproles.

Tavon will spend more time with the Red Cross than on the field. He won't handle one single direct hit in the NFL.

nat moore are u legally retarded?

nat was very excited when we drafted jon avery

I Wouldn't Go That Far.

Second Most Talented. We Did Have Dan Marino.

Ricky Williams Is The Most Talented RB The Fins Have Ever Had.

Picture Ricky In 72. Shula Wouldn't Need 2 RB's.

I Always Thought About What Could've Been. Marino And Barry For 2-3 Years. But Marino And Ricky!!

T.Davis Was Similar But He Wasn't As Fast Or As Punishing As A RB.

E.Lacy Already Knows How To Run In A Zone Blocking Scheme.

Averaged 6.8yds A Carry In The SEC For His Career.

Ran For 20 Carries 181 Yds In The SEC Title Game Against UGA, and Ran For 20 Carries 140yds Against ND.

He Dominated the 2 Most Important Games Last College Football Season.

There is a severe lack of maturity on this blog. It's like KiddieVille here.

No great minds have come from tropical climates. Florida is just beach, flesh and alcohol. Not much higher learning or consciousness.

Marino was a loser. Big choke artist. Griese was a better QB then Marino.

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