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David Hinds: On a journey climbing from the bottom

After the Dolphins rookie minicamp last weekend, the personnel department brought the dozen or so players that were trying out into the team room. General Manager Jeff Ireland got in front of the group, thanked them all for their work and announced he was signing only one of them.

The general manager then dismissed everyone and one of his assistants grabbed that one player who still had no clue he was the one just selected.

Meet David Hinds. Outside Linebacker.

Hinds is the newest and perhaps most inspiring Dolphins rookie. He has a long, long way to go but he just made the leap from not being draft or signed as a free agent to getting a tryout -- a process that rarely turns into NFL success -- and now he's got a contract and a chance to live his dream.

"I didn't really understand at first," Hinds said. "I didn't really understand how the tryouts really went. But the guy came up to me after the meeting and I was shocked. Praise God, that's the first thing I felt. Praise God. I felt like going down with emotion, but I kept it together. God is amazing."

The Dolphins congratulated Hinds, explained what they expect of him, and signed him to a contract.

"I called my dad once I got to my car because he was praying for me and when we were watching the draft together he was down but didn't say anything because he didn't want me to feel bad," Hinds said. "I knew it bothered him a lot that I didn't get drafted so I called him and told him and it was great."

When the Dolphins announced the signing on Sunday it was almost an afterthought because it went out in the same media release as the more newsworthy and prominent Tyson Clabo signing. But that didn't seem to matter in Hinds' world.

His phone blew up.

"I didn't have to tell anybody because I was getting calls from all over the place," he said. "It was a great feeling. I was humbled by it, man.

"It is one of the biggest moments of my life. You don't know what to expect but this was what I wanted to do since I was a little kid. I get to stay home. This is where I'm from. It takes a lot of stress off going somewhere else while I'm trying to accomplish this goal."

Hinds will get his chance on special teams and at outside linebacker. He's not big at 6-0 and 223 pounds. But he is quick (4.7 in the 40) and smart.

"I'm not the biggest guy but my speed, my agility, my reaction time is good," he said. "I feel like I'm a good cover guy."

Hinds attended the regional and super regional combine. He didn't attend the one in Indianapolis. And then he relied on his work in front of Miami coaches to speak on his behalf. 

"Man, honestly I went out there and gave it my all," he said. "I wanted to learn. I wanted to compete. I just wanted to show the coaches that I could be good for the organization. And I prayed a lot. I stayed in my playbook. I felt that if I gave it my all, that's all I could do. I just gave everything I had and just waited for the results."

Said Ireland: "The hard work, attitude and attention to detail David showed during the weekend rookie orientation paid off. As a player invited to try out, David approached the whole process -- highlighted by his work ethic during practices and meetings -- with the type of characteristics that we are looking to add to the Miami Dolphins."

You have to pull for this kid now, no?

He shone even when the draft rejected him. He picked himself up when 32 teams told him time and again that he wasn't worthy of being picked. 

"I reacted positively," Hinds said. "It was just me, my dad and my mom. They didn't want to sit down. My mom started cooking and my dad was pacing back and forth and going in and out while doing things around he house. I was the only one that sat there and watched it. I prepped myself because they all told me I'd be either a seventh-rounder or undrafted. So I understood the process. I was ready for it. Regardless, I knew I had a chance to go into somebody's camp."

Hinds understood his chances weren't over. But he didn't really understand how far he had to go. The fact is he didn't get drafted and then the mad dash by teams to fill their rosters with undrafted free agents also passed him by. Trying out off the street was his last chance at, well, a chance.

"I didn't understand that a tryout was different from a free agent at first but after I talked to my agent, I got it. The whole process, I believed in myself. I know there's a plan for me. I feel l can play football so any opportunity I get, I'm going to make the most of it."

So how did Hinds get noticed?

"I went in there and focused on special teams. I focused on being the first person in and trying to be the last person out. I tried to give them my undivided attention, paid attention to the details, and anything they asked me to do, I tried to do it correctly and at 110 percent. I wanted to show them that I belong. And right now, I have to keep showing them that.

"They gave me the opportunity, so now I have to work toward trying to make the 53 man roster and represents the organization best I can."

Hinds is a local boy. Yes, he played at FAU but also is a product of Miami Edison High. He lived in a little apartment behind the plaza on NW 79th street.

"My parents have a shop on 54th street in Little Haiti," Hinds said. "I'd walk home from there."

Hinds played only one year of high school ball at Edison because he didn't qualify academically before his senior year. He still got a full college scholarship and then started for the Owls as a true freshmen.

"I understand I'm at the bottom," Hinds. "I know I've got a long way to go. But I also know how to work myself from the bottom to the top. I'm very humble and I'm going to work my tail off. This organization made a great decision and I'm going to prove them right."


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Took almost a thousand words to Figure out he was not drafted?
LOL, Maybe he's related to DC"DUH" Fan.

Shows a LOT of maturity. Definitely someone to root for. Keep us informed on his journey Mando...

We can only hope he turns into another Zack Thomas. That would be great.

Maybe a diamond in the rough? CW signed from CFL (yeah, I know the difference)...one never knows but if he can be a contributor, we have yet another story to carry us until 9/8. Good luck to him. More speedy LB's/ST's....can't hurt the rebuild. Just am guessing he would say he loves the new logo?



Please explain it too us again.

Lets see, 5 sacks was Great for Jason Taylor his rookie season.

But 5 sacks from Dion Jordan would be a big let down.

Tell the truth Armando, you still miss Jason don't you?

Let me ask you this, if Dion Jordan gets 6 sacks this year, will THAT be good enough? Will that equate to JT's rookie season in your eyes?

How about 7 or 8 Armando? Will Jordan have lived up to JT's rookie season if he gets 7 or 8?

Maybe it would be easier for all of us Armando, if you just tell US how many MORE sacks Jordan will have to get to live up to JT's Rookie Season in YOUR EYES?

You gotta like someone like this. Hope he makes the team.

Guys like Trusnik and maybe even Misi have to see the writing on the wall.

The Dolphins are obviously putting an emphasis on OLB's that are faster, more athletic with cover skills and great in space.

Hinds is listed just two slots above Jenkins on Miami current roster(alphabetical order). Both look like they have great special teams potential. The best way for these types of guys to catch on and find a spot!

Another Dark Horse candidate I'll be rooting for.

I saw a rookie mini camp video from this past weekend and I must say the new logo on the helmets are awesome! It is really starting to grow on me.

Sounds like a hungry young buck to me! The more the merrier! At worse he will be a practice squad player.

I for one do not miss the gargantuan, Prototypical Bill Parcell's type of players.

One thing's for certain with Joe Philbin, the guy L-O-V-E-S Speed!!!!

Philbin and Coyles Linebackers are as fast as Bill Parcell's Safeties and Running Backs.

I can't wait for Training Camp reports and Pre Season games ALREADY!!!!

I wish all these undrafted FA's the best of luck. All of these guys have the same great story that no one believed in them enough to draft them and they now have a great opportunity.

However, It's going to be a tough challenge to make this team though let alone crack the starting line up in the near future. The defense is deep with talent.

Hungry guys like this can make great special teams players. Guys who make plays on Punt and Kickoff. Generating consistent tackles and turnovers.

Teams can't play their top starters on special teams in fear of injury. So, they rely on younger, less expensive, guys to do the 'dirty work.'

From what I just read about Hinds I think Darren Rizzi is going to love this guy's 'lunch box' attitude and not to mention his 4.7 speed.

Good luck. Although I don't agree the Fins are looking to get rid of misi. He is as fast as this player and weighs 255 and forced 3 fumbles last year. Misi will likely be transitioned to an inside linebacker or stay outside in obvious running downs. He is one of our best run defenders. Hines will be competing w Jenkins and trunking for a special teams position at best.

I wish David Hinds the best of luck and all the other rookies as well.

A few rookies Im really pusing for are Gillislee who I want to unseat that bum Daniel Thomas. Gillislee runs strong and tough. Go back and look at Daniel Thomas work as a Dolphin and even youtube his highlights from college and he falls on first contact everytime.

Jasper Collins is another undrafted guy who I give a punchers chance to make this team. He played at a very small school Mount Union but that school has produced 2 other NFL WRs, Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts. Collins had enormous production even if it was against low level competition.

Ross is too cheap to invest in his own stadium and wanted taxpayers to foot the bill? Yet he has enough money to give billions to charities? You have to be kidding! Guess he's not too fond of the Dolphins.

jpao, agree totally with you 8:02 post. This guy is exactly the type that can find a place on the team through special teams, and if he works hard enough and gets a few lucky bounces, might even get in on some defensive plays. Who knows, we'll see. But I like his outlook, his drive, his passion. Rooting for the kid.

Ohhh yea,lookout! sum of tha best players in league History went undrafted.I feel tha Dolphins picked up gr8 potential starters,Special Teams Aces & depth at multiple positions,Watchout for all LBs we picked up Michael Clay,awesome LB from same alma mater as Dion Jordan&Josh Kaddu underrated LB that can flatout ball,Alonzo Highsmith Jr.,another underrated LB from Arkansas that was overlooked becuz of injuries there loss Dolphins gain,&David Hinds from FAU undersized yea rite,this dude plays LB like it's supposed to b played fast,physical&pissed off,Which brings me to my next underrated player Jordan Kovacs modern day Rudy but much better story in tha curious case of Jordan Kovacs walk-on at Michigan just to eventually become Captian,voted by teammates&peers team MVP,all conference honors & mentions and was one of 12players in Michigan History to have 300+ Tackles which is amazingly rare,Jordan Kovacs was looked over becuz again like David Hinds dumbass scouts n teams think he's undersized for a Safety,what they can't account for is his never quit attitude,his determination to overcome tha odds,and when he got his opportunity he took full advantage of it,and Dolphins picked up a gr8 player&teammate,Keelan Johnson another Safety from Arizona State,Johnson is a beast period,WRs Chad Bumphis badass slot receiver from MISS ST.,Jasper not Junior Collins unless sum1 doesn't know what they're doing from.Mount Union another interesting prospect that won DIII Championship,Jasper Collins being a big reason why,fast slot receiver that gets yards after catch,Taylor Stockemer from Arkansas St. This dude is 6'5 runs 4.5 40 yard dash,so he's big&fast could b solid and add another Red Zone Target for QB17,then there's Terrell Sinkfield by far tha most interesting prospect,coming from Northern Iowa no one really heard of this guy until reports surfaced he ran a 4.19 40 yard dash which made headlines all over,whether it's legit or not buddy is super fast and could surprise alot of people,these are all hidden gem players & things are looking even better for competition & depth,once we make playoffs n then we'll b playing in tha Super Bowl instead of trying to Host 1,Phination stand up this is our year!!!

Jasper Collins is another undrafted guy who I give a punchers chance to make this team. He played at a very small school Mount Union but that school has produced 2 other NFL WRs, Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts. Collins had enormous production even if it was against low level competition.

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 08, 2013 at 08:04 AM

I agree, I like His quickness off the line, He's not afraid to go over the middle, and more importantly, I like His RAC/YAC ability, something that Bess lacked.

I've always felt that a WR, is only a WR, up to the point He catches the ball, after that, He has to have RB skills to get that YAC...ala Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin.

The difference in expectations between Jason Taylor and Dion Jordan is where the were drafted. Dion Jordan is a 1st rounder, Jason Taylor was 3rd rounder. I would hope for a difference in expectations between a 1st and a 3rd.

"I'm very humble"? Really? That's hysterical. That has to be the first time I have ever heard of someone saying that and actually meaning it. I bet he is modest too.

Anyway, I wish him well.

He too small for a Pro LineBacker but perfect size and speed for a Pro Safety. I love the transition we are making from the slower, larger players (parcells type) to the younger, athletic and fast players.

He too small for a Pro LineBacker but perfect size and speed for a Pro Safety. I love the transition we are making from the slower, larger players (parcells type) to the younger, athletic and fast players.

Posted by: Que | May 08, 2013 at 08:43 AM

Que, their' a saying in football, paraphrased..."I'd rather have somebody that's 200 Lbs LIGHTIN' THEY ASS UP!, than somebody that's 250 lbs ON THE WAY!"

Dashi Is Definitely Rooting For The Rookie.

Besides The Obvious. Same HS.

He Has A Long Road Ahead, But It Looks Like He Has The Drive To Succeed.

Ireland Has Even Done A Good Job Of Looking At Local Talent. Better Than Any GM We Have Ever Had.

Yes, it is great to root for underdogs. But, if this guy makes the team, that means that we didn't do a good job in the draft. It also means that the team is not as good and deep as I hope/think it is. Trusnik is smart and good in coverage himself. Linebacker is one of the weakest areas so he has a shot.

I think our young starters from last year will be better and our young back-ups should also improve. The only "old guys" we have left are Starks, Clabo and Ingognito.

I have high hopes/expectations for this team. Young, fast, smart and well coached is a great combination. I think this team qualifies as all of the above.

The only ones that support Ireland are the Jests fans.


Mando Wants At Least 10 Sacks From DJ His Rookie Year. Even If It Is As A Situational Pass Rusher.

If He Doesn’t He Will Be Considered A Bust By Mando And His Fanatics.

Dashi Is Of The Belief We Can't Judge DJ Off His Rookie Season. Specially With The New CBA. It Isn't Like DJ Will Even Be In The Top 10 Of The Roster In Salary.

Plus, The D-Line Is The Deepest Group On The Team.

Dashi, I agree with your assesment of the d-line, but this guy is so big and fast , he HAS to be on the field.
I think he can create havoc. Speed mills!!

As it turns out 6 teams in Florida all wanted tax money!!! So Weatherford did the right thing.

Again I just love the way this off season has shaped up. I think the biggest thing that willl speak volumes in the win loss column is the fact that guys are buying into to this regime and want to be here. Just like this kid Hind.

I can't wait for the games to start. We may get off to a slow start because we will have so many people in new positions but I think the effort we are gonna get from these guys will get us up to speed in a hurry.

And On The D. Thomas Hate and Gillislee over hype.

Let The Games Play Out. Before Running Your Mouth.

The Gators Didn't Have Good RBs The Last Couple Seasons And Gillislee Couldn't See The Field Til His Senior Year. And Even Then He Wasn't Anything Special.

L. Miller And D. Thomas, Both Had Better College Careers. And Have NFL Experience.

Plus, Those Of You Who Think Gillislee Is A Big Back. 208lbs. L. Miller Is Bigger. 218lbs. And D. Thomas Is Huge. 233Lbs. Compared To Gillislee.

Gillislee Reminds Me A lot Of Travis Minor. Missing That Extra Gear To Break Long Runs In The NFL. But Does Everything Else OK.

Could Be An OK 3rd Down Back. At Best.


I have Jordan's over/under on his sack total at 5.5. I'm looking forward to watching all the people who call him a 'bust' after only one season, turn and start celebrating his successes in 3-4 years. Watch and see.

same ole sh** (talk) different yr.

I guess he and his father were the only one's praying....

GOD didn't care about those other poor sapps....

GOD works in mysterious ways....

Looks like we just signed the next Ray Lewis....

It is refreshing to see a kid like Hinds working so hard to get what he wants.


Totally Agreed.

DJ Has To Be On The Field. If Not At DE Then At OLB.

The Thing Is We Can't Expect Him To Be An Impact DE As A Rookie. And By That I Mean Producing Double Digit Sacks.

Did Reggie White Or Bruce Smith Come Out The Gate And Produced 10+ Sacks Their Rookie Season?

Well Reggie Did. But My Point Is That It Is Rare For Even The Greatest Pass Rushers In History To Get 10 Sacks Their Rookie Season.

Top 6 Sackmasters Of All Time Rookie Season

B. Smith-6.5 Sack
R. White-13 Sack
K. Greene- 0 Sack, 7 Sack His 2nd Year, 6.5 His 3rd
C. Doleman- 0.5 Sack, 3 Sack His 2nd Season
M. Strahan-1 Sack, 4.5 His 2nd Season
J. Taylor - 5 Sack, 9 Sack 2nd Season, 2.5 Sack His 3rd

Even The Great Ones Don't Come Out The Gate Strong As Pass Rushers.

Look At Wake. The Guy Was Drafted, Cut, Played In The CFL, And Then At 27 His First Season With The Fins He Only Got 5.5 Sack.

A Rookie DE Dominating(10+Sacks) Is About As Likely As A Rookie CB Getting 6+ INT.

It Could Happen. But It Rarely Does. Even The Great Ones Struggle At First.

Dashi is right, keep investing in the local guys ...

Kris, come on man, give the kid a break. There are worse things in life than being a person of faith. And I don't think this guy ever killed someone while wearing a white suit ...


All I'm saying is that I'm sure @ least one or SOME of the other fellas trying out had faith and a belief in GOD as well....and most likely ALL of them had a family member or close relative who does and has/had @ some point prayed for their success....

GOD wasn't in Tebow's corner when he went on his playoff run....and even tho Lewis ended his season in HEROIC story book fashion....I don't GOD had pre-destined his SB run either....

The other team has players that pray as well....

and I think GOD has better things to do....you know...

Cure Cancer

stop wars

sh@t that really matters....cause in the grand scheme of things....this is just a game....and i PRAY that GOD doesn't have a favorite team....much less a favorite player....

Let's see.
Jordan and Kaddu covering Gronkowski and Hernandez.
Wake and a bigger,stronger Vernon getting after Brady.
Jamar Taylor on their slot reciever.


Philbin Said A While Back He Looks For 3 Things In A Player.

And Smarts

And Not In That Particular Order. Probably In The Exact Opposite. Philbin Puts A Premium On Football IQ.

Plus, He Wants Guys That Eat, Sh't And Breathe Football. He Wants Guys That Are Good Football Players That Love Football.

The Last Thing Is Character. But Usually If You Are Smart And Only Care About Your Job. High Character Is A Given.

Smart People Don't Do Stupid Things. i.e. Chad Johnson, Cliff Harris, T. Young, R. McClain.

Last year Vernon dropped back in coverage at times.
If Jordan and Vernon are in the game at the same time, that could create some confusion.

Coyle is crapping his pants at the possibilities!!

Some of the things people say are downright hilarious.

Daneil Thomas? LMAO! Give me a break already! Proven NFL Rb?

Proven what? That he is fumble & concussion prone? Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt! UNRELIABLE!

The guy is a total dud & only still on the team because of the draft picks invested in him.

Him & Egnew are in SERIOUS jeopardy of losing their jobs this summer. In Thomas' case, I have no doubts he will be looking for work.


If God is supposed to be stopping wars and curing cancer he hasn't done a very good job. Maybe he only works part time these days.

And besides....everyone knows that God is a Dolphin fan. He pointed this kid in our direction.

Dashi, the way you capitalize every word denotes either a bad habit, silliness, ignorance or you just trying to be funny.

Which one is it?

I think Jordan will get sacks a plenty next year because he will not be getting the attention a lot of pass rushers get. Especially early. He will get the Lorenzo Bromell treatment. remember him? 9 sacks as a rookie because Jason Taylor got all the attention. Ogunleye became a millionaire from this effect too.


God Is Responsible For Everything The Good And The Bad. But Like Tebow, People Only Praise Him For The Good.

God Is The Universe And Everything In It. That Is Why He Has Many Names And Many Faces In Different Parts Of The World.

Agreed On One Thing. People Depend To Much On God. When God Himself Said He Gives Us Free Will And He Is Not Responsible For Our Actions.

Kris, you sure God isn't in tebow's corner? Look at all the things that happened that year for Denver to win playoff games... then look at the odds stacked against Denver losing that playoff game this year in that fashion. At least makes you pause, no? Made me...

As far as Ray Lewis goes, he's a blowhard like Deion was. Totally fales ...


Your last paragraph is PRECISELY what I was trying to say....

and I don't disagree with the other 3 paragraphs either....

Craig M...lol....

Most likely....this is the las time we here the name Hinds in association with the FINS organization....

Who was that big strong LB that Odin was pulling for last year....I can't remember his name...but according to Odin....he had ALL the phsical tools...and was extemely quick/fast for his size....and he enede up being cut....

I know Armando is tugging @ our heart strings....but I'm playing the %'s....

still...even after saying all that....Good luck to him....he is getting a shot that I am sure many of us wish we had....and he sounds like he will take FULL advantage of it...he already has the BROWN-NOSEING part town ("first in-last out")....

but if he makes the team....or anybody's team...it will be because he used his GOD-GIVEN talent to its FULL potential....NOT because he or his father prayed harder/better than another family....

kris at 9:05,great post.

The way the nfl is using linebackers now doesn't require a huge frame. A guy who has speed and dynamic technique can tackle as well as cover so long as he isn't matched up on tight ends. But the truth is, a linebacker big enough to cover some of the 6'6'' / 6'7'' tight ends is usually too slow or not athletic enough. I feel it's a better bet to have the speed and tackling ability to minimize what good offensive coordinatos tend to take from teams.

Agreed Kris. These teams only care if someone can play or not.

And I get annoyed with these puff pieces to be honest. You can write one of these about anyone .. in any line of work ...


You Know Dashi Doesn't Care What You Think.

But I Will Answer Your Question With A Question...

Would You Rather Dashi Capitalize Every Word? OR PUT "!!" AFTER EVERY SENTENCE!! OR WHERE A COMA!! IS SUPPOSE TO GO!! (I Believe The Viewing Public Prefers This, Over this!!)

And I Get A Joy Every Time You Complain. It Usually Happens Once Every Few Weeks.

You Can Say I Do This Just To Piss The Grammar Police Off.

Let Me Guess, You Also Think I Write In 3rd Person When I Am Away From Blogging.

At First It Was A Task. But With The Swift Key App. After The 1st Week It Started Auto Capitalizing Itself.

I Know It Slows Your Reading Down. Not My Problem. Learn To Read Faster!!

I Do This For Your Benefit.

By Any Chance Do You Wear Glasses?

Not Trying To Insult. Just Asking For A Case Study Dashi Has Going On.

...Has anyone seen Micah Johnson???

Dashi...I'm not sure why you are so afraid of Gillislee. Lets look at what he does well, and why the Phins took him.

First off..This is Lamar Millers job to lose. He should be the feature back this year. IMO Gillislee is going to start the season as a guy that sees time on obvious passing downs. He is a better pass blocker then Miller. Probably as good of a receiver as well.

But look at what Gillislee does well. He is a cutback runner. Again..cutback runner. We are an offense that relys on backs that are one cut-find the hole-up the field. With the exception of RB Franklin. Gillislee was the best one cut runner in this draft.So we took him. Daniel Thomas on the other hand. Cannot make a cut and get up the field to save his life. He is the epitome of straight ahead runner. Not a good fit for this scheme.

So we got a guy that isn't dynamic in any one thing that he does. But solid at everything. If Lamar Miller is as good as I hope he will be. Then the pickup of Gillislee is great. By design. I don't think anyone in the organization thinks Gillislee is going to be the guy carrying the mail this year.. Just a rotational guy in a stable of backs that do different things.


News is slow right now. I'd cut Armando some slack here. LONG way to go before the season starts guys. It's going to truly be our 'dog days of Summer'. My only blessing is I'll be out of the country for two weeks in August and when I come back hopefully the season will be about ready to roll. We've made some changes and I'm excited to see how it all comes together for this time.

Only thing I'll say (and Mark will get this).....the Blue Jays made a TON of changes this offseason and with it came very expectations. They are playing like shyte, although a little bit better lately. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the same thing happens to me. I guess all I'm saying is, I think we may need to temper our expectations. Now guys will get mad at me for saying that, but if people want to think we're a shoe-in for a playoff spot, then go ahead...you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. I like what Ireland has done this year but I still think we may be a year away. Now if some of you guys want to fire Ireland because we miss the playoffs, then go right ahead. Personally I think his moves have been good to excellent. I think we'll see some growth from Tannehill this year and we have some weapons on offence. He's also done a nice job re-shaping the defence. We'll find out for sure if Martin can play LT or not and then next year maybe we can that elusive stud TE, ball hawk safety and maybe another WR. NEXT year is the year I think it all comes together. If you guys want to fire Ireland and have the new guy come in and tear it all up that's your choice. I want to see this year and one more.

Craig, I fear the same regarding the Dolphins but one thing that really fudged up the Jays season was the WBC - nobody wants to talk about this but 8 of the 25 man roster is Dominican and 7 of them were on the world champion team. We also had several American players too. A big chunk of this team came to the end of spring training unfocused and with full stomachs. now they are starting to come around but it may be too late already.

And theys houdl send Mark Beuhrle home to his dogs. he stinks.

Daryl D....that was his name....Michah Johnson....


good story Mando, Thanks!


Great points at 10:33am. Well said.

I know everyone is down on Thomas and his performance dictates that. I will say he's shown flashes at times. I'm not ready to write him off yet. This guy played some QB before and they always said he had good hands. I could see him being used in the passes game a little more than he has been. Maybe some of the stuff they tried to do with Bush. He's not nearly the elusive or quick runner Bush was but I do think he brings some elements to the game that Miller doesn't. If Thomas keeps his head on straight and works hard there is absolutely a role for him on this team. If nothing else he's a change of pace back and I like being able to throw different things at the opposing defence.



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