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David Hinds: On a journey climbing from the bottom

After the Dolphins rookie minicamp last weekend, the personnel department brought the dozen or so players that were trying out into the team room. General Manager Jeff Ireland got in front of the group, thanked them all for their work and announced he was signing only one of them.

The general manager then dismissed everyone and one of his assistants grabbed that one player who still had no clue he was the one just selected.

Meet David Hinds. Outside Linebacker.

Hinds is the newest and perhaps most inspiring Dolphins rookie. He has a long, long way to go but he just made the leap from not being draft or signed as a free agent to getting a tryout -- a process that rarely turns into NFL success -- and now he's got a contract and a chance to live his dream.

"I didn't really understand at first," Hinds said. "I didn't really understand how the tryouts really went. But the guy came up to me after the meeting and I was shocked. Praise God, that's the first thing I felt. Praise God. I felt like going down with emotion, but I kept it together. God is amazing."

The Dolphins congratulated Hinds, explained what they expect of him, and signed him to a contract.

"I called my dad once I got to my car because he was praying for me and when we were watching the draft together he was down but didn't say anything because he didn't want me to feel bad," Hinds said. "I knew it bothered him a lot that I didn't get drafted so I called him and told him and it was great."

When the Dolphins announced the signing on Sunday it was almost an afterthought because it went out in the same media release as the more newsworthy and prominent Tyson Clabo signing. But that didn't seem to matter in Hinds' world.

His phone blew up.

"I didn't have to tell anybody because I was getting calls from all over the place," he said. "It was a great feeling. I was humbled by it, man.

"It is one of the biggest moments of my life. You don't know what to expect but this was what I wanted to do since I was a little kid. I get to stay home. This is where I'm from. It takes a lot of stress off going somewhere else while I'm trying to accomplish this goal."

Hinds will get his chance on special teams and at outside linebacker. He's not big at 6-0 and 223 pounds. But he is quick (4.7 in the 40) and smart.

"I'm not the biggest guy but my speed, my agility, my reaction time is good," he said. "I feel like I'm a good cover guy."

Hinds attended the regional and super regional combine. He didn't attend the one in Indianapolis. And then he relied on his work in front of Miami coaches to speak on his behalf. 

"Man, honestly I went out there and gave it my all," he said. "I wanted to learn. I wanted to compete. I just wanted to show the coaches that I could be good for the organization. And I prayed a lot. I stayed in my playbook. I felt that if I gave it my all, that's all I could do. I just gave everything I had and just waited for the results."

Said Ireland: "The hard work, attitude and attention to detail David showed during the weekend rookie orientation paid off. As a player invited to try out, David approached the whole process -- highlighted by his work ethic during practices and meetings -- with the type of characteristics that we are looking to add to the Miami Dolphins."

You have to pull for this kid now, no?

He shone even when the draft rejected him. He picked himself up when 32 teams told him time and again that he wasn't worthy of being picked. 

"I reacted positively," Hinds said. "It was just me, my dad and my mom. They didn't want to sit down. My mom started cooking and my dad was pacing back and forth and going in and out while doing things around he house. I was the only one that sat there and watched it. I prepped myself because they all told me I'd be either a seventh-rounder or undrafted. So I understood the process. I was ready for it. Regardless, I knew I had a chance to go into somebody's camp."

Hinds understood his chances weren't over. But he didn't really understand how far he had to go. The fact is he didn't get drafted and then the mad dash by teams to fill their rosters with undrafted free agents also passed him by. Trying out off the street was his last chance at, well, a chance.

"I didn't understand that a tryout was different from a free agent at first but after I talked to my agent, I got it. The whole process, I believed in myself. I know there's a plan for me. I feel l can play football so any opportunity I get, I'm going to make the most of it."

So how did Hinds get noticed?

"I went in there and focused on special teams. I focused on being the first person in and trying to be the last person out. I tried to give them my undivided attention, paid attention to the details, and anything they asked me to do, I tried to do it correctly and at 110 percent. I wanted to show them that I belong. And right now, I have to keep showing them that.

"They gave me the opportunity, so now I have to work toward trying to make the 53 man roster and represents the organization best I can."

Hinds is a local boy. Yes, he played at FAU but also is a product of Miami Edison High. He lived in a little apartment behind the plaza on NW 79th street.

"My parents have a shop on 54th street in Little Haiti," Hinds said. "I'd walk home from there."

Hinds played only one year of high school ball at Edison because he didn't qualify academically before his senior year. He still got a full college scholarship and then started for the Owls as a true freshmen.

"I understand I'm at the bottom," Hinds. "I know I've got a long way to go. But I also know how to work myself from the bottom to the top. I'm very humble and I'm going to work my tail off. This organization made a great decision and I'm going to prove them right."


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Posted by: odinseye | May 08, 2013 at 05:16 PM

I looked it up, youre right, I was wrong.

As far as "Rage" being more right about the paths they took. I think not. Because this means hinds will definitely be cut.

That was my point to Hinds all along.

Odin, Also, after Hinds gets cut and goes to the CFL wins 2 MVP's, then becomes a star NFL defensive player. There's extremely little to compare of he and Wake.

LOL, guess you were too busy to notice that Thomas has 200 yard his 1st to games with the Phins. Then he got hurt.

...I think that the rookie who will may have the biggest impact on this team is TE. Simms. I still believe that the team wants to use the 2 tight end formation as its bread and butter formation. We ran it about 1/3 of the time last season with personel that was less the ideal. Now with capable receivers, dual threat tight ends(guys with skill sets that give us flexibility within that formation) Simms could play a key role in the offense.

I can't say that I know much except from what I have read about Simms. All reports are that he was one of the best "in line" blockers in this draft. Kellers ability down the field. And we have the "groceries" to make this recipe work.

Simms contribution may not be the type that shows up on the stat line. It maybe the type of contribution that goes largely unnoticed. But having a player with his particular skill set in nothing more then a bonus for the offense. He could be the biggest surprise of this draft class.

Bet many of you didn't noticed the great paradigm shift in Ireland's drafting that basically begin this year. It maybe even closely linked to Philbin himself.

Can anyone here tell what this great paradigm shift is?

Clue: It's right underneath your noses.

Also, its in every player Ireland drafted this year with exception of the kicker.

so you guys are happy with OUR GARAGE MANAGER THIS YEAR ..







Aloco, when we make the playoffs you promise to leave and never come back?




Ireland usually drafts south paw or rightie. This year he drafted ambidextrously. They have multiple skillsets relating to their position, or can play more than 1 position.

Wasn't quite like this in the past.






Huge difference, A player can play more than one spot but has only one skillset of each spot. So he's just a player that plays more than one spot but plays neither very well. That's just store bought pizza.

We have a Olineman that played og and ot well in college. Not just a fill in, he started both positions in his college career.

Our db's have press and coverage on their resume. They cover well doing either. They also tackle and blitz well.

Our rb is called the best all around rb in this draft. So is our te.

This is what I mean, for once Ireland didn't draft a boat load of of one trick ponies. They can all pretty much contribute right away, and when you draft guys like this it speeds up their development. Because you don't have to waste time teaching from scratch these skill sets they already come in with.

You can only teach as fast as the level of students in the class.


Maybe Philbin has placed the bug in Irelands ear to draft him players with multi skill sets. Philbin says to Ireland, "no more one trick ponies".


Its like basketball. A guy can be a great player but only plays to his left. Wheb the defense catches up to this, the overplay him to the left and forces him to his right.

Because he only plays great to his left, he suddenly turns into a crappy player because he doesn't play well to his right. A true one trick pony.


Like Sean Smith, he played reasonably well in press coverage, then like crap in zone.

All the same losers that were in here this morning are still here and it looks like you've all been here all day.
Either you are a large group of people that have no jobs and are not looking for jobs


You're one person on disability that calling and responding t your own posts under different names.

What a joke.

Agree wwithJoseCuervo @ 6:55.

And Hinds is already better than Misi will ever be.

'Jack of All Trades Master of None'

We don't need a team full of Nate Garners that can play multiple positions.

We need a team full of Tom Bradys that do only 1 thing but do it very well.

OuOur rb is called the best all around rb in this draft. So is our te.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 06:43 PM

This is pure poppycock. I like the picks, but no way they are they the best all around at their position.

Well, if idiots understood anything, you wouldn't be call idiots. I doubt you even understand this.

Clabo = Columbo

YG is on major kool aid tonight.

Great D.

These are probably the best group of commentators in all Pro Sports. Yes, those Big Guys. Genuine, knowledgeable, fun.

Forget it.

Today's NBA is just not the same. There are no GREAT teams right now.

We don't have anything like:

Magic's Lakers
Bird's Celtics
Isaiah's Pistons
Hakeem's Rockets
Stockton and Malone's Jazz
Jordon's Bulls

Today's teams are not complete units. Miami is a very strange team that seems disjointed. Lebron is extremely gifted, a physical specimen, but Wade has far more electricity when he has it going on. Lebron choked his first playoffs in Miami, and he choked the first game of this series with a pathetic first half.

Spo has no imagination. Lebron saves him. I see a group of players that don't equal a team. They may win it all, but regardless of who wins the trophy this year, I do not see a GREAT team.

Agree with oscar canosa @ 8:38

You were saying, Bodine...

Always a great pleasure to watch the Best of the very Best.

Wow. Ain't never seen it assisted like that.


Jake Taylor Is The Reason We Passed On Lacy.

And Dashi Is Fine With That. We Needed A CB More Than A RB. Dashi Has L. Miller Going Over 1200yds. Dashi Has Gone As Far As Saying "L. Miller Will Have A Better Season Than R. Bush and Hopefully Even E. Lacy!!"

Dashi Is The One Saying, M. Gillislee Should Be The 3rd Down Back.

YG, Is The One Taking It To The Extreme And Saying "Gillislee Is More Talented Than L. Miller."

Look At The Comments.

It Was A Good Discussion Between Dashi And YG. I Must Admit.

That Argument Won't Be Settled Til Preseason. L. Miller Vs Gillislee Vs D. Thomas.

Preseason It Has Value!!

Can't Wait!!





What can I say? I wish the Dolphins were 1/10th of what the Heat are.

It Was A Good Discussion Between Dashi And YG. I Must Admit.

Posted by: Dashi | May 08, 2013 at 09:04 PM

I'd say it was a total annihilation. You couldn't even compete, just like the Bulls tonight.


Either youre a retard or a f'ucking liar. Your choice.

My original post days ago was that Gillislee will be a significant contributor and I would not be surprised if he beat out Miller for rb starter.

Just like your off based facts. You'll lie to try and make your off the mark point.

Spo Still Sucks!!

We Win Cause Of Talent Not Coaching!!

Thank God Spo Isn't A Football Coach.

Someone needs to call 911. There's a live mugging going on, on national tv. Closer to mass murder.

Heat Bulls. ROTFLMAO............................


STFU, loser! LOL....


I now have ZERO respect for you after seeing how you tried to force the facts to lie for you today.

You're nothing but a BORN LOSER!

Heat closing in on a 50pt lead. LOL...

45pt lead and counting! LOL...

Can do nothing wrong now. Sign of a well-knit Team. Right, Bodine?

Its been Lebron Magic James tonight! LOL...


I now have ZERO respect for you after seeing how you tried to force the facts to lie for you today.

You're nothing but a BORN LOSER!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 09:14 PM


You speak for many that are too timid to speak up. DashWipe is what he is, a skid mark.

This is a Team Game, YG, You know that.

Cheers David.... Im rooting for ya man!!! Phins Up!!

Dolphins, this is how you step on a team's throat when you have th down. This is called showing you are a Champion. Watch the Heat!! !!!!

YG Your Exact Words.


OuOur rb is called the best all around rb in this draft. So is our te.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 06:43 PM


Not Only Did You Just Extremely Overvalued Gillislee. You Just Said D. Sims Is The Best TE In The Draft.

Need I Say More.

Great stuff here, Paul. But we have to keep working on YG to not be so emotional.

Spo Still Needs Growing To Do.

3 Years And This Team Is Still Highly Inconsistent.

How Can You Lose A Game Against A Depleted And Tired Team. Then 2 Days Later Come Back And Annihilate Them The Next.

Don't Give Me This Rusty Stuff. Chicago Was Tired They Just Came Off A Long Series Where They Lost 2 Starters. Only 5 Starters On A Team In The NBA.

The Heat Weren't Motivated!!

That Falls On The Coach.

The Most Talented Team In The NBA.

That Means When They Lose It Wasn't Cause Of The Players, It Was Cause The Coach Didn't Coach The Team To Its Potential.

No Reason The Heat Should Lose Another Game This Series.

The Talent Disparity Is Just To Much.

Well Oscar,

YG isn't just sexually frustrated, he knows it is forever, permanent. He knows he will never again taste another delicious tart, so every time he sees one it drives him crazy, and he takes it out on the blog.

Dashi, you are out matched here time and again. Learn to lower your expectations because you can not compete here, or find a blog with younger, inexperienced posters.

Wait, Simple. He has NEVER tasted one delicious tart. Our aim is that he does. You don't know...

Take Notice.

Dashi Doesn't Start It.

I Have Minded My P's And Q's. Crossed The i's And Dotted The t's Today.

OK The Last One Was A Joke.

Odin, Also, after Hinds gets cut and goes to the CFL wins 2 MVP's, then becomes a star NFL defensive player. There's extremely little to compare of he and Wake.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 05:34 PM


That's why I said it wasn't all that Big of a Deal.

I really don't care how Wake got here, I'm just glad he is.

Same with Dion Jordan. I hope he at least doubles JT's sacks his rookie season. Then we can put all the nonsense behind us and just judge these guys on their CURRENT Production.

It is, after all, a "What Have You Done For Me Lately" proposition.

Fair comment Oscar, maybe that is the remedy.

This franchise is a total mess. I wouldnt be surprised if they had another 1-15 year like a few years ago especially if our running game dissapoints.

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