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David Hinds: On a journey climbing from the bottom

After the Dolphins rookie minicamp last weekend, the personnel department brought the dozen or so players that were trying out into the team room. General Manager Jeff Ireland got in front of the group, thanked them all for their work and announced he was signing only one of them.

The general manager then dismissed everyone and one of his assistants grabbed that one player who still had no clue he was the one just selected.

Meet David Hinds. Outside Linebacker.

Hinds is the newest and perhaps most inspiring Dolphins rookie. He has a long, long way to go but he just made the leap from not being draft or signed as a free agent to getting a tryout -- a process that rarely turns into NFL success -- and now he's got a contract and a chance to live his dream.

"I didn't really understand at first," Hinds said. "I didn't really understand how the tryouts really went. But the guy came up to me after the meeting and I was shocked. Praise God, that's the first thing I felt. Praise God. I felt like going down with emotion, but I kept it together. God is amazing."

The Dolphins congratulated Hinds, explained what they expect of him, and signed him to a contract.

"I called my dad once I got to my car because he was praying for me and when we were watching the draft together he was down but didn't say anything because he didn't want me to feel bad," Hinds said. "I knew it bothered him a lot that I didn't get drafted so I called him and told him and it was great."

When the Dolphins announced the signing on Sunday it was almost an afterthought because it went out in the same media release as the more newsworthy and prominent Tyson Clabo signing. But that didn't seem to matter in Hinds' world.

His phone blew up.

"I didn't have to tell anybody because I was getting calls from all over the place," he said. "It was a great feeling. I was humbled by it, man.

"It is one of the biggest moments of my life. You don't know what to expect but this was what I wanted to do since I was a little kid. I get to stay home. This is where I'm from. It takes a lot of stress off going somewhere else while I'm trying to accomplish this goal."

Hinds will get his chance on special teams and at outside linebacker. He's not big at 6-0 and 223 pounds. But he is quick (4.7 in the 40) and smart.

"I'm not the biggest guy but my speed, my agility, my reaction time is good," he said. "I feel like I'm a good cover guy."

Hinds attended the regional and super regional combine. He didn't attend the one in Indianapolis. And then he relied on his work in front of Miami coaches to speak on his behalf. 

"Man, honestly I went out there and gave it my all," he said. "I wanted to learn. I wanted to compete. I just wanted to show the coaches that I could be good for the organization. And I prayed a lot. I stayed in my playbook. I felt that if I gave it my all, that's all I could do. I just gave everything I had and just waited for the results."

Said Ireland: "The hard work, attitude and attention to detail David showed during the weekend rookie orientation paid off. As a player invited to try out, David approached the whole process -- highlighted by his work ethic during practices and meetings -- with the type of characteristics that we are looking to add to the Miami Dolphins."

You have to pull for this kid now, no?

He shone even when the draft rejected him. He picked himself up when 32 teams told him time and again that he wasn't worthy of being picked. 

"I reacted positively," Hinds said. "It was just me, my dad and my mom. They didn't want to sit down. My mom started cooking and my dad was pacing back and forth and going in and out while doing things around he house. I was the only one that sat there and watched it. I prepped myself because they all told me I'd be either a seventh-rounder or undrafted. So I understood the process. I was ready for it. Regardless, I knew I had a chance to go into somebody's camp."

Hinds understood his chances weren't over. But he didn't really understand how far he had to go. The fact is he didn't get drafted and then the mad dash by teams to fill their rosters with undrafted free agents also passed him by. Trying out off the street was his last chance at, well, a chance.

"I didn't understand that a tryout was different from a free agent at first but after I talked to my agent, I got it. The whole process, I believed in myself. I know there's a plan for me. I feel l can play football so any opportunity I get, I'm going to make the most of it."

So how did Hinds get noticed?

"I went in there and focused on special teams. I focused on being the first person in and trying to be the last person out. I tried to give them my undivided attention, paid attention to the details, and anything they asked me to do, I tried to do it correctly and at 110 percent. I wanted to show them that I belong. And right now, I have to keep showing them that.

"They gave me the opportunity, so now I have to work toward trying to make the 53 man roster and represents the organization best I can."

Hinds is a local boy. Yes, he played at FAU but also is a product of Miami Edison High. He lived in a little apartment behind the plaza on NW 79th street.

"My parents have a shop on 54th street in Little Haiti," Hinds said. "I'd walk home from there."

Hinds played only one year of high school ball at Edison because he didn't qualify academically before his senior year. He still got a full college scholarship and then started for the Owls as a true freshmen.

"I understand I'm at the bottom," Hinds. "I know I've got a long way to go. But I also know how to work myself from the bottom to the top. I'm very humble and I'm going to work my tail off. This organization made a great decision and I'm going to prove them right."


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You are going to have to do much better than that, you are too obvious.

Spo should've been coach of the year again. He's a tremendous motivator!!!!!!!!!!!! Bird Man Wow!

YG doesn't like Pastries.

He has admitted here time and again YG loves Tubesteak. The Bigger the Better! :O...

Pan con Bistec. He grew up on it.

On the Gillislee, Miller, Lacy talk from earlier.

A lot of good insight and info you guys were throwing around there for awhile.

I personally liked the way Darryl summed it up at 5:21. Another good post to add to the conversation.

I'm not pitting Miller against Gillislee. I'm just loving the potential of both and how well they'll both fit into Philbin/Sherman's plans.

I believe Miller has the edge across the board on Gillislee. Miller's Bigger, Faster and has a year on Gillislee in NFL experience.

I love Miller's age too, he's a youngster, younger than Gillislee too. I don't envision them as a Csonka/Morris 1 - 2 punch. But I do see them complimenting each other. Miller carrying the load, with Gillislee coming in on a lot of 3rd downs and helping keep Miller fresh.

Having said all that, I see Miller as the clear cut starter carrying most of the load.

But I also expect Gillislee surprising the heck out of a lot of people. I think he'll adapt to the NFL pretty quickly and prove that he was somewhat of a steal by being drafted so late.

Overall, I see them both contributing and helping Tannehill and the rest of the offense take another SOLID step forward.


Odin, in the future please send all your posts to P.O. Box 000, Who Cares, FL. 33319, instead of posting them here on the blog.

Simms contribution may not be the type that shows up on the stat line. It maybe the type of contribution that goes largely unnoticed. But having a player with his particular skill set in nothing more then a bonus for the offense. He could be the biggest surprise of this draft class.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | May 08, 2013 at 05:45 PM


You were on Fire today.

I watched a lot of Sims at MSU. A lot of people don't realize he was more of a seam/receiving threat early on.

His blocking was shaky at first and he worked hard to become a solid blocker. This made him a pretty decent all around TE.

Another **GREAT THING** I've read about him is how he spent this off season. He's dropped 20 lbs and weighed in at 260. I think this is probably an ideal weight for a Guy with his body type and skillset.

I saw an interview with him here locally and he said he feels great at 260. He said he feels quicker **AND** faster than he did when being tested this off season.

I'm looking forward to training camp and the Pre Season obviously. I also think the extra Pre Season game will prove to be a very-VERY Good Thang!

Good Posts Today Big D!!!!

Miller probably starts. But as always, whoever has the hot hand will get the most carries that day.

Dashi's a retard. Only he can interpret "wouldn't be surprised if Gillislee became starter" with actually proclaiming Gillislee better.

Miller didn't beat Bush out as starter. Right now he's "heir apparent" starter because D_Thomas was injured and aweful this year.

Im sure Philbin has the starting rb position up for grabs with the drafting of Gillislee. If anyone thinks Miller is pencile in as starter "right now" you are fools.

Well, maybe if his primary competition was D-Thomas, but that isn't the case right now. Miller will have to win the starting position over Gillislee. Philbin would have it no other way.





D. Thomas's only draw back has been his injuries. He was explosive in his first few games last year. He catches the ball better than anyone on the team. A healthy D Thomas is our best RB.

I;ve never seen a RB worse then D Thomas. Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle? Me neither.

D. Thomas's only draw back has been his injuries. He was explosive in his first few games last year. He catches the ball better than anyone on the team. A healthy D Thomas is our best RB.

Posted by: You'll see | May 08, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Yeah right.

If you came home and caught your wife giving your buddy head. You would probably accuse your buddy of being gay because you caught him allowing your wife to put lipstick on his dick.

Honey, what's the matter with your hands, why are you using yur mouth?

D Thomas wont make the roster next season.


You becoming upset with dashi only shows how foolish and ignorant you really are. He obviously has the mind of a 12 year old. Why in the world woud you have had any higher expectations of him?

Miller will have to win the starting position over Gillislee. Philbin would have it no other way.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 10:55 PM

YG, I'm going to stay out of your fight with Dashi. But I will say, you guys(others as well) had some good dialogue going for quite awhile. I was enjoying just reading along.

To your point about Philbin having it no other way, I couldn't agree more. Philbin will make these guys earn it-PERIOD. That's the way it should be, that's the way it has to be.

In the past, it seemed SpOrano would stick with guys way to long, JUST because of where they were drafted or because of how big their free agent contract was.

Thank God that's all in the past. It's been one of the nicer things I've noticed about Philbin and even Sherman and Coyle.

Nobody gets a free ride anymore. You've got to earn it or else. That was a GIGANTIC problem in my opinion with SpOrano/Henning(Daboll)/Nolan.

It doesn't matter if your name is Misi or if you were a no 1. pick like an Odrick. Derrick Shelby will get on the field if you ain't doing your job.

Good Point!

Is Philbin a leader of men?


The Last Thing Is Character. But Usually If You Are Smart And Only Care About Your Job. High Character Is A Given.

Smart People Don't Do Stupid Things. i.e. Chad Johnson, Cliff Harris, T. Young, R. McClain.

Posted by: Dashi | May 08, 2013 at 09:49 AM

Also agree on your take regarding the Almighty. I think when players say it the way Hinds did, it's not that he's saying God FAVORED him, more like God BLESSED him with the ability, and Hinds felt an obligation to use his gifts to the best of his ability. Obviously he did. I hope he makes the team, or at least the practice squad.

The Dolphins only winning season in the past 7 was with Sparano at HC. Philbin is 0-1 so far. The problem is Ireland hasnt supplied enough talent to either coach. You couldnt expect Sparano to win with Henne at QB and its doubtful Philbin will be able to win with Tannehill either. Vegas has the Fins winning 6 games.

Get real, Smart people, the smartest people do stupid things all the time. It's humnan nature. Unreal how so many of you are so naive.

One thing smart people do have in common, they are not bible thumpers or fooled by fabricated religions designed to manupilate the sheeple.

Smart people are athiests.

Couldn't read it all but nice blog tonight!
I do hope we don't get too down if we lose 3 of 5 to start off. The schedule is pretty tough, and as was said, we may have a significant # of new players, some ion slightly different positions.
I believe by game 7-8 we will start a roll. A s they say, it's not how you start....
Of course, this All depends on Tanny's ability to improve upon last season, and hopefully Sherman will allow him a bit more freedom to take off if need be, as opposed to throwing it away.

Except the troll at 12:05AM

You couldnt expect Sparano to win with Henne at QB

Posted by: Bruce R | May 09, 2013 at 12:01 AM

Nice Theory. I have to call it a theory though.

Schottenheimer took Sanchez and an OK jets team to back to back AFC Title Games.

Enter The Sandman(SpOrano)!

It's fairly safe to start judging SpOrano by his "Body Of Work"-LOL.

There's a reason he went from HC of the Miami Dolphins, to OC with the jets, to Offensive Line Coach of the Da Raidaazh's -LOL.

This Guy got his own, Young Pro Bowl Left Tackle injured in the MOST COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS Pre Season Game of ALL TIME.

Another time, he pretty much BOTCHED an entire season because......(snicker)........because he.......(snicker, snicker).......he pretty much threw an entire season away because:

"He saw the Tape" on Marc Colombo!

ROTFLMFAO! After all this, The Raider's actually Hire the Guy to Coach their Offensive Line!

(Forgive me, but):

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

..Odin..Thanks for the shout out!!!

Mothers Day caddis hatch still going off. The river is brown as a perfect spoonful. Still going off. Seriously. Google Yellowstone River Mothers day Caddis hatch. It is unreal.

odin, that was Philbin that played Jake Long all preseason. Sparano held him out of most preseason games.

And all of a sudden the world looks better.

Heat proves they are the Boss.

Wicked witch (Jodi Arias) goes down.

3 girls freed from captivity in Cleveland.

Dolphins looking very good for once.

And Odin shut up.

odin, that was Philbin that played Jake Long all preseason. Sparano held him out of most preseason games.

Posted by: Just Saying | May 09, 2013 at 12:35 AM


Unless SpOrano was letting Philbin call the shots during the 2010 Pre Season, it was SpOrano's idiotic self that played Jake in that meaningless game.

Jake was injured in a 2010 Pre Season game against the Dallas Cowboys!

You might be "Just Saying" it, but man are you clueless.

Just Saying.......Back At'cha!!!!

Shocked that Odins still posting, Thought for sure he was the guy holding those women prisoners for a decade..
Go Figure.

I'm rooting for this kid already. I hope he makes the 53 man roster. His story and attitude aren't entirely different than Zach Thomas'. No one expected Zach to do what he did in the NFL. He was too small and too slow.....except that he wasn't.

Hey we know there will be plenty of competition at all positions which is really good.

Hoho!, Bark/Sit.

I have found that people that want to work and know how to apply themselves can find work quite often.
People, however, that have had opportunities fall in their lap, usually due to a natural ability or gift, can burn out like a gas fire on a dirt field.
Ideally you would like to have someone with a combination of these traits.

Gillislee will be a significant contributor and I would not be surprised if he beat out Miller for rb starter.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 08, 2013 at 09:10 PM


You have repeated this statement multiple times.

You expect Gillislee will beat out L. Miller.

You have even said "Gillislee Is the most talented RB in the draft"

Then you said Gillislee is even more talented than L. Miller.

By the third game of Preseason you better be ready to eat a BIG plate of Tubesteak smothered in underwear.

Gillislee is a 3rd down RB at best.

I share your enthusiasm for Gillislee. He is what I would call an all-round RB. I have in the past compared him to T.Nathan, of whom personifies that term.
But I am very impressed with Miller's running ability and overall athletic ability. On a team yearning for play makers, big play makers; what is your basis for Gillislee winning the starting job?

No answer to a simple question, but if I had made a childish accusation a reply would have been imminent.

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