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Being most improved isn't enough for Tannehill

In the aftermath of the draft and amid the preparation for the Dolphins rookie camp, I overlooked the words of Miami offensive coordinator Mike Sherman about second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

"This young man will be the most improved quarterback in the National Football League from year one to year two this year – I promise you that,” Sherman told the team's website. "He’s working extremely hard."

At first blush, this seems like a bold statement. After all, it seems to suggest Tannehill will be better this year than Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and others. Right? It sounds optimistic and promising and confident.

But think about it.

Sherman didn't, in fact, say Tannehill will be the best among the 2012 QB class this season. He said he'd be most improved.

That's a completely different statement and, frankly, kind of an empty statement when you consider the facts.

What are those facts?

Of all the quarterbacks drafted in 2012 who became starters for their teams, Tannehill brought up the back of the pack along with Cleveland's Brandon Weeden.

Griffin III, Wilson, and Luck were not just better but way better. Even Nick Foles, who started games after Mike Vick went down in Philadelphia, had a better TD-INT ratio, better completion percentage and better quarterback rating than Tannehill.

So, if he was at the back of the pack among the 2012 class, it stands to reason that if he's going to be any good in 2013 he would improve the most. It's logical. Indeed, Tannehill could be the most improved and still be quite mediocre.

Seeing the jump from 12 TDs and 13 INTs to 18 TDs and 10 INTs is a huge improvement. But is it a great season? That's Christian Ponder territory.

Meanwhile, if any of the other QBs get much better that would put them in superhuman territory.

Yes, RG3 might get better. But is he going to throw 30 TDs and 5 interceptions instead of the 20 and 5 he threw last year? How much higher can he take his 102 QB rating? Is he going to complete more than the 65.6 percent of the passes he did last year?

Yes, Wilson might get better. But his 26 TDs and 10 INTs, his 100 QB rating and 64.1 percent completion rate were jaw dropping for a rookie. Is he going to be light years better coming off a season when he was already among the league's best?

Luck's numbers weren't nearly as impressive as Wilson's or RG3's. He threw 23 TDs and 18 INTS and completed only 54.1 percent of his passes. But he threw for a whopping 4,374 yards and led seven fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Is he going to lead 10 fourth-quarter comeback victories this season?

Sorry, Sherman's statement is kind of empty.

What I truly hope Tannehill does, other than improve, is climb past a couple of his contemporaries. Sherman should be looking for the kind of improvement that leaves us all saying, Tannehill was better than RG3 or Luck or Wilson.

Or better still ...

Luck took the Colts from the worst record in the NFL to an 11-5 record and the playoffs.

RG3 took the Redskins from a 5-11 record and last place in the NFC East to a division title and the playoffs.

Wilson took the Seattle Seahawks from a 7-9 record in the NFC West to an 11-5 record and the playoffs.

The Dolphins have spent over $178 million in new contracts this year to improve the team. Half of that is guaranteed money. The idea was to put enough talent around Tannehill to make him a better QB.

It would be great if he could match the seasons his three contemporaries had last year -- taking a losing team to the playoffs.

Now, that would be a feat.


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To Me If We Are To Compare T-Hill To Anyone It Is Dan Marino. If He Plans On Being The Best. Not His Contemporaries.

If T-Hill Has A 2nd Season As Bad As Chad Henne. Whichever One Of His Seasons You Chad Henne Matt Moore Fans Like. Sherman And T-Hill Should Be Cut.

M. Sherman Has Coached(Multiple) Top 5 Offenses In The NFL. And Philbin Has As Well.

They Weren't Video Coordinators Before They Got The Job.

M. Sherman Has Been Molding T-Hill For A Minute Now.

M. Sherman Was Also The One Who Said T-Hill Will Have To Compete To Start. Last Season.

He Has Been Known To Make Understatements. He Has Been Known To Make Overstatement.

T-Hill Needs To Have At Least (And These Are All Realistic Stats He Can Reach)

25Tds Passing
10 INTs
60% Passing
400yds Rushing
5 Rushing TDs

But If He Wants To Be The Best Dolphins Qb In History. He Knows What He Has To Do.

I'm hearing the same excuses for Tannehill that I heard for Henne.

Cam Newton called...he wants his first season back...

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust?

NJ, from who? Fans, coaches? And what are those excuses? Henne's gone, Sparano's gone, both Henne's OC's gone, and I assume if Tannehill doesn't show anything he and the coaches and this time the GM will be gone too.

Excuses will probably be made by GM's, Coaches and players to try and save their jobs. But in this league on this team at this time, I don't think ownership is buying any of that. They'll look real foolish asking for a new stadium if the product on the field remains mediocre.

I wonder if T-Sizzle is teaching our offenses WR routes to the new receivers, with Hartlines help of course.
"You gotta sell that in move WALLACE, get it up!"

As a football fan of many yrs I can state that Im sick and tired of the so call
"4th qt come back" and all it in spires. First of all the football game itself last just 4 15min quarters the last being the dreaded 4th. If Im behind by 10 pts.. in the 4th I feel certain by offense can get a win or even 14 down. Theres no QB alive whoever drove the field and won in the 4th qt. It takes a team,,,if that team has a couple of weak links well you ain't gonna win. All "come back" victory's and how does that get its name is still a mystery, all comebacks are due to having an entire team who wants to win not just one puny QB. Mando get real,,,

Armando says: "Being most improved isn't enough for Tannehill"

Let Examine This Using Last Season Rookie TD Totals:

Tannehill 12 tds
RB3 20 tds
Luck 23 tds
Wilson 26 tds

Lets Say all improve by 10 td passes:

Tannehill 22 tds
RG3 30tds
Luck 33tds
Wilson 36 tds

Using this formula, Tannehill has to throw for at least 11 tds to be "most improved" of this rookie class. That still only gives him a total of 23tds. Even if he's twice as good as last season, that's still only 24 tds.

So, even if he's twice as good as last season, 24 tds may squeak us into the playoffs, but little else. If Tannehill is twice as good as last season, he may still need this defense to be twice as good as last season to guarantee playoffs, and make some noise once we get there.

Hence Armando's blog topic:


He'll need great help from our defense too. This is the part that's missing from Armando's blog title.

Unless the season is a COMPLETE disaster, there is no way you tear this thing down in year 3.

Same excuses as we heard for Henne. He's a rookie, he's too inexperienced, he's developing. Not enough weapons. Bad coaching. Limited playbook. Same as I heard about Henne.


Is it a coincidence that those guys were wayyy better because they are on wayyyy better teams??? I think not my man. Cassel won 11 games when he started for the pats all of a sudden he has the worst team in the league. You need talent to be effective. What tannehill did with that team last year was impressive. We will seee if he can take the jump this year.

NJPHIN, the same people that loved Henne love Tannehill. TOO F'N FUNNY! The guy is terrible. A huge dissapointment for a 1st rder.

Same excuses as we heard for Henne. He's a rookie, he's too inexperienced, he's developing. Not enough weapons. Bad coaching. Limited playbook. Same as I heard about Henne.
Posted by: NJPHIN | May 09, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Henne was a 4 year starter at Michigan genius. Not to say there were not excuses made for his play BUT to compare Henne to Tannehill is ignorant and shows what folks maintain the lowest of football IQs.

Mark my words Tannehill will be the most improved and will be in the same ballpark this yesr as RG 3,Luck and wilson and could even have a better season that all of the. He is a great athlete who has very little experience at QB, but has the arm and legs to do just about anything those other guys can do. Someone said it earlier he just needs the experience he's getting now in the off season combined with last year, 22 td's 11 ints. that will ne plenty good to make the playoffs and posibly overtake the Patsys this year.

Unless were going to hack saw off Tannehill arm and insert Luck arm, take the brain outta Tannehill head and insert Luck, we'll me mediocare, if the pup dont bite as a youngin she will never bite.

Poor Mando,

He may actually have to write POSITIVE things about the Dolphins this year! And, those may be some hard words to swallow...er, type. Better dust off the old dictionary and thesaurus, Mando...good is spelled with 2 O's...

Poor Mando,

He may actually have to write POSITIVE things about the Dolphins this year! And, those may be some hard words to swallow...er, type. Better dust off the old dictionary and thesaurus, Mando...good is spelled with 2 O's...


Teams Win Superbowl.

If Marino Would've Had T. Davis Or A. Bradshaw And B. Jacobs. I Think Marino Would've Won More Than 2 Superbowl.

If T-Hill Is As Bad As Flacco We Have A Problem.

If Marino Played For The Bills I Doubt They Lose 4.

Marino And Thurman Thomas.

Who Was The Only Team To Beat The 85 Bears.

Why Do We As Dolphin Fans Know T-Hill Needs Accuracy On The Deep Ball?

We Have All Seen The Perfect Spiral.

P. Manning Is The Closest I Have Ever Seen To It. But Peyton Doesn't Have Enough Oomph Behind It.

Who Here Still Believes Dan Marino Can Still Throw The Football.

That Glucosamine Commercial Would've Been Better With D. Marino. But Marino Didn't Play With R. Lott.

Tannehill cant hold Russel Wilsons jockstrap. No comparison. Matt Moore is better then Tanny. JMHO.

Basically, to become a legit sb contender, Tannehill needs to throw for at least 30 TDS and the DEFENSE NEEDS TO BE TWICE AS GOOD AS LAST SEASON.

Will or can this happen, is anyone's guess right now.

crap column

if the pup dont bite as a youngin she will never bite.
Posted by: Truth | May 09, 2013 at 11:38 AM

If you don't think T-Sizzle bit last year then your as clueless as these other JA's
I mean, how many people ACTUALLY expected T-Sizzle to start the season? He was expected to hold a clip board for a year or two, some even said 3! And while it is true the TD production was mediocre...he bit all year long.
Another one who's IQ comes into question.

Tannehill was rated 29th people. Thats WORSE then Henne ever was. Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs. He was SHUT OUT when Martin played LT, take off the rose colored glasses and stop the kool aid to see clearly. He's just terrible.

Tannehill was rated 29th people. Thats WORSE then Henne ever was. Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs. He was SHUT OUT when Martin played LT, take off the rose colored glasses and stop the kool aid to see clearly. He's just terrible.
Posted by: Fact | May 09, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Henne had 3 years starting experience over T-Sizzle, he also WATCHED for a year to help improved his craft...sooo shove those comments up the blackness of your butthole. Also, the Dolphins OFFENSE has been peeling off 3 and outs and sub par productivity way before T-Sizzle showed up. You people are frakking clueless.

Tannehill ranked 19th last year in total QBR stat ESPN has. Better than cutler, bradford, dalton, flacco and palmer. Don't know if the stat means much or not.

I expect a huge jump thanks to the experience and talent around him. Hoping for 28 TD's combined from passing and running.





cheerio, go get your dirty rotten teeth cleaned wanker. Its just my opinion, in mu country were allowed to give though now go gravel to your queen feet

I Wonder If D. Marino Has Had Any Conversations With T-Hill About Footwork.

Marino Was The Most Mobile Qb In The Pocket.

Hartline And Wallace Are Healthy. No Reason For T-Hill Not To Get His Timing Down.

If He Can Make Hartline A 1K Wr. He Can Definitely Make M. Wallace A 1200yd Wr. 2000 plus Yards From Top 2 WRs. And Hopefully 10+TDs From The Group.

But Me Down At 12-4. 9-7 Would Be A Disappointment.

It's your OPINION but your name is posted as TRUTH...
You're not even allowed to talk to me anymore..

cheerio, give us a favor and go eat a d i c k. Thats the truth wanker

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Didnt you just know that Ireland would bring us another Henne?

if tannehill was rated 29th why dont you go see where luck was rated? wasnt much higher

Im good Truth, thatnks for the offer though. I'm all filled up from devouring your mothers crotch...


Have to give it to cheerio, the probabilities lie that RG3(health) and Wilson(Pistol covered) will decline in their #s this year while Luck will better his. Tannehill should improve his #'s also but by how much it's anybody's guess right now.

Only a got daym european would take pleasure in devouring a older lady's crotch, sik f u c k. Wanker, please go to the dentist and fix though rotten teeth then maybe you can find some crotch to stick you pecker nose in.

I'm optimistic on Tannehill, remember he had much fewer starts under his belt than his competition did coming out of college, he can only grow at a faster rate. He showed some great signs last year, he has everything that is needed and he now has weapons and a top 10 possibly top 5 defense. On paper this is the perfect storm for Ryan, lets see if he can turn this into our year!!!

We knew going in Tannehill was less experienced than other rookies. It allowed us to get additional high draft picks, while training our franchise quarterback.
I think we can win 10-11 games this year and make the playoffs.

People comparing Tannehill to Henne are total morons.

Henne was a 4yr college starter. Tannehill just barely a season and a half.

Henne had the luxury of sitting behind Chad Pennington for an "ENTIRE" season. Tannehill sat behind no one for an entire week, let alone season.

Just these two very important factors alone suggests that Tannehill had half as much of starting college experience as Henne, and became a nfl starter twice as fast.

Henne had only 12 tds passing after sitting a year on the bench. Tannehill matched that day one as a starter. henne had only 15 tds passing year 2 as a starter. I fully expect Tannehill to surpass that in his year 2 as a starter.


Older lady crotch is my specialty yo! Don't hate the sweet taste of a well aged wine. I suggest you try it some time. It will be an upgrade for you versus walking those sheep up to the cliff....

Dashi, that post wasn't meant to be a knock on Marino, it was meant to be a knock on the organization for not putting a SB-worthy team together. I agree football is a team game, so if we have an above average QB (even if not elite) we can still win SBs if the team around him is sufficient (see Baltimore, Giants, Steelers, etc.). I don't care about have the best player at any particular position, I just care about RINGS!!! Now if we have the best player, and they still get rings, then that's just the icing on the cake.

That's also not to say I don't want an elite QB. I do. I want Brady. I'm just not holding my breath that Tannehill is going to be that.

Remember Tannehill has acquired deep threats in Wallace and Keller but has lost Bess and Bush. Will the replacements for these 2 will be = or better? This will also factor in T-Hill's improvement this Year. It is a Team Game.

We can probably go as high as 9-7 by Tannehill throwing twice as many 2013 passing tds(24) as he threw in 2012(12) alone.

Howvever, any win over 9 wins, will greatly depend how well this "new" defense performs. If we get "championship caliber" performance from this 'new defense". Then even 12 2013 wins isn't totally out of the question.

Not to mention Tannehill has more athletic ability in his left nut than Henne has in his entire body.

cheerio, no thanks I'll leave the old hags to you. I rather not my vaginas to be worn out

Well, Tannehill got the talkin part done.

His 2nd Season Is Going To Have To Be Better Than Dan Marinos.

Posted by: Dashi | May 09, 2013 at 10:30 AM

How ridiculous is this statement??? Marinos 2nd season was one of the very best in NFL history.

Some of these bloggers have their heads way up their rear ends.

LV says 7-9 at this moment. Hmm...

Henne > Tannehill


Truth has no idea how a vag-ina actually works...

Doubtful the Fins win 7 next season. Way too many changes and questionmarks. It often takes years to operate as a cohesive unit. 5-11 wouldnt be too terrible with all those changes at once.

His 2nd Season Is Going To Have To Be Better Than Dan Marinos.

Posted by: Dashi | May 09, 2013 at 10:30 AM

How ridiculous is this statement??? Marinos 2nd season was one of the very best in NFL history.

Some of these bloggers have their heads way up their rear ends.

Remember, this guy is right 98% of the time. Clearly he's totally dyslexic, actually he's wrong 98% of the time.

The 2% he is right can be truly chalked up to "even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut". LOL....

That's an interesting point, Dashi, about the true measure of a skill player's success being yards per attempt (rushes or receptions). Your next point--that therefore it's better to pass--got me thinking as well.

But I think it might be more complicated than comparing yards/catch and yards/run. Seems to me that a receivers total targets should be factored in, because if you only count catches, you give a wideout a pass on drops or poorly run routes.

Wallace's career ypc is 17.2, which is great. On 407 career targets, however, his yards/target is 9.9. You might even take it a step further and say that one should factor in all pass attempts while a player is on the field. I could see an argument for that, but it might be too far, I can see the counter arguments, and I don't have the data.

Any case, we are aware that this is becoming a pass-first league, but I don't think it was as clear cut as you made it out to be. Interesting stuff though.

Also looks like the atart will be 1-4 at best with their schedule.

Henne had Sparano...
T-Hill has Philbin... enough said!

the jury is still out on Ryan but he's in a way better situation.
and yes, QB leauge so better play needed out of him but its the most team sport out of all sports..improvement across the board!

I agree with Vegas Mike, I would be extremely happy about 7 wins next season. With an 8-8 record I would be over the moon and ready to give Philbin/Ireland lifetime contracts. More realistically we are looking at a 5 or 6 win season. The season after that I would want at least 9 wins though. Too much to expect such a young qb and a whole bunch of new players to gel right away, and the schedule early is BRUTAL, which will put them in a whole and force panic.

Posted by: Joe Hill | May 09, 2013 at 12:27 PM

The rest of the blog never goes through these great length to only say:

"Dashi, you're an idiot".

See how short, sweet, and exactly to the point that was? You'll learn. LOL...

With the Dolphin's tough schedule, and all of Tannehill's problems in improving, anything better than a 3-13 finish would be a great achievement, and a vindication of all of Jeff Ireland's personnel moves, and merits a long term contract extension.

I think Amando is taking a very simple view of shermans commment.

Of course a % improvement has the potential to be much bigger if you start at a relatively low number (e.g. 12 - 24 TDs is a 100% improvement).

This is very obvious and can't be all Sherman meant. Inherent in the statement 'most improved' is a condition that Tannehill will reach a level more comparible with the better QBs in the league. Otherwise you could argue that any improvement that doesn't lift Thill above average shouldn't be considered improvement at all but rather stated as 'less poor'. Sherman didn't say Thills play would be 'least poor' compared to last season, he said 'most improved'.

Nor did Amando consider the different situations for each team, and the relative college experience between Thill and his contempories. with that in mind this post was kind of empty.

Slow news day Amando?

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