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Bryant McKinnie to the Ravens

He visited the Dolphins. Then he visited the Chargers. He got offers from both. So, of course, it makes sense the Baltimore Ravens landed Bryant McKinnie.

The Super Bowl champions had been hovering over the negotiations for the veteran left tackle the entire time -- in stealth mode, so to speak. And when neither the Dolphins nor the Chargers offered significant deals to the former University of Miami player, he went back to the team with which he spent the last two years.


The Ravens announced the deal is for two years.

McKinnie, 33, did not start any games during the regular season last year. Basically, he was fat and out of shape the entire season. He was also in offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's doghouse. But Cameron was fired late in the season and McKinnie got in shape.

He was then inserted into the starting lineup for the playoffs and neutralized talented pass rushers Dwight Freeney (Colts), Von Miller (Broncos) and Aldon Smith (49ers).

The Dolphins were shopping for McKinnie because they believed they could get him as either a starter or experienced backup to Jonathan Martin. The club is also trying to sign a veteran right tackle.

Despite their apparent need, the Dolphins didn't want to overspend for McKinnie. His camp told The Miami Herald they were never in the same ballpark with the Dolphins. And the offer from San Diego wasn't any more appealing, obviously.

By the way, Jared Gaither, cut by the Chargers earlier this year is still on the market. But The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting the Dolphins have shown no interest in him as of this afternoon.


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I love it. The prodigal son returns home.

he was our least likely candidate, so this doesn't bother me.
It'll bother me less when SOMEONE is signed.

well.....there goes one option .....

Good for McKinnie.

In other news.....

JETS. ha ha!


I think this guy is going to tank harder than Jamarcus Russell. not because of this attitude issue, ...but it helps.

I guess McKinnie wanted to stay in Baltimore. Unbelievably well played by his.

Okay...Now what???

They have a LT Martin what they need is a RT. Amazing how you continue to write about the same topic over and over to get your clicks. Alert us when you have some real definitive news on who the phins are signing.

trade for Monroe

GEEZ Ireland is clueless. And now desperate!

Martin is a turnstile at LT. I feel sorry for Tanny if thats our LT.

Sign a freakin LT already, WTH is taking so long to sign Winston, he cant be asking for more than 6 million a year

Winston is a RT, so is Clabo...And 6M seems steep considering that we have some 9m left in cap space and we haven't signed any of our picks yet

Martin played 4 games at LT small sample size to measure. He was a 2nd rd pick and was graded by some to be a late 1st the only knock on him was he needed to get stronger by all accounts he has done that this off season. Also the teams that drafted a LT this year may be willing to trade for their old ones, be patient Ireland knows alot more than all of us. I forgot how little educated Salguero's followers are.


I was talking to Mark about this yesterday. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why if McKinnie still had it (which a lot of people have said he still does), why the Ravens were prepared to let him go. I said to Mark yesterday that 'something doesn't make sense'. Well it's clear now that the Ravens were sitting and weighting and wanted to see what other teams would do before they made their move. Well played by them. They got their guy back and probably didn't overspend.

I said yesterday, if Monroe and Peters aren't going to be options, we should just sign Winston. I'll stick to that idea for now.

Interesting read on PFF, "Examining Pressure, Are LT's Overvalued?"/

You guys should really educate yourselves on this one. That includes you too Armando.


The Dolphins get another $12 million in cap space on June 1st from the Dansby/Burnett/Bess moves.

I know Mike, most of them are idiots who think they are GM's/coaches. Truth be told not one of them is fit to lead anybody and or take charge of anything

Great players greatly change the game. Which Lawrence Taylor did lining up over LT's. It was Taylor who brought about the need for a great pass protecting LT.

If you copy and paste the link in my last post. You'll find its now nfl trend to line their best pass rushers up over the RT's, not the LT's.

Because so much is now invested in making sure the LT is now the best pass protector. DC's now go after the "perceived weak link" by placing their best pass rusher over RT, not LT.

This is fast becoming the new nfl trend. Posters here need catch up, including Armando.

The PFF article also goes on to state, that if a guy cant play LT in today's changing nfl. you may as well move him to OG, because chances are he wont play RT very well either.

I look forward to hearing how the fact we didn't sign McKinnie is 'catastrophic' from the peons, in the same way that trading Bess and not drafting a 4th round WR have ruined what ever chance we had of making the playoffs.

There goes all your arguments about Ozzie not wanting McKinnie.

How many times did we read that If Ozzie doesn't want him, what does that tell you?

Yesterday alone I read it 20 times!

Well, I'm glad we didn't sign him, you know, seeing how Ozzie feels about him(DRIPPING SARCASM).

According to PFF Grades:

Eugene Monroe +21.0
Jake Long -0.4
Jonathan Martin -22.0

Seems Eugene Monroe is the best available OT.

Geno Smith is blaming his now former agents for his falling all the way into the second round of this year’s NFL draft. But it appears he might actually be the one at fault.

Smith, who finally came off the board at No. 39 to the New York Jets, fired his agents after the draft-day slide. But some league executive seemed unimpressed with Smith, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

The sources described Smith as having a bad attitude and even accused him of spending too much time on his phone instead of paying attention to coaches.

“His biggest problem is that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know,” said one league executive. “I’m not sure he knows how to take instruction because he pretty much wouldn’t listen or talk to our coaches.”

The same accusation came from another league executive, who claimed that Smith was something of a loner during his visit to their facility.

“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one of the sources said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.”

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The overwhelming perception wasn’t that people around the league didn’t like Smith, rather, that they worried about his personality and how players would react to him in the locker room.

“He doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader,” said another league executive. “I don’t think he’s a bad person, but that’s not enough to be a quarterback in this league.”

The Jets better hope that all the criticisms of Smith are mere accusations rather than truth. They’ve had enough behavioral issues in their locker room over the past few years, and by the sounds of it, Geno won’t be mending any of those fences.

Here are the 10 most overvalued offensive tackles from 2012:

1. Jake Long, Miami Dolphins

2012 Cap Hit: $12.8m
2012 Performance Based Value: $1.2m
Value Differential: -$11.6

There are plenty of factors that play into Long being our most overvalued offensive tackle of 2012. For starters, he played in just 12 games and was in the final year of a monster contract that he received as a former first-overall draft pick under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement. Beyond that, however, he just wasn’t very good last year. Ranking 46th among all offensive tackles, Long had a particularly poor outing against the Indianapolis Colts, but — as his 95.7 Pass Blocking Efficiency (PBE) Rating suggests — his struggled were year long, preventing him from coming close to that astronomical valuation.

shula 73 is has to be a jet or pat fan. Get outta here!!!!!


That was me who was saying there must be something wrong with McKinnie if he didn't want to re-sign him. It didn't make sense to me that the guy could do such a good job in the playoffs last year and yet they didn't want him back. It's clear now they were waiting to see what the best offer he'd get before making a decision. Smart move.

In all reality, he was the best option...the O-line was awesome during the playoffs.

The Dolphins still have $14 million in cap space right now, and that number will increase by about $7 million one Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett come off the books after June 1.

I am Starting To Believe Ireland Already Has The O-Line He Wants.

All This Is Just A Smokescreen.

The Fins Will Start The 5 Best Linemen On The Team.

During 2012, I forget which poster, but a poster here repeatedly Jake Long was out to get Ryan Tannehill injured. At the time I thought it was pure hogwash.

Now that I read PFF say he was the #1 overrated LT of the entire 2012 season, in terms of value vs play. I now tend to agree.

Pff says:

1. Jake Long, Miami Dolphins

2012 Cap Hit: $12.8m
2012 Performance Based Value: $1.2m
Value Differential: -$11.6

$12.8 million in pay, for $1.2 million in play, is a whopping $11.6 million in differential/


Ross wants Public to overpay for his sandbox renovations but he, through Ireland, refuses to "Overpay" for the ability to keep Tannehill upright.

Debacle-in-the-making for the offense this year.

Maybe D Jordan will get out of his sick bed and switch to o-line.

Shame on you Jeffy.

Dashi??? Huh, what are you talking about, smokescreen?? What would be the purpose of a "smokescreen" here? This team has the cap space and will sign Clabo or Winston IMO. There is no "smokescreen" here.


That article was posted here a few times a couple of weeks back.

You don't need to start posting it again every blog as though you found something.

You are late to the game.

I look forward to hearing how the fact we didn't sign McKinnie is 'catastrophic' from the peons, in the same way that trading Bess and not drafting a 4th round WR have ruined what ever chance we had of making the playoffs.

Posted by: Craig M | May 02, 2013 at 05:12 PM

This coming from the schlep who said if the rasvens don't want him & Newsome is so awesome, it should give us pause.

That Ross is a cheap SOB that wont pay for good players, a good GM, or to renovate his own stadium.

the few regulars you find here every day are blind to their idiocy.

craig m always eager to point out who was wrong

dashe always eager to point out he was right

odin always eager to cut and past troll blabber

yesterday always certain he knows everything up until he changes he mind to the complete opposite, or simply reverting to blogging like a spoiled 5 year old.

dusty - always saying hilarious to mock others....but never to himself when he is wrong.

there are about 5 others who also collectively are dumber than bubble gum, but they think they are smart...compared to their pets maybe.

What we need is an acorn at the left tackle spot.

You guys may have already seen the following story. I just ran across it:

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports Branden Albert trade talks are "dead," and that the Chiefs will now focus on signing Albert long-term.
Per Rapoport, the Dolphins never offered more than a third-round pick for Albert despite rampant speculation they were willing to part with a second. Killing the talks makes little sense for either side. It means the Dolphins will enter 2013 with a major question mark on Ryan Tannehill's blindside, while the Chiefs will be playing a legitimate left tackle — a rarity — in either Albert or No. 1 pick Eric Fisher at right tackle. Perhaps this is one last leverage play by the Chiefs for a 2014 second-rounder. If long-term talks are actually happening, Albert isn't going to settle for right-tackle money, which has been spectacularly weak this offseason. The sides have until July 15 to reach an accord.

Nice FYI!!!!

Quoted Craig verbatim!!!



Long term for Albert!!!! Yeah ok!!!!

People will believe anything!

The truth is Ireland wants to sign guys for competition. He is not going to sign any multi year deals with guaranteed money. He wants to have the ability to cut Any player after training camp with no cap hit.

Back to reading my posts again, eh FYI??

You just can't help yourself can you? Despite REPEATEDLY saying you 'don't read you're posts', there you are again commenting on it. Care to explain how you do that?

Do you bring ANYTHING to the blog or are you just some moron that sits in the weeds waiting to pounce. Never mind....we already know the answer to that.

I'll wait for your reply (to my post which you never read.....wink! wink!).

Bane, yes it is important for Ireland to be able to cut any player because 90% of the players he brings in stink.

I know many of you are optimistic about the season after our draft. Let's not forget, better teams than us had a draft too.

Let's not assume anything before we see the results.

Ya really gotta be delusional to be optimistic about the upcoming season in Miami....or....just a football novice. 12 new starters never bodes well.

Most likely this is the last year for Ireland, Philbin and Tannestall.

I really didn't want McDrunky on our team anyway. What do you think of the UDFA we signed?

Miami Dolphins
Findlay QB Clay Belton; Southern Illinois OL Eric Bergman; Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis; Old Dominion DL Chris Burnette; Oregon LB Michael Clay; Mount Union WR Jasper Collins; Mount Union WR Chris Denton; Maryland DT A.J. Francis; Arkansas LB Alonzo Highsmith; Arizona State S Keelan Johnson; Michigan S Jordan Kovacs; Arizona State RB Cameron Marshall; Georgetown LB Rob McCabe; BYU LB Brandon Ogletree; Northern Iowa WR Terrell Sinkfield; Arkansas State WR Taylor Stockemer

Oh man, the Jets blew it again! Hahaha Geno Smith is going to be a disaster. Oh well, they had their two years in the spotlight and now it's back to 40 years of garbage. 'Lets face it', Rex Ryan will be fired in December.


Ireland Wasn't Getting A LT All Along.

Who Is Ireland Smokescreening Now?

The Fans.

The Fan Base Will Go Rabid If They Knew Ireland Was Going To Answer The OT's Position With What Was On The Roster Last Year. Martin And Yeatman At LT. And Gardner And Probably Jerry A RT.

Notice Ireland Picked Up 2 OGs This Offseason and Zero Tackles. Louis And D. Thomas Will Compete For Playing Time At OG.

Ireland Isn't Going To Waste Cap Space On Progress Stoppers.

If He Signs A Free Agent RT It Will Be For The Minimum and The Guy Is Going To Have To Compete For The RT Position.

Reason McKinnie and Winston Might Not Want The Job. It Isn't a Sure Thing.

and now it's back to 40 years of garbage.

Posted by: Phins78 | May 02, 2013 at 07:22 PM

Just like your posts..................

I just can't believe the O-line is still in shambles, after how many years now? If Martin starts at LT, I see another 7-9 season, maybe 8-8 if we're lucky. Moore will start for the injured Tannehill.

Just give up the 2nd round pick already and get Brandon Albert, sign Winston or Clabo, and let camp decide where the pieces fall. Do it now so I can rest easy and GET SOME SLEEP!

Said it once, I'll say it again, The current roster says 7 and 9(Again), Bu you never know.

Hi Dashi!

Trying to drive down the price of Winston, that's all.

Not the first time I am mentioning this but...to those of you who lost faith in J. Martin, I suggest you take a whole ten minutes to go back and read the scouting reports on him. They are stellar. He likely would have been taken before Lane Johnson in this draft. Several scouting sites had him in the top half of the first round.

Last year he played a new position on a team with an entirely new coaching staff. It is difficult to judge any rookie in that situation. They may see more upside in him than any of us realize, and for this reason Ireland was only looking for an experienced LT at a team friendly price.

We will see soon enough.



Our O line is fine

Martin was a LT in college

He spent all summer getting stronger

You have NO CLUE about this O Line

I don't need outdated reports on Martin, or knowledge of the fact that he played LT in college.

The facts are that he stunk at LT when he played it for us last year, and that Tannehill & several running backs blown-up in the backfield had their lives endangered by his pi$$-poor play.

Yep, players never get better, stronger or improve

Martin should have stepped right in for Long

And been SUPER LEFT TACKLE!!!!!!!

That's how it works


Go back to Madden

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