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Bryant McKinnie to the Ravens

He visited the Dolphins. Then he visited the Chargers. He got offers from both. So, of course, it makes sense the Baltimore Ravens landed Bryant McKinnie.

The Super Bowl champions had been hovering over the negotiations for the veteran left tackle the entire time -- in stealth mode, so to speak. And when neither the Dolphins nor the Chargers offered significant deals to the former University of Miami player, he went back to the team with which he spent the last two years.


The Ravens announced the deal is for two years.

McKinnie, 33, did not start any games during the regular season last year. Basically, he was fat and out of shape the entire season. He was also in offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's doghouse. But Cameron was fired late in the season and McKinnie got in shape.

He was then inserted into the starting lineup for the playoffs and neutralized talented pass rushers Dwight Freeney (Colts), Von Miller (Broncos) and Aldon Smith (49ers).

The Dolphins were shopping for McKinnie because they believed they could get him as either a starter or experienced backup to Jonathan Martin. The club is also trying to sign a veteran right tackle.

Despite their apparent need, the Dolphins didn't want to overspend for McKinnie. His camp told The Miami Herald they were never in the same ballpark with the Dolphins. And the offer from San Diego wasn't any more appealing, obviously.

By the way, Jared Gaither, cut by the Chargers earlier this year is still on the market. But The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting the Dolphins have shown no interest in him as of this afternoon.


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@ MIke...it is a beautiful ballpark...now they need a team that will attract the fans to fill it....

..I bet you could play football in there..hmmmmm

I know... you flip from Salt to Sugar. I know you.

You ignoring us Dashi?
You weren't last night.


I see that a patient of yours in running lose and unsupervised in this blog.

Just pull up your patients record. Im sure you'll find a:


YG has clearly suffered some new trauma or some new realization..that perhaps, his yesterdays are gone. and his todays are nothing pretty.

Posted by: Freddie Freud | May 02, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Ross has a lot of nerve asking for handouts when he hasnt shown he can even have one winning season. And he's worth 4.4 BILIION!!!!!

Nahhh, Dashi, all that land around there was bought by some Transnationals. But they are very reasonable People and I'm sure they would understand our wish to build the New Dolphins Stadium in those lands. I'm sure.

Martin has a better year than both McKinney and Albert this season. Bank on it.



How many years did you have to patiently work with Freddy Freud, before he began to accept that his first name wasn't really Sigmund?

Also, how many more years before Freddy drops the Freud?


Hard to keep fans when they dont keep any player more then 3 years.

oscar, keep tutoring dashi, he is young and naive and judging on that which he does not understand.

TFK...from your lips to God's ears...




Yesterday concedes defeat, without even realizing it. Now that is a beaten man.


Posted by: Buster | May 02, 2013 at 09:19 PM

I knew that you were genetically incline to get it right. I wasn't speaking of yo' momma, I was speaking of "yo' momma in general.

Guilty conscience?

Yesterday concedes defeat, without even realizing it. Now that is a beaten man.

Posted by: Freddie Freud | May 02, 2013 at 09:21 PM

Did you learn this in therapy from Dr. Oscar?

Oscar...the boy typed "running lose"..instead of "running loose"..
..isn't that a common Latin based mistake? you, being the Language and Culture impresario would know....

Tanny will get killed with Martin at LT.

Yesterday is now officially and forever in that pile of Craig M's and Odin's of the world. There can be no denying. LOL.

Time for him to find a new blog and a new name, maybe Limpo is Dead.

Yes 2 cents....the Marlins do have a penchant for change...to say the least

Geez..Altfin...let's hope not....


Well Paid And Well Funded By The Cuban Mafia.

And I'm Serious. They Renamed All The Streets Around The Orange Bowl. To Whoever They Felt Like. The Names Have No Historical Significance. Or Voted On By The Public.

I Love Miami. But I Can't Stand The Corruption.


Ive figured why your dad named you Buster. Its what the mailman did to your mother while inseminating her with you.

And your dad watched.

We can see much personal frustration in Yesterday's posts. He sees these young desirable women, of a quality he never had, and knows now for sure he will never have them, and it hurts. So he takes it out whenever and wherever he can, like here on the blog.

Dr. Oscar,

Will you please reel Freddy Freud back in?

YG....you see how debase an individual you are? Stooping to gutter talk, just because you have run out of logical replies....so immature...

hey..why not take a few swipes at my sister while your at it? That would be appropriate for a miscreant like you....

Yesterdays contrived pomousness is nothing but pure envy in disguise.

Yesterdays contrived pompousness is nothing but pure envy in disguise.

Yesterday's mistake is to underestimate others that see more than he does.

Posted by: Buster | May 02, 2013 at 09:29 PM

Why, you silver tongued devil you...... LOL...

oscar how many aliases do you have? 100?


I Have From Good Sources That Buildings Are Going Up Where The Herald Use To Be. I Know A Couple Contractors.

They Were Originally Going To Put A $800 Mil Casino. But Now They Are Going To Put A Couple High Rises there.

Oh, and Thank The Commissioners On That To. They Shot The First Proposal Down.

Yeah, Freddie..not to mention his pompousness...but I get your point, and it is well taken

Yesterday talks
Yesterday spouts
Yesterday flips
Yesterday hides
Yesterday runs behind a life he denies.

Yesterday's mistake is to underestimate others that see more than he does.

Posted by: Freddie Freud | May 02, 2013 at 09:31 PM

Now, if we could only get you to apply the great things you learn in therapy!

There is more than an 80% probability that YG, Dashi and odin are the same Person behind those posts. This coming from a Scientist.

Yesterday is

YG and Odin same person?

I wish i could stay here and verbally batter him all night, but I (unlike him) have a life, and need to get back to t.

But it's been really sick....laters...ciao...

Yeah, Freddie..not to mention his pompousness...but I get your point, and it is well taken

Posted by: Buster | May 02, 2013 at 09:32 PM


Oscar now has you chasing his alias. Ever wonder why oscar hasn't replied to dashi yet?

He's busy using the Freddy Freud alias dumb-dumb! LOL...


When's ALoco coming out to play? LOL...

Yesterday exhibits the hostilie immaturity of a man (ex-man) who does not respond to VVViagra.

oscar where's dusty lol


You come rushing to the rescue of dashe and kris all the time, why not for YG?


Hell, where's Oscar?

Odin and Dashi are the same person

Freddy Freud,

Changing one's last name from Kruger to Freud, once entering therapy, is no a sign of true change.

Yesterday is struggling to be clever, and failing. He is outmatched

It is time for yesterday to say goodnight and hope the masses didn't see this exchange, or forget it,

He has been reduced to sniveling drivel.

It is time for yesterday to say goodnight and hope the masses didn't see this exchange, or forget it,

He has been reduced to sniveling drivel.

Posted by: Freddie Freud | May 02, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Sounds as if youre ready to change back into Oscar. LOL...


Try again.

I am very proud of Broward County. They were way too smart to fall for Ross's charade.R

Friends of the blog,

You can now see clearly that Yesterday has been exposed as just another immature pouting nobody starved for attention.

Don't let him ridicule you, for it is only a defense mechanism to shield the truth about his own insecurities that are growing more so day by day.

If you want to reduce troll count on this board, engage one in long diatribe. It reduces troll count to ONE.

Because sooner or later after long engagement, the troll(Oscar) tires of signing in and out of various troll names.

Buenas Noches

Friends of the blog,

Posted by: Freddie Freud | May 02, 2013 at 09:53 PM

"Friends of blog"?

Is this a SOS call to all of your aliases? LOL...

We can always make them an Offer they can't refuse...but without Violence.

I knew YG was very insecure when he says goodbye but doesnt leave.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 02, 2013 at 09:57 PM

Posted by: ..Ralph | May 02, 2013 at 09:57 PM

Noptice the exact time stamps. Another Oscar Nolan 101mph fastball! LOL...

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