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Bryant McKinnie to the Ravens

He visited the Dolphins. Then he visited the Chargers. He got offers from both. So, of course, it makes sense the Baltimore Ravens landed Bryant McKinnie.

The Super Bowl champions had been hovering over the negotiations for the veteran left tackle the entire time -- in stealth mode, so to speak. And when neither the Dolphins nor the Chargers offered significant deals to the former University of Miami player, he went back to the team with which he spent the last two years.


The Ravens announced the deal is for two years.

McKinnie, 33, did not start any games during the regular season last year. Basically, he was fat and out of shape the entire season. He was also in offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's doghouse. But Cameron was fired late in the season and McKinnie got in shape.

He was then inserted into the starting lineup for the playoffs and neutralized talented pass rushers Dwight Freeney (Colts), Von Miller (Broncos) and Aldon Smith (49ers).

The Dolphins were shopping for McKinnie because they believed they could get him as either a starter or experienced backup to Jonathan Martin. The club is also trying to sign a veteran right tackle.

Despite their apparent need, the Dolphins didn't want to overspend for McKinnie. His camp told The Miami Herald they were never in the same ballpark with the Dolphins. And the offer from San Diego wasn't any more appealing, obviously.

By the way, Jared Gaither, cut by the Chargers earlier this year is still on the market. But The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting the Dolphins have shown no interest in him as of this afternoon.


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It's pretty certain that now that McKinney is out of the Game, Winston will be signed shortly. Unless Ireland has "another card up his sleeve", which I don't think he has.

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If I were Jeff Ireland, after getting the O-line settled, I would seriously consider signing John Abraham, at least to a one year deal. Think about it, if you want to get after Brady, this is a guy that can still do it. Also he would be an excellent mentor to Jordan and Vernon. More pass rushers... better. You can substitute more often so they would stay fresh. And think of the added bonus of Jonathin Martin practicing against this guy. He would make both tackles that much better. I also want to be the first to say- there is one other guy out there that might eventually become available some day, that is a no brainer for the Fins. His name? MAURICE JONES-DREW!!! Imagine having this quality running back behing Tannehill. WOW!

: notsotiredfinfananymore | May 02, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Really, REALLY dumb post by another clueless naive blogger that couldn't even scoop the toe jam out of the coaching staffs toes.

Martin's STAN HC Shaw worked with him all offseason and said is ready to take over the LT spot. Watched replay of week 14 and 15 and JM owned it.The job should be his but depth is needed. Jerry can be at least solid at RT and when you watch film 11 and 12 there is vast improvement.

Martin wasnt even good at RT....

On the blitcher-report there is an article of some interest. It concerns the players that may be cut from various teams.
While some of them seem to be some what a reach, others are quite feasible.
The idea that I got from this article is:
This year, being the first real year under the new union agreement, may actually provide some veteran talent that in past years would have been protected.
The new agreement, as I am sure most of you realize, allows teams to bring in new talent at a much more economical and structured price.
This puts a whole new light on the FA market.

They, as many others that I heard comment, think Egnew is on the bubble. I think Egnew will be an integral proponent in this year's game plan.

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I saw where some(Armando) cast dispersions on Gillislee. He pointed out his physical inequities.
I Cannot say for a fact that he will be superstar, but I think he is a good football player. This type of RB is an asset. He reminds me of Tony Nathan.
Nathan was not a superstar, but he was a player that was highly valuable for his diversity.

Here we are again in day whatever of the never ending Tackle saga +1....minus one candidate. Never thought the old fat out of shape McKinnie was a good fit anyway. I'm kind of glad it didn't work out he would have been an awful example for the young players on the team. Sure he's very good when motivated but would he have been worth it? Nope. JI if you would make up your mind already...the options will disappear quickly.

BTW...we aren't the only ones suffering from the WTH to do at Tackle question. It's so damn funny the Chiefs are playing #1 pick Fisher at RT and Albert at LT. All they had to do is accept the 3rd Ireland was offering. Now Albert will likely walk next yr and get nothing. I give JI credit for saying no. What a debacle the Chiefs created and they couldn't have handled this whole thing any worse.

Odin and Craig M....

Odin....I have to agree with you @ 5:15 PM yesterday.....

yhe argument of "if his team doesn't want hm back...then why should we"...is among the dumbest ever to be made...and I said as muh to Armando a few weeks back....the argument is rarely accurate...and in most cases....the team does want a player back...they just have a price point @ which the TEAM feels is fair....sometimes the deal gets done...many times it doesn't....this time it did....

What I am saying is this....you can neither VINDICATE your argument...or be VINDICATED by the moves that OTHER TEAMS make or DON'T make....

Ireland will be judged on what he does....PERIOD....what Ireland doesn't do...can be WHAT IF'd to death....but what he does is the proof in the pudding....and can be factually judged and discussed/debated with TRUE substance....

Word on the stree now...is that Albert is workng on a new deal with the Chiefs...does that make you guys want him MORE now....

I think we may see Martin @ LT...and if that is the case....then I appauld Ireland for drafting for the future....

Very quiet on the blog this morning!



Links RE: my 7:22 post....

Can't blame Ireland for everything. Long was severely underproducing last season, Albert was injured, too expensive, and cost draft picks, and McKinnie is a South Beach bar fly who decided to only start trying when the OC got fired in Baltimore. Plenty of options still remain including Martin, who played as good a LT as Long did last year and will only get better there. Once again I credit Ireland for not panicking.


I don't want albert any more than I did before and I don't buy a lot of the crap coming out of KC right now. The word is they are going to sign him to a long term deal. Let's see it then. The word is they are going to play Fisher at RT. Ok, show me. Has a team EVER drafted a RT first overall? I can't think of one. They're full of shyte! It's all posturing, IMO. So they can go ahead and sign KC to a long term deal at $9 mil a year. Let's see how long that lasts. It's only a matter of time before Fisher is a better LT anyways. So if they want to play the lesser guy at LT and waste Fisher at RT, go for it. Or if they want move Albert to RT at $9 mil a year, good luck!!

I'm not really buying any of the crap that's coming out of KC these days, so be it.

Rookie camp starts this weekend. Too bad Jordan and Thomas are recovering from surgeries. Does anyone know if Taylor has any restrictions?

Congratulations to the Chiefs for using a #1 pick on an RT. Nothing like paying for 2 LT's and using the #1 on position you already had covered. Go ahead and sign Albert to an extension. I didn't want the guy enough to pay him 9 or 10 mil a year and give up our 2nd rd pick. Obviously neither did JI.

Well so much for all those who said McKinnie must not be worth much because his own team doesn't even want him.....not sure who was spewing that nonsense for the past week? But in the end....it's nonsense.

Players who can truly play NFL level OT are RARE. They have enormous pressure put upon them and they are challenged usually by freak athletes who are trying to tear the head off their QB's. Their mistakes are immediately exposed for the world to see. The many many things they do correct are usually never commented on during a full season.

So, regardless of who it is Long, McKinnie, Albert, Winston, Clabo, etc....If they are or have been considered 'top talent' or even 'solid' you have to respect them and appreciate that they are LIKELY a good addition to your team. OT's who have been starters for 5 or more years have earned their stripes and should be strongly considered. Especially when your team is comprised of young and inexperienced OT's.

The only downside to these players is when they have shown real decline in their performances due to injuries (Long) or age (Colombo). That is when their salaries vs. performance have to be considered and weighed. I still support letting Long go. His pay for his performance seemed to be out of line. But we do NEED experienced OT's.


Not getting McKinnie is not the 'end of the world' but it's one less experienced LT that won't be playing for the Fins this year. I really hope they land Winston and/or
Clabo. This team needs experienced OT's badly. Not sure who is realistically an option at LT at this point? I hope Martin is ready for the primetime spotlights.


I was the one saying the Ravens didn't want McKinnie and it's not nonsense. Something didn't add up. Why if he was so good would they not run and sign him. It's clear now that they were waiting to see what the market was for him and he took the best offer back to the Ravens. They played eveyone and good for them. Both parties are likely happy.

Craig M....

Good post....and good points...."has a team ever drafted a RT #1"...good question....and we shall see....

my money says...in this case yes.....Fiher wll be the RT (barring inkury to Albert)....for @ least the fist 10 games of the season....next year...Albert walks...Fisher moves over....

BTW....didn't Dusty tell us this was a DONE DEAL like a month ago...HILLARIOUS.....


Miami was NEVER going to get McKinnie, and for one reason and one reason alone (which I do not agree with), Joe Philbin ONLY wants "high-character" guys. I'm not saying I was 100% for McKinnie (he was preferable to me because I don't want to give away a high draft pick for a stopgap like Albert), but McKinnie's history was not going to jive with the culture Philbin's trying to bring here.

Look, if it works, and Miami turns the corner, then I'll be absolutely thankful for Joe Philbin. But if you limit yourself to only 1 set of athletes, while other teams are open to anyone who can play, then I don't see eventually how that doesn't come back to bite you in the arse. Take Baltimore as a perfect example. They aren't all angels, yet all they do is win.

We'll see how stringent Philbin is. We've got some trash talkers on the team, not too sure he cares about that. But for some of the more brash athletes (i.e. diva WRs, CBs) might get passed over simply because of not fitting into the mold instead of weighing that against the talent they would bring to the team. IF we can do it Philbin's way, like I said, great. IF not, many will be critical of that stiffness as a reason we don't get to where we want to be (perennial Playoff contenders).

Will W. Davis be A Better Pro than T. Mathieu?

More than likely.


Apparently I was 'dumb' and a 'clown' for not realizing the deal with Albert and Miami was done. Preached to me over and over again, how it was done.

Not sure how he's able to continue to show his face here. He pulled the came crap that 'Cowher was the next HC. Done deal', then it was Harbaugh, then it was 'Sparano's done', then it was 'Ireland's done', then it was 'Henne will never start another game in the NFL'.

He couldn't be more wrong if he tried. Zero credibility.

Jake Was Gone As Soon As We Didn't Sign C. Henne. That To Dashi Is 1 Of The Main Reasons Jake Didn't Want To Be A Dolphin. He Felt They Did His Boy Wrong.

Well, meet your new left tackle, Johnathan Martin. Tannehill should go get blessed by the local Cardinal before the season starts.

Craig, you lvoe calling people out so what do you say now that the Ravens signed him for two years? Still can't play left tackle? Wouldn't be a safer bet than DJ Jazzy Jeff that we have manning the left tackle spot right now?

I hope the team knows what they're doing ...

Ross changed the logo and uniforms to extract more money from fans buying new gear.

I'm glad you brought that up...the "dumb" part....

I know that you know (as evidenced by your orginal post back to me)but I just want to be clear....

I wasn't calling you dumb....I was just saying that I believe that path of thought is not the best way to conduct buisness...either as an NFL GM...or in life...

in short....I "attacked" (if you will)....the post...but did not "atttack" you the person....

sometimes the line between these things gets blurred....

anyway...I know we have a lot of history...and would have handled it in a gentlemen type manner had that been the case...

DJ Jazzy Jeff, lol. Mark is staking his good name on Jonathan Martin never becoming a legitimate LT.

Just like Kris staked his name on Ryan Mallett.

As for myself, I will say this: IF Tim Tebow agrees to switch positions to a TE, I would be first in line to employ his services (never thought those words would come out of my mouth).

There you have it!

Dashi @ 9:05 ... guaranteed. mathieu isn't 10% of the physically gifted and instictual player Davis is. 5 picks .. countless pass breakups .. gifted physically. I take that over the idiot Mathieu anyday.

Mount mckinney is a good LT
I wish we would've made him an acceptable offer
Does anyone know how much he signed for
If it' less than 4 m per year then we should've been more agressive

I don't know about you guys...but lately alot of my post haven't been going through...getting really annoying....

DC, let me ask you this... have you ever seen a man launched like he was? Have you ever seen a LT give up a bull ruish to a CB? You don't go from that to being a very good LT. unfortunately this will be a bad situation. ANybody have Damien McIntosh on speed dial?

Jake Long got more money from a better organization speerheaded by Jeff Fisher. They are talking SB in St Louis.

Ryan Mallet is a very good QB. DC you didnt expect him to unseat Brady did you? LMAO!

I thought the draft was bad because I dont see any playmakers on O. We also gave up 5 picks for 2 players. And how does an injured guy go #3 overall? There should be no red flags at all that early in the draft.


I'm not sure I said that. If you go back and look at what I said, you said McKinnie was by far the best option out there. I took exception to that. I didn't say McKinnie could play LT any more, I said 'if he's so good how come Ozzie hasn't signed him back. Something doesn't add up'. The something that doesn't add up is that Ozzie knew exactly what he was doing and he let McKinnie find out what his ceiling was.

You have to admit, it would have been really odd for McKinnie to get all the praise for the playoff run and then for Ozzie to just let him walk. None of it added up in the first place.

'didn't say McKinnie couldn't play LT any more'.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 03, 2013 at 08:52 AM

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 03, 2013 at 09:23 AM

DC - I typically align with most of your thoughts but these last two posts are ones that I really disagree with.

First...on Tebow. TE's need to catch and block very well to play at the NFL level. Tebow has no proven history of doing either well. I know many believe he is athletic enough to play TE but just like QB his skills are nowhere near NFL ready or able. He is best served on the Chistian tour where he will make millions.

Second, your comments about Philbin and McKinnie seem off. The Fins offered him a contract. If Philbin was set against him due to character issues they would never extend an offer.

I do agree with you that Philbin appears to have taken a pretty conservative approach to player character. That is hard to do in today's win now NFL. But I actually applaud him for sticking to his own philosophy and beliefs. I want to see the Fins win SB's but I honestly don't want to read about them weekly in the police blotter.


We don't agree with a lot but I agree with your comments from above. The tema did in fact offer McKinnie a contract (as did the Chargers), so it's clear they were fine with his character.

No interest in Tewbow in any capacity. A TE? Aren't we trying to develop enough of the guys we have at the position (Egnew, Clay and Simms). Why would we add another one? He's not a finished product at TE, by any means. So you want to add him and cut who exactly? No thanks. I'll take my chances on the guys we have.

Does anyone know How much is McKinney getting per year
Wish we would've made him an acceptable offer

Dolphins should have traded for Albert. PFF has him rated as #5 LT and a rating of +13.8. Ireland tried to be a hard head in negotiations and offered a 3 instead of a 2. When Tannehill is hurt by Martins poor play at LT, we will all wish this trade was made. Go fins!

There continues to be a lot of talk about Left Tackle but the fact is if the Dolphins can't develop their own players that they Draft, then they will never be SuperBowl material. You can't keep picking players from other teams to fill critical spots. Wallace at WR, Keller TE, Grimes CB etc...We drafted Martin who played LT in college. He has the size and metrics. It is up to our staff to put him on the right track and develop him into a good LT. Same goes with Yeatman, Jerry, Egnew, Kaddu, Misi, Thomas and guys drafted the last couple years. The burden is on the coaching staff to develop these guys. That's their job

Hope Maryin has beefed up considerably from last year as the sight of him on his backside so often was embarrassing. He played well at Stanford against kids but the real world of the NFL showed him up as a doormat.

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