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Clabo: Dolphins ready to make some noise

Tyson Clabo's agent called Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland time and again about his client, trying to stir up interest. For a long time, Ireland didn't return the phone  calls.

A week ago, Ireland finally called back and said the Dolphins wanted to take a look at Clabo. Today's he's a Dolphins right tackle.

He thinks he's not much diminished from the guy that made the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago. He's very familiar with zone blocking, which is the technique the Miami line uses. And he thinks the Dolphins can "make some noise."

Here is Tyson Clabo:

(On the determining factor on signing with the Dolphins) –“When I was released and became a free agent, one of the first things that we wanted to find out was, who had interest. Once we found out who had interest, I sat down and I said, ‘What team do I think has use and is on the move upward in the League’ and Miami was right there on the top of that list and so we decided that this was the place for us."

(On if he was given a vision of what his role will be) – “I do have some experience. I have been in the League for a while, but there are some really talented offensive linemen on this team already, so if they feel that my experience will help in any way, I am more than happy to do whatever I can.”

(On how surprising his release from Atlanta was and what the last month was like) –“Well it was very sudden when I was released. Unexpected. The month that followed was, with all that uncertainty, I’m a guy who likes to have plan and who likes to be able to have a vision, a clear vision for the future and I didn’t have that for a while. It was a difficult time, but I think that its going to turn out for the best and its going to be worth it."

(On what makes him think that the Dolphins are headed in an upward direction) –“We made some big moves in the off-season and in free agency, the draft looked like it went really well, you never know but it seems like there is some talent. The young QB with a lot of upside and I just felt like we could make some noise."

(On coming from a power offensive system to a zone blocking scheme) –“I think that I am going to fit in pretty well. When I first came into the League I was with the Broncos on the practice squad and that’s (zone-blocking) all they did and then when I came to Atlanta, Alex Gibbs and Tom Cable were the line coaches, so I know the zone-scheme and I feel like that I should be able to hold my own."

(On if he is still the same player who made the Pro Bowl in 2010 from a skill-set standpoint) –“I’m a pretty tough critic on myself and I don’t feel like there has been much drop in my play to date, so I am just going to continue to take care of my body and try to continue to play at a high level."

(On how much his past as an undrafted, practice squad, NFL Europe player play in motivating him) –“I always want to do well. That’s really my biggest driving force is to feel like I did the job that I was brought here to do, or when I was in Atlanta the job that I had there. I just want to do well, and that’s really my biggest driving force is success. I work to reach those goals and so far it’s been pretty good for me so I am just going to keep doing that."

(On how quickly following his release did he hear from the Dolphins, did he expect this and if he has spoken to Brent Grimes) –“I haven’t had the chance to talk to Brent yet, but our wives are Facebook buddies and all that stuff, so I think that they have been in touch a little bit. Miami didn’t come into play until later in the process, after the draft. Some teams showed interest before the draft and then of course the draft happened and everybody changed their mind. So I was just happy when the phone rang and Mr. Ireland was on the other side."

(On the slow developing free agent market this spring) –“I didn’t get into it until much later in the process than a lot of guys did, but it was slow. I think that the depth of the draft had a lot to do with that, I thought there was lot of talent and depth in the draft, so teams wanted to sit back and see what they wanted to do there before they committed to any free agent."

(On looking forward to the home opener against the Atlanta Falcons) –“I am always looking forward to home openers. So it will be exciting, it will be good to see some of my friends and (former) teammates before the game and then after that we are going to try to put it to them."

(On what the experience was like reaching the NFC Championship game and getting so close to the Super Bowl) –“It was disappointing. Last year in Atlanta I thought that we had a really good team, a special team. Offensively we were dynamic and to come up just a little short was disappointing."

(On if he sees similarities in the Miami offense to the Atlanta offense) –“Well, over the past five years I’ve been in Atlanta we have had a young quarterback at the time and he turned out to be a pretty good player. We have a young quarterback here and he has the potential to be a very good player, and with the addition of some free agents, we have some guys that can take the top off the defense and have a vertical threat, run the football well. Offense’s if you can throw the deep ball and run the ball you are going to have a good chance, so I think that we have the chance to do both of those things really well."

(On if he has a lot still left to prove) –“I am not here to prove anything to be honest with you. I am here to play football and have a good time and win. If I play well, then it will give us a chance to do those things. I am here because I want to be, I am here because I still like to play football and I think that I can still do it at a high level. So as far as having something to prove, I just want to play and have fun and win football games."


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“I am not here to prove anything to be honest with you. I am here to play football and have a good time and win. If I play well, then it will give us a chance to do those things. I am here because I want to be, I am here because I still like to play football and I think that I can still do it at a high level."

This should be the attitude everybody has. Brilliant. That's what it's all about.

Like I said on the last post....

I'm really starting to warm to Ireland's vision....

This is the guy I wanted to see the Fish sign, and he sounds like the real deal.

I wish Dee and Ross read this blog.

I realize that the whole stadium renovations didn't go as planned, but their sour grapes attitude, whether justified or not , are putting a damper on this awesome off season. We all know what its like to be disappointed, but you have to keep on keeping on. I am sure a billionaire has been told no before, be it parents as a child or prospective business partners, etc. You will get your new stadium/renovations sooner than later. But please dont put a damper on this season. I agree Tallahassee let the Dolphins down, but our Government has been letting us down alot longer than that!!!

I say let Dolphins play this year and win a playoff game or 2 and trya gain next year. I bet it will be a whole lot easier

Mark, I disagree. I did not like that answer. Sounds like a vet happy to be making money. I prefer hungry players who want to prove they are the best (by winning Championships). He did say he wants to win, so it could just be semantics, but me personally, I'm ALWAYS trying to prove something (whether I'm at the gym, in my job, playing a sport, etc.). It's great to have fun and trying to win, but the guys that have something to prove (i.e. Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, etc.) seem like they have an extra edge because they are hungrier.

Other than that, I like this pick-up, think he will help the team.

DC Dolfan I think you are pretty dumb. You play the game to have fun and win football games players who worry too much about having stuff to prove FAIL.

good signing. I like this.

Normally @ 10:33.....you disagree with others for the SAKE of disagreement....and sometimes....you even make a feeble point....or @ least write somthing interesting enough to make one consider the other side....

our post insulting DC (for no apparent reason) was really an insult to anybody that took the micr-second it took to read it.....

The only FAIL i saw was your attempt to make a point.....

jordan, said like a true LOSER. ALL elite athletes play with an edge. Think Peyton Manning is the strongest, most athletic, most talented QB alive? NO. He plays with an edge and practices all the time because he's HUNGRY to prove he's the best. Think he thinks it's all about fun.

Shows how LITTLE you know about athletics. Go ask Magic's teammates, or Kobe's how they are in the locker room. Go ask the James Brown's band how HARD he rid them, not allowing ANY mistakes from them because he wanted to be the BEST.

Professional sports ISN'T about having fun. You do that in high school (like you must be in). Professional sports is about proving yourself to be the best. Or else why put your body through that torture? Why destroy the rest of your life if not to go down in history as one of the best?

Go play checkers little boy, I'm thinking about chess.

Mike dee is a bad guy he just talked about how the dolphins don't have a long term lease with the community excuse me for saying but Steve Ross owns the stadium and the land hello hello what's going on here

DC sounds like his pride saying he has nothing to prove. He does say that he believes he can play at a high level and it sounds like he has a good idea of what that is. Lets see him play before calling him a washed up vet collecting a paycheck because of one soft ball question from reporters and an answer that you didn't like.

I'm ALWAYS trying to prove something (whether I'm at the gym, in my job, playing a sport, etc.).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 06, 2013 at 10:31 AM

The only thing you've ever proved is what a dumb liberal sheep you are. You know like believing the Benghazi & Obamacare BS.

Both recently exposed as LIES & DECEPTION. All pushed under the rug until AFTER the election so the people could be kept misinformed. Well, the dumb sheep like you anyway.

Trying to prove something is great. But, when you don't think for yourself & are too dumb to see through the lies, well then you're just a DING-A-LING.

Darkoak, did I say he was a washed-up vet? Read what I said again. I said the answer sounded like a "vet happy to make money." I also said I liked the pick and he could help the team.

I'm not down on this guy. I'm just pointing out that elite players are always hungry because it gives them an extra edge, that's all. It's a sign of being super-competitive, which can be the difference between a good player and a great player.

I am really getting excited about this upcoming year. At this point I have a few major issues on my mind that will likely make/break the season.

1) The biggest issue/opportunity is THILL. Does he make progress in year two and does he take his game to the next level? If so, this team goes to the playoffs. If not, it's a losing season....Again.

2) Can they contain top rated QB's? The Fins face Brady (twice), Brees, Rothlesberger, Matty Ice, Luck, etc. If they can't get consistent pressure and create INT's the team will struggle to keep up and win these games. They have to find a way to win at least half of them.

3) Can the offense develop consistent time eating drives that lead to TD's instead of field goals? Number 1 above has a lot to do with it but so does an inexperienced backfield, a newly assembled OLine and a newly assembled TE/WR corp.

4) Who steps up as the starting CB's? If it's Grimes and Taylor I become pretty excited. If Marshall, Patterson or Carroll end up starting that scares me and I'm less confident in #2 above.

5) Who wins the Kicking job? We need someone who can put the ball out of the end zone on most/all kickoffs. We need a place kicker that can win games in the final minutes/seconds with kicks 45-53 yards away. Carpenter's missed field goals lead to 2 losses and prevented a winning season and possible Wild Card spot. That can't happen this year.

DC makes a football post....

some dude stuck in the PAST is trying to engage him on politics....

it probably sounded WAY BETTER in your head than it reads on a computer screen....

get over it already....

DC, not sure where you are picking that up from a guys saying he is here, "because he wanted to be here" and I am encouraged by a guy who had his agent call the team unsolicited by Ireland at all. But the thing with the written word is that things get mixed up in translation all the time.

I get the super competitive thing for sure DC. When I see someone just happy to get paid I usually think lazy and possibly washed up, living off past laurels.

Who cares what Clabo said during a press conference? Really?? He is just trying to say the right thing and not create a stir.

All I care about is his play on the field. He is a proven RT and I want to see him maintain a high level of play.

Period...the end.

Ross is acting like a 2 yr old spoiled child over the stadium rejection. He would never have won a vote anyway. All he does is lose every season. Maybe he'll sell to someone that cares more about winning then he does about the logo or the stadium.

Our team is set
I expect an announcement soon
We are not pursuing any additional players
We go with what we have
Signing Clabo took sufficient money out of our cap that we can not sign anyone for more than 3.7 to 4.0 M for this year (depending on how much we spend total on all our draftees - probably the sum will be close to ten for all combined)
So that means that we will not pursue Albert because now we would have to give them one or two of our good players
So we are done
We go into this season with what we have
I believe we have vastly upgraded our team
This is by far the best year Mr. Ireland has had
He certainly has tried to improve our team and I for one thank you for your decisions
Martin will be more than adequate at LT and Clabo will anchor the right side just fine
Adding Sims next to Martin will help also -he is a great blocking TE
On the other side we will have Keller as a receiving TE
We will give Thill lots more time to find the open receiver with this OL
Stop with the Albert trade once and for all it is not going to happen plus we don't need him
Last week Ireland said I have one trick left up my sleeve concerning the O Line he did not say concerning the LT situation -I believe Philbin is satisfied with martins progress this off season and IMO we are done tinkering with the OL
The only upgrade still possible under our CAP situation is adding a new slot receiver that another team has to let go for CAP purposes - now that is something worth discussing
As with all of you of course this is just my opinion

Ross and Ireland are the lingering disease that real Fin fans cant seem to get rid of.

I still have something to prove when I get laid, I mean paid...


The only one acting like a spoiled 2 year old is you.

Mando Enough Is ENOUGH!!

When are you going to man up and get rid of the Troll.

You have a Bipolar Multiple Personality Psycho Running your blog to the ground.

Enough Is ENOUGH!

Stop the Goodwill. You don't need to do this. If you let him go they will come back. He has brainwashed you into thinking you need him for your blog to work. That is what Psychos do. He is trying to give you Stockholm syndrome.

You are better than this Mando.

We Deserve Better.

That's funny, when Romney was complaining about 47% of Americans supposedly mooching off the government, we didn't know he was talking about his own arrogant billionaire supporters like Ross.

Pretty good article in the PB Post about this season depending more on Tannehill, Martin & Sims than other new additions.

Haha, gotta love the troll... You do realize the main thing keeping the Dolphins in FL is Ross right? He doesn't want to sell or move the team. So yeah, don't buy anything or vote for their projects. So when he does sell (or dies) and someone buys the team, that doesn't sell tickets and doesn't have community support or a contract to stay... Wow.. I wonder what will happen...

But keep hatin', I'm sure the Jags could use the fanbase...

Where is going to play Dallas Thomas? Is he a back up?

Miami is the fifth biggest Metropolitan area in the country. The Dolphins aren't going anywhere, nor would the NFL even consider it.

That said, the stadium DOES need some significant upgrades to keep pace with others as well as make it more of a true football only facility and as a community asset I think there SHOULD be a private/public financing of that.

The plan the politicians derailed was actually quite sound. And it was tiresome to hear the bleatings of uninformed nitwits about their "taxes being used" when the fact of the matter is nobody was ever asking for so much as a PENNY from them unless hey lived in a freaking hotel room.

oh hail yeah. 13-3 dudes


This is a forum for an exchange of ideas and opinions. If you dont agree with a post dont read it or say why you dont agree. But the name calling is childish.

LOVE that ad with the old people riding around on their motorized scooters..."hoveround takes me where I want to go...where shall I go?"

Man, I just come near orgasm every time I see it.

Common Sense,

Ross isnt keeping the team in Miami the NFL is. DUUUUHHH!

When rich people get govt support on ideas, that's not a handout .. that's a return for the campaign contributions that helped put those people there. You think people in office get there by accident? Campaigns are expensive and rich people fund them. Why? Public interest? Good of society?? NOOO, so they can get certain favours returned. Good luck to those in power, Ross will certainly see that his people are placed there next time and he will get his way eventually. That's the way it works ...

course thomas is a backup

might be last few years of watching miami football so enjoy it. with what mike dee said they could move and soon. be the la fins not to far future

The moves Ireland has made to build a winner are outstanding.
However I believe we will still lose because Tannehill is not a good quarterback.

Agree with JoseCuervo at 12:14

im gonna try and enjoy these last few years we have a team

Claybo is a great signing at RT.I just hope J Martin has beefed up in the off season to be a shoe in at LT

The Chargers will be the AFC team moving to Los Angeles. The NFL would not stand in the way of it, especially as the franchise would still be based in Southern California.

If LA also gets an NFC team (a possibility) a return of the Rams is most likely.

The Dolphins are not even a remote possibility, nor would the NFL ever approve it.

Jose, you sound stupid. You haven't even seen Tannehill play lately.

Only an idiot would judge a rookie QB.

Should've asked whether he was looking forward to playing in Los Angeles.

Ross being a Republican, I hope he's proud of the Fla. legislature's "no new taxes" policy.

I for one have enjoyed this off-season far more than any in recent memory. I would like to add one more player. A safety - a veteran that has enough gas in the tank to play and will school our younger players.

R E S P E C T is what we have more of than two years ago and what we can earn more of as we grow.


fins big time possiblity, prob number one option. nfl network was all over today. getting ugly in s fla

There must be alot of idiots around because Luck, Wilson & RG3 were all rookies and they have been labeled as ' elite, franchise quarterbacks'.
Same for Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Matt stafford, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo.
Tannehill is the only rookie QB to start all 16 games in the last 10 years and not be judged an elite, franchise QB.
D11 perhaps you are the idiot.

Agree with JoeCameltoe @12:27

Mr. ROSS is the biggest A-hole in town after LORIA.
He and his minority co-owners can put up the $ 350M to do the renovation and roof without having to strain more the finances of the County and City.
Once again, if the stsadium business is such a good business let them put up the money together with the NFL. JOE ROBBIE built the whole stadium and an exit ramp and didn't ask for one penny from anybody, evertyhting came out from his own pocket, why ROSS & CO., can do the same???

You're an idiot for saying Rivers, Newton, Cutler, and Romo are franchise quarterbacks.

Tannehill had a better year than Cutler last year too, doorstop!

u sure wouldnt angel. easy to say when it isnt your money

Haha, Mark beat me to it. Many many things wrong with that post... why don't you look up this stat called QBR.

And stop agreeing with yourself...

Tannehill is the only rookie QB to start all 16 games in the last 10 years and not be judged an elite, franchise QB.

Mark Sanchez...

Why is everyone still mad at Jeffrey Loris? he pulled off a great trade with teh Blue jays. Sent us 3 useless knobs in Beurhle, Johnson, and Bonifacio and in return got two of our best prospects. Sure he gave up Reyes but in return got a lot of financial flexibility. The Jays would take that trade back in a heartbeat.

Give thill a chance
We did not have the personnel last year that we do this year
You will see great improvement from this young lad this year
If his play does not improve this year then you can critique it but to do so on his rookie year with NO weapons except Bush in the offense is not fair at all
This will be a much better year for Thill

I love it when people still govt acts in the best interests of the working man instead of the rich few that got them into office to begin with. REALITY CHECK!

I thought that same thing when I read Clabo's interview. You have something to prove to everyone!! Front Office, coaches, teammates, and fans!! You don't give guaranteed money to backup o-lineman

I just hope it is confidence in his ability.

He better answer the bell come OTA's!!

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports Chiefs LT Branden Albert "realizes" he'll be playing in Kansas City this season, and that both sides want an extension.



JOE ROBBIE built the whole stadium and an exit ramp and didn't ask for one penny from anybody, evertyhting came out from his own pocket, why ROSS & CO., can do the same???

Posted by: Angel Suarez | May 06, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Yes, and apparently you (and many others) have very convenient amnesia about one crucial aspect of that.

Building and financing the stadium BANKRUPTED the Robbie family. When Huizenga bought the team, the franchise was on the verge of being taken over by CenTrust bank (the original lender) because of the colossal debt Robbie had accrued. It was a financial disaster for the family.

Furthermore, the "minority owners" of the Dolphins are a fallacy. They all have a completely insignicant, microscopic percentage of the team and no role whatsoever in the finances.

Ross has always been willing to put up most (as in 70%) of the cost involved in rehabbing what is now one of the oldest facilities in the NFL. And under the previous plan, nobody was ever asking you for a PENNY of your own "hard earned" tax dollars despite the repeated nonsense claiming otherwise from those too dense to read the ACTUAL proposal.

Those ARE the facts.




Marek sanchez took the Jets to the AFC C'ship game his rtookie season.
And he took them again his 2nd season.
Sanchez proved as a rookie that he is an elite, franchise QB.
Tannehill didn't even surpass Henne in yards, tds, or wins and Henne only started 13 games his first year as starter.
Ireland is trying to move this franchise forward and Tanne is the only thing holding it back.
Stop making excuses for Tannehill.
and don't come back after this season and say it was the 'sophomore Slump' that held him back his 2nd season.

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