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Clabo: Dolphins ready to make some noise

Tyson Clabo's agent called Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland time and again about his client, trying to stir up interest. For a long time, Ireland didn't return the phone  calls.

A week ago, Ireland finally called back and said the Dolphins wanted to take a look at Clabo. Today's he's a Dolphins right tackle.

He thinks he's not much diminished from the guy that made the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago. He's very familiar with zone blocking, which is the technique the Miami line uses. And he thinks the Dolphins can "make some noise."

Here is Tyson Clabo:

(On the determining factor on signing with the Dolphins) –“When I was released and became a free agent, one of the first things that we wanted to find out was, who had interest. Once we found out who had interest, I sat down and I said, ‘What team do I think has use and is on the move upward in the League’ and Miami was right there on the top of that list and so we decided that this was the place for us."

(On if he was given a vision of what his role will be) – “I do have some experience. I have been in the League for a while, but there are some really talented offensive linemen on this team already, so if they feel that my experience will help in any way, I am more than happy to do whatever I can.”

(On how surprising his release from Atlanta was and what the last month was like) –“Well it was very sudden when I was released. Unexpected. The month that followed was, with all that uncertainty, I’m a guy who likes to have plan and who likes to be able to have a vision, a clear vision for the future and I didn’t have that for a while. It was a difficult time, but I think that its going to turn out for the best and its going to be worth it."

(On what makes him think that the Dolphins are headed in an upward direction) –“We made some big moves in the off-season and in free agency, the draft looked like it went really well, you never know but it seems like there is some talent. The young QB with a lot of upside and I just felt like we could make some noise."

(On coming from a power offensive system to a zone blocking scheme) –“I think that I am going to fit in pretty well. When I first came into the League I was with the Broncos on the practice squad and that’s (zone-blocking) all they did and then when I came to Atlanta, Alex Gibbs and Tom Cable were the line coaches, so I know the zone-scheme and I feel like that I should be able to hold my own."

(On if he is still the same player who made the Pro Bowl in 2010 from a skill-set standpoint) –“I’m a pretty tough critic on myself and I don’t feel like there has been much drop in my play to date, so I am just going to continue to take care of my body and try to continue to play at a high level."

(On how much his past as an undrafted, practice squad, NFL Europe player play in motivating him) –“I always want to do well. That’s really my biggest driving force is to feel like I did the job that I was brought here to do, or when I was in Atlanta the job that I had there. I just want to do well, and that’s really my biggest driving force is success. I work to reach those goals and so far it’s been pretty good for me so I am just going to keep doing that."

(On how quickly following his release did he hear from the Dolphins, did he expect this and if he has spoken to Brent Grimes) –“I haven’t had the chance to talk to Brent yet, but our wives are Facebook buddies and all that stuff, so I think that they have been in touch a little bit. Miami didn’t come into play until later in the process, after the draft. Some teams showed interest before the draft and then of course the draft happened and everybody changed their mind. So I was just happy when the phone rang and Mr. Ireland was on the other side."

(On the slow developing free agent market this spring) –“I didn’t get into it until much later in the process than a lot of guys did, but it was slow. I think that the depth of the draft had a lot to do with that, I thought there was lot of talent and depth in the draft, so teams wanted to sit back and see what they wanted to do there before they committed to any free agent."

(On looking forward to the home opener against the Atlanta Falcons) –“I am always looking forward to home openers. So it will be exciting, it will be good to see some of my friends and (former) teammates before the game and then after that we are going to try to put it to them."

(On what the experience was like reaching the NFC Championship game and getting so close to the Super Bowl) –“It was disappointing. Last year in Atlanta I thought that we had a really good team, a special team. Offensively we were dynamic and to come up just a little short was disappointing."

(On if he sees similarities in the Miami offense to the Atlanta offense) –“Well, over the past five years I’ve been in Atlanta we have had a young quarterback at the time and he turned out to be a pretty good player. We have a young quarterback here and he has the potential to be a very good player, and with the addition of some free agents, we have some guys that can take the top off the defense and have a vertical threat, run the football well. Offense’s if you can throw the deep ball and run the ball you are going to have a good chance, so I think that we have the chance to do both of those things really well."

(On if he has a lot still left to prove) –“I am not here to prove anything to be honest with you. I am here to play football and have a good time and win. If I play well, then it will give us a chance to do those things. I am here because I want to be, I am here because I still like to play football and I think that I can still do it at a high level. So as far as having something to prove, I just want to play and have fun and win football games."


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yesterday come on man, no free agency or players leaving. pack and colts had same players for years and dominated cause of that

Man, you talking about some QBs that had some hellacious Teams around them. I prefer the most come-from-behind victories in comparing QBs.

I believe Tannehill needs to throw 25 or more tds to make playoffs and have 2nd rd hopes.

20-23 tds, still possible to make playoffs, but almost certain 1 and done.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 06, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Great point, but moot. All of the same teams were in the similar position during this period. Remember?

Agreed With Buster.

20Tds Is The Over/Under.

Dashi Feels T-Hill Has A Good Shot At 25 TDs.

A Good Season For T-Hill This Year Would Be.

60% Completion
10 INTs
300yds Rushing
3 Rushing TDs

We Have To Remember T-Hill Would've Had Only About 9 INTs If Naanee Wasn't On The Team.

Thinking about it, dusty, 18 TDs is still too low for Tanne and his new weapons. That's only about 1 per Game.

exactly yesterday and the packers and colts were loaded with hall of famers

oscar u said 12 less than an hour ago u silly sob. ill go 18. still no redzone targets outside keller. and dashi if thill does that than we are gonna be good for a longggggg time


Because there was virtually no player movement. There was probably more consistency in team's win percentage over long stretches vs their opponents. These guys pretty much play against the same roster of players for 6-7-8 yrs straight.

So there wasn't going to be a great variance in how often they won or lost against one another. winners stayed winners for longer stretches, and losers pretty much stayed losers for the same stretches.

Today, personnel decisions and player movements can change balance of power in an instant.

We have the deep threats, however we need a slot man(forget those bigger WRs, think small, quick with great hands) and a BIG red-zone guy.

I dont have to prove what I already know to be true. I just go out and DO IT! AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! Nothings wrong with that...You don't need to prove to yourself that you can beat your kid brother...You just do it..and have fun doing it. Its called true CONFIDENCE.

The same mindless homers that loved Henne love Tannehill. He was ranked 29th people. He sux. Get a clue.

Why you insult me, dusty. You mad at something I wrote?


I agree Tannehill has an outstanding chance of throwing 25 tds. Not only does he gets more qb experience period last season. He now has it in the only offensive systems he's ever started as qb.

This is why I feel he should have a greater leap than normal from 1st to 2nd season. Most rookies are learning an entirely new system their 1st pro season. Tannehill wasn't.


You Know Dashi Always Sees The Glass Half Full.

If T-Hill Does That 12-4 Shouldn't Be Out The Question.

And Dusty That Is Another Reason Why I Want To Watch Preseason.

Who Develops Into A Red Zone Threat, Beside Keller. Egnew? Matthews? The Run Game?

Preseason It Has Value.

The same mindless homers that loved Henne love Tannehill. He was ranked 29th people. He sux. Get a clue.

Posted by: Realist | May 06, 2013 at 05:53 PM

What makes this so much worse than the same mindless unknowledgeble football Neanderthals like you posting the same factless based dribble you always post?


I stick with 10-6 as highend for Tannehill's 2nd season. Simply because all of the finishing pieces are not yet here.

We need one more very good offseason before we can seriously be a consistent 11 win or more team.

With the right lucky bounce, its possible to be 11-5 this season, but I'll project no more.

YG, you don't make sense at 5:54PM. If a QB learns the System by his 2nd year, he should make a great leap. Tannehill has nothing to learn this Year system-wise, he already knew it last Year.

I think its hilarious reading how Dan Marino wasn't this... or Dan Marino choked on that....
I watched every year of the mans career. He would bring his offense on the field and score 45 points and the defense would give up 49.
Place Dan Marino and the way he could thread a ball into ANYWHERE faster that ANYONE into an NFL with the same soft a"zzz rules on contact with Wide Outs like there is in today's NFL, and he would have two or three 5000K + Seasons instead of just one.
Here is what I've learned about people who talk shiznit about Dan Marino.... They either never really saw him play, and CERTAINLY NEVER in person. Right in front of you where you could hear the damn ball whistle by you on a rope... Or they are transplanted Northeastern scumbags who got tired of Dan waxing they're team's a"zzzzez and hold a grudge...
Take an hour or two one day... go back and watch that man play QB. Watch the over-the-middle TD passes and 50 yard quick strikes... His arm rival's um all... his accuracy rivals um all.... his teams and coaching "INCLUDING SHULA" but particularly Olivadotti (who Shula should have fired way sooner)... let him down....

Posted by: Realist | May 06, 2013 at 05:53 PM

The great downside to post like this is, that you'll report a ranking but leave out critical information greatly contributory this.

This doesn't make you right, it only makes you a great opportunist.

Hey Realist how was school today? Anyone make fun of your Jets? Learn how to spell boy, is it really that difficult to write 'sucks'? "Sux", seriously? Grow up already would you. This blog attracts some dumb sob's. This is where he will write something along the lines of 'I know you are but what am I' and then laugh like a maniac as if it's clever. Freakin idiot. I'm out, every time I see this puke in here I'm out. Buh Bye.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 06, 2013 at 06:01 PM

He lacked great experience as a starting qb period. Pro or college.

Then, its complexity of pro defenses and speed of the game.

Now he has more starting qb experience period, better complexity of pro defenses knowledge, and greater anticipation for the speed of the nfl game.

Now add that to his time already invested into the only offensive system he has ever started qb.

Tannehill also now has the greatest overall receiving corps he's ever had. In college or professionally.

I expect a great leap in performance this year.

we had a slot man, gave him away for nothing

We are not fools. Everybody here knows that at one particular time there are only 2 persons here posting under different nicks besides myself. We also know why 2 instead of only one poster with diff nicks. To hold each other in check. They don't want another explosion by YG insulting everybody as it happened on Ohios Blog. Moreover, we know who you work for. Respect Us.

YG Wilson, RG3, Luck all had to learn new systems comin into the NFL and was better than Tamnehill who is running the same system he did in college, so just because he's in the same system doesn't automatically mean hell improve year 2

no oscar just messing with ya

Well, you know it now, dusty. Respect Us.

Realist = same old Troll with less brains then a pile of dogshyt

Posted by: Clue | May 06, 2013 at 06:14 PM


Experience can never be made up for. The only way to get experience is to......well........ get experience. Experience can not be given. Experience can not be coached.

Experience only comes from in the line of fire. That's why its called experienced.

I can tell you what its like to have a big dick. But if you have a little dick, you'll never truly know what its like. LOL...

I give you the speed of the Game, YG, but not the System.

Wanted new city to host an nfl team must be willing to build 1 billion dollar state of the art stadium all must apply please call Steve Ross

I had an Uncle who used to say..."a quarter stick of dynamite packs a big wallup, while a big bag of manure is simply full of sh*t"....

..now that was a guy talking from experience....

We must be the best candidate to move outside the country London , Mexico,hong kong

Are you an expert of manure

yes marc, rem team will be in london by 2020 they said

i like Clabo's "we" mentions!

No Marc...cause I'm not the one talkin' sh*t

Yeah..Tru...Clabo said all the right things...if he walks the walk like he talks the talk, we'll be okay. After all, the guy is a Pro Bowler, so I think Ireland made a good move here.

A major owner that happens to own his own stadium must foot the bill himself on renovations either with his own Capitol or float some bonds to raise revenue it seems he wants something for nothing good for the house of rep.

Clue ,

Tanne was a one year starter and the other 3 all started 2 seasons or more.

Yo...I have to roll, peeps....see ya down the road...ciao

Don't forget to add 5 rushing TD's too for tanne...

My calculator say this is a .632 win percentage. 63% isn't exactly bringing the house down. Just better than what we've witnessed the 17yrs since Marino. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 05:02 PM

Name one other QB that managed .632 over a 17 year career.

That averages out to 10 wins a season. Again, name ANY QB that managed to win 10 games a season over a 17 year career.

Only a Troll would try and down Marino. I mean, we all know he was an INSTANT First Ballot Hall Of Famer. But not according to YG or Mando's Troll.


Nuff Said!!!!

You will see a whole new team on the field this year everything will be different including the play of our quarterback

11-5 should be our record our offense and defense will both be top ten units our pass rush will be deadly

Marino prevented us from winning a trophy. The team never learned they couldn't do it on Marinos arm alone. They never gave him anything but a generic running back in a ghost defense.

You've been crying in here for years under at least 30 different names that the Phins can't get anywhere near a playoff victory let alone a SB appearance.
Now you're saying that just having 1 QB put up a lot of numbers is enough?
Well when I add up the stats of a different QB a year for 17 years I come up with virtually the same numbers as Marino including the same number of post season victories.
That proves you are in love with the man not with the success of the team.
And trying to drag Henne into it when you run out of excuses is just pathetic.
No wonder you do not have a job.
Or a life.
Or a future.

Yeah JoseCuervo @ 7:01

FeeAggTard at 7:01.

So, the short story is.....you simply can't come up with one OTHER QB that played at such a high level for so long.

Now isn't that just what I TOLD YOU, Bu-oy?

Isn't it?

Yeah, I REPEAT, Nuff Said ;)

On the determining factor on signing with the Dolphins he left out the part about the money in pay that could be lost if he dosent sign now rather than later.I will say this he is was well coached in how to answer these types of questions, not the exact ones but similar.Either that, or his years in college paid off in the classroom and is now a very diplomatic communicator.After a 12 pack ask him again.

PS: For the Bone Smoker,

Isn't scoring points the MOST important stat?

Yeah, well check Marino for points a game you FvckTard!

Then transpose this against the points our defense allowed or ANY other QB's points a game.

Now, Puh-Lease just STFU and stick Mario's Iguana right back where it belongs.

(Now What Liberace, you gonna blow some more smoke with your come breath? Talk about jobs, life or futures? Anything but the FACT, you just got......GOT!)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

fire that POS Dee.....who the F*** does he think he is?

David Woodley appeared in as many SB's as Dan Marino. Unlike Marino, Woodley didn't cry at the end of the game.

Posted by: KingShula | May 06, 2013 at 07:15 PM

Wow, KingShula.

Boy are you harsh! Einstein couldn't tell you his theory of relativity after a 12 pack.

Hell. after a 12 pack, most guys cant tell the ugly girls from the pretty ones.

Odin, Is'nt time for one of your "HOTTIES" To come over and change yor depends?

Many of these ex jocks that go into the booth can't speak English. Dan speaks English fine. The only problem is he never says anything. He is the most boring tv analyst in all of sports. As an ad pitch man, he is even worse.

Entering the 2009 NFL draft out of Wake Forest, Aaron Curry was viewed as a future NFL star and perhaps the safest pick on the board. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, who took Curry No. 4 overall, he was a disappointment in two and a half seasons in Seattle and ended up getting traded to the Raiders for a seventh-round draft pick.

The 27-year-old Curry was cut by the Raiders last year.

YG, Odin, Youve been posting now for almost 6 stright hours, Are you guys shootrng for Odins 33 hour posting rampage?

Hey Bark,

In case you missed it:

PS: For the Bone Smoker,

Isn't scoring points the MOST important stat?

Yeah, well check Marino for points a game you FvckTard!

Then transpose this against the points our defense allowed or ANY other QB's points a game.

Now, Puh-Lease just STFU and stick Mario's Iguana right back where it belongs.

(Now What Liberace, you gonna blow some more smoke with your come breath? Talk about jobs, life or futures? Anything but the FACT, you just got......GOT!)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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