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Clabo: Dolphins ready to make some noise

Tyson Clabo's agent called Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland time and again about his client, trying to stir up interest. For a long time, Ireland didn't return the phone  calls.

A week ago, Ireland finally called back and said the Dolphins wanted to take a look at Clabo. Today's he's a Dolphins right tackle.

He thinks he's not much diminished from the guy that made the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago. He's very familiar with zone blocking, which is the technique the Miami line uses. And he thinks the Dolphins can "make some noise."

Here is Tyson Clabo:

(On the determining factor on signing with the Dolphins) –“When I was released and became a free agent, one of the first things that we wanted to find out was, who had interest. Once we found out who had interest, I sat down and I said, ‘What team do I think has use and is on the move upward in the League’ and Miami was right there on the top of that list and so we decided that this was the place for us."

(On if he was given a vision of what his role will be) – “I do have some experience. I have been in the League for a while, but there are some really talented offensive linemen on this team already, so if they feel that my experience will help in any way, I am more than happy to do whatever I can.”

(On how surprising his release from Atlanta was and what the last month was like) –“Well it was very sudden when I was released. Unexpected. The month that followed was, with all that uncertainty, I’m a guy who likes to have plan and who likes to be able to have a vision, a clear vision for the future and I didn’t have that for a while. It was a difficult time, but I think that its going to turn out for the best and its going to be worth it."

(On what makes him think that the Dolphins are headed in an upward direction) –“We made some big moves in the off-season and in free agency, the draft looked like it went really well, you never know but it seems like there is some talent. The young QB with a lot of upside and I just felt like we could make some noise."

(On coming from a power offensive system to a zone blocking scheme) –“I think that I am going to fit in pretty well. When I first came into the League I was with the Broncos on the practice squad and that’s (zone-blocking) all they did and then when I came to Atlanta, Alex Gibbs and Tom Cable were the line coaches, so I know the zone-scheme and I feel like that I should be able to hold my own."

(On if he is still the same player who made the Pro Bowl in 2010 from a skill-set standpoint) –“I’m a pretty tough critic on myself and I don’t feel like there has been much drop in my play to date, so I am just going to continue to take care of my body and try to continue to play at a high level."

(On how much his past as an undrafted, practice squad, NFL Europe player play in motivating him) –“I always want to do well. That’s really my biggest driving force is to feel like I did the job that I was brought here to do, or when I was in Atlanta the job that I had there. I just want to do well, and that’s really my biggest driving force is success. I work to reach those goals and so far it’s been pretty good for me so I am just going to keep doing that."

(On how quickly following his release did he hear from the Dolphins, did he expect this and if he has spoken to Brent Grimes) –“I haven’t had the chance to talk to Brent yet, but our wives are Facebook buddies and all that stuff, so I think that they have been in touch a little bit. Miami didn’t come into play until later in the process, after the draft. Some teams showed interest before the draft and then of course the draft happened and everybody changed their mind. So I was just happy when the phone rang and Mr. Ireland was on the other side."

(On the slow developing free agent market this spring) –“I didn’t get into it until much later in the process than a lot of guys did, but it was slow. I think that the depth of the draft had a lot to do with that, I thought there was lot of talent and depth in the draft, so teams wanted to sit back and see what they wanted to do there before they committed to any free agent."

(On looking forward to the home opener against the Atlanta Falcons) –“I am always looking forward to home openers. So it will be exciting, it will be good to see some of my friends and (former) teammates before the game and then after that we are going to try to put it to them."

(On what the experience was like reaching the NFC Championship game and getting so close to the Super Bowl) –“It was disappointing. Last year in Atlanta I thought that we had a really good team, a special team. Offensively we were dynamic and to come up just a little short was disappointing."

(On if he sees similarities in the Miami offense to the Atlanta offense) –“Well, over the past five years I’ve been in Atlanta we have had a young quarterback at the time and he turned out to be a pretty good player. We have a young quarterback here and he has the potential to be a very good player, and with the addition of some free agents, we have some guys that can take the top off the defense and have a vertical threat, run the football well. Offense’s if you can throw the deep ball and run the ball you are going to have a good chance, so I think that we have the chance to do both of those things really well."

(On if he has a lot still left to prove) –“I am not here to prove anything to be honest with you. I am here to play football and have a good time and win. If I play well, then it will give us a chance to do those things. I am here because I want to be, I am here because I still like to play football and I think that I can still do it at a high level. So as far as having something to prove, I just want to play and have fun and win football games."


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AtlFin, I dont trust Martin at LT. Hope I'm wrong but he was totally outclassed vs Pats in the last game.

Speaking of Ross is his childish temper tantum over yet? He has verified that he is the worst Dolphin owner ever!

Bulls just beat the Heat in game 1. Slight bummer, but like the great Gen McArthur said, "We shall return!".

Fire Spo!

No Dolphin owner has had 4 consecutive losing seasons. Ross is going for a 5th then a 6th.


Why do you ask Armandy to ban bloggers like a sniveling child, yet you never have speak a word against you and your bud boys that use by far the most vulgar languange here?

You have a lot to learn about double standards and hypocrisy.


The Heat have long layoff rust. The open 3's weren't falling as usual. Just a tuneup game. The furnace will be turned up for game 2.

The Bulls are a very tough team to face after a 4 game sweep. They should have the heavier legs in Game two. Their last series went 7 games.


Also, the only prayer Chicago has to win this series. Is two sweep these first 2 games in Miami. If we split the 2 games here I don't see Chicago taking the series.


I Understand That All That.

My Problem Is The Heat Get Assaulted For 48 Minutes. And Spo Just Sits There With That Gay Look On His Face.

Every Other Coaches Voice Is Raspy From Yelling And Screaming All Season. Spo Listen To Him After The Game. It Will Sound Like A Sporano News Conference. A Bunch Of Useless Stuff. Only Difference Is The Heat Spo Has The Voice Of An 8 Year Old Boy. Same News Conferences. We Need To Grind Better. Yada Yada Yada.

Like The Chinese Guy Told Serrano In Major League. Spo Has No Co'jones. No Bollas.

This Was A Depleted Bulls Team. With Its 3rd String Backcourt.

If The Heat Are Rusty. The Bulls Should Be Tired.

What Is Going To Happen When We Play A More Physical And More Talented Indiana Team.

This Series Doesn't Worry Me. It Is The Series Against Indiana That Worries Dashi.

And Why Bring Dashi's Name Up?

Posted by: Dashi | May 06, 2013 at 09:22 PM

Wrong question...ma'am. You jumped into the fray to save your dollies by asking Armando to ban others. So don't expect to swing and not get hit back.

You are too far in denial about your frequent disgusting posts. You have no right to ask that anyone be banned when you are consistently one of the top filth blog polluters.

Just read what you write for proof. Read it and weep.

Dashi Has No Problem With Gay Players.

I Have A Problem With Gay Coaches That Coach Like Sissies.


Pat Summitt Would Be A Better Tougher Coach For The Heat. Even Though She Is Going Crazy.


The excuses for the Bulls all panned dry months and months ago. They've been playing with a so caleed depleted roster for a full season. now.

They are no longer a depleted roster, theyre a complete team. Don't keep buying the media hype.

Also, the Bulls will never be officially depleted until Noah goes down. Noah is the new heart and soul of that team. Everything else basically plays off of him.

He gets most all of their crucial rebounds and make most all of their defensive crucial plays. If he doesn't make it himself, something e did helped lead to it.

Dashe would never call out someone in his ring of loverboys for posts like the one below. He needs to be acceptted by yestergiggle and odinbouy.Sounds like a case ofl very low self-esteem.

Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Hi there Dashi! SMOOCH!


IMO, noah is the best center in pro basketball that doesn't need to score. You can successfully run your offense thru where he play makes for others.

Also, how many times do you see nba centers grab a rebound and goes coast to coast? Tonight wasn't the only time Ive seen Noah do this. The Bulls would totally collapse in the playoffs without Noah.

Noah by a landslide is the most underrated center in the nba.


Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Observe @9:13 And @9:19.

You Started It.

And That Was Just Using That Name. Before Then You Called Me A Metrosexual. And Before Then You Kept Bringing Dashi's Name Up Everytime You Talked About YG.

And That Is Without Counting The Countless Time Throughout The Day You Have Attacked Dashi.

But Keep Spewing Your Ignorance.


Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Dashi approves of vulgarity. He says it all the time

Noah isn't a top scoring center, but he's the closest thing to Bill Russell that the league has seen since Bill Russell.

He does all of the other things extremely well. You know, all of the other things that don't look like big things until you see the final score.

Bill Russell wasn't a top scoring center either. But he was the perfect "team" center. Just like Noah seems to be.


The Only Player They Didn't Have All Year Was Rose.

They Started The Series Without Deng And Hinrich. The Starting SF And The Starting PG.

What Chicago Has That Miami Doesn't Is A Coach.

Thibodeau Would Have The Heat Undefeated. So Will Doc Rivers.

The Heat Win Cause Of Talent. Not Cause Of Scheme. That IS A Dangerous Way To Play.


OMG, you're feeding the troll again. Just like he wants you too. Geesh!


And That Is Without Counting The Countless Time Throughout The Day You Have Attacked Dashi.

But Keep Spewing Your Ignorance.

Posted by: Dashi | May 06, 2013 at 10:19 PM

You've got the wrong dude there son. Not me here during the day, not possible. So ignorance is you guessing and assuming wrong.

Maybe one day you will girl up and confront your own slime. If you want a better blog, try doing your part.


OMG, you're feeding the troll again. Just like he wants you too. Geesh!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 10:24 PM


This is by the same fool who just spent 2 full hours feeding the troll. OMG. LOOOL


Had Noah went down, the Bulls get swepted. That eries goes 5 games max. Noah is the primary reason the Bulls are difficult to eat.

Throw scheme out of the window jack. Noah goes down and scheme is totally useless.

Dashi and YG arent the sharpest tools in the shed! LMAO!!


As long as the Bulls have Noah, they can nearly plug and play any guy on their roster. If Noah goes down, they have "ZERO" answers for this.

Everything else would come tumbling down around it.

Remember, The Gators nearly won 3 straight National Championships with Noah as starting center.

Noah Is Garbage.

Talk About Overhyped.

Effort Players Always Get Fan Favoritism.

J.Anthony Got The Same Love From Heat Fans. Until They Saw Somebody With More Talent Doing The Same Thing But Better. Birdman.

Noah Fouls Like Crazy. But Gets Away With It Because His Coach Is Always Working The REFS!! The Bull Players Should Recieve Technicals By The Way They Complain All Game.

They Called A Clear Path For The Bulls That Wasn't A Clear Path. It Was Actually Offensive Foul.

But Lebron Gets Clotheslined From Behind By Butler. And No Clear PAth.

I Would've Pulled A Bobby Knight. Kicked The Ball. Or Thrown A Chair On The Court.

Refs Are Not Bigger Than The Game. Except When They Play The Heat.



It would be far better for the Bulls if Boozer went down than Noah. Im sure any Bulls player themselves would tell you the same.

Boozer Is Garbage.

What The Bulls Would Do Is Insert T.Gibson In That Dirty Player Role.

Noah Is A 10 And 10 Guy. And Most Nights He Is A 8pt 10reb Guy.

That The NBA No Longer Has Talented Big Men. Is Another Thing. So By Default Noah Is A Top 5 Big Man.

I Will Never Compare Noah To Russell.

Noah Is More A Bill Laimbeer Type. Or A Kevin McHale Type. Actually More Laimbeer. McHale Was Actually Talented. Noah Is More R.Parrish.

Noah Is No Tim Duncan Or Kevin Garnett.

I Take That Back. B.Laimbeer Was Pretty Good. He Is More Rick Mahorn.

the same old crap ..................



Bird man had 3pts, 1 rebound tonight. Noah had 13pts 11 rebounds(5 offensive) 4 assts and 2 steals. that's not counting little things he does that isn't on a stat sheet that makes things a little easier for his teammates.

Noah definitely made Birdman fly north for te Summer tonight.


Great Article


Posted by: Dashi | May 06, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Laimbeer? Please tell you're kidding?

Never once in Laimbeer's entire nba career have I seen him take a defensive rebound coast to coast for a layup or slam.

Not only did Noah do it tonight, I've seen him do it many times before.

Laimbeer could only pray he ever had the handle for a big man that Noah has. Laimbeer is only the much better outside shooter.





Noah Is An NBA PLAYER.He Is Suppose TO KNOW HOW TO DRIBBLE!! That Is Like A MLB Player That Doesn't Know How To Bunt. Yeah, They Exist. Doesn't Mean That It Is Right.

I Understand You Watch Hasbeen And ANTHONY And Go WOW!! NOAH CAN PLAY!!

I Have Seen Shaq Take The Ball Coast To Coast. Multiple Times. Bosh Has Done This To. Nowitzki, Garnett, Duncan. Ibaka. Countless 7 Footers Can Dribble. That Is A Basic Skill.

Shaq Doing It Was More Impressive. He Even Did A Spin Move While Running With The Ball.

Have You Ever Seen Noah Shoot? The Rotation Of The Ball?

The Ball Spins Sideways. One Of The Nastiest Shots In The NBA.

And Birdman Is A Bench Player.

You Need To Compare Noah To That 7ft Sissy That Starts For The Heat. C.Bosh.




Dashi The Overlord Of All Major Sports That Matter. (MLB,NBA,NFL, And Boxing)

Get It Right Aloco. And Dashi Started On The Heat Blog. Only Place Dashi Gets Trolled More Than Here.

My Bad For Playing Sports Growing Up. And Being A Good Athlete Growing Up.

I Know You Expect All Jocks To Be Dumb AS Rocks. But I Was Raised To Play Sports And Hit The Books.

I Also Play The Piano.

I Know It Is Hard For You To Comprehend. Being Blessed With Talent. Having Athletic Ability. Or Good Hand And Eye Coordination.

I Call It Not Being Limited.


OMG, you're feeding the troll again. Just like he wants you too. Geesh!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 10:24 PM


This is by the same fool who just spent 2 full hours feeding the troll. OMG. LOOOL


Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM



And Even Then I Will Be Having A Blast. Leading The Gangland Gangbang Of Your W'hore Mother.

Posted by: Dashi | April 22, 2013 at 11:09 PM

Don't Worry. Your Mom Is A Swallower!! We Have Nothing To Worry About!

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 07:23 PM


And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM


And Even Then I Will Be Having A Blast. Leading The Gangland Gangbang Of Your W'hore Mother.

Posted by: Dashi | April 22, 2013 at 11:09 PM

Don't Worry. Your Mom Is A Swallower!! We Have Nothing To Worry About!

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 07:23 PM


And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM


No public funds for private stadiums.

In speaking with somw Philly fans, many and most are dejected and embittered by our picking of Jordan. To put it absolutly plain; they feel as if they have been robbed. Some will indicate that the Johnson pick filled a need or was the best player, but this city wanted Jordan.

Sorry folks!
A new logo will not win any football games. The jury is still out on this entire team. From ownership to front Office, to personnel. What would really impress me is to see Owner Ross dig into his deep pockets and improve the Stadium with his own money.

Not a bad idea Rabblerouser but what would impress me more is to see Ross dig into his deep pockets and improve the team.

Rabblerouser, the jury is still out? Really? If they had 4 consecutive winning seasons would the jury be still out also? The jury is not out. The verdict is in. The team stinks.

Ha, it's quite funny to hear that the Fins will never leave because of how big the South Florida market is. Ask Houston about that. Then ask L.A. Everyone has a right to say how their tax dollars are spent, even if it's mostly from tourist taxes. Houston still owes money on the Astrodome and still had to cough up way more $$$ than they would have if they had worked out a deal before the Oilers left. They are now paying for 2 stadiums at once there. While it is hard to justify using tax money for such projects because Ross is a billionaire and the coaches and players are all millionaires, the deal on the table seemed to be much fairer to the community than what other cities have done. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but it should have at least gone to a vote so that opinion could be heard. The way that the politicians killed this seems a little fishy. Having an NFL team and hosting world class sporting events does add economic value and quality of life value. How much? Well, the voters should have at least been able to be heard for or against.

4 consecutive losing seasons and the jury is still out? Hilarious!

I understand the resentment towards funding these type of projects with tax dollars. I believe, however, that up to this point the community has put zero $$$ into this stadium. Can't say the same for the basketball arena and the baseball stadium. Most cities have paid for significant portions of their current stadiums. Until now, mostly thanks to Joe Robbie, Miami hasn't had to do this.

The Cubs are doing a bigger renovation and not asking the taxpayers for one dime.

The Dolphins pay one dollar a year in real estate taxes on the stadium so the public already is subsidizing the team. And the baseball stadium was a huge mistake so the taxpayers need not risk another debacle.

Ross the devout republican has always been against tax increases. Now he wants a tax increase? Can u sa hypocrite? Or greedy?

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