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Clabo signed: Dolphins may NOT be finished

This morning the Dolphins seemed to cross the line of no return in committing to Tyson Clabo as their right tackle and Jonathan Martin as their left tackle by signing the former Atlanta Falcons player to a one-year deal.

The Herald's Barry Jackson was the first to have the story.

Financial figures are not yet available but Clabo was hoping to recover the $4.5 million he was scheduled to make with the Falcons in 2013 before he was cut as a cap casualty.

And now Miami's offensive tackle issues are fully addressed, right?

Well, maybe.

The fact remains that while the deal to acquire Branden Albert is at best on life support and probably will not happen, it is not fully, completely dead. Yes, the Dolphins have moved on with Martin as their LT. Yes, the Chiefs have gotten Albert to sign his franchise tender and have declared that Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

The clubs have both privately said this issue is over.

Have you heard of posturing?

Did you know that teams return to apparently dead trades all the time? Years ago the Saints and the Giants haggled for months about Jeremy Shockey and failed to consumate a deal by both teams' imposed draft deadline. The deal was dead -- until it wasn't and was completed in July.

So this may not be totally over and here's the reason:

The way it has been explained to me, the Dolphins needed to get over three obstacles to land Albert:

They needed to get him in for a physical and needed him to check out fine.

They needed to agree to compensation with the Chiefs.

They needed to agree with Albert on a new contract.

The Dolphins never got over the first hurdle. They weren't allowed.

This deal stalled dead on the tracks because the clubs couldn't agree on having Albert drive from his home in South Florida to the Dolphins medical team and get an MRI and do other tests to see the condition of his back. You'll remember the offensive tackle missed five starts last year with back issues.

Well, the Dolphins wanted to check that issue out prior to going forward with the trade. The Chiefs wouldn't allow it. They wanted the Dolphins to do the trade and a deal and have it all be contingent on the physical afterward.

That, I am told by a league source, is hurdle that tripped this deal.

So what if somebody changes their mind after the start of training camp? What if the Dolphins get on the field next July and suddenly feel queasy (a Joe Philbin word) about Martin at left tackle? Remember, Martin allowed more hurries than any tackle in the NFL in 2012, according to ProFootballFocus.com.

What if that great leap in ability most players make from their rookie year to Year No. 2 doesn't quite hit like the Dolphins hope for Martin?

On the other hand, what if the Chiefs suddenly decide that Fisher is so good and so capable -- he was, after all, the first overall selection this draft -- and start to believe putting him at left tackle will be better for his career and the team longterm?

The door might re-open from either side.

Maybe the Chiefs relent on the physical because they see Albert as healthy. Maybe the Dolphins relent on the physical because of need.

Then there is this: The Dolphins could use another left tackle. No doubt about that. Martin today is the starter. But what happens if he's injured? The fact is the Dolphins are a better team with Albert as the starting and proven left tackle and Martin and Clabo fighting on the right side for the starting job. And if Albert goes down, then Martin can swing over and start there while Clabo starts are right tackle.

As it stands now, if Martin goes down, the Dolphins don't have a starting left tackle and there's no easy solution for replacing him.

The Dolphins could still use Branden Albert.


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Does this mean J. Martin is a bust?

At this point I really don't care if the Albert trade happens in any case. I just wanted to the see the glaring hole addressed. It seems like a complete roster now. I feel more confident going into camp with this team.

Wait a minute. The Cheifs wouldn't let us medically clear him before working out the trade? IS THIS A JOKE???!!!!! Why do they care? If it was contingent it means the trade could be refused had the physical not worked out. So either way the Dolphins could refuse the player. But why make the Dolphins waste their time on a deal and all the work that needs to be done if they weren't even sure if he was healthy?! This makes little sense.

all true but arent most (ALL) teams in the same boat? if just about any teams starting LT goes down, they're scrambling some......sure, some teams have some versatility but so does Miami, but there are not many teams that could just comfortably plug in their RT at left, or the backup LT, and feel real confident about it--thats just a fact.....hopefully Martin steps up and is decent......but we need more depth there, no doubt--BUT, a high pick and a high salary for Albert is not exactly ideal either--draft a LT next year and add depth this year.

I am completely ready to give J. Martin a chance at LT. He should be given the chance to prove he can play the position or not. We'll at least know either way. He's a smart guy and I think he has a good chance to figure it out.




From the previous post................

Phinmanski, I agree. Ross did nothing to deserve a handout. He can easily afford to buy his own roof and he probably will. If he doesnt want to spend his money then he can get a celeb/investor to put up the money. Going to the taxpayers was wrong especially with his poor track record of losing. The Cubs are doing a bigger renovation and didnt ask the taxpayers for one dime.

Calbo a stud who never gets injured another awesome signing our line is set i expect the starters as follows martin,incoginto,pouncey,louis,calbo not bad

Hey f&%$^@g Elwood! Dont you pay attention? Martin is going back to LT, you moron! So, I guess hes not a bust!

After signing Clabo, Miami no longer has the Jake Long money to pay Albert and has a higher than expected rookie cap hit because of trade ups. By necessity Miami needs to move a substantial amount of cap money from 2013 to 2014 to cover the spike in guaranteed money in all these new contracts.

We have two viable young left tackles in Martin and Thomas. Miami only signed Clabo to a one year contract for a reason - the Phins see either Martin or Thomas replacing him next season.

Ireland was ill prepared to lose Jake Long. Now he's as desperate as a lame duck GM.

again, agree we need to add more depth, or should at least be looking at opportunities to do so (gotta figure they are), but Martin was a pretty highly rated prospect last year, some had him going late 1st round, started for several years at a major program (with confidence from Harbaugh.....not insignificant)......you would think he'd improve some in year 2-might not be great but would be shocked if he's a disaster there......let the kid play.....Jerry or Clabo, in a pinch, could hold down LT for some time if needed--the issue of LT depth is not one that just Miami deals with.





what are you talking about Monte?--everyone knew Long wasnt likely to be re-signed.....yeah, I'm sure it was a real shock to Ireland--go back to the Jets boards please, and talk about Tebow or Smith some more.....thats real interesting stuff.

Read the facts about Jonathan Martin before talking all this b.s.!!!
He stepped in, middle of the game and kicked ass till the end of the season.

The job Martin and Garner have done since becoming the starting duo three games ago has turned heads. Consider the competition:

San Francisco had linebacker Aldon Smith (19.5 sacks) and defensive tackle Justin Smith going against Martin; Jacksonville flipped defensive end Jason Babin, a two-time Pro Bowl selection, so he could line up directly over Martin; Buffalo had defensive end Mario Williams (10.5 sacks) against Garner, and Kyle Moore, a problem for Martin when these teams played in Buffalo, again lined up against Martin.

Aldon Smith, to no one's surprise, was a lot to handle. He had two sacks. On the other hand, he could be having a historic season. He needs three sacks to equal New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan's 22.5 sacks in 2001. But Babin had no sacks, no tackles, no quarterback hits. Mario Williams had no sacks, two tackles and no quarterback hits. Moore had two tackles, one for loss, no sacks, and no quarterback hits.

Definitely agree it would be nice to have Albert. But I'll say this about Jonathan Martin: He spent most of last year preparing for and playing RT, then switched over when Jake got hurt. I'd love (and I'm sure he would too) to see how he fares at LT with both a year under his belt and an off-season where he's fully dedicated to the position. I'd be awfully surprised if he doesn't improve significantly.

But I'm always optimistic.

Glad to see the team provide more depth at the tackle position and more competition in camp. I doubt we are done with the o-line but probably are until we recoup that 10 million in cap space in June.

I live in KC and have watched fat Albert play for years. He has literally been a revolving door until last season (when he only played 13 games). He is also a penalty machine. If he ends up playing for the Dolphins, I can guarantee he will be the fanbase's most hated player on the team by November. At first glance I am surprised the 'fins would even consider trading for and paying a player who was generally considered a bust until his contract season last year. But, this is the same FO that signed Marc Columbo (Ireland wants you to think its Sporano's fault, but whose job is it to sign the players?). I would say that Jon Martin has a MUCH higher ceiling than Brandon Albert, especially in is natural LT position. If he sucks? Lets draft a LT next season, we have already seen what overpaying a LT does to a franchise. Lets go young, cheap and hungry on OL and lets pay guys to score touchdowns or keep the other team from doing so.


The Final Piece In The Puzzle.

Ireland Managed To Fill Every Need. Great Offseason. Can't Wait Til Preseason.









I feel sorry for Tanny if Martin is the LT. He's a turnstile at LT. In fact if you remember Tannehill got SHUT OUT when Marin played LT.

MARTIN THOMAS POUNCEY JERRY CLABO, Martin is above average, Thomas is a load at guard with good feet, Pouncey is like Dwight Stephenson, Jerry is fine at guard and Clabo is rock steady baby no Colombo

The depth at LT is Dallas Thomas and possibly John Jerry. If the Fins were really so worried about Martin they would have made a deal happen, even if it meant giving up extra or paying more. This should be a solid line with Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Louis and Clabo.

This has all the makings of anoher 1-15 year like we had 6 years ago. Big questions all along the OL, as well as RB, QB, and TE.



Clabo is far and above the best out of the guys out there. Wouldn't have been upset if they signed him to more then a one year deal. Rock solid guy who has no injury issues.

Martin was a 2nd RD pick and a LT in college protecting Andrew Luck. Give him a chance, with a whole season under his belt and knowing what he has to do to improve, he should more than good enough to be a average to above average LT and now with Clabo as the RT we should have a pretty damn good O-Line

Clearly, Ireland thought Big Jake was signing on the dotted line.

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Monte and Vazman need to go to proctologist

So they can have their heads removed from

Their ass

All I know is the O-line needs to do better this year. I went back and looked at all the pass plays. I came away with what I already knew, O-line needs to give Tannehill more time. Go back and watch (if you still have it) count .0001, .0002 see how mant times you get to 3 seconds.

BTW, according to PFF Tannehill was 31 (2.57 seconds) out of 33 for time to throw.

Unless there is a injury I do not c any major OL signings. Martin goes to camp with the support of the FO, coaching staff and players as the starting LT and I c a good yr for him.

Well it didn't take long. Now suddenly moving the team 'isn't entirely out of the question',

Good riddance. They can take their feminine logo and go.

Vazman, i dont thibk we'll be 1-15, but I can see a 5-11 coming up.

yep, that dramatic "turnstile" word again......get everybody riled up.....Martin should be fine, or at least serviceable at LT, after a full camp practicing there--please stop w/ the tackle "ratings", etc......Martin was a rookie playing out of position, and had few games at LT overall......hardly much of a sample size--totally fine with Martin at LT, obviously not a given he'll be ok there but he's talented, so lets wait and see

Just from my time perusing this blog and following the Dolphins yearly, it seems that obtaining offensive lineman and keeping them healthy and playing for this team for years is a full time job for the GM and his staff.

Vazman-you are an idiot

ARMANDO, no offence but you are an idiot. Albert is a worthless player similar to Trent Green. Why waste a draft pick for an inferior player. Kansas City would take anything to have the cancer (Albert) out of their locker room.

The ghost of the BIG TUNA is still lurking out there

We draft a plethora of OL in the draft next yr. calbo, incog r gone and must b replaced

hey King, its a full time job for plenty of teams......check out the Eagles situation in the last couple of years, and still now.....their 2011 1st rd pick (G) may be cut.....most of their starters were hurt last year.....still plenty of questions this year--OL is an issue for plenty of teams

I don't get how people can think we'll be worse this season than last. Just the improvement in the receiving core will win us an extra game or two. This team is pretty new and every area of it has been addressed to some degree. Talented players were added to this team this off season. Rebuild year two is looking good so far.

Bye Bye Ireland.

Good player, hopefully cap-friendly deal. Great patience shown by Ireland on this one. After initially thinking he had to go several years back, Ireland's made a lot of nice choices this off-season.

Makes me wonder if he was trying to supply his coach with the type of players the coach wanted for the system.

Would explain the busts under Sparano (would say poor overall talent evaluator), and the seemingly better choices teaming with Philbin.

I like our O-line just fine with Clabo. The group should be very good. We drafted Martin last year in the 2nd rd and he was a LT. Of course we wouldn't give him a chance at LT with Long there but now it seems like we owe him a chance at the job. We can always adjust if Martin has some difficulty we can give the guy some help with a chip block from a TE or RB.

All I know is the O-line needs to do better this year. I went back and looked at all the pass plays. I came away with what I already knew, O-line needs to give Tannehill more time. Go back and watch (if you still have it) count .0001, .0002 see how mant times you get to 3 seconds.

BTW, according to PFF Tannehill was 31 (2.57 seconds) out of 33 for time to throw.

Posted by: All | May 05, 2013 at 12:24 PM

And that explains why Tannehill's numbers weren't on par with Luck or Griffin.

NO Time + no WR separation= bad QB rating

So the team would be OK if they get Albert and he doesn't pan out because of his back issues/other injury... because we have Martin and Clabo to step in.

But, we would not be OK if the season started with only Martin and Clabo because of the risk of injury???

dad we don't owe Martin anything, he needs to win the job not have it given to him. I'm hoping we get another player that is a natural LT before the season starts. I think that will come when teams start making more salary cap clearing cuts before camp. This team had lacked competition at spot for a long time. Hell even Denney will have to compete this camp. Only guy that has no competition so far is Fields.

This is the last piece of he puzzle. Martin needs to be given a chance to develop. He got a late start last year, has had time to get stronger and is very smart. I feel good about the organization committing to him right now. Albert sounds like a pain in the ass, frankly. Lets go with youth here.

We DO need a left tackle. Martin is NOT the answer and we are asking for way too much expecting success with him as the starting left tackle.

It's only bye bye to Ireland just in the fact it's time for the coaching part of the season to take over. Ireland has done a great job overall of providing Philbin talented players to go into 2013. There are no glaring holes on the team and I feel much better going into this year then last year.

We have a LT, his name is Martin. He protected Andrew Luck for 4 years at LT. He was thrown into the fire last year because fragile Jake Long couldn't play more then 12 games, AGAIN. Martin was told to get stronger and that's exactly what he did this offseason. Now with this extra PreSeason game it gives this team extra time to get this line together.

Armando writes:

This deal stalled dead on the tracks because the clubs couldn't agree on having Albert drive from his home in South Florida to the Dolphins medical team and get an MRI and do other tests to see the condition of his back. You'll remember the offensive tackle missed five starts last year with back issues.
This makes no sense unless the KC Chiefs found out after they placed the franchise tag on Albert that he has a chronic issue with his back. Deals are contingent on medical exams in the NFL as stated in another post.

Zonk I have been hearing alot about Martin "getting stronger" this off-season. Does anyone know what he was doing or how much stronger? It's kind of assumed he is but he doesn't sound like a gym rat at heart so I'm curious how that's been working out for him.

Martin will be fine at LT. Been confident of that or months now.

If not, it's not the end of the world. I personally believe he will be Ok after spening all offseason at LT & his work in the weight room should fix the issues he had last year with upper body strength / off balance issues causing him to get run over a few times.

At the end of the day, the NFL has evolved. LT is no longer the premier position it was. Is it important? Yes. But, our QB is mobile & in a WCO, many of the passes come out quicker than in a traditional system.

If he turns out to be bad, Miami can swing him back to RT next year & address LT again next season. It's not like Ireland didn't try to fix it this year.

And before you tell me LT is important because 3 of the 1st 4 picks in the draft were tackles, factor this, none of them is slated to play LT.

Also, this was 1 of the weakest drafts in terms of premier talent at the skill positions. It had solid depth but, no WOW players. It so happens to be that 3 of the best players in this weak draft were Tackles.

So, theres goes that!




Obviously, Philbin and Ireland believe too that Martin can play LT. And that's how it's going to be in 2013 so get over it. I don't see a trade coming nor another guy coming in to compete at LT after cuts.

Right now I'm watching an episode on the NFL channel. Its about 3 rookie QBs. Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Rusell Wilson. Ryan Tannehill was the 3rd QB taken in last year's draft. Where is Tannehill? No one is talking much about Tanne. The other 3 QBs made the playoffs and then some. The other 3 had better O-lines than the FIns. The other 3 had more time in the pocket to make throws and 2 of them were a hell of a lot more mobile than Tanne. Jonathan Martin? Yep, looks like yet another draft bust. He cannot compete against NFL caliber pass rushers. He simply is just not physical enough. And lets just hope that Jonathan Abraham doesn't end up in New England. When it comes to the draft and selecting linemen, these guys in Miami need to look at the player overall, including his physique, and his quickness. Like Cam Wake! Big, slow, overweight MFs will not succeed (John Jerry). If Martin is this years starter at LT, all the outstanding moves Ireland made in free agency will be irrelevant. And #3 pick Jordan? He better hire a damn good physical trainer to get some beef on them bones, really, really fast!

dad it's not "obvious" at all if the Albert trade rumors had any truth to them. Competition is good, I really hope the Fins devise a way to have Martin have to compete for that job. Even if just working out left tackles is a way to light a fire under Martin if he needs it I say do it. Doesn't mean that Martin isn't capable it just means that he won't be handed a starting gig. That type of thing is how you had Vonte showing up for camp out of shape.

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