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Clabo signed: Dolphins may NOT be finished

This morning the Dolphins seemed to cross the line of no return in committing to Tyson Clabo as their right tackle and Jonathan Martin as their left tackle by signing the former Atlanta Falcons player to a one-year deal.

The Herald's Barry Jackson was the first to have the story.

Financial figures are not yet available but Clabo was hoping to recover the $4.5 million he was scheduled to make with the Falcons in 2013 before he was cut as a cap casualty.

And now Miami's offensive tackle issues are fully addressed, right?

Well, maybe.

The fact remains that while the deal to acquire Branden Albert is at best on life support and probably will not happen, it is not fully, completely dead. Yes, the Dolphins have moved on with Martin as their LT. Yes, the Chiefs have gotten Albert to sign his franchise tender and have declared that Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

The clubs have both privately said this issue is over.

Have you heard of posturing?

Did you know that teams return to apparently dead trades all the time? Years ago the Saints and the Giants haggled for months about Jeremy Shockey and failed to consumate a deal by both teams' imposed draft deadline. The deal was dead -- until it wasn't and was completed in July.

So this may not be totally over and here's the reason:

The way it has been explained to me, the Dolphins needed to get over three obstacles to land Albert:

They needed to get him in for a physical and needed him to check out fine.

They needed to agree to compensation with the Chiefs.

They needed to agree with Albert on a new contract.

The Dolphins never got over the first hurdle. They weren't allowed.

This deal stalled dead on the tracks because the clubs couldn't agree on having Albert drive from his home in South Florida to the Dolphins medical team and get an MRI and do other tests to see the condition of his back. You'll remember the offensive tackle missed five starts last year with back issues.

Well, the Dolphins wanted to check that issue out prior to going forward with the trade. The Chiefs wouldn't allow it. They wanted the Dolphins to do the trade and a deal and have it all be contingent on the physical afterward.

That, I am told by a league source, is hurdle that tripped this deal.

So what if somebody changes their mind after the start of training camp? What if the Dolphins get on the field next July and suddenly feel queasy (a Joe Philbin word) about Martin at left tackle? Remember, Martin allowed more hurries than any tackle in the NFL in 2012, according to ProFootballFocus.com.

What if that great leap in ability most players make from their rookie year to Year No. 2 doesn't quite hit like the Dolphins hope for Martin?

On the other hand, what if the Chiefs suddenly decide that Fisher is so good and so capable -- he was, after all, the first overall selection this draft -- and start to believe putting him at left tackle will be better for his career and the team longterm?

The door might re-open from either side.

Maybe the Chiefs relent on the physical because they see Albert as healthy. Maybe the Dolphins relent on the physical because of need.

Then there is this: The Dolphins could use another left tackle. No doubt about that. Martin today is the starter. But what happens if he's injured? The fact is the Dolphins are a better team with Albert as the starting and proven left tackle and Martin and Clabo fighting on the right side for the starting job. And if Albert goes down, then Martin can swing over and start there while Clabo starts are right tackle.

As it stands now, if Martin goes down, the Dolphins don't have a starting left tackle and there's no easy solution for replacing him.

The Dolphins could still use Branden Albert.


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I wanted to read about Clabo, not another Branden Albert story.

HE WAS A DRAFT SMOKESCREEN! We aren't letting Long walk and pay slightly less for an guy we know nothing about. Smokescreen at its finest. (Yes if we coulda gotten him for much less than he's worth we'd take him but not at a 2nd round pick and 9m+ a year for 4 years)

Lets move on with Clabo...

Ill say this. I'm amazed at how many idiots post here. You either bash Ireland repeatedly because you heard he's bad and follow the trend or because your an outright idiot who doesn't really understand football much. You know how to ball watch and remember the popular names. Not much else.

I feel sorry for Tanny if Martin is the LT. He's a turnstile at LT. In fact if you remember Tannehill got SHUT OUT when Marin played LT.

Posted by: Monte | May 05, 2013 at 12:12 PM

And they were completely and utterly embarassed when jake Long was ther LT in Buffalo & vs. the Titans.

What's your point other than to bash the team with every post? Go change you sanitary napkin, Nancy.


I like this move. bobby, I take exception to you saying 'Clabo is clearly the best of what's left'. I'm not sure he is. I think it's very close between Clabo and Winston. I believe Winston is being stubborn and wants a long term deal. Let's see what he gets from Dallas. I'll say he gets a better deal than what the Dolphins gave Clabo.

So I like the move and I'm not opposed to another move. Good for Ireland getting this done. KC's had their chance. Now they hold none of the cards. So go give Albert the long term deal they've been rumoured to give him or move him to RT. Couldn't care less. Your move KC.

If Martin doesn't work out then maybe the team adds Albert in FA in the offseason or maybe a guy like Monroe. Regardlss, Ireland has played this right.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | May 05, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Agreed, we don't need to court any expensive diva from KC just to have adequate depth at LT/RT.

Albert would be the greatest injury risk in the OL (and the cancer in the locker room) anyway. This deal doesn't make any sense at all.

IF Miami were to consider reviving the Albert trade, it would not be until June 1st when the dead money drops.

I confess to ignorance here, but why are LT and RT treated like separate branches of quantum physics? How can it be so tough for an RT to play LT?

This is more than just LTs' agents selling their guys ... right?

At no point during the off-season did the coaches or the GM say that we needed a left tackle. I believe Martin was selected to play LT after Jake left this year. Did you notice how quickly we resigned Garner??

They were convinced we needed an up-grade at LB, they spent big bucks to get it done. Quickly!

We needed to upgrade wide receiver, we spent big bucks on it quickly.

If they felt like we needed a LT that much, we would have picked one over Jordan.

I think the whole scam with Albert was a mutual plot by both teams. Ireland has great rapport with the KC front office. They had me suckered for a long time, now I don't believe it.

Think about it. I'll bet Albert is a lot more willing to deal than he was when this started.

BTW, Clabo was an "undrafted" right tacle from Wake Forest. Again, "UNDRAFTED" for all you fellow bloggers who continue to believe lineman have to be drafted in he first round to be a success.

Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin says he's gained 15 pounds this offseason, bulking up to 320.
Martin was listed at 312 last season, but apparently played closer to 305. Muscling up is just one thing Martin would have to do to stick on the blindside. According to the Miami Herald, Martin has yet to be told "which side to focus on."
Apr 23 - 9:38 PM
Source: Miami Herald

Craig M, you are right about them being close but I think Winston might have a couple of red flags against him. He seems to wear out his welcome pretty quickly the last few years. Plus he seems to be somewhat stubborn. Anyway, here is a good compassion from ESPN.


Anderson, quite simply, the LT is charged with protecting he QBs "blindside" The defense tends to put their best pass rushers over so the LT is usually playing against the opposing teams best.

I read somewhere about how Martin spent his offseason in Southern Calif not only lifting weights but "pulling trucks" to make himself stronger. That seemed to be the coaches concern with Martin, getting stronger. By all reports I've seen, Martin looks bigger and has that weightlifters "walk" when he came in for voluntary OTAs a week ago. Philbin seems to have these guys buying into what he says considering Martin's off season work and Jerry reporting in at a good weight.


I agree with your point about Winston at 1:46pm. You're right, he seems to wear out his welcome.

What I would say about Clabo is, he's 'serviceable'. He's not one of the top tackles in the game. He's not elite. He can get the job done. The possibility exists, and I'll say it here, that he performs at the same level as Colombo. Yeah go ahead and jump on me for saying that guys. I'm not saying it will happen and I'm not saying he IS Colombo. I'm simply saying he is a vet now. There are no guarantees he gets the job done. I like the move but let's not just assume the RT position is completely taken care of.

and bobby, I've NEVER said RTs need to be drafted high. I believe when you're talking about LTs it's a different story. The better ones in the league are taken high in the draft. If Martin can't do the job at LT the time will come where we'll either draft a LT high or we'll invest heavily in FA. You can't take a chance at the position.

Funny to see the top two picks in the draft suposedly playing RT this season. Not sure I've ever seen that before, even once. It'll be interesting to see how long both of them stay there. I don't suspect it'll be long.

Craig, I wasn't talking to you specifically about drafting high on Olineman. There are a couple bloggers here who seem to believe if they don't know the players name or weren't taken in the first couple rounds, they are busts. Good coaching and planning is important and can turn an undrafted player like Clabo into a Pro Bower.

BobbyD, thanks, but then is LT just "best tackle" and "second-best tackle"?

Clabo Was A Solid Starter. And He Fits The Athletic Prototype We Are Looking.

The Fins Even Have Good Competition On The O-Line.

How Certain Are We Incognito And Jerry Start This Season. Ireland Addressed The OG Position Before He Upgraded The RT. Remember Ireland Said He Will Fix The O-Line As A Whole. Louis and Thomas Are Light Years Ahead Of The 2 Fat boys In Terms Of Athleticism.

Sherman Wants To Run Screens And Sweeps(The Lombardi Sweep, A Seal Here And A Seal Here And Miller Can Run Thru The Alley) . Move The Pocket For T-Hill. He Can't /Couldn't Do This With J. Long, Incognito, and Jerry On The Line. We Needed Athletic Guards Just Like We Needed Athletic LBs.

We Went From The O-Line Averaging 320+ Lbs 5.5-40yd. To 305lbs 5.0-40yd.


Thanks for the clarification. cheers!

I am Gypsy.

I enjoy making breakfast in the nude and watching shows about cats and Nazis. I am a weightlifter, a dancer, and an accomplished pianist. My bowels are firm and regular and I enjoy carnal relations with both men and women. All lust for me--few achieve their dreams of passion with me.

I am Gypsy.

Clearly, Ireland thought Big Jake was signing on the dotted line.

Posted by: AtlFin | May 05, 2013 at 12:21 PM

because he drafted his replacement (Martin) the season before letting him walk?

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | May 05, 2013 at 01:49 PM


Lawrence Taylor started this trend, and I say trend, of making LT your best pass blocker. Because "LT" naturally lined up to that side in the Giants defense.

The trend is beginning to trend, DC's now know that RT is the weak link. Go back to last season and look at defensive pass rusher footage of even Cam Wake.

Cam Wake is our best pass rusher. He was consistently lined up over the opponent's RT, not LT. Don't believe me, take a look for yourself.

DC's have now discovered RT is the weaker link simply because teams are more heavier invested in the LT position. Times are changing, both OT's now need to be great pass blockers. If not, you may as well move them to OG, or move on with them period.

You Can Find Any Position Anywhere. But Your Chances Of Success Go Way Up The Higher You Draft Them.

1 Out Of Every 10 Linemen Drafted In The First Might Be A Bust.

1 Out Of Every 1000 UDFA Might Become A Solid Starter.

Your Odds Of Drafting Talent Is Higher Than Just Signing It Off The Street.

Else Why Have A Draft? And Why Let The Bad Teams Go First?

If Everyone Has The Same Chance To Find A Starter After The Draft.

Heck, The Fins Might Find Better Players With The UDFA Than The 9 Picks From The Draft. And Our 7th Rounder Probably Has The Same Chance Of Success As Our Top 3 Pick. How Does That Sound?

I Understand You Can Find An Acorn Anywhere. But If You Plan On Being Successful You Better Hit With Your Draft Picks. Specially Your High Picks.

I Believe D. Thomas(3rd round Pick) Will Have A Bigger Impact Than C. Barker(UDFA). That Is Just A Hunch.

Do NOT want fat Albert and his fat contract at LT.

And giving up a pick for the priviledge.

He won't play all 16 games, you can bet on that.

He's a malcontent.

Backup LT If Martin gets hurt? Nate Garner, John Jerry or Dallas Thomas will fill in capably. Not great, but capably, that's why they're backups.

Like others on this post I am for letting J Martin prove this year that he is the long term LT answer. Or not. If not, get an LT in next year's draft. Or FA signing or trade.

Also, offenses have changed a lot over time. LT has been called the "blindside" protector, but that now depends on where the qb's "first read" is.

If first read is to the qb's left, then it's not his immediate blindside. His right side is. If a qb is throwing to his left, his right side becomes his blindside.

So both LT and RT is equally important to have a great pass protector at both. However, having two greats at both positions is the most difficult trick to turn.

well boys,heres my take.For most of this offseason ive rode the phins hard about the offensive line.that conern still reamians now I do not yet consider martin a bust,he definatly needs to mak big strides in yr2.The biggest concern for me if he does not all this firepower they added in offseason will go to waste.If that is the case Irelands head better role.As for vazman comments have to dissagree their.Ques on whole O-Line no just the tackle spot the interior is pretty solid Pouncy probowl caliber player.Qb, yeah Tannehill has to show improvement but liked alot i saw.Te D. Keller undervalued sighning was catching 50 balls a yr with Sanchez he is by far an upgrade over fasano in the passing game.Rb is the one i somewhat agree mainly cause Miller and Gillise are unpoven and thomas is proven that he stinks and cant stay healhy.One last thing agree with Super Alpha still need wr help.Look the top 3 pretty solid,but after that a fews guys been on roster hasn proven anything.What if 1 of those 3 gets hurt?Thought instead of reaching for guard and cb in 3rd round could of got a wr their were still some good ones their and yeah got wallace with speed but what would of been wrong in adding another wr to stretch field?The phins are planning n using alot of 4wr sets and im not comfortabe at all with what they got on roster to handle those duties.

Hell, if you have a left-handed qb, the right side(RT) can be implied to be his blind side.

Guys, like I said, Teams are now lining their best pass rushers up over the RT not the LT. This is the new trend amongst DC's to exploit this supposed weakness.

Didn't dusty tell us two weeks ago that Albert was in the midst of taking his physical and the deal was done?

Obviously Albert never took that physical. Misinformation extraordinaire.

This is EXACTLY what I said a while ago. Get Branden Albert on board and let Martin and Clabo (or Winston as I said at the time) battle it out for the RT spot. Then if Albert goes down, Martin can shift over. You MUST have depth!

DOnt forget we get 10 million of ca space in july.. Look for the trade for albert then..

If I were a betting man, short of having just an absolutely terrible blocking olineman or olinemen, I would say the qb is the most important pass protector in an offense.

The qb has to be able to properly read the defense at the line of scrimmage and "call the proper pass protection". At times defenses are very clever in their disquises. At times the defense just wins. They force the qb to call the wrong protection and everybody on the offense loses.

Sometimes sacks are totally on the qb. Sometimes qb's fail to immediately spot the open wr and has to hold the ball longer. All sorts of things lead to pass protection issue that are not linked to line play itself.

Some of you see the end results but do not understand the circumstance leading to them. Its not always a n oline issue. The wrong protection could have been called, the rb may not have lined up properly when the right protection as called. May even fail to make a block.

There so much more to it, than the simplicity in which some of you may ever even know. The only things you do know is end result. But end result can be greatly deceiving.

YG4E blindside has to do with throwing motion and planting your back foot as well. Most QBs are right handed so when you pull back to throw your left side is turned away from the left side of the line. When you throw left you still have vision on your right side so not as important to block as the QB shouldn't be blindsided. That's what I know about it.

If we are STILL looking for oline help, that can only mean they don't have high hopes for Martin.

After all we have done in the recent drafts and FA and we STILL are looking????

Something is very wrong here.

Do you remember when the Dolphins mattered?
Me neither.

The great thing about the addition of Mike Wallace is that he'll force the defense to tip their hand in how they plan to try and cover him.

Typically, if he's going to be singled, the cb will play off of the line. Every fool and his mother knows you don't single Wallace up with single press coverage. His top end speed is too great.

So, if the cb his playing off, the qb should know he has a great chance to go over the top. If not, the defense is playing high-low double coverage.

Also, if the cb is playing off at the line on Wallace, he can also be open on slants and curls.


Great Point.

Both Tackles Are Just As Important. I Would Rather Have 2 Really Good Tackles Than 1 Elite LT.

And In Today's NFL. Where Teams Are blitzing In More Creative Ways And Offenses Wanting 5 Receivers To Go Out On Every Play. The Whole O-Line Is Important. You Need 5 Guys That Can Block.

The Report On Martin Is Encouraging.

If He Has Gotten Stronger And Worked On His Technique. No Reason For Him Not To Be Successful. The Guy Did Go To Stanford And He Seems To Get It.

I Just Wouldn't Want Incognito On His Inside. Well He Did Do With Jerry.

Hopefully D. Thomas Beats Out The Other 2 For The Starting LG.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!,

If you were a betting man you'd be broke and homeless! you are ALWAYS wrong! LOL

How has YG acquired so much Football knowledge if he's so young?

I believe the Dolphins will not acquire Brandon Albert without first having the medical done. They will be ok with what they currently have. Getting a veteran LT to backup Martin when NFL teams cut down their rosters will most likely be the direction the Dolphins go.

No one cares about the crap Dolphins anymore. Thats why Ross didnt get charity.

It it takes 6 years to build an oline, how long does it take to build the rest of the team? By then the oliners will be retiiring!

No one cares about the crap Dolphins anymore. Thats why Ross didnt get charity.

Posted by: Beyonce | May 05, 2013 at 03:09 PM

Is that why you come here?


Everyone here's so overly worried about LT. I posted an article an link from PFF, I guess it was to much work for any here to read.

It stated that the new trend in the nfl is to now line their "BEST PASS RUSHER OVER RIGHT TACKLE". This is to exploit teams having their best pass blocker at LT. Even the Dolphins line Cam Wake over the opposition's RT, not LT(see Dolphins videos for yourself).

So, if this is the new nfl trend, what good is it to really have your best pass blocker at LT when defenses are now lining their best pass rusher at RT?

Whether he plays RT or LT, if he can not pass protect he'll still be exposed. Even more so now that the new trend is to place the best pass rusher over the supposedly weaker pass blocking RT.

Yesterday how many more times do you plan on explaining that article that was posted here several times before YOU read it?

I guess it was too much work for you to read it the first 3 times it was posted.

How has YG acquired so much Football knowledge if he's so young?

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 05, 2013 at 03:03 PM


It's called "Learning to listen, and listening to learn".

Most have only learned to listen to themselves, and don't have a clue about listening to learn.



Yesterday how many more times do you plan on explaining that article that was posted here several times before YOU read it?

I guess it was too much work for you to read it the first 3 times it was posted.


I am overly worried about this LT situation. Should I take vitamin A or B12 for that?

How has YG acquired so much Football knowledge if he's so young?

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 05, 2013 at 03:03 PM


It's called learning to listen and listening to learn. Many are to lazy to acquire this skill. Its a lot easier for them to blow smoke from their ass.

If it hadn't been for Long's injury, JMartin would have spent last Season at RT, same as what KC is doing with Albert and Fisher now. In a way, it was a good thing as it was clearly seen he is a natural LT. Now, who will back him up this Season? Can Clabo play LT effectively? Can rookie Dallas Clark? Yes, we still short in OLine Players.

"Dolphins agreed to terms with RT Tyson Clabo on a one-year, $3.5 million contract with $1.5 million guaranteed."

I feel good about our depth at RT. LT??? Who the hell knows???

Posted by: Lazy Lou | May 05, 2013 at 03:16 PM

Has it occurred to you that maybe I was not present at the time? Sometimes small things do make common sense.

Thx for stopping by lazy ass. LOL...


Reading the CB against your WR is like day 1, hour 1, minute 1 of Reading Defenses 101.

And you brag about your years of football knowledge? I don't get it.


Reading Defenses Lesson 2.

If the rush is coming on strong from the right, scramble to the left.

Now if the rush is coming on strong from the left, scramble to the right.

The idea is to avoid the rush so you will have more time to throw the football into a receivers hands.

I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a rich man had I gambled in Football. Instead, I bet the Horses, and I live comfortably.


Reading Defenses Lesson 3.

If it is 3rd and 1 and the cb is playing 5 yards off your receiver, call a 2 yard pass play. The reason being here that a 2 yard gain will give you a first down on any 3rd and 1 situation. That is a good one to remember.

It stated that the new trend in the nfl is to now line their "BEST PASS RUSHER OVER RIGHT TACKLE". This is to exploit teams having their best pass blocker at LT.
posted by YG
Yes this is the M.O. that is being executed. If fact when the Dolphins had Marc Colombo @ RT teams often blitzed to his side. Attacking a weakness which is the M.O. used in tennis and most sports.

In Ping-Pong also, promichael. Great strategic Game.

Attacking a weakness which is the M.O. used in tennis and most sports.

Posted by: promichael | May 05, 2013 at 03:35 PM

Too funny! This guy can't be serioius.

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