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Clabo signed: Dolphins may NOT be finished

This morning the Dolphins seemed to cross the line of no return in committing to Tyson Clabo as their right tackle and Jonathan Martin as their left tackle by signing the former Atlanta Falcons player to a one-year deal.

The Herald's Barry Jackson was the first to have the story.

Financial figures are not yet available but Clabo was hoping to recover the $4.5 million he was scheduled to make with the Falcons in 2013 before he was cut as a cap casualty.

And now Miami's offensive tackle issues are fully addressed, right?

Well, maybe.

The fact remains that while the deal to acquire Branden Albert is at best on life support and probably will not happen, it is not fully, completely dead. Yes, the Dolphins have moved on with Martin as their LT. Yes, the Chiefs have gotten Albert to sign his franchise tender and have declared that Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

The clubs have both privately said this issue is over.

Have you heard of posturing?

Did you know that teams return to apparently dead trades all the time? Years ago the Saints and the Giants haggled for months about Jeremy Shockey and failed to consumate a deal by both teams' imposed draft deadline. The deal was dead -- until it wasn't and was completed in July.

So this may not be totally over and here's the reason:

The way it has been explained to me, the Dolphins needed to get over three obstacles to land Albert:

They needed to get him in for a physical and needed him to check out fine.

They needed to agree to compensation with the Chiefs.

They needed to agree with Albert on a new contract.

The Dolphins never got over the first hurdle. They weren't allowed.

This deal stalled dead on the tracks because the clubs couldn't agree on having Albert drive from his home in South Florida to the Dolphins medical team and get an MRI and do other tests to see the condition of his back. You'll remember the offensive tackle missed five starts last year with back issues.

Well, the Dolphins wanted to check that issue out prior to going forward with the trade. The Chiefs wouldn't allow it. They wanted the Dolphins to do the trade and a deal and have it all be contingent on the physical afterward.

That, I am told by a league source, is hurdle that tripped this deal.

So what if somebody changes their mind after the start of training camp? What if the Dolphins get on the field next July and suddenly feel queasy (a Joe Philbin word) about Martin at left tackle? Remember, Martin allowed more hurries than any tackle in the NFL in 2012, according to ProFootballFocus.com.

What if that great leap in ability most players make from their rookie year to Year No. 2 doesn't quite hit like the Dolphins hope for Martin?

On the other hand, what if the Chiefs suddenly decide that Fisher is so good and so capable -- he was, after all, the first overall selection this draft -- and start to believe putting him at left tackle will be better for his career and the team longterm?

The door might re-open from either side.

Maybe the Chiefs relent on the physical because they see Albert as healthy. Maybe the Dolphins relent on the physical because of need.

Then there is this: The Dolphins could use another left tackle. No doubt about that. Martin today is the starter. But what happens if he's injured? The fact is the Dolphins are a better team with Albert as the starting and proven left tackle and Martin and Clabo fighting on the right side for the starting job. And if Albert goes down, then Martin can swing over and start there while Clabo starts are right tackle.

As it stands now, if Martin goes down, the Dolphins don't have a starting left tackle and there's no easy solution for replacing him.

The Dolphins could still use Branden Albert.


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Like it or not this is our team for next year. Mando is right they crossed the point of return. If you people want to worry about Oline depth fine...enjoy that. I'm not worried there's only so much you can do.

YG, Not every DE can rush in an equally effective fashion from both sides. They are either rightists or lefties, as everything in Life is.

"Well, the Dolphins wanted to check that issue out prior to going forward with the trade. The Chiefs wouldn't allow it. They wanted the Dolphins to do the trade and a deal and have it all be contingent on the physical afterward."


If that's true then that would explain why that trade never happened. Agree to a deal with a guy who has a bad back w/o a physical??? That's retarded. The Chiefs can keep him & pay him his guaranteed $10 Million.

In fact if your a drug addict the most vulnerable people to go after are the weak. (Older persons or females). Not exactly a sport though. LOL


Go Phins

All of f*cking idiots can suck it now. Clabo was as a top ten RT and has not missed a game in five years. This was a great signing! I have faith in martin as does the coaching staff bc we didn't use the third pick in the draft on lane Johnson. I'm so excited for training camp!

All of you f*cking idiots can suck it. I hate spell checker on my phone! Lol

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage team?

Drafting Jelani Jenkins mid rd, Im sure the Dolphins wont yet admit it because its far to early, but it appears they are trying to phase Misi out at olb.

Misi is average at best rushing the passer and in coverage. His only true value at olb is setting the edge against the run.

Jelani, on the other hand, may already be better in coverage. This s a more valuable skill in in today's high volume passing league. he just now has to prove he can apply more pressure in blitz situations and prove he can set the edge in the run game. If Jenkins can prove he can do these two things at a consistent nfl level. He can beat Misi out for the starting olb position.

Jelani's coverage skills were good enough in college that at times he even played some safety. That's pretty good athleticism for a man his size.

Too funny! This guy can't be serioius.

Posted by: Talk about stating the obvious!!!!!!!
Hey genius I was simply responding to another posters statement on attacking the right tackle with their best rusher. What do you do for a living critique all blogs? Get another job!

Who cares why the Albert trade didn't happen. I was against it for many reasons including a high draft choice and big money...other then that I was fine with it.

BTW..why the free pass? I can't believe the Chiefs are using their #1 pick and playing him at RT. I haven't seen any criticism of that from the talking heads. NONE

I'm still stumped on this Dion pick. I guarrantee you Austin and Eifert will score more points than Dion Tweener.

..Good news. Ireland keeps signing good players. This is Football cliché speak 101..But we got better today. Isn't that one of the goals each team sets at the start of the year? Get better everyday? I do agree with Armando. I wouldn't just assume that Martin has the left tackle spot sewed up. He may. But I wouldn't be surprised to see a veteran signed somewhere down the line. If nothing else. Tackle still lacks depth after the starters. Guard...Not so much.


Posted by: Talk about stating the obvious!!!!!!!
Hey genius How did you graduate H.S. spelling like you did above?

Armando starts off by saying the team has crossed the point of no return in committing Martin to LT, then spends the rest of the article saying how we still might add a vet LT.

In other words, he is saying we are definitely going to do this unless we don't.

Posted by: Lester | May 05, 2013 at 03:56 PM

Ireland stated that you can never have enough pass rushers. Now we have them all over the Front seven. Its not about having them at one positions. Its about having that pressure coming from all over the place.

Ireland accomplished this over the offseason. this means that it becomes more difficult for opposing offenses "TO SCORE POINTS" when their qb is being "CONSISTENTLY" harassed.

You should use the spell-checker. That's what is there for it, to Teach you.

What about a martin for albert trade?

Like it or not this is our team for next year. Mando is right they crossed the point of return. If you people want to worry about Oline depth fine...enjoy that. I'm not worried there's only so much you can do.


Agreed. Barring a season ending injury to Martin I believe we're done at O-line. If the coaches didn't have confidence in Martin they could have pushed for Ireland to draft Lane Johnson or forced Ireland to make a more competitive offer for Bryant McKinnie.

We just signed Clabo, we re-signed Garner in FA, & we just drafted Thomas who was played both Tackle & Guard.


You have to admit that was one obvious statement you made. Come on, homey - lighten up.

Cameron Wake proved over the last few years, having one great pass rusher alone can wreck a passing offense. Yes, he made a couple pro bowls, but no, his presence alone wasn't a solve all.

The greatest pass rush any defense can have it one that wreak havoc all over the place. this is what disrupts things no matter what pass protect the opposing qb calls.

That's what makes even the best signal callers shake their boots everytime they go back to pass.

Are you girl scouts EVER EVER EVER going to stop talking about the LT position?

Don't you EVER EVER EVER get sick of it?


...I disagree. No way are we done with the O-line. Look at the depth chart..We have 2 tackles. 2..That is it. Sure I know guys will say that Thomas was drafted because he can play tackle. And maybe he can. But I wouldn't, and I hope the team isn't putting all their eggs in that basket.

Look. If Martin is the guy at LT. Fine. It scares me today. But I don't get to do the evaluating. What do I know? I'll tell you. We need more bodies that are capable of playing the tackle spot. what are the odds both tackles play a full season with no time missed? I would find a true tackle. Not a guy that has flexibility who is better suited to play guard...A patch on a levee for a possible flood.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 05, 2013 at 04:02 PM


How about Armando? He never uses spell check.

Posted by: Evan Ever | May 05, 2013 at 04:09 PM

Maybe you should have used the screen name Eva' Eva". Just saying. LOL...

Ireland went after a pass rusher even though the Fins were 7th in sacks and hoped to increase those numbers w/Ellerbe and Wheeler, and perhaps improved play from Vernon and Odrick. 50 sacks was well within reach without Jordan.
I have no complaints about the draft after the first round; the secondary got the attention it required, I like the rookie TE, Ireland was one move away from a first rate off season-----and then blithely ignored the second most important position on any football team. Inexcusable.


It's only a 53 man roster. Do you want 22 tackles?

How about Armando? He never uses spell check.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 05, 2013 at 04:10 PM

That's because the Bible does not approve of them.

Frank it was a great signing. Let's see what these coaches can do with the Oline. It's all on them now. I'd bet they'll have Martin ready for the challenge at LT. By the way Thomas played 2 years in the SEC at left tackle. I'm sure in a pinch he could handle it. So much for the veteran LT theory.

You have to admit that was one obvious statement you made. Come on, homey - lighten up.

Posted by: Talk about stating the obvious!!!!!!!
If you knew how to read and followed the dialog; I was simply responding to what another poster stated and furthering the point with another sport.

Every year its the same with Ireland so I don't know why people are surprised. The safety position goes unaddressed for a long time, the TE position the next year, WR the next year after that, and now the LT position.

He loses out in FA, then the draft...then he scrambles for scraps and hopes for the best which usually results in the worst (or at best lame production) at that particular position.

The team will start out 0-5.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | May 05, 2013 at 04:10 PM


I would say OT is "Done for now".

I say it's highly likely how we'll go into camp for now. Depending on what the coaching staff sees in training camp. I can see at least one major move being made before moving into the regular season.

On the other hand, if something "greatly changes" with the Albert situation. Then, we'll see a major move going into training camp.

Albert is the only major move out there left. But the later we make the move, the more sense of desperation there will be in making the move. Because it would be that we're hating what we see in camp and in preseason.

However, if things are looking pretty decent in camp and in preseason. I only expect a small depth move to be made. Nothing major.

and then blithely ignored the second most important position on any football team

Posted by: kingliar | May 05, 2013 at 04:13 PM

What the heck do you know, jack squat? You really don't think he is 1000 times more aware of what he has and what he needs than some blogger who has not one second of real experience or first hand knowledge?

How dors Ireland still have a job? Winning doesnt matter to Ross?


Geez, Why is Ireland so hell bent on building a team of UDFA's!!!!


Posted by: kingliar | May 05, 2013 at 04:13 PM

That sack ranking is totally deceiving. Its better to trust your eyes in this situation. Outside of Cam Wake, we got very little pressure and very few sacks from one consistent source.

Far too often, when Wake wasn't applying pressure or getting sacks, it looked as if the qb was on an Easter Sunday colored egg hunt. I watched many times when even our attempt to blitz was stonewalled in key situations.

The problem was 2-fold. At times not enough pressure. At times, not enough pass coverage. Ireland addressed both sides of this issue in fa and draft.

Geez, Why is Ireland so hell bent on building a team of UDFA's!!!!
Posted by: Acme | May 05, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Cause he cant draft for shyt!

King liar,

If they were so worried about LT they have made the overpriced move of getting Albert or picking lane Johnson when they moved up to number 3. All they did was take the best pure pass rusher in the draft. You can never have enough pass rushers. Today the dolphins signed a very good RT. Lets give Martin a chance at LT. Obviously philbin and the other coaches are good with it. I trust their opinion more than yours. No offense man.

2012, this defense had terrible time getting off the field in 3rd down situations. Though teams weren't scoring at a high velocity against us. They were sustaining drives at a high rate.

Sustaining drives means field position. Sustaining drives means consistently our offense had to drive further lengths down the field to score.

Consistently getting off the field on 3rds downs(earlier) is also key in how regularly your offense can put points on the scoreboard.

Good signing by Jeff Ireland!!! Also Martin is going to be fine at LT, just give him a chance. It is only his 2nd year. He is going to suprise everyone and go to the pro bowl, and then I am going to tell you "I told you so". If Andrew Luck trusted him as his LT, then Tannehill would trust him too.

Ireland made all these great moves but I think we will still lose because Tannehill is not that good.

Agree with JoeCameltoe @ 4:36

YG, Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs putting extreme pressure on our otherwise stellar D.

Armando: good news on Clabo and good questions to ponder. If we have the cap money for Albert, why not? I also hope we have enough depth at RB and WR.

Posted by: Frank from PA | May 05, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Calling Dion Jordan best pass rusher on the on the board is false an unsubstantiated. The pass rush production just isn't there to back that up.

However, I do think Ireland may seem as "the best defensive athlete" available. His combine numbers does back that up. He does have the athletism and intangibles to become an nfl great and truly worthy of 3rd oveall pick.

Just as I've mentioned, There are several pass rushers in this draft with more immediate pass rush production. Just that they don't possess Jordan's overall potential and ceiling.

Jordan can truly b a "MULTI_DIMENSIONAL" dominant force. That's what Ireland's rolling the dice on in choosing him at #3 overall.

Posted by Mike Florio on May 5, 2013, 4:18 PM EDT

The Florida Legislature failed to give the people of Miami-Dade County the ability to vote on partial public funding for upgrades to Sun Life Stadium. And that could lead to a future without the Dolphins in South Florida.

In April, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said that owner Stephen Ross would not renovate the stadium without a public-private partnership. Ross has reiterated that there will be no renovation in the two days since House Speaker Will Weatherford failed to move the bill forward, and Dee told CBS4 in Miami that it would be "difficult" to do the renovations on a more limited basis.

Dee also said that the lack of a renovation could result in a relocation.

YG, Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs putting extreme pressure on our otherwise stellar D.

Posted by: Steve | May 05, 2013 at 04:41 PM

First of all, you forgot to add "ottowa" to your trolling screen name. Just thought that I'ld remind you, for yesterday you posted the same gibberish, only as "Steve in Ottawa".

Also, yesterday I asked you to post "EVIDENCE" to this out of your ass claim, which clearly, you never did.

But, yet, you come again with the same unsubstantiated gibberish without the blocks in your wall to back it up. Still waiting for the proof, Steve or Steve in Ottaw, whichever you wished to be troll called.

Ross said he would NOT move the team. But he lies like a used car salesman.

Dee said that Weatherford told the Dolphins on at least four occasions that the bill would make it to the House floor for a full vote. “Something happened late in the process that caused him to change his mind,” Dee said of Weatherford. “We suspect that it’s a pure political decision, that he’s choosing politics over the right for the voters of Miami-Dade County to decide this issue, and that’s a shame.”

Dee tiptoed around the specific political reason, mentioning only Weatherford’s own personal ambitions. On Saturday, we explained that stadium supporters believe Weatherford aspires to hold statewide office, and that former Eagles owner Norman Braman may have promised support in exchange for killing the bill.

I hope Ross does move his garbage team and stops embarrassing S Fla.

Dee is paving the way for Ross to either sell or move the team. Dee is breaking the ice. Once Ross starts echoing his words....it won't be long.

Join the CFL and move the Dolphins to Canada.

Posted by: Beginning of the End | May 05, 2013 at 04:45 PM

No biggie. If the Dolphins leave the State of FL, my nfl football interest would dwindle down to a passing nfl playoffs and sb interest. Even that would I greatly care about.

Also, it would kill any interest of coming to this blog and reading some of the most pathetic football post trolled in here.

This blog would no longer exist and neither the trolls. So, relocating the Dolphins to another State, would not be an all in all terrible thing. You trolls would then be "jobless". LOL...


Thanks for the encouraging words. I know you, like me, was very worried about the tackle situation being unstable. I'm sure you will sleep much better tonight knowing we nailed down a great RT today. I can't wait for training camp!

Monte, well he did pretty good in sign a 2010 pro bowler, and 15 best tackle of 80 in the league last year. You should do your homework.

It was the beginning of the end when Ross bought the team.

Jay, let me see garbage team................are you a moron Jay. Yes I guess you are.


Maybe you should just make believe they already moved the team out of state.

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