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Clabo signed: Dolphins may NOT be finished

This morning the Dolphins seemed to cross the line of no return in committing to Tyson Clabo as their right tackle and Jonathan Martin as their left tackle by signing the former Atlanta Falcons player to a one-year deal.

The Herald's Barry Jackson was the first to have the story.

Financial figures are not yet available but Clabo was hoping to recover the $4.5 million he was scheduled to make with the Falcons in 2013 before he was cut as a cap casualty.

And now Miami's offensive tackle issues are fully addressed, right?

Well, maybe.

The fact remains that while the deal to acquire Branden Albert is at best on life support and probably will not happen, it is not fully, completely dead. Yes, the Dolphins have moved on with Martin as their LT. Yes, the Chiefs have gotten Albert to sign his franchise tender and have declared that Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

The clubs have both privately said this issue is over.

Have you heard of posturing?

Did you know that teams return to apparently dead trades all the time? Years ago the Saints and the Giants haggled for months about Jeremy Shockey and failed to consumate a deal by both teams' imposed draft deadline. The deal was dead -- until it wasn't and was completed in July.

So this may not be totally over and here's the reason:

The way it has been explained to me, the Dolphins needed to get over three obstacles to land Albert:

They needed to get him in for a physical and needed him to check out fine.

They needed to agree to compensation with the Chiefs.

They needed to agree with Albert on a new contract.

The Dolphins never got over the first hurdle. They weren't allowed.

This deal stalled dead on the tracks because the clubs couldn't agree on having Albert drive from his home in South Florida to the Dolphins medical team and get an MRI and do other tests to see the condition of his back. You'll remember the offensive tackle missed five starts last year with back issues.

Well, the Dolphins wanted to check that issue out prior to going forward with the trade. The Chiefs wouldn't allow it. They wanted the Dolphins to do the trade and a deal and have it all be contingent on the physical afterward.

That, I am told by a league source, is hurdle that tripped this deal.

So what if somebody changes their mind after the start of training camp? What if the Dolphins get on the field next July and suddenly feel queasy (a Joe Philbin word) about Martin at left tackle? Remember, Martin allowed more hurries than any tackle in the NFL in 2012, according to ProFootballFocus.com.

What if that great leap in ability most players make from their rookie year to Year No. 2 doesn't quite hit like the Dolphins hope for Martin?

On the other hand, what if the Chiefs suddenly decide that Fisher is so good and so capable -- he was, after all, the first overall selection this draft -- and start to believe putting him at left tackle will be better for his career and the team longterm?

The door might re-open from either side.

Maybe the Chiefs relent on the physical because they see Albert as healthy. Maybe the Dolphins relent on the physical because of need.

Then there is this: The Dolphins could use another left tackle. No doubt about that. Martin today is the starter. But what happens if he's injured? The fact is the Dolphins are a better team with Albert as the starting and proven left tackle and Martin and Clabo fighting on the right side for the starting job. And if Albert goes down, then Martin can swing over and start there while Clabo starts are right tackle.

As it stands now, if Martin goes down, the Dolphins don't have a starting left tackle and there's no easy solution for replacing him.

The Dolphins could still use Branden Albert.


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I am very happy with the signing of clabo
I also think Martin will do an acceptable job at LT
We have enough cash left to sign all our drafted players and a couple of extra million on top
That spells great job Mr Ireland
Not all bloggers are as stupid or uneducated as some here are
I have been a die hard dolphin fan since 1972 and I feel like if not this year then next year our team has a chance to excel again (we are getting very close)
I for one will again be getting season tickets after more than 12 years of watching them on TV and only attending a few games (work also kept me away)
Let's go show all the naysayers the new revamped Dolphins are a force to be reckoned with again

Dr.Blunt, What kind of treatment doe's YG4L/LOL/DB/ need to get to not have to post for days at a time?

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Keep faith in Martin, yes like you said dead trades come back, but Albert seems like a stubuorn guy, he outright told reid he refuses to play right tackle...He also came out and said he wants Jake Long (new deal) type money. He's not going to budge too much on that and the Dolphins aren't desperate to pay an injury prone player that isn't up to Long's skill that much money. That's why ALBERT TALK IS DEAD!!! unless his price comes down, it's over... Ireland won't pay his tag with this many warts on this LT.

Ireland selected martin as a LT. he played LT.now, without long, he can play a season as lt. and he prefer to play lt. and he's not a good rt. so, or you want to see how good martin is at lt or you already now is a bust. another 2nd round bust?
i don't hope it...
and i don't think albert is the answer. if you don't believe in martin, why did not select johnson instead a problably probowler but raw and injured jordan?
i'm fed up with albert!

Posted by: Mando Enough Is Enough | May 06, 2013 at 02:50 AM

I see. It is ok for your loverboy yesterdik to belittle others and slander their mothers, and it's ok for you to talk disgusting, but now you run to armando when either of you get a taste of your own medicine?

Does this mean J. Martin is a bust?

Posted by: Elwood | May 05, 2013 at 11:31 AM
Assuming that the 'Phins do trade for Albert (which is far from certain), other possibilities include:
a) 'Phins feel better with Albert at LT and Martin at RT than Martin at LT and Clabo (or whoever wins RT competition) at RT
b) 'Phins believe Martin needs more time to develop into a LT
c) Just because a player is better suited to RT than LT (see Carey, Vernon) doesn't make him a bust, and the 'Phins MIGHT decide that is the case with Martin. IMHO, though, the trade has too much going against it for it to happen. Considering that the Jags took Joeckel, it wouldn't surprise me to see the 'Phins make a play for Eugene Monroe.

Martin at LT is a question mark that needs to be answered. It will this offseason. The coaches will know what he will do well and not well after the offseason program.

But in the end I feel more confident today in our OLINE than I did at the end of last season.

Last year....Long was hurt and unable to play, getting paid a lot of money to sit the bench for a 2nd year of injuries and inconsistency. Jerry was out of shape and never certain at RG. Incognito was a penalty maker, killing drives constantly. No depth to really push the G's.

This year....The bloated salary of Long has been saved. Clabo is a solid and proven RT veteran. Louis was the Bear's best lineman and really brings strong competition to the G position. Thomas is a good solid versatile rookie who can push all G's and T's. Martin is said to be in good shape showing improved size and strength. Gardner resigned so we have his versatility and proven backup capability.

Could we use a stud LT? YES. Do we know for sure at this point that Martin isn't that player? NO. It will play itself out and I'm looking forward to watching it.

My prediction....THILL has more time to throw and the RB"s have bigger holes to run through than last year.

Nope I still don't see the Albert trade happening and unless there is an injury or Albert really stumbles it doesn't make much sense. Last year Mayock said he was either an LT or RT coming out of the draft. The NFL analysis of Martin deemed him as elite. I'm sure he hasn't lost the tools to play LT in a year. I don't see this as posturing..this move to bring in Clabo was done because the Albert trade is dead. Next...already.

So we got you clocked in at 6:57am.(and That Is Modest cause you are always here)

How many names?

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Don't distract from the point you little sissy.

Nobody here is running to Mando.

Just Enough Is ENOUGH!!


Cause everyone can agree. That YOU are the problem.

Give Martin the shot. From what I have read he has worked out and beefed up some to play LT. He put the time and effort in to get better.

Bottom line.....LT still needs added depth....even with or without Martin at that spot.For a player who blocked well 4 years for Luck and only beginning his 2nd season....it seems a majority of people thinks he s already maxed out/reached his potential.Martin should be an improved player this year with added strength and bulk since last season ended.He s a highly intelligent player who should be improved.Elite...perhaps not ever but a stable force protecting the blind side is very likely.Nonetheless......I m sure Ireland/Philbin will both be looking for depth or an Albert or Albert-type all season long.THIS is not a totally finished product yet on the LT spot and it will take likely months yet to fully play out.GO PHINS.

Dudes J Martin is our left tackle deal with it , he was drafted to be our left tackle accept it ,big jake is history ,now lets go win some ball games

Martin , incognito, pouncey, Louis , clabo , looks ok to me

Read Marti has gained 20 pounds this offseason trying to get stronger. Looks like the message was received. He went to Stanford - he's smart enough to know LT is the big money position and this is his chance.

We are ready for some football people our team is revamped and ready to roll

I guess Jerry was never fully endorsed. Could he be a casualty of all this? I mean, isn't Louis going to be the RG. Is Jerry reverting to backup?

Now can you imagine John Abraham on this team that would be the cherry on top

All these players will compete for starting jobs the best will start the rest will be depth


This may sound ridiculous but is there room for Abraham on this team? Where would you play him?

Abraham or Freeney...I'd take either one for a year or two. Gives Jordan opportunity to freelance as a roaming threat DE/OLB.

4-3 scheme on 2nd and 3rd down pass situations:

Wake (DE), Starks (DT), Odrick (DT), Freeney or Abraham (DE)

Wheeler (OLB), Elerbe (MLB), Jordan (OLB)

Grimes (CB), Clemmons (S), Jones (S) and Taylor (CB)

I'd take that line up all day long.

I think Freeney is used up but I understand what you're getting at. If you want Jordan to be a true "elephant" or "joker" then you have to have the opportunity to put him all over the place and have another rush end may help. Abraham on a one year deal .. yeah... I can see it now.

Guess that means Misi is a pure backup at DE and OLB then .. so be it ... he's had his chance.

I'm really startig to like thjis Ireland fellow....The man gets what he wants...on his terms....

IF...he builds a winner here....the Parcells will find a way to take credit for brining him here....

gotta take the good with the bad....

I think the current line up on DLine and LB's affords a great deal of flexibility.

Run situations: Wake, Solai, Starks, Odrick, Misi, Wheeler, Elerbe.

Pass situations: Wake, Starks, Odrick, Jordan, Jenkins, Wheeler, Elerbe

IF a Freeney or Abraham come in then they add to the Pass package.

I think Misi has shown real improvement in stopping the run. If Jenkins is truly a great cover LB then I see them switching out to take advantage of their strengths and mask weaknesses.

Same with Jordan and Odrick....Jordan is smaller and may not be able to set the corner right away on running downs. Let Odrick do that and then push Odrick inside with Starks and Jordan as DE on pass plays.

I think it's great and brilliant on the part of Coyle, Philbin and Ireland.

Mark @ 9:44.....

there is ALWAYS room for talent....

Why aren't they talking to Jax about eugene monroe?? He is only 25 never had injury issues and is very athletic(ie. perfect for Zone) Last time I checked they drafted a LT w second pick in draft and joeckel cant move to the right lijke fisher can.

I am really getting excited about this upcoming year. At this point I have a few major issues on my mind that will likely make/break the season.

1) The biggest issue/opportunity is THILL. Does he make progress in year two and does he take his game to the next level? If so, this team goes to the playoffs. If not, it's a losing season....Again.

2) Can they contain top rated QB's? The Fins face Brady (twice), Brees, Rothlesberger, Matty Ice, Luck, etc. If they can't get consistent pressure and create INT's the team will struggle to keep up and win these games. They have to find a way to win at least half of them.

3) Can the offense develop consistent time eating drives that lead to TD's instead of field goals? Number 1 above has a lot to do with it but so does an inexperienced backfield, a newly assembled OLine and a newly assembled TE/WR corp.

4) Who steps up as the starting CB's? If it's Grimes and Taylor I become pretty excited. If Marshall, Patterson or Carroll end up starting that scares me and I'm less confident in #2 above.

5) Who wins the Kicking job? We need someone who can put the ball out of the end zone on most/all kickoffs. We need a place kicker that can win games in the final minutes/seconds with kicks 45-53 yards away. Carpenter's missed field goals lead to 2 losses and prevented a winning season and possible Wild Card spot. That can't happen this year.

Labduck, I just read an article that says Joeckel is transitioning nicely to right tackle.

Our team is set
I expect an announcement soon
We are not pursuing any additional players
We go with what we have
Signing Clabo took sufficient money out of our cap that we can not sign anyone for more than 3.7 to 4.0 M for this year (depending on how much we spend total on all our draftees - probably the sum will be close to ten for all combined)
So that means that we will not pursue Albert because now we would have to give them one or two of our good players
So we are done
We go into this season with what we have
I believe we have vastly upgraded our team
This is by far the best year Mr. Ireland has had
Martin will be more than adequate at LT
Adding Sims next to Martin will help also -he is a great blocking TE
On the other side we will have Keller as a receiving TE
We will give Thill lots more time to find the open receiver
Stop with the Albert trade once and for all it is not going to happen plus we don't need him
Last week Ireland said I have one trick left up my sleeve concerning the O Line he did not say concerning the LT situation -I believe Philbin is satisfied with martins progress this off season and IMO we are done tinkering with the OL
The only upgrade still possible under our CAP situation is adding a new slot receiver that another team has to let go for CAP purposes - now that is something worth discussing
As with all of you of course this is just my opinion

Well Ireland has certainly upped the talent level now coach them up and win! Go Dolphins

Martin was a turnstile at RT, he wasn't strong enough to handle a power rush and wasnn't quick enough to handle a speed rusher. LT is his natural position. He has talent, he just needs to get stronger. The fins will give him very little rope, but they will give him some. With all these changes and positive outlook, one blindside hit that takes Tannehill out, then all these offseason moves are worthless. Like I said they will give Martin a chance, but the leash will be short.

Be very very stupid to ever sign any player without a physical....

Chiefs have something to hide not allowing a physical...not being honest...trying to pull a fast one over on gm ireland...

If we sign anymore players...sign another offensive linemen or a defensive end....or a veteran corner or safety...

Dolphins should Winston if they need another OT. They should look to signing Freeney to a one year deal and give their young guys some leadership and have another pass rusher since Jordan won't be 100% to start the year.

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