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Dolphins hold first OTA practice Tuesday

This week the 2013 Dolphins will begin the final phase of their offseason training regimen with the first of 10 organized team activity days more commonly known as OTA days.

Call this Phase Three of the offseason for all 32 NFL teams and it consists 10 practices and a mandatory minicamp over the next four weeks. Teams may conduct a total of 10 days of OTA. They typically break those down in sets of three or four consecutive days.

For the Dolphins the first OTA segment is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The club also has segments scheduled for May 29-31, and June 3-6. The club's mandatory minicamp is scheduled for June 11-13.

No live contact is permitted during OTAs, but 7-on-7 and 9-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills are permissible.

So what is important to watch out for? There are multiple things that are important to teams and coaches this time of year. They are:

1. Attendance. Atlhough OTAs are not mandatory, teams like to make sure to stress to players that it is in everyone's best interest to attend. It's good for the team. It's good for players. Most everyone does attend, even injured players as they work on regaining their form. But ...

It must be pointed out that OTA days are usually when you see drama if there's going to be any between a player and a team. Players unhappy with their contract status sometimes skip these sessions to get a team's attention. Last year, defensive end Cameron Wake did not attend as he wanted a new contract extension.

It is possible defensive tackle Randy Starks, who has skipped significant parts of the team's offseason program because he wants a new long-term deal could skip the OTAs as well.

2. Injuries. The worst news for any player is getting injured. It's bad news any time of the year. OTA sessions are no different considering there's no contact allowed and the fact training camp is coming in a couple of months. An OTA session in which no one is injured is a solid OTA days regardless of what else happens.

3. Chemistry. This is the time to start building. The Dolphins, you must recall, have two dozen new players that are likely going to be on the roster. Among that group, we're talking maybe 8 or 9 new starters. So how do these important players fit into or change the culture? How does the locker room react to the additions? How does the lockerroom react to departures such as that of Reggie Bush, Davone Bess and Jake Long and Karlos Dansby? All those men were leaders on the 2012 Dolphins. This is the time of year new leadership starts to be cast.

4. Speed. The Dolphins have not been an exceptionally fast team in past years. Plodding is more like it. They at times seemed to be playing in sand, they were so slow. The OTAs coming up will be a good time to gauge if the speed of the team has improved. Remember, players will not be in full pads. If this is going to be a quicker, faster team, it better show quite obviously starting now because it's not likely to suddenly show up in full gear later on. And as players such as Mike Wallace bring a speed dimension unseen on a Dolphins practice field in a while, now is a good time for teammates on both sides of the ball to adjust to that kind of speed. 

Tuesday is open to the media. Wednesday and Thursday is closed to the media and the public.

The Dolphins will typically make only one OTA day open to the media per session.


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So we start our season off I still hate having Hartline as a starter.




Go me

Darn, I can't find anything to criticize him. Good article, Armando.

To all loyal die hard dolphans I say ( walk slow, drink water, its a long long road to the Super Bowl)! Unrealistic you say? I dont think so and I can support my expectations with one word TEAM.

whats the matter with Hartline?

Of course, I prefer pads on. But that's none of your doing.

Well if tomorrow is open to the public, you better be there Armando! I want interviews and analysis!!! The vacation is over!!!!

I cannot wait til season.......I got spoiled with hard knocks ......want it again.............got to see so much of the team........I've got more confidence in Joe philbin over any coach we've had since the great DON................nice to actually have some speed on O and D .....been a long long time since we had any thing o speed @ reciever..........go dolphins.........I would personally like to see a new stadium state of art ......than to sink 400 mil into a 30 yr old stadium..................

I thought the first session was the 21st through the 23rd? Hmmm, I must have had some bad information.

Here's to 0 injuries.

Everyone's hopes are high now. Every team in the NFL is thinking winning season. All coaches are excited about their team. The Dolphins have added new players. So it's up to the coaches to get them in shape and built a winning culture. I think it's going to be a good season.

Well I am pumped! In fact I will be referring to T.D.this season as Terminator Dolphin! We have a tough schedule, good thing we will be a tough team!! GO PHINS 2013!!!


Good post.

We expect a detailed explanation tomorrow.

If you need any help take 2 of these with water before heading out to practice tomorrow.

All the Seahawks are doing it.

Those 4 were horrendous leaders. Well all of them except Bess, And he wasn't overly talented as a player.

The other 3 DIVAS needed to be let go.

All 5 starters combined on the O-Line get paid less than Jake.

K.Dansby SUCKED.

And Reggie cared more about how he looked than how he played.

Excited for the season. Seems to be an altogether tougher and meaner group on defense, should be the best receiving corps in the AFC East. Pretty much up to RT this season, and those protecting him.

Damn Adderall, I thought Reggie played hard last year...go back and review some of his TD's.
Guy had heart and was always staying late after practice to do extra sled work.
He's just not matched up with what Philbin has in mind at RB position and I'm sorry to see him go.

It is still football in shorts and really tells very little about what the real team will be like in September. It is meant to get timing down as well as to assimilate the new players in the systems and team structure. So any reports of a specific guy looking "great" can not be taken seriously as they are really not playing football just running around in shorts.

Yeah, Hartline is a terrible starter and his 1300 yds wont be missed. Its not entirely his fault when Tannyhill constantly over throws him in the end zone of which I personally saw two. Plus Hartline was the only WR the Dolphins had last yr.

Dolphins hold first OTA practice Monday? YAWN

To me, I am going to be MOST interested in how Johnathan Martin is handling the LT position.
If he is successful, this team is going to be successful.
They seem to have the other parts covered, well.

Losing Long, Bush, Dansby, Bess, Smith, Burnett, and Fasano will be Irelands last stand. 5-11?


with a combined record of 38-42... Goodbye

Long was a selfish non loyal guy who the Dolphins made a very rich man and decided to leave for 2 million more dollars. (No state taxes in FL) Good riddance to him!.

Dansby = overrated and overpaid he never made many plays in the backfield and was never usually the first guy there thats what a MLB is suppose to do

Bess was just ok, was like a turtle when he ran looks like he was moving in slow motion, he wont be missed much

Smith please this poser boy couldnt catch a cold, he couldnt catch a ball if you under hand threw it to him like a girl

Burnett old as dit rarley made any plays rarely

Fasano, slow as molasses his hand were decent though

Bush worked extreamly hard just RB isnt his posistion hes more so a 3rd RB like Kevin Faulk or someone like that

I personally love the moves we made this iffseason, Im very excited to see Mike Wallace take a 7 yard slad 60 yards.

So we have 2 rookie starting CBs, 2 RTs but no LT, and 3 special teamers trying to fill the RB spot.
Thast should be mildly challenging for Tannehill but not something he can't overcome.

The biggest thing now is to get everybody in synch. The boys have to learn how to be a coordinated team. If they can get on the same mental path with the other 10 guys on the field, we will have a winning team. The individual talent is definitely there. The Eagles a couple of years ago had a lot of individual stars, but failed to get together mentally as a team. I am confident J. Philbin and his staff will work hard on promoting the team concept.

What is the biggest concern:
- Brent Grimes achilles recovery
- Martin at LT
- D. Thomas primary RB
- Mickey Schuler taking over for Fasano

LOSING WHO!!!!!!!!! NJPHIN what phins team were you wactching?

This is going to be such an enjoyable year. The Fins will have a solid year, Ireland will be extended and some of the idiots here will disappear.

All good points Mando. #3 Chemistry should be interesting with no clear cut leaders. Hope Tannehill steps up, QB not LT should be the leader on offense.

So we have 2 rookie starting CBs, 2 RTs but no LT, and 3 special teamers trying to fill the RB spot.
Thast should be mildly challenging for Tannehill but not something he can't overcome.

Posted by: CameltoeJoe | May 20, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Actually, Grimes will be a starter & so might R. Marshall. So maybe 1 Rookie starter at CB, not 2. The start of a trend, you're wrong.

Martin is not a RT. He was a pretty highly rated LT in coming out in the draft. Blocked for the #1 overall pick, Andrew Luck. Maybe you heard of hm? He never played RT until last season. So, wrong again.

L. Miller is no ST'er. Highly rated RB coming out, many with a 1st round grade on him. The fact is RB's are found anywhere. Gillislee & Thomas have to prove themselves but, D. Thomas is a bum.

Either way, you're still wrong again. 0-3. How many more laughers you going to cough up today?

People can say what they want about this team. This team is now younger and faster across the board!!!

The only real question will be LT.

When a player is still valuable and he is under contract he can be traded even if he has suffered a career threatening injury. Perfect example is Darelle Revis.
When a playr is still valuable but he wants to leave the team and his contract is up he can be franchised and then offered in trade. Perfect example is Brandon Albert.
When a Pro Bowl player is in the prime of his career, suffers a career threatening injury, and his team decides to just let him walk then the team that knows him best has decided he's done as a sarter in the league.
Perfect example is Brent Grimes.

I love summer but I can't wait for football. There should be two bye weeks per team or something to make the season longer. What other sport has a 6 month off-season?

Of course, the main strategy for Indiana will be to take out Wade. They can't take out Lebron. We know that.

Cj spiller is gonna make you look ridiculous. Here fishy fishy fishy

Indiana is a bigger, stronger, more physically agressiveteam.
Miami is a more skilled scoring team.
Indiana will try to slow the game down and make Miami grind it out.
I think the Heat win in 6 or 7.

What Camel is saying is true. Ireland has signed all these crippled-at-the-moment FAs who might recover or not. No way you can count these in our plans for this Year.

If I'm wrong and Grimes stars from game 1 and delivers Pro Bowl football then we have a chance to have a winning record.
If not we're fukked.
Even if the line gives Tanne enough time to find Wallace our D will be giving up 35-40 pts game.

The Doomsayer Camelis.

The fact Wake skipped OTA's last year and had a great year is just further proof these OTA's are useless for veteran players. Just another opportunity to overtrain them and risk injury.

Im doing my anti-injury dance as we type. So no worries.

Size Them Up.

Even Gillislee Will Be A Better 3rd Down RB Than R.Bush.

R.Bush Is A Great Athlete. Horrible RB. Hesitates And Is Scared To Get Hit.Plus He Fumbles.

See If Hartline Has His Timing Down.

Wallace And Gibson Are Faster. Maybe Hartline Plays The Slot.

Keller? The Whole TE Position.

And The Question On Every Ones Mind. D.Jordan.

oscar, imfo, grimes will get the come back playa 4 2013.




Could you reach out or call the idiots writing the story on Chad Johnson's arrest for the Miami Herald and inform them that he NEVER played an actual game for the Dolphins. Since that is a fact he was NEVER a member of the Miami Dolphins, as records are kept, in the NFL. SO STOP REFERRING TO HIM AS A FORMER MIAMI DOLPHIN!!

We're going to have a winning season...

Get used to it!




CameltoeJoe, 35-40 points a game is a bit of an exaggeration. Even with Nolan Carroll starting on one side for much of the year it wasn't THAT bad. It won't be THAT bad this year even if Grimes doesn't recover.

Starks may not show up?

Very bad for a player with "INJURY ISSUES" the previous season. You want to show up for everything that you can to properly prep your body for the upcoming season and "REDUCE" chance of injury.

How many times have we heard the same old story, player holding out, then having regular season "HAMMY ISSUES" and other nagging injuries that plague them throughout the entire season. Usually shutting them down completely shortly before seasons end.

This is not a good decision for a player entering year 10. Mentally or physically. This doesn't even work well physically for players half his age.

Hopefully Starks was a "History Major" during his collegiate days. How things work during the season for players who hold out, should be "bad nfl history" Starks is smart enough not to repeat.

Chad Johnson? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now completely confirms Fins decision to release him was "no-brainer". This guy was at the backend of completing "1 year's probation". Then stumbles embarrassingly with finish line in sight.

Chad Johnson, you're nearly at the finish line, how do you make the stupid decision to "willingly" not report to your probation officer? Geesh, that's stupidly idiotic!

Starks, also doesn't seem to understand, even had the Fins given him a 3yr contract. He would have been extremely lucky to have more than "8 million" of that guaranteed.

With the 1yr franchise tag, he has as much money guaranteed, as he possibly would have had guaranteed in a 3yr contract going into year 10.

Whether the Fins resign him past this season, or it's any other nfl team, it's very unlikely it will be for no more than 2yrs with only 4 million of the entire contract guaranteed. we're talking seasons 11 and 12 for Starks at this time.

So, with 8 million upfront with the franchise tag, Starks is getting 3yrs worth of guaranteed money in a single season. Which also gives him 2 more years to add to that total.

What? Had Starks been signed to 3yrs deal, most likely its the neighborhood of 3yrs 17 million, with about "8 million guaranteed".

So Starks should just shut up, suit up, count his lucky stars, and immediately play ball!

Basically, whether Starks realizes or not, he's the one making out like a bandit. Under this 1 year 8 million dollar franchise tag. Still having 2 more years to make nfl money, barring career ending injury.

Which he now risks by holding out.

That's my 2 cents, and I'm out!

Last Year Going Into The Season. We Had 2 CBs And Then Marshall Got Injured.

Plus S.Smith Sucks.

This Year Even Without Grimes The Fins Have At Least 4 CBs.

Plus, What Better Way To See If Grimes Is Healthy Than To Tell Him To Keep Up With Wallace.

And Clemons And Jones Already Know The Defense And Should Be Better At Communicating.

How Much Faster Are The LBs.

EJ Manuel Already Is Saying He Will Win The MVP.

When a Pro Bowl player is in the prime of his career, suffers a career threatening injury, and his team decides to just let him walk then the team that knows him best has decided he's done as a sarter in the league.
Perfect example is Brent Grimes.

Posted by: CameltoeJoe | May 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Or the Falcons were low on cap space & cut Abrham, Turner, Clabo. If just cutting those guys barely got them under the cap, how were they going to sign Grimes?


Get a clue. You apparently are oblivious to the NFL, it's cap, & how teams operate nowadays.

Heat In 7.

Close Game Tonight.

Cj spiller is gonna make you look ridiculous. Here fishy fishy fishy

Posted by: tyler | May 20, 2013 at 11:23 AM

Can he play QB, WR, DT, CB, pick an OL position, etc, etc , etc 2-14...

My main concern would be Martin, but think that may be more media hype than an actual issue. As has been said, guy played LT in college at a very high level. Think that was just smoke and mirrors so they could get Jordan.

Anyway, anyone really concerned that Martin will be worse than half of Long? Line should actually be better this year.

Grimes should be fine, ACL injuries aren't what they used to be. They aren't good when they pile up, but not career ending anymore. Also, Grimes at 50% still probably better than SS.

Both sides of the ball improved. No reason to think they will do terrible this season barring injuries.

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