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Dolphins hold first OTA practice Tuesday

This week the 2013 Dolphins will begin the final phase of their offseason training regimen with the first of 10 organized team activity days more commonly known as OTA days.

Call this Phase Three of the offseason for all 32 NFL teams and it consists 10 practices and a mandatory minicamp over the next four weeks. Teams may conduct a total of 10 days of OTA. They typically break those down in sets of three or four consecutive days.

For the Dolphins the first OTA segment is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The club also has segments scheduled for May 29-31, and June 3-6. The club's mandatory minicamp is scheduled for June 11-13.

No live contact is permitted during OTAs, but 7-on-7 and 9-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills are permissible.

So what is important to watch out for? There are multiple things that are important to teams and coaches this time of year. They are:

1. Attendance. Atlhough OTAs are not mandatory, teams like to make sure to stress to players that it is in everyone's best interest to attend. It's good for the team. It's good for players. Most everyone does attend, even injured players as they work on regaining their form. But ...

It must be pointed out that OTA days are usually when you see drama if there's going to be any between a player and a team. Players unhappy with their contract status sometimes skip these sessions to get a team's attention. Last year, defensive end Cameron Wake did not attend as he wanted a new contract extension.

It is possible defensive tackle Randy Starks, who has skipped significant parts of the team's offseason program because he wants a new long-term deal could skip the OTAs as well.

2. Injuries. The worst news for any player is getting injured. It's bad news any time of the year. OTA sessions are no different considering there's no contact allowed and the fact training camp is coming in a couple of months. An OTA session in which no one is injured is a solid OTA days regardless of what else happens.

3. Chemistry. This is the time to start building. The Dolphins, you must recall, have two dozen new players that are likely going to be on the roster. Among that group, we're talking maybe 8 or 9 new starters. So how do these important players fit into or change the culture? How does the locker room react to the additions? How does the lockerroom react to departures such as that of Reggie Bush, Davone Bess and Jake Long and Karlos Dansby? All those men were leaders on the 2012 Dolphins. This is the time of year new leadership starts to be cast.

4. Speed. The Dolphins have not been an exceptionally fast team in past years. Plodding is more like it. They at times seemed to be playing in sand, they were so slow. The OTAs coming up will be a good time to gauge if the speed of the team has improved. Remember, players will not be in full pads. If this is going to be a quicker, faster team, it better show quite obviously starting now because it's not likely to suddenly show up in full gear later on. And as players such as Mike Wallace bring a speed dimension unseen on a Dolphins practice field in a while, now is a good time for teammates on both sides of the ball to adjust to that kind of speed. 

Tuesday is open to the media. Wednesday and Thursday is closed to the media and the public.

The Dolphins will typically make only one OTA day open to the media per session.


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Grimes should be fine, ACL injuries aren't what they used to be. They aren't good when they pile up, but not career ending anymore. Also, Grimes at 50% still probably better than SS.

Both sides of the ball improved. No reason to think they will do terrible this season barring injuries.

Posted by: CommonSense | May 20, 2013 at 01:38 PM

He didn't have an ACL tear.

the so called analysts still mock Miami for signing Wallace at such a contract. they say that he must not be all that if Pittsburg didn't resign him.. What those a-holes don't say is Pittsburg was way over the salary cap and had to cut alot of players who were signed and restructure some other contracts. i hate these so called analysts....

Sure hope Martin is as good as he was reported to be in the past, I really didn't see anything spectacular but maybe he'll get better playing the position all year long!!! Love the bool end DE's tho, anything to dirupt Brady will help!!! GO FINS!!!

Common Sense,
"Cj spiller is gonna make you look ridiculous. Here fishy fishy fishy"

You might be right CJ spiller is a beast. But you will be crying even if CJ ends up with outstanding yards, yet the bills will lose the game by a long shot. Because your quarterback sucks, and so does the rest of your team. Tanny is going to carve you up. Here buffalo buffalo BANG! Right between the eyes sucker.

Sorry Common Sense, I meant tyler!

He didn't have an ACL tear.

Posted by: More uninformed bloggers | May 20, 2013 at 01:46 PM

He didn't have an ACL tear.

Posted by: More uninformed bloggers | May 20, 2013 at 01:46 PM

Pot, Kettle...

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/05/dolphins-hold-first-ota-practice-monday/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

wrong link:


To Ben, i ask...which qb?
To Commonsense, dont matter how many positions he can play. I say it only takes one play to make your team look ridiculous. Regardless of the outcome, I speak facts only. Cj spiller still gonna make you look ridiculous.
Take the bait fins..hook, line, and sinker ;)
I also predict tannehill will regress, matt Moore is a better option at qb. Your precious "tanny" is being set up for failure. He will make too many mistakes, should have sit for min 2 seasons

Anyone hear coli cowherd today? Mentioned that the fins were the top team this offseason for betting OVER the win total of 6.5 - moved up to 7.5 and still betting over. I'll drink the Vegas kool-aid since folks are putting their $$$ where their mouth is.

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