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Dolphins in fine cap shape (still)

The Dolphins are doing just fine with their cap space, according to the NFL Players Association numbers below released at 8 a.m. today.

The club has over $7.4 million in cap space and if you recall that after June 1 the club picks up another $10 million in space based ont he deferred cuts of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, there will be plenty of room to sign the draft picks, add a practice squad, do any acorn shopping general manager Jeff Ireland wants to do, and still have a bit of an emergency fund for the season.

By the way, Charles Woodson is still out there. He's eager to sign with a team. Yes, he's 37 years old, but he can still play. The Dolphins, as I have reported, had moderate interest in him a couple of months ago.

He could be a solid experienced leader of a young defensive backfield for one year.

Before that happens, however, the Dolphins could easily sign their later-round draft picks like other teams are doing. What are they waiting for? It's not rocket science.

Year: 2013
Unadjusted Team Cap: $123,000,000.00
Team Current Contracts Previous Year Carryover Team Cap Cap Room
TOTAL   $201,072,624 $3,847,156,659 $272,948,724
AVERAGE/TEAM   $6,283,519 $120,223,645 $8,529,647
Arizona Cardinals 51 $3,600,110 $117,885,354 $8,574,061
Atlanta Falcons 51 $307,540 $120,599,192 $2,183,108
Baltimore Ravens 47 $1,182,377 $121,183,138 $1,695,293
Buffalo Bills 50 $9,817,628     $120,106,345 $12,568,073
Carolina Panthers 51 $3,654,825 $120,952,393 $5,279,988
Chicago Bears 51 $3,236,965 $125,911,395 $2,997,860
Cincinnati Bengals 51 $8,579,575 $113,002,062 $20,924,869
Cleveland Browns 51 $14,339,575 $105,865,153 $31,243,312
Dallas Cowboys 51 $2,335,379 $115,101,151 $4,394,005
Denver Broncos 50 $11,537,924 $132,218,197 $7,542,794
Detroit Lions 51 $466,992 $115,059,436 $6,427,581
Green Bay Packers 50 $7,010,832 $117,287,966 $13,533,765
Houston Texans 51 $2,422,689 $121,663,466 $3,383,260
Indianapolis Colts 51 $3,500,000 $115,930,752 $8,479,522
Jacksonville Jaguars 51 $19,563,231 $118,067,692 $26,991,424
Kansas City Chiefs 51 $14,079,650 $132,674,660 $4,391,955
Miami Dolphins 51 $5,380,246 $120,800,655 $7,422,672
Minnesota Vikings 51 $8,004,734 $122,365,453 $7,427,761
New England Patriots 51 $5,607,914 $120,496,903 $8,655,441
New Orleans Saints 51 $2,700,000 $121,518,590 $3,100,647
New York Giants 50 $1,000,000 $119,659,326 $3,927,958
New York Jets 51 $3,400,000 $114,734,266 $11,794,471
Oakland Raiders 51 $4,504,761 $123,996,721 $2,686,320
Philadelphia Eagles 51 $23,046,035 $123,015,863 $23,294,806
Pittsburgh Steelers 51 $758,811 $124,127,046 $295,765
San Diego Chargers 51 $995,893 $117,440,718 $5,573,130
San Francisco 49ers 51 $859,734 $124,304,326 $1,468,993
Seattle Seahawks 51 $13,265,802 $132,006,117 $4,698,008
St. Louis Rams 51 $247,347 $118,408,968 $3,757,369
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51 $8,527,866 $114,932,119 $19,285,603
Tennessee Titans 51 $12,867,893 $128,188,789 $7,019,124
Washington Redskins 51 $4,270,296 $107,652,447 $1,929,786


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1st? No way. We have money for Acorn's. Anyione available from Acorn State?

Yep, excellent fiscal responsibilty shown by this administration.

Poizen, that's Alcorn State, haha!!

Alma matter fo the late great Steve McNair (RIP)

Can we send Aponte and Ireland to Washington to balance the budget?

Woodsen can't play anymore, he's a shadow of his former self. Stop relying on a name as your scouting report. He's old and washed up.

Sign Urlacher, Woodson, Abraham, and Dansby. 2002 NFL All Pro team re-united ... let's go!!

How the hell does Philly always have 20+ mil in cap space?

Sucks to be a Browns fan they have lots of cap space but they won't spend it.

Nobody wants to play for that franchise!

Why Would We Sign Woodson When We Have Clemons On A 1 Year Deal Proving Himself. And Clemons Is About A Decade Younger.

If Clemons Works Out Wouldn't It Make More Sense To Keep Him And R. Jones Together?

On The Cap?

Ms. Aponte Does Her Job. If The Contract Doesn't Look Right She Ain't Letting The Fins Sign It.

I Believe She Was The Main Reason We Didn't Sign and Trade For B. Albert. She Wasn't Going To Let The Fins Give So Much Guarantee Money.

The Fins Cap Looks Good For Next Year Also. No Reason Not To Expect Us To Go On A Mini FA Spree Next Season.

I'll give him the year, but my bold prediction is Clemons has already proven himself...to NOT be the answer we need back there. Good tackler, I'll give that, but can't cover Eric LeGrand (with all due respect to Eric). Watch Brady eat him alive AGAIN twice this year.

Mando, from whom did you copy all this data because it is certainly not yours. You are not a early riser, I know.

"Before that happens, however, the Dolphins could easily sign their later-round draft picks like other teams are doing. What are they waiting for? It's not rocket science."

Mando - really? This team continues to manage it's cap brilliantly and you are going to end your article with a stupid comment like this? What would be the rusht o sign their larter round picks? It is not rocket science so they can execute it any time. I would want them focusing on 'acorns' and 'top talent' that they could still bring in and make sure that is done in a cap friendly way. In my mind, that would be the current priority...not fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh round draft picks.

Oscar Washington has 18MIL worth of penalty taken off the top of their cap due to their "shady" signings during the uncapped year. So that's why they have zero room.

I'm Not Saying Clemons Will Be A Pro bowler.

Clemons Is Solid And Has Gotten Better Every Year.

Safeties Work In Tandem.

Clemons Is Entering The Prime Of His Career. Woodson Is Already Pass The Twilight Of His.

This Year With Clemons And R. Jones Being The Unquestioned Leaders Of The Secondary. And 2nd Year In Coyle's System. They Should Have Even Better Stats.

I Liked Y. Bell. But Y. Bell Was A Huge Liability. Not Just In Pass Coverage. But That YB Liked To Work Alone. The Other Safety Always Had To Take Care Of The Deep Part Of The Field. He Had It Good When He Was Young Cause B. Marion Was A Good FS.

Interesting, from pft, regarding Dion Jordan and possible contract issue...

So with the Lions giving defensive end Ziggy Ansah, the fifth overall pick in the draft, a fully-guaranteed contract with no offset language, the four picks taken in front of him will get the same term, right?

For the first, second, and fourth picks, most likely. For the third pick, there’s a concern that offset language will be forced upon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Last year, the Dolphins insisted on offset language for quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s contract as the eighth pick in the draft, even though the Dolphins presumably had been boxed in by the Panthers, who gave linebacker Luke Kuechly a fully-guaranteed deal with no offset language at No. 9.

This year, some league insiders fear the Dolphins once again will push for offset language, even after trading up from No. 12 to No. 3 for roughly half the extra picks that the trade chart contemplates. Specifically, the concern is that V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte, the reputed “bad cop” of Dolphins contract negotiations, will demand the offset language, regardless of whether any and every other pick after No. 3 avoids offset language.

If the Dolphins insist on offset language, the question becomes whether Jordan’s agents will resist, and then how aggressively Jordan is willing to push it in order to win on a term that becomes relevant only if the player becomes a colossal bust.

I believe Oscar was talking about teh National Budget, not the Redskin cap.

Anyway, Woodson, one year, if it can be done, do it. Why the heck not? Not like you think Clemons is the answer ...

Irrelevant @ 1133

I believe Miami's cap space goes to 17 mil in June.

Signing Woodson would be good. He has experience and can still play. Never mind what others have posted. They don't know football. I've seen him play and he is still good. He doesn't have to be an every down guy. And he can probably out-perform Clemens. Remember what Brady did to our secondary last year.

Charles Woodson,

My favorite non Dolphins defender, EVER!

I'm not saying he was the best or at times wasn't over rated but I just always remember how impactful he was for my Wolverines when they won the National Championship.

I think he would be a great player to add. He is without a doubt the nickel at worst or even a dime and can slot over the TEs like Hernandez and Gronk. Jamar Taylor, Grimes, Will Davis, Woodson and one of the special teams guys would be great. Not to mention Woodson can play safety in a pinch as well.

He's a great locker room guy and would be a great team leader. I doubt they sign but I think it would be a great addition.

Were you listening to the dudes story?

Watched 2012 OG Dallas Thomas against S Carolina, Florida, Tenn, and Alabama. Also watched some 2011 OT tape against many of these teams. Clearly, he's a much better OG, although he wasn't horrible at LT, just plain average.

LG Dallas Thomas made 2012 SEC 2nd team, LG Chance Warmack was 1st team. Not to shabby for a guy playing OG for the first time in the vaunted SEC.

Toronto, I know, but it just sounded like the right hing to say. Does Jacksonville ever spend money anymore?

Forget Woodson unless we encure an injury.

As far as clevland goes, hit you-tube and look for video's about clevand. they actually hav a theme song talking about how "great" it is

I calculated the cap space to be $7,579,591 by adding the carryover from 2012 with the difference between the unadjusted cap (123,000,000) and the team cap (120,800,655) which is 2,199,345.

That's a difference of almost $157,000 dollars. That may seem insignificant but 157,000 dollars is basically the cost of two good practice squad players.

or incur

The NFL is a "Rent a Player" league. Why bother rooting for any of these guy's. Any NFL team asking fans to get excited about a player is like asking your mom to get excited about a hooker you brought home for dinner.

Posted by: albert | May 10, 2013 at 11:55 AM

Bringing a hooker home for dinner only accomplishes one thing. Spending more money. Remember, youre on the clock.

Yesterday Gone 4Ever,
At least it always has a happy ending. Unlike the Dolphins.

Acorns are more like Turds

Progress Stoppers.

The Fins Will Not Sign Progress Stoppers While They Are Rebuilding.

Reason We Didn't Sign A Veteran RB Or A Veteran DE. They Would've Impeded The Development Of The Young Players At The Position.

You Can Even Say We Got Rid Of Bess Because He Was A Progress Stopper.

And Woodson Is Past Being A Veteran. He Is An Old Timer.

You Are Not Just Taking Playing Time From Clemons. W. Davis Would Probably Get Cut Or Never Even See The Field This Whole Year Because Of Woodson.

Maybe The Pats That Need To Go To The SB This Year. Cause It Could Be The Last Time In A While That They Would Be Competitive. But The Fins Have One Of The Five Youngest Rosters In The League.

We Need To Envision Players Still Playing Football The Next 4-5 Years.

Clemons And R. Jones Already Had Their Mentor. They Can Be Called Upon To Lead Now. Not Follow.

Jones has a chance to be a top-tier player---he's already close to that level.

Clemons? Very average guy of the 'dime-a-dozen' variety. Not that he's awful or anything but an upgrade there would be welcome and he's been around long enough now to think his 'ceiling' is fairly low.

I cant wait for the HOF game.....i wanna see our new squad in action. After reading some of Shermans quotes he says T-hill is training his butt off. Hope him and Wallace are working on their timing....he has a good deep arm but we didnt have anybody last year to go get it. Extremely excited

Woodson can also play corner against 3rd or 4th best receivers or tight ends.

I'll sign Woodson for corner depth, he cant be any worse than Nolan Carrol

What a stupid thing to say! You are a fool.

if you call someone a fool you are damned to hell for eternity......not nice

Not at CB, Woodson would be useful at S tho.. nobody's progress to stop there.

There is no such thing as hell, fool.

Nolan Carroll Has Already Been Replaced.

your mothers vag would constitute hell


B. Grimes
J. Taylor
R. Marshall
W. Davis
D. Patterson Or N. Carroll

You will burn in eternal New Jersey for that statement.

Although having this guy in your back pocket may be wise insurance if Brent Grimes can't go.

A guy like Woodson wouldnt be greatly considered until teams see how their camp competitions shapes up anyway.

I wouldn't doubt that he still has a little in the tank. But most likely he remains unsign to this point is because teams don't like his asking price.

Teams that are serious contenders for a sb are set at their safety positions, and teams that are not, may be balking at the asking price for a 1-2yr rental. Those type team are far more than 1-2yrs at challenging for a sb championships.

Many are more than 1-2yrs away at challenging for a playoff spot. So, Woodson's in a very dubious spot for a player of his talent level vs long past prime of age.

His best shot is at vet minimum, or serious injury to a team's starting safety, pre or regular season.


Not New Jersey?!!?!? Oh my, the hateful things that are said in this blog ...

trash heap


J. Wilson, and W. Davis Will Probably Split Time Between CB And Safety


R. Jones
D. Jones
J. Kovac, Long Shot But He Will Probably Play Special Teams His First Couple Seasons.

Even At Safety Adding A 37 yr Old CB Who Has A Bum Shoulder. Would Be Stopping Progress.

C. Clemons Had More Tackles Last Year, Than C. Woodson Last 2 Years Combined.

If B. Grimes Is Hurt. Ireland Should Be Kicked In The Nads. And By The New Kicker! So We Know He Won't Miss.

R. Marshall and D. Patterson Are Getting Paid Enough That They Should Be Able To Play Nickel And Spot Start If A Starter Gets Hurt.

And J. Taylor I See As A P. Surtain. Battling One Of The Veterans For A Starter Spot While Playing Nickel His Rookie Season.

N. Carroll For All The Critique He Gets! Was Playing Better Than S. Smith By The End Of The Season. And He Is On The Outside Looking In.

Plus, They Signed A Couple Guys Last Year At The End Who Played OK. Stanford and Posey.

And Woodson has made more INTs with his dick than Clemons will ever make total in his career (8 in his last 22 games, 3.5 sacks, 2 ff, 1 TD). Don't even try to put Clemons in his league.

And Woodson Is Also Going To Have To Tackle With His dick Since He Has Broken His Collar Bone Twice.

Nolan Carroll never played better than anybody.

Since he is a black man, he may be flagged for uneccesary roughness for that tactic....

Ross is too cheap to pay for good players. Part of the reason they stink.


Speaking of money, Miami-Dade reports that it has a 50 million budget shortfall. Maybe it should tax Ross 10 million for every game the Dolphins lose to help the local community. It sure beats the image of a man with 4.4 billion with a begging cup in front of the city's hotels trying to get 'involutary contributions' to fund his private business.

It's good that the Dolphins are in good shape regarding the cap. Hopefully, that shows up on the field as well.

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