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Dolphins in fine cap shape (still)

The Dolphins are doing just fine with their cap space, according to the NFL Players Association numbers below released at 8 a.m. today.

The club has over $7.4 million in cap space and if you recall that after June 1 the club picks up another $10 million in space based ont he deferred cuts of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, there will be plenty of room to sign the draft picks, add a practice squad, do any acorn shopping general manager Jeff Ireland wants to do, and still have a bit of an emergency fund for the season.

By the way, Charles Woodson is still out there. He's eager to sign with a team. Yes, he's 37 years old, but he can still play. The Dolphins, as I have reported, had moderate interest in him a couple of months ago.

He could be a solid experienced leader of a young defensive backfield for one year.

Before that happens, however, the Dolphins could easily sign their later-round draft picks like other teams are doing. What are they waiting for? It's not rocket science.

Year: 2013
Unadjusted Team Cap: $123,000,000.00
Team Current Contracts Previous Year Carryover Team Cap Cap Room
TOTAL   $201,072,624 $3,847,156,659 $272,948,724
AVERAGE/TEAM   $6,283,519 $120,223,645 $8,529,647
Arizona Cardinals 51 $3,600,110 $117,885,354 $8,574,061
Atlanta Falcons 51 $307,540 $120,599,192 $2,183,108
Baltimore Ravens 47 $1,182,377 $121,183,138 $1,695,293
Buffalo Bills 50 $9,817,628     $120,106,345 $12,568,073
Carolina Panthers 51 $3,654,825 $120,952,393 $5,279,988
Chicago Bears 51 $3,236,965 $125,911,395 $2,997,860
Cincinnati Bengals 51 $8,579,575 $113,002,062 $20,924,869
Cleveland Browns 51 $14,339,575 $105,865,153 $31,243,312
Dallas Cowboys 51 $2,335,379 $115,101,151 $4,394,005
Denver Broncos 50 $11,537,924 $132,218,197 $7,542,794
Detroit Lions 51 $466,992 $115,059,436 $6,427,581
Green Bay Packers 50 $7,010,832 $117,287,966 $13,533,765
Houston Texans 51 $2,422,689 $121,663,466 $3,383,260
Indianapolis Colts 51 $3,500,000 $115,930,752 $8,479,522
Jacksonville Jaguars 51 $19,563,231 $118,067,692 $26,991,424
Kansas City Chiefs 51 $14,079,650 $132,674,660 $4,391,955
Miami Dolphins 51 $5,380,246 $120,800,655 $7,422,672
Minnesota Vikings 51 $8,004,734 $122,365,453 $7,427,761
New England Patriots 51 $5,607,914 $120,496,903 $8,655,441
New Orleans Saints 51 $2,700,000 $121,518,590 $3,100,647
New York Giants 50 $1,000,000 $119,659,326 $3,927,958
New York Jets 51 $3,400,000 $114,734,266 $11,794,471
Oakland Raiders 51 $4,504,761 $123,996,721 $2,686,320
Philadelphia Eagles 51 $23,046,035 $123,015,863 $23,294,806
Pittsburgh Steelers 51 $758,811 $124,127,046 $295,765
San Diego Chargers 51 $995,893 $117,440,718 $5,573,130
San Francisco 49ers 51 $859,734 $124,304,326 $1,468,993
Seattle Seahawks 51 $13,265,802 $132,006,117 $4,698,008
St. Louis Rams 51 $247,347 $118,408,968 $3,757,369
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51 $8,527,866 $114,932,119 $19,285,603
Tennessee Titans 51 $12,867,893 $128,188,789 $7,019,124
Washington Redskins 51 $4,270,296 $107,652,447 $1,929,786


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Would love to see phins sign charles woodson to mqybe a one year deal...no more than two years at his age...the guy would bring plenty of leadership and would help young guys a lot even though cornerback brent grimes is no rookie..woodson was always one of the best!

Ignorant statement alert..ross is to cheap to pay playwrs? Whats that about? Ignorance...ross just spent big time in free agency...mike wallace was the best and most expensive free agent...thi k before you speak please..

I think irelands found his way and has parcells out of the way..now he has dolphins headed in right direction..he has learned from prior mistakes with draft and bad contracts, also has solid xoaching staff in place...things on the up and up in miami...stadium thing will work out in time...patience is a virtue...

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