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Dolphins in fine cap shape (still)

The Dolphins are doing just fine with their cap space, according to the NFL Players Association numbers below released at 8 a.m. today.

The club has over $7.4 million in cap space and if you recall that after June 1 the club picks up another $10 million in space based ont he deferred cuts of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, there will be plenty of room to sign the draft picks, add a practice squad, do any acorn shopping general manager Jeff Ireland wants to do, and still have a bit of an emergency fund for the season.

By the way, Charles Woodson is still out there. He's eager to sign with a team. Yes, he's 37 years old, but he can still play. The Dolphins, as I have reported, had moderate interest in him a couple of months ago.

He could be a solid experienced leader of a young defensive backfield for one year.

Before that happens, however, the Dolphins could easily sign their later-round draft picks like other teams are doing. What are they waiting for? It's not rocket science.

Year: 2013
Unadjusted Team Cap: $123,000,000.00
Team Current Contracts Previous Year Carryover Team Cap Cap Room
TOTAL   $201,072,624 $3,847,156,659 $272,948,724
AVERAGE/TEAM   $6,283,519 $120,223,645 $8,529,647
Arizona Cardinals 51 $3,600,110 $117,885,354 $8,574,061
Atlanta Falcons 51 $307,540 $120,599,192 $2,183,108
Baltimore Ravens 47 $1,182,377 $121,183,138 $1,695,293
Buffalo Bills 50 $9,817,628     $120,106,345 $12,568,073
Carolina Panthers 51 $3,654,825 $120,952,393 $5,279,988
Chicago Bears 51 $3,236,965 $125,911,395 $2,997,860
Cincinnati Bengals 51 $8,579,575 $113,002,062 $20,924,869
Cleveland Browns 51 $14,339,575 $105,865,153 $31,243,312
Dallas Cowboys 51 $2,335,379 $115,101,151 $4,394,005
Denver Broncos 50 $11,537,924 $132,218,197 $7,542,794
Detroit Lions 51 $466,992 $115,059,436 $6,427,581
Green Bay Packers 50 $7,010,832 $117,287,966 $13,533,765
Houston Texans 51 $2,422,689 $121,663,466 $3,383,260
Indianapolis Colts 51 $3,500,000 $115,930,752 $8,479,522
Jacksonville Jaguars 51 $19,563,231 $118,067,692 $26,991,424
Kansas City Chiefs 51 $14,079,650 $132,674,660 $4,391,955
Miami Dolphins 51 $5,380,246 $120,800,655 $7,422,672
Minnesota Vikings 51 $8,004,734 $122,365,453 $7,427,761
New England Patriots 51 $5,607,914 $120,496,903 $8,655,441
New Orleans Saints 51 $2,700,000 $121,518,590 $3,100,647
New York Giants 50 $1,000,000 $119,659,326 $3,927,958
New York Jets 51 $3,400,000 $114,734,266 $11,794,471
Oakland Raiders 51 $4,504,761 $123,996,721 $2,686,320
Philadelphia Eagles 51 $23,046,035 $123,015,863 $23,294,806
Pittsburgh Steelers 51 $758,811 $124,127,046 $295,765
San Diego Chargers 51 $995,893 $117,440,718 $5,573,130
San Francisco 49ers 51 $859,734 $124,304,326 $1,468,993
Seattle Seahawks 51 $13,265,802 $132,006,117 $4,698,008
St. Louis Rams 51 $247,347 $118,408,968 $3,757,369
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51 $8,527,866 $114,932,119 $19,285,603
Tennessee Titans 51 $12,867,893 $128,188,789 $7,019,124
Washington Redskins 51 $4,270,296 $107,652,447 $1,929,786


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Tannehill = Mediocre

Great passing by Lebron there was.

This Heat team may win it all, but they are not a great team like the GREAT teams were.


FAKE ALoco @ 8;42 PM........... MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVE ONES ......

OSCAR, PLEASE FORGIVE HIM .................

Sad the Heat have to struggle so much against a 2nd string Bulls team, Will they pull it out?

I see the Dolphins having a top 5 Defense and a top 15 Offense this year. And, they make the playoffs with a 9-7 or 10-6 season.

With a winning team that made the playoffs, it would be the perfect time for Ross to sell the team and make a profit...just saying...

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Notice how Fidel was practically given Carte' Blanch and left alone after the Kennedy Murders?

Fidel had the Dirt on these Scumbags and it allowed him to stay in power. He has his Cuban Counter-Intelligence Unit to thank for his longevity. They had compromised and duped the CIA so bad, it HAD to be "swept under the carpet".

The US knew that if **ANYTHING** happened to Castro, the embarrassing truths would surface. This could not be allowed to happen. Fidel had them over a barrell so bad, that at one time, The State Department, The SFR Committee and The CIA were actually **FORCED** into Protecting him and his Dictatorship!

Those in DC were playing "Checkers", Fidel was playing "Chess".

ody, you drunk bro? or reading too many comic books?

No Hottie tonight? Who they all boning now? A bunch of truckers from West Virgina?

Like any fool would believe anything Fidelo would say, Odin, man..you really are seriously burned out and stuffed with tabloid propaganda.

Does anyone else find Jeff Van Gundy most annoying commentator ever?

With a winning team that made the playoffs, it would be the perfect time for Ross to sell the team and make a profit...just saying...

Posted by: Tracyh474 | May 10, 2013 at 09:13 PM

I think this is a legit statement Tracy.

All the way around, we win at least 9, more likely 10(IMO)and get a Wildcard.

As young as the team is, with the excellent cap handling, the value of the team will sky rocket! The one sticking point(it still won't hold the overall value back), but the one sticky issue will be the stadium. One way or the other, The Dolphin's will have to have upgraded facilities, if not a completely new stadium.

If Ross had gotten this referundum through and put a playoff team on the field, he would stand to profit big time. Any new owners would be buying into the perfect situation.

Having said all that, I don't think Ross will sell. He's a competitor at Heart and he's taking on the NFL. He's not use to losing at anything, and owning an NFL team is no different.

At his age, he knows his time/chances to win a Super Bowl are slim to none. But that won't stop him. He's going to do EVERYTHING in his power to WIN and to WIN NOW!


Please stfu! LOL...

Was just watching a BK commercial and now crave a whopper.

Two for $5 dolla'! LOL....

BK, what happened to the $1 dolla' whoppa'?

odins yet to respond. Must be loading up on a 20 page cut and paste.

WHy is everyone so concerned about the FIn's cap money? Let them spend every penny of it. The fans down here, we're starving and quenching for a playoff win! Heck I'll be happy if this offense scores points this year and takes us away from the old boring repetitive scenarios we're used to. Bring in Woodson and Abraham and watch this be one of the top 3 defenses in the league this year!!!


I agree. I don't think Ross will sell. But, fiscally the team is in great shape. Perfect for shopping the team. Many don't realize the shape that things were in when Ross bought the team. They were in debt for the last renovations to the stadium even though it needed another renovation. The team wasn't very good and the finances weren't that great. Then, he put his faith in the Tuna, who (in my opinion) harbored hatred against the Dolphins for all of those beatings his teams took from Marino. They surprised the league with the Wildcat and having a decent QB fall into their lap (Pennington). Thankfully, the Parcells/Sparano experiment showed it's true colors and was helped out the door.

The team is better now...much better and I foresee a winning season. The Dolphins ARE the surprise team this year, in my opinion.

The Heat are proving the game of basketball is not a shell of what it used to be. If the best team is having such a hard time with depleted Chicago...they are really nothing in comparison to the great


Nothing, Lebron Shlebron. This is not a great TEAM.

Tracy, lets face it. You don't know JAK FKN SHT about the teams finances. You know less than NOTHING.

You read one or two web pages and think you know anything?

This is the problem with the younger generation. They think real knowledge comes in a couple of 15 second web articles.

Dumb fuhs are just not prepared.

odins yet to respond. Must be loading up on a 20 page cut and paste.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 10, 2013 at 09:52 PM


Actually I was seriously comtemplating TWO for Five DoLLa's!!!!

Besides, I been trying to get with this Smoking Hot Hottie that works there.

She only has to sweep the Lobby and "Greet" the Custo's, so she's got the time to just "Kick It"!!!!

Go away, troll...

The grownups are talking...

odin yeah right, like she'd choose you.

you fool nobody. i'm sad that you are so pathetic.

what smokin hot hottie would go for an aging burned out tow truck driver that gets paid extra to be on call?


he thinks anyone would believe this?

WHy is everyone so concerned about the FIn's cap money? Let them spend every penny of it.

Posted by: notsotiredfinfananymore | May 10, 2013 at 09:52 PM

Actually, you couldn't be MORE right! There shouldn't be any **FAN CONCERN** about **HOW MUCH** we spend.

We should be concerned with **WHO** and **HOW** we spend it. But **NOT** with **HOW MUCH**

Per the NEW CBA, all teams have to spend within 10 million of the current cap. So the MOST a team could Hold Back would be 9.999 Million.

The remainder of which can be rolled over into the next years cap figure. In the same vein(per new CBA)teams are allowed to also **BORROW** up to 9.999 Million from the following years cap numbers.

I don't think the later would be advisable under almost any circumstance. But who knows, stranger things have happened.


would anyone under 80, besides you, consider your hotties hot? LOL

dude you are a sad sack, recognize it. not one other poster here ever has to make up stories about hotties. every single blogger here is secure except you, lol.

There are still some surprises on this team. And, I hope that Egnew is one of them. Hopefully, he studied his playbook and became better at pass-blocking during the offseason. We could really use a viable #3 Tight End to step up.

Also, Jonas Gray should be healthy and may make a run at Thomas' spot. Both are short-yardage North-South runners.

In all, I like our roster. I think we'll do some damage this year.

odin yeah right, like she'd choose you.

you fool nobody. i'm sad that you are so pathetic.

Posted by: jesus freud | May 10, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Like I've always said, Mando needs to sign a free agent troll or draft a better one to replace this idiot-ROTFLMAO!

Mando, at least get us one that's smarter than a retarded 3rd grader-SHEESH!

Dufus Troll, just for your stoopid's sake, I'll **TRY** and explain the joke for you(I hate working with the mentally challenged-LMAO).

The people that sweep the lobby's and greet the customers(at Burger King, Walmart, etc, etc)are usually 70 year old semi-retired Senior Citizens.

Hence: The joke was(INTENDED)to be on myself as this would make my "Smoking Hot Hottie" in the 65 to 70 year old range-Duuuuuuuuuh!

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And he was all serious telling me how I couldn't get the ladies, ROTFLMAO. What an ignorant schmuck. I wonder how many times a day he totally embarrasses himself like this-LOL?

For the Love of God Armando, get us some trolls whose IQ's are higher than: A Rock!


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the fact that you respond in defense speaks VOLUMES.

we know
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so give it up already. have you noticed you are always the one sole blogger that constantly needs to create these fantasies about hotties? only you dude. nobody else.

you are alone, even with your 'hotties' lol

"And Woodson Is Also Going To Have To Tackle With His dick Since He Has Broken His Collar Bone Twice."

Posted by: Dashi | May 10, 2013 at 01:51 PM
"Since he is a black man, he may be flagged for uneccesary roughness for that tactic....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 10, 2013 at 01:53 PM
You're killing me! LOL

The team is better now...much better and I foresee a winning season. The Dolphins ARE the surprise team this year, in my opinion.

Posted by: Tracyh474 | May 10, 2013 at 10:08 PM


I'm with you on this one. I think we're FINALLY going to be one of those teams that manage to sneak up and surprise everyone.

There's always one or two teams that do this every year. I'm convinced that it's finally going to be our turn-LOL!

How big of a splash we make, I think, depends on only two things.

1. How well Tannehill does in his second year(obviously Huh-LOL).

2. How well the Pats do and more specifically how well we do against them.

I think we'll be able to hang with them record wise. So I think the AFC East Title will come down to how we play them in head to head action.

PS: To your Parcell's comments above. I don't know if it was Parcell's hatred of the Phins or if it was simply that he caught "Lou Trolls" disease.

I think Parcell's had an attack of idiot Troll Mentality. The wildcat was novelty that was deployed to cover some basic team weaknesses.

So what does the idiot Parcell's do? He goes out and drafts a waif-like Wildcat QB with a 2nd rounder. OMFG and LOL!

You know Parcell's lost his battle with senility at this point. At home they wouldn't even let him use the can opener or the remote control.

Pat White? WTF and ROTFLMAO!

IMAWriter you have the IQ of a peanut and I don't know what you write, but I just know it sucks. I peg you at 5th grade competence TOPS.

so give it up already. have you noticed you are always the one sole blogger that constantly needs to create these fantasies about hotties? only you dude. nobody else.

you are alone, even with your 'hotties' lol

Posted by: jesus freud | May 10, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Well, you learn something new everyday.

One thing I learned today, YG/Flipper Breed always seems to disappear just as the most retardedly idiotic Troll Boy shows up.

That DOES make me go: Hmmmmmmmmm........

It also makes me go: Bhwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa!!!!

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Odin has now removed any shadow of a doubt by even the most naive posters.

it is sad a grown man has to come to an anonymous blog and get his jollies by trying to convince juvenile dunce's an old poor derelict tow truck driver is getting hotties.

tone it down...tell us you romped a fat old hag, a few idiots here might believe it.






That rookie TE can't get separation. He's a big dud. He isn't even the pick we wanted there. Idiot Ireland traded back and missed out on 3 players he wanted more than this overweight sluggish TE.

The Dolphins still stink but I do have good news. HEAT WIN! HEAT WIN!

Egnew wont make the roster next season. Thanks Ireland.

How Ireland still has a job.
That DOES make me go: Hmmmmmmmmm........


I say get anybody you can at a price that does not bind the team.
These one year FA contracts do not bind the team.
Rookie contracts do not bind the team(well not like before).
Woodson Good ugh; Woodson Bad ugh. Who knows until it works out?

The best TE ever might be right under the Dolphins noses. Lebron James.

Is Philbin a leader of men?

Well the troll sure sent odin and his fantasies packing!

Troll 5
odors 0

James gets paid close to 20 mil this year to play basketball. Add in his basketball endorsments, and he will try out for our TE.

I like the new approach.

Back to another's earlier observation:

"This young man will be the most improved quarterback in the National Football League from year one to year two this year – I promise you that,” - Mike Sherman
RGIII, Luck and Wilson played exceptionally well in 2012. Perhaps better than anyone could have expected. But look a little further and you will see why their teams helped them make that possible while Tannehill's team did not. Maybe then you will recognize why Sherman feels Tannehill will have the biggest improvement year 1 to 2.
RGIII played exceptionally well but he had talent upgrades before he was drafted. Washington signed big money free agent Pierre Garcon to 5 yr 42 million dollar contract with 21.5 million guaranteed. Essentially, he got his Mike Wallace before he was drafted. And he was laso given free agent WR Josh Morgan to boot.
Luck was given Reggie Wayne at 3 years 17.5 million with 7.5 million guaranteed (a steal) and Donnie Avery before he was drafted. The colts also drafted two TEs in Fleener and Allen to give him outlet receivers as well. They also drafted T.Y. Hilton for add speed to the WR corps.
In addition, these QBs were brought in to be starters right away and the team did what it had to to help them become successful right away.
Tannehill...well the Dolphins were busy trying to woo Peyton Manning to build a team around their future rookie QB. At that point, the Dolphins had no idea what they were going to do at QB. Flynn?
Speaking of Flynn, Wilson was not drafted to be a starter right away. But the team spent money on FA acquisitions like Sidney Rice and Zach Miller in 2011 and traded for Marshawn Lynch as well.
Basically, those 3 teams loaded up on offensive talent knowing they were starting a new QB. The Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall and never replaced him. Never even added speed to the WR position. As Ireland said, the team had a bunch of 4,5 and 6s at the position. Not a great position to start a new rookie QB.
Luck and RGIII were getting snaps with the starters from day 1 of the mini-camps and came into the NFL with close to 40 college starts each. Tannehill was working upwards from the #3 spot (behind Garrard and Moore) with 19 college starts.
Luck, RGIII and Wilson had coaches design their offenses specifically with their skill sets. Tannehill has his college playbook, well about 75% of it anyway to his advantage, but you get the sense the team did not maximize his talents throughout the season.
So here we are in 2013 and Sherman says Tannehill will have the biggest jump from year 1 to 2 and his message appears to be hollow on the surface. But consider Tannehill will finally get weapons in year 2 that were afforded to his contemporaries in year 1. Tannehill will finally run an offense more suited to his talents. Tannehill will be named the starter from the first day of minicamp and now has 35 combined college and NFL starts.
When you consider all those factors its easy to see why Sherman would feel the way he does. Sherman expects him to have the biggest jump not because the other QBs were outstanding and cannot ascend much furthur. Rather, Tannehill will finally be on an even playing field with those other QBs in terms of talent around him and he should only get better with experience.
Posted by: Dolfinfan13 | May 09, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Thanks for being a fan, Dolfinfan13...

That post was well covered, please expound.


I disagree with your negative review of Dallas Thomas. I think he looks like a solid prospect as a zone blocking Guard and potentially Tackle.

I thought he showed good pass blocking skill and average in run blocking, though he could easily improve. He moves well and does a good job playing on his feet and locating his next assignment when defenses mix it up.
Many of the plays that I saw him get beat on were on overloads in his gap. He does struggle at times when people beat him with there hands inside and he doesn't seem to have that killer instinct to make that big block when he gets to the 2nd level.

"Woodsen can't play anymore, he's a shadow of his former self. Stop relying on a name as your scouting report. He's old and washed up."

The numbers dont say that though.

26 ints 12 FF 70 PD 10 1/2 sacks.

Even if he was our 3rd cb he would add to our team. We have a young secondary, we could use him

"Why Would We Sign Woodson When We Have Clemons On A 1 Year Deal Proving Himself. And Clemons Is About A Decade Younger. "

Well, if we put clemons and woodson back there, who comes away with more plays? I doubt its clemons, even with his young age

How can the Dolphins have any cap space after paying the Herald sportswriters to write nice things about them?

I have. A funny feeling we sign a vet defensive end either freeney or Abraham and keep dion Jordan at linebacker

Sucks to be a Dolphin fan. They lose every year and zero chance at a SB.

Who cares about what cap shape the Dolphins are in when they stink every friggin year? Hey, we stink bad but we're in good cap shape? WTF?

I would definitely sign a veteran CB. If not Woodson, someone else. The Fins secondary is still the weakeast link on paper. Very little depth and really not two proven starters at either CB or S. Grimes and Jones are locks and Clemons a marginal starter. And Grimes off a major injury. The rookies will need to play and play well. What looks so good here? Sure the Fins know this and I would expect some veteran help to come in and compete.

On Woodson comments that he is washed up.

At what age does a player suddenly become washed up and his career over. The same people that said Jason Taylor's carrer was over when he flopped with the Fins?

The best teams find these veterans to fill in depth and play key roles on the team. Think some team can't use Abrahms or Freeney? Think again. The only good year the Fins had in the last decade was a squard full of savvy vets that Parells pieced together. Not saying that's the team we want again, but polished vets are always to have in the mix to teach the young guys a thing or two

Skins, not Fins... sorry

Vets or players over 30-31 are no part of the rebuild as they wont be around when and if the team is ready to really compete. I'd rather see the young guys get the snaps and experience for 3 years from now. Clearly they are in full rebuild mode. JMHO.

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