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Dolphins in fine cap shape (still)

The Dolphins are doing just fine with their cap space, according to the NFL Players Association numbers below released at 8 a.m. today.

The club has over $7.4 million in cap space and if you recall that after June 1 the club picks up another $10 million in space based ont he deferred cuts of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, there will be plenty of room to sign the draft picks, add a practice squad, do any acorn shopping general manager Jeff Ireland wants to do, and still have a bit of an emergency fund for the season.

By the way, Charles Woodson is still out there. He's eager to sign with a team. Yes, he's 37 years old, but he can still play. The Dolphins, as I have reported, had moderate interest in him a couple of months ago.

He could be a solid experienced leader of a young defensive backfield for one year.

Before that happens, however, the Dolphins could easily sign their later-round draft picks like other teams are doing. What are they waiting for? It's not rocket science.

Year: 2013
Unadjusted Team Cap: $123,000,000.00
Team Current Contracts Previous Year Carryover Team Cap Cap Room
TOTAL   $201,072,624 $3,847,156,659 $272,948,724
AVERAGE/TEAM   $6,283,519 $120,223,645 $8,529,647
Arizona Cardinals 51 $3,600,110 $117,885,354 $8,574,061
Atlanta Falcons 51 $307,540 $120,599,192 $2,183,108
Baltimore Ravens 47 $1,182,377 $121,183,138 $1,695,293
Buffalo Bills 50 $9,817,628     $120,106,345 $12,568,073
Carolina Panthers 51 $3,654,825 $120,952,393 $5,279,988
Chicago Bears 51 $3,236,965 $125,911,395 $2,997,860
Cincinnati Bengals 51 $8,579,575 $113,002,062 $20,924,869
Cleveland Browns 51 $14,339,575 $105,865,153 $31,243,312
Dallas Cowboys 51 $2,335,379 $115,101,151 $4,394,005
Denver Broncos 50 $11,537,924 $132,218,197 $7,542,794
Detroit Lions 51 $466,992 $115,059,436 $6,427,581
Green Bay Packers 50 $7,010,832 $117,287,966 $13,533,765
Houston Texans 51 $2,422,689 $121,663,466 $3,383,260
Indianapolis Colts 51 $3,500,000 $115,930,752 $8,479,522
Jacksonville Jaguars 51 $19,563,231 $118,067,692 $26,991,424
Kansas City Chiefs 51 $14,079,650 $132,674,660 $4,391,955
Miami Dolphins 51 $5,380,246 $120,800,655 $7,422,672
Minnesota Vikings 51 $8,004,734 $122,365,453 $7,427,761
New England Patriots 51 $5,607,914 $120,496,903 $8,655,441
New Orleans Saints 51 $2,700,000 $121,518,590 $3,100,647
New York Giants 50 $1,000,000 $119,659,326 $3,927,958
New York Jets 51 $3,400,000 $114,734,266 $11,794,471
Oakland Raiders 51 $4,504,761 $123,996,721 $2,686,320
Philadelphia Eagles 51 $23,046,035 $123,015,863 $23,294,806
Pittsburgh Steelers 51 $758,811 $124,127,046 $295,765
San Diego Chargers 51 $995,893 $117,440,718 $5,573,130
San Francisco 49ers 51 $859,734 $124,304,326 $1,468,993
Seattle Seahawks 51 $13,265,802 $132,006,117 $4,698,008
St. Louis Rams 51 $247,347 $118,408,968 $3,757,369
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51 $8,527,866 $114,932,119 $19,285,603
Tennessee Titans 51 $12,867,893 $128,188,789 $7,019,124
Washington Redskins 51 $4,270,296 $107,652,447 $1,929,786


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Henne Had A Great Arm.

But Agreed. Henne Lacked The Drive To Get Better.

My Problem With Henne Is Simple. Year After Year, He Made The Same Mistake. He Couldn't Throw To The Flat Worth A Dang. He Will Fastball Everything. That And Henne Never Seemed To Read The Whole Field Or Make Presnap Adjustments.

Henne Lived Off Jake Long His Whole Career. When Jake Started Wearing Down, Henne Became Exposed As A Fraud. And Spo As A Joke.



And when withdrawn, there was a great white bean at the end, the guy told me. Well......there's nothing else to talk about.

Hey everyone, I heard this blog has the best fans to talk to if your interested in incest and hating on the Dolphins. Im so glad I found this dump!

Tannehill wouldnt even start for his college team this year.

Harmel I like the way you think, Im going to be your best friend

oh, btw, I have never liked white beans.

Henne es un MDP tambien, Dashi.

I have no reason to believe Tannehill is one ounce better then Chad Henne. Maybe he is, maybe he isnt. Im guessing we'll find out by midseason.

Fireland, but you would definitely be the lead swallower at the glory hole

For John did not come eating or drinking, and they say, "He has a demon!" The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!' Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.

Fireland, that's cause you don't have an ounce of football knowledge. Doing splits on the cheer leading squad in high school doesn't count moron Troll

And Manziel Won't Get Drafted In The Top 10 Like T-Hill.

Henne Was A Better College Qb Than Brady. And Tebow Was Better Than Both Of Them.

Your Point Makes No Sense.

Can You Please Remind Us How Matt Barkley Will Be A First Round Pick.

By the way Mike Shanahan signed Pat White about a month ago.
At some point this season Pat White will start when RG3 get injured.

There will be weeks this upcomong season when Henne, White and Tanne all start in the same week.

Argh, so much depravity among our Children.. We should be appalled. But We know them well, yesindeed.


What Does That Say About Ireland?

He Has 3 Qbs That He Drafted Still In The NFL. And Like You Said All 3 Will Probably See Playing Time This Year.

Belichick Has Drafted About The Same Number Of Qbs The Last 5 Years. And Yes None Will Replace Brady. But None Has Made An Impact On Another Team Either. And 2 Of Them Are Already Out The League. And If Mallet Was Worth Something This Would Be The Offseason To Trade Him.


The Old Lady At The Cafeteria Won't Be Happy With You Drinking That Starbucks Junk.

I'm Not A Big Coffee Drinker. But $9 For A Cup Of Some Weak Sauce. That Doesn't Fly With Dashi. Specially When Cuban Crack Is So Easily Available In Miami. And Cheap. I Have Had 50¢ Coffee Stronger than Starbucks.

Nothing wrong with Bible thumpers if they can get to the essence in there. NOTHING has been written with no Purpose.

Wasn't YG One Of The Biggest Henne Fans.

MDP Ride Together.

YG Is The Mayor Of Wilton Manors. Where They Wear Leather Chaps With No Horses To Ride.

And Manziel Won't Get Drafted In The Top 10 Like T-Hill.

Posted by: Dashi | May 12, 2013 at 07:32 PM

T'Hill should've gone in the 3rd rd.

Johnny Manziel is not NFL ready at this moment.

Manziel is TONS better then Tannehill.

Fireland is an expert in g a y p0rno and unemployment, that's it

Henne , very strong arm and could fit the ball on a rope into a tight space. Marino could do that but unlike CH he had touch and drop the ball in between defenders. In M Moore's 2nd start he put the ball over a LB and under a S for a 20+yd gain. After the celebration the first thought was that CH would not have made the completion. I remember two plays where Ginn and Clay were wide open in the endzone and CH threw lazers that were over they're reach. Late reads and lack of touch are the reasons he wasn't the Fins frachise QB. I really hoped he was the answer.

It's than, YG, than.


Problem Is People Read The Bible For Their Religious Agenda. Not For Their Personal growth.

Jesus Didn't Read The Bible.

Jesus Left For India At The Age Of 12 and Came back in His 30's.

Remember Jesus At 10 Questioned The Rabbi's. He Already Knew As Much As them At That Age. His Family Had To Move So He Can Keep Learning. Eastern Religion Is Older Than Western Religion.

Nobody Was/Has Ever Been More Knowledgeable And Understood Better Than Christ When It Came To God And Religion. The Reason Every time He Spoke People Had To Listen. They Know He Was Teaching Something They Have Never Heard Before.

Yes Dashi, tell us how great a pick Pat White and Chad Henne were. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the worst Dolphin team ever?

Pat White And Chad Henne Are Better Than Any Qb NE Has Drafted In The Last 5 Years.
That Is My Point FagFace.

When Did I Say They Are Supremely Talented.

Take Me Up On My Bet Matt Barkley.

Manziel Won't Be A Top 10 Pick.

heehee, There is NOTHING that People have never heard before, Dashi. It is the Moment(let's say Circumstances) that changes Everything.

Whether It Was 2 Millennia Ago Or Now. People Are Still Ignorant To The Truth.

Reason You Have To Believe In Reincarnation. God can't Constantly Keep Churning Out Dumbasses Like YG. He Just Gives Them Another Go At Life. See If He Learns Something. Hit The Reset Button Per Say.

The problem with society is Jesus.

Friends...it is not 2013!!!!!!!!

What a fkkking joke. It is only 2013 years since once single farting person died!

There were tens of thousands of people well before Jesus was born. None of them needed these stupid guide book religions, all are businesses designed to manipulate and fool the people.

Pat White And Chad Henne Are Better Than Any Qb NE Has Drafted In The Last 5 Years.
That Is My Point FagFace.
Posted by: Dashi | May 12, 2013 at 08:07 PM

Take off the rose colored glasses and put down the kool-aid you DUMB IDIOT!

I meant to say tens of thousands of years....

Tannehill would be on the Pats practice squad.

We say we have freedom of religion but every single presidential candidate has to prove to the mass sheeple he is Christian. Why

We say we have freedom of religion but are freaking calendar is based off one guy that died after many millenium of mankind. S

It's stupid,

It is not 2013!!!!

You are just brainwashed.

No, but you're the worst Dolphin fan impersonator ever. And once again stupid as hell for hanging out in the blog of a team you hate. I am satisfied knowing you have no friends.

Here sonny, be a good lad and get down on your knees for papy again.


I Believe Marino's Left Arm Had More Touch Than Henne.

That Is The Major Difference Between T-Hill And Henne. T-Hill Can Switch Arm Speed.
And That T-Hill Is Bigger, Smarter, Faster.

Henne Almost Screwed Me Up. All Last Season I Was Waiting For A Henne Like Meltdown. And Apart For Those 6 Minutes In That Texans Game. T-Hill Showed He Was No Henne.

Lmao!!! You called someone stupid and then used the phrase, "Dashi is idiot". Not the brightest bulb heh?

Tannehill would be on the Pats practice squad.

Posted by: Trolls Inc | May 12, 2013 at 08:16 PM

Tannehill should be on the bench. Matt Moore is better.

dashi has lots of fake, artificial knowledge. real knowledge escapes him. he can only parrot what he hears with no rhyme or reason.

Such a waste of internet space. But look at all these hits! Must be a great blog!
Hey Armando now you have a guy mocking your religion in his sign in. I never read that in the Bible but you learn something new in here every day. Today we have learned that we have a regular who thinks molesting children is funny and one who is calling Jesus Christ a homosexual who engages in felatio. What a great blog, the Herald owner should be very proud!! And on Mothers day too. Great blog and it must be because of all of the hits! Clap,clap,clap,clap,,,,

NE Qbs Drafted Since 2008

2008-K. O'Connell

Chad Henne By Himself Is Better Than These 3 Scrubs.

And Here Is A Nugget. Mallet Had To Leave Michigan Because He Couldn't Beat Out Henne.

You should be in a noose, every other blogger is much better.

New Guy,

That Is The Same Guy. The Funny Part Is He Goes On These Ignorant Diatribes About Other Posters. But He Is The Most Offensive Poster Here.

The Clown Actually Is Insulting God. Well He Does Everytime He Tries And Makes Fun Of Dashi. But To Be So Blasphemous About Jesus. Wow! That Is Even A New Low For Him.

Arara has lots of fake, artificial girlfriends. Real girlfriends escape him. He can only screw a parrott.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

dashi has lots of fake, artificial knowledge. real knowledge escapes him. he can only parrot what he hears with no rhyme or reason.


You Repeat This Comment Religiously. Yet, While Dashi Is Talking Football And Other Things. You Regurgitate The Same Thing Everyday.

And Even Then I Will Be Having A Blast. Leading The Gangland Gangbang Of Your W'hore Mother.

Posted by: Dashi | April 22, 2013 at 11:09 PM

Dashi I know, and I'm going to tear apart every post he writes every chance I get. He's a pos and until the Herald forces a one time registery in order to post I'm going to attack his posts like he does to all of you guys. Did you know he talks about some of you when you're not even here? And then the writer has the nerve to brag about all of the hits this blog gets! Every site on the net makes you register except for this one. If people had to use one name it would get nice in here really quick. Until then im done trying to be nice to this loser.

How Great Is It This FF Has A File On His Computer Named Dashi.

And We Know You Do. No Sense In Denying It.

No ones imitating you moron, im just making fun of you and youre too stupid to see it. What a dummy lmao!

And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM

New guy,

Who are you fooling? You ain't new bro...just a troll mad you can't compete.

Then Why Do You Take My Sign In Name You FF!!

Dashi Was The First To Use "Just Saying"

But Your Jock Riding Never Ceases To Amaze Me.

If Someone Else Wants To Use That Sign In Name. Who Are You To Judge.

Again, Hilarious You Take My Sign In Name. And Think You Created It. Truly Delusional.

Roflmao!!! Did you just go back and pull something from a blog that was written a month ago?! Hahahaha what a phicking loser! Wow, what do you do take notes and leave them by your desk. Youre keeping tabs on people to use at a later date!! YOUREEEEE PATHETIC ,this is great

The Dolphins would trade Tanny for Ryan Mallet in a heartbeat.

It is true though. Dashi thinks his filthy talk is ok, but he condemns others for it. Dashi needs to learn about double standards.

Im not trying to fool anyone stupid. You see, thats how dumb you are. The new guy sign in was a way to mock your ever changing names. U r the only one who is to dense to understand! Lmao I already told everyone ive been here before fool. Maybe you should further your education or find a woman to kidnap, you need something in your life.

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