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Dolphins sign their first three rookies to deals

The Dolphins are getting started on getting their rookies under contract. The team today announced the signing of linebacker Jelani Jenkins, defensive back Don Jones, and kicker Caleb Sturgis.

All are getting four-year contracts under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement. 

The Jenkins deal is worth approximately $2.575 million. The Sturgis deal is worth approximately $2.24 million. The Jones deal is worth approximately $2.14 million. This all assumes each players sees all four years of the deal, obviously.

Jones got approximately $45,000 in guaranteed money in the form of a signing bonus. Sturgis got approximately $145,000 in guaranteed money. Jenkins got a signing bonus of approximately $472,000.

The Dolphins have nine draft picks, so six remain unsigned. (No issues, they'll all sign).

Jenkins was Miami’s first fourth-round selection (104th overall) in the 2013 NFL Draft out of the University of Florida. Started 31 games at Florida and played in 36 total games during his career. Jenkins finished his career with 182 tackles (109 solo), six sacks, 17 stops for loss and six quarterback pressures and three interceptions.  Born March 13, 1992 in Rockville, Maryland, Jenkins attended Our Lady of Good Council High School in Olney, Md. where he lettered in both football and track.

Jones was Miami’s seventh round selection (250th  overall) in the 2013 NFL Draft out of the Arkansas State University.  A two year starter for the Red Wolves, he played in 26 games and recorded 128 tackles, two interceptions, one sack and one blocked kick. Born May 14, 1990 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, Jones attended Hazelwood High School in Town Creek, Alabama, where he lettered in football and track.

Sturgis was the second of Miami’s two fifth round selections (166th overall) in the 2013 NFL Draft out of the University of Florida. During his career he made 70 of 88 field goal attempts which set school records, while his 70 made field goals also placed seventh on the Southeastern Conference all-time record chart. Over the course of his career he amassed 340 points which currently ranks third in school annals behind Chandler’s 368, and Tim Tebow’s 342 (2006-09)..  Born August 9, 1989 in Boca Raton, Florida, Sturgis attended St. Augustine High School (Florida), where he lettered in football and soccer.


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I remember the Stratocaster Fender bass. I did not play it(except for strumming it) but some other People did. Some cool vibration.

vibrations, Oscar, vibrations. I told you never to Singularize. Hmm...


Really, the Stadium vote had been failing? Lookithat, nobody knew.

Can you girls take the drivel someplace else,
most of us want to read about the Dolphins.
Some of you act like high school cheer leaders.

Oscar If Spo Would've Limited D. Wades Minutes During The Season We Might Not Be Having This Discussion.

It Isn't Like We Have Nobody On The Bench. Miller And J. Jones Can't Even See The Court.

They Aren't Scrubs.

The Only Position The Heat Lack Depth At Is Center.

Spo Doesn't Understand The Concept Of Human Fatigue. He Thinks Because They Are NBA Players They Can Play All Game.

Don't Be Surprised If Indiana Gives Miami Fits. They Are The Team That Matches Up The Best Versus Miami.

And We All Know N. Cole Is Better Than Chalmers!

Yet Chalmers Is The One Starting.


I just read the buzz and I am excited about this year. Wallace says Tannehill has IT. He says he likes Hartline and thinks he is a cool dude.

Pouncy says, in spite of what Mando said yesterday, that Martin looks fluid on the left side.

Misi says Ellerbe and Wheeler look fast, and thinks the linebackers will be making a lot of plays this year.

Odrick says Jordan will not be taking his place. He sounds like the whole line will be jumping around and causing havoc.

Miller and Thomas are talking trash about each other, so we know that will be a great competition. It seems that Frank Gore has taken Miller under his wing. I think that is a good thing.

All these guys want to be on this team, in this town, playing for these coaches.

Mr. Bellichik, you have been put on notice.

Spo is Da best young coach in history. Dashi is dumb as a pile of rocks.


$6.93 for 4 years.

$1.73 Per Year. About $570k Per Player.

Dawn Has A Tough Job. That Is Why I am Saying DJ Will Be The Last To Sign. She Is The Only One That Is Making A Top 10 Pick Sign A Waiver On The Guarantee Money For The 2nd Year In A Row.

Ireland And Philbin Pick The Players. She Does The Contract Signing. I Believe She Was The One That Shot down The B. Albert Trade. It Didn't Make Cap Sense. She Is The One That Didn't Want To Give Jake More Guarantee. And I'm OK With That.

Dawn Would've Prevented Parcells From Wasting Guarantee Money On Injured Free Agents Back In 08 and 09. And Destroying The Cap For The Following 4 Years.

Miller Is The Starter, D. Thomas Is The #2. Everyone Else Is Playing For A Roster Spot.

And D. Thomas Will Give Miller A Battle For Playing Time.

Dolphin Hater #1, Mike Florio, That Guy Can Write A Headline.

"Dolphins stadium proposal was losing badly based on early voting"

Off A Small Sample Size. This Is The First Guy To Cry Wolf On The Fins.

And Guess Who His Favorite Dolphins Beat Writer Is?

Lamar Miller is working out with Frank Gore this offseason. If there were ANY RB in the league I would like our youngster to emulate, it's Frank Gore. Durable, dependable, difference-maker, consistent. I can't say enough about how I respect that player. Good for Miller, let's hope some of that magic rubs off on him.

Posted by: Everybody Knows | May 15, 2013 at 09:04 AM

Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking in my head pretty much the same thing. So, I come into the blog and your post is the same thing I was coming in to post about.

I was sitting and thinking, damn, first time during the Bellichick dominance of the Afc East we've actually had the correct pieces on the roster to counter and overtake the division.

Now, the tricky part is how fast can all of these pieces come together and do exactly what they've been brought in to o? Right now, that's just anyone's guess.

However, we definitely have the needed pieces in hose and in place.

I don't believe Dawn Aponte shot down the Albert trade. I'm now believe it was all a smoke screen because the two top players on Ireland's draft board were 1. Dion Jordan, 2. Tavon Austin.

Diddn't need an Albert smokescreen for Austin. Austin was the fallback plan if Ireland failed to get Jordan.

The whole LT mirage that Ireland planted out there was a rouse to sneak up and get Jordan. When Ireland traded up to #3, he had the press fooled, dolfans fooled, me fooled, and Im sure any gm that thought they would be the ones who landed Jordan were also fooled.

Everyone and their mother thought that Ireland was moving up to take LT Lane Johnson. This entire offseason LT trickery was all about creating a smokescreen to move up and take Dion Jordan.

If Ireland failed, Tavon Austin wasn't a terrible "fallback plan" either.


I believe D Thomas needs a smoking hot camp and preseason to make the team. If Gillislee is as advertised, I see he and Miller as 2013's one-two punch.

Primary reason, I see, is primarily because D Thomas represents the Sparano regime. Sparano regime players are falling fast. Marshall, Davis, Smith, Bess, Dansby, Burnett, Fasano, and Jake Long are all now "long gone".

If Egnew can break out during camp and preseason, we probably can add Charles Clay to this list. Like, I said, D Thomas is gone short of a smoking hot camp/preseason or humongous fail by Gillislee.

The Sky Is Blue.

Disagree With That One.

D. Thomas is the starter.
Miller and Gillislee are special teamers at this point.

More proof Albert was all smokescreen is, Ireland only brought fa "RT's" in for visits this offseason. Not one single "LT".

If he was "seriously" considering change at LT, why all of the RT's when Martin was already in the fold? I believe the only way that Ireland would have seriously considered LT, is if Joeckel or Fisher fell.

Not paying a 2nd rd pick and 10 million this year for Brandon Albert, back issues and all. Think about this and let it marinate in your minds for a serious minute.

Carps cost us the playoffs... at the very least a winning record. Good riddance

Im out, this blog is having IT problems again.

Have to agree Albert was a smokescreen.

And it is true that the Dolphins board read:


Barry Jackson said so and everyone knows he IS the Miami Dolphins source. If barry printed it, it's true.


When I watched the right side of our oline give up "5 SACKS" in the final game against the Pats, I was horrified.

But, it seemed here no one noticed and all of the focus seemed to be Martin was horrible. Martin gave up "2 Sacks" in that game. One of those was a miscommunication between he and Incognito.

We gave up "7 SACKS" that day. Only "2 0f those 7 sacks were on left side(Martin). "5 SACKS" were on Garner that day, but everyone here seems to have amnesia to that event.

Dashi thinks China treats it's people better than America & that ObamaCare is Universal Health care & not a tax.

Knowing what a tard you have to be to make hose idiotic statements, risk discussing anything with him at your own peril.

yG, not ready to give it up for Martin. He was horrible in that game. Sure, he gave up "only" 2 sacks but he couldn't hold a pocket and even got bull rushed by a DB. The entire OL in that game was an abortion. I know Martin is going to be the LT but I'm not excited about it. I'm concerned about it actually but I will defer to the coaching staff and management as they know a lot more than I do about the guy and how far he can progress. I certainly didn't see it in him. I mean we saw glimpses of Reshad and Miller to know they were going to be good starters. I think i even saw something in the young Wr from Nevada to think he can elevate. I don't know about Martin.

YG, everyone knows Garner was horrible in the Pats game. No one mentions it... because he is not projected to be our starting LT, or even a starter for that fact. If he was, then everyone would be talking about him. Garner was also not a 2nd rd choice. That is why the focus on Martin.

And Garner will most likely not be the third tackle in the roation this year. Jerry or Louis will be probably be the first guy up (whoever doesn;t win the starting G job)

Martin will be fine. Will he play at a all-pro level? Probably not, but I think he will be just fine over there. I think the OL will be something no one really talks about this year...and that is a good thing.



As a whole, the entire oline was pretty pathetic the final Pats game. I used the "5 Sacks" by the right side of the oline to support my "Albert smokescreen" theory.

Back to Martin, read Barry Jackson's blitz if you haven't already. In it, Martin says he's put on 20lbs of muscle this offseason. His 2013 playing weight will be 318lbs.

About this, Pouncey says, Martin has looked very fluid thus far in camp.

I'm not going to go all "homer" over this. But, if we see great improvement and Martin does indeed buttons down the hatched on the left side. It will greatly contribute to a fantastic year on the offensive side of the ball. Clabo will button things down on the ight side.

Man, you can't compare all those other Guards to Wade. In Ability, he is one of those Gifted Giants, hurt and all. You might see it in the series vs Indiana.

I'll come back to the Dolphins blog when you guys want to talk football.

Indiana will give the Heat all they can handle...

Definitely LT play was deficient last Year, from both Long and Martin. Forget RT. It is inconceivable that Coaches did not notice this also and have not tried to correct it. Still, that unit is uncertain and might be lacking depth at this moment.

Some of you guys writing here should get out more.

Oscar, I Never Compared Them To Wade. Just Saying They Can Help Out.

We All Know Wade Is Injury Prone. And He Was Recovering From Injury.

They Should've Treated Him Like Pop Treats His Old Players With The Spurs. Rest Them When You Can Throughout The Season. NOT JUST THE END.

Pop Has Extended Duncan, Ginobli, And Parkers Career By Resting Them Throughout The Season. He Keeps Them Fresh For The Playoffs. And It Allows Him To Develop His Bench During The Season.

It Is Like Keeping Them On A Pitch Count. Even If They Are Having A Great Game. Bench Them For The Long Term Goal. Not The Short Term Success.

I Wouldn't Dress D. Wade Tonight. Even If He Says He Could Go. The Series Versus Indiana Will Be Tough. And You Need Him As Healthy As Possible.

Heat beat Pacers 4-2 last year, in route to their championship run. Guess what? Lebron has been even better this year.

The Heat are not built like the Knicks. The Heat can hit you from all over the place. Sure both teams have great defenses. But that's exactly why Miami has the edge.

The Pacers don't have enough "OVERALL" offensive punch to beat the Heat. Unlike the Knicks, as Charles Barkley would put it, the Heat are far more than Carmelo and the 4 "Tito's".

They are far more than Lebron James and the 4 Tito's. Since shortly before the all star break, the Nba East has been the Miami Heat, and everyone else has been competing for 2nd best team.

Doesn't matter whether the Heat faced the Knicks or Pacers, the Heat will take the series 4-2.

YG, it's encouraging that people are saying good things but what else are they going to say? I will feel much better when I see it myself. And it is a big facotr to success this year. it will help a lot even if Martin can play at about a 7 level or so. he doesn't need to be all pro, just good. The Brian hartline of left tackles if you will.

Martin - Cogs - Pouncey - Louis - Clabo

Garner, Jerry, Samadu, Thomas, Yeatman...and a healthy mix of R and 1 year players to look at.
Looks Okay to me...

Martin Is A Smart Man That Gets It.

He Will Not Be The Problem.

The O-Line As A Whole Is Better.

And That Is What Dashi Wanted.

It will be a great Series. In the end, as in all Sports and given =s, it will come down to the Wills.

Posted by: Dashi | May 14, 2013 at 06:14 PM

You're typing in the 3rd person? This is becoming the reality television of the internet blog-sphere.

You all need to relax.

New Blog JACK!


Like Dashi just posted, Martin does seem to get it. He's come to camp adding 20lbs of muscle this season. Remember, you hated his bench press coming in as a rookie. He's shown he's well aware he needed to work on his "strength" on the pro level.

This much is encouraging. We'll just have to live with that for now.

I'm Not Saying The Heat Will Lose. I Have The Series Going 6, Possibly 7. Indiana Strength Is Miami's Weakness. Size and Coaching.

And Miami Is The Most Talented Team In The NBA. By A WIDE MARGIN!!

But If The Heat Lose Who Is To Blame?



Or Spo?

That Is All I Say.

No chance they(the Dolphins) are going to nab me with false expectations again. Where is the Beef!


I Meant To Say "This Is What Ireland Wanted"

Auto type, My Bad.

at Riley doesn't seem to think Eric Spoestra is a terrible hc. That's good enough for me.

Riley has shown he's not afraid to get rid of a terrible hc by firing Stan Van Gundy. Enuff said!


Try posting under the new article...

4 pages of crap and not much football...


How many playoff games did they help us win?

How many times did they let the opposing team march it down there throats

They rarely ever stopped an opposing offense in the 4th quarter when it mattered most.

Posted by: Ian | May 14, 2013 at 06:08 PM

If I remember correctly, that defense won a ton of games 10-0 or 10-3. They where awesome. It's not their fault the O-line couldn't block anyone and the receivers couldn't catch anything. Too bad Marino couldn't have played a couple more years. Maybe they would've got their SB rings.

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