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Dolphins take flyer on QB Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is not what I'd call a buyer. You know, the athletes that get signed by a team and because they know they're going to be around for a few years they put down roots and buy a home.

Corps is a barely a renter, actually.

He played for two colleges -- USC first before transferring to Richmond.

He was signed in 2012 by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent. Then he was cut a month later. Then the Bills signed him in in February of this year. Then he was cut April 29.

Then the Dallas Cowboys signed him May 7. Then the Cowboys cut him May 9.

Today, according to thesidelineview.com, Corp agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins.

Corp, who is 6-4 and 220 pounds, will be given a chance to compete with Pat Devlin for the No. 3 QB job in Miami. That's the company line.

The truth?

He better show promise in the OTAs and June minicamp because his stay is not promised even until the start of training camp. If he does make it to training camp, I see him as a camp arm. Three quarterbacks cannot handle all the duties and throws of training camp.

He definitely isn't in a position to buy, just yet.

The Dolphins cut long snapper Patrick Scales to make room on the roster for Corp. One assumes Scales was also renting.


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No news is...well...




Aaron Corp?

We should have signed Tyler Bray. He would win the starting job. Let's hope the Kansas city chiefs cut him before training camp so that we can right the wrong and sign him immediately.

Are we THAT worried about QB depth?

You can never have too many QBs

Camp Arm. For The Fast Pace Practices. If He Makes It That Far.

Tyler Bray Is A Fluke. Anyone Who Saw The Gruden Camp Can See This Guy Doesn't Have "it".

Add To The Fact He Sucked In College When His WRs Were

C. Patterson
J. Hunter
D. Rodgers

The Guy Had NFL Caliber Wrs And He Still Missed.

G. Smith Was Throwing To 2 Midgets That He Can Barely See Pass The LOS. Now That Is Accuracy.

If i'm reading this right....

we have just signed the next RAY LEWIS (huds,hud/hudson)??? I forgot his name...but you bleeding hearts that came out to congratulate him should remember....

and now..we have aquired the next Tom Brady in Aaron (Marine) Corps....


Ireland is the true puppet master....

This is just a guy who cqan throw a football to run drills....they should really pay these guys more though. They have no shot of making it but show up anyway. Pretty sad.

You must realize that 75% of rookies and UDFAs we have signed will be cut before, during and after training Camp. Fodder.

Bray win the starting job??? He couldn't even get drafted ... Bond, I know you like to get excited but that's a big stretch.

Mando No Offense But I Rather Talk About The Heat than Mr. Corporation.

From Last Blog

I'm Not Saying The Heat Will Lose. I Have The Series Going 6, Possibly 7. Indiana Strength Is Miami's Weakness. Size and Coaching.

And Miami Is The Most Talented Team In The NBA. By A WIDE MARGIN!!

But If The Heat Lose Who Is To Blame?



Or Spo?

That Is All I Say.

Posted by: Dashi | May 15, 2013 at 11:40 AM

Was this really worth even mentioning or is this news just plain blowing tumbleweeds right now...I think its time for Armando's annual vacation....just sayin!!!

Who's the retard who says Bray would win the starting job, his Mom ? Wow, how embarrassing !!! Idiotic !


Let's see if we can get something started:

Last time Philbin had an Aaron at qb_______________

Fill in the blank homers............

Last time Philbin had an Aaron at qb_______________

He moved to Miami...???...

Since we now have an Aaron at qb, can we also add a Brett?

And YG.

I Believe Riley Didn't Like The Backlash From Firing SVG. He Will Wait This Time Until He Really Has To.

And That E. Spoelstra Makes The Perfect Puppet Coach. He Is A Yes Man.

E. Spoelstra Probably Has A USB Port Up His Ass That Riley Uses To Connect His Controller When Things Get Tough. Notice When Things Get Real Tough Riley Sits Directly Behind The Bench. Not In His Suite. He Needs A Hardwire Connection.

Notice Most If Not All The Assistant Coaches Were Riley Assistants. Even Spo.

Odin...from a blog or two back...

There is no inconsistency....I have said before...and I will say it again...I expect Jordan to start (he was the #3 pick)...and DOMINATE @ his postion....I would expect the same out of any top 10 pick...to not do so would be a dissapointment (for me)....

I know the buzz word on here is DEVELOP and PATIENCE....

and that is fine for you 2nd rders and later...even for players taken after the top 15....

but if your TOP 10....or BETTER YET...TOP 5...my buzz word is DOMINATE..."any thing else would be uncivilized"

Charles Barkley

Mando Is On Vacation.

He Hasn't Posted One Original Thought In A Minute.

He Basically Is Just Refreshing The Blog Daily. To Keep It Running.

but if your TOP 10....or BETTER YET...TOP 5...my buzz word is DOMINATE...

Posted by: Kris | May 15, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Take a look back at the top ten picks from the last several drafts. You will see that less than 50% of them dominate in their first season.

Nice if it happens, but unrealistic to expect it, according to history.

Ah Teel, folks really don't care much for a certain thing around here....


Pat Riley never has and never will give a damn about what the media or haters have to say about anything he does. Only you are sounding an offbeat trumpet about Spo. You're way off in la-la land all by your lonesome.

The Heat won 2012's NBA championship and are well on their way to return again. They swept the the 1st rd 0f the playoffs 4-0. They are now on pace to close the deal with a 3-1 stranglehold on the Bulls.

Until you have something more concrete to definitive prove Spo is a terrible head coach, right now, Spo's balls are hanging from your chin.

He has a championship, and is well underway to championship #2, while all you have is useless dribble to back up your weakly substantiated claims.

Until you get something more concrete, stfu, you're embarrassing yourself. Spo's balls are hanging from Dashi's chin, not vice versa.

Why is this even an article??


you will notice i cited NO FACTS or STATS...

I staed QUITE CLEARLY what MY expectations are for a TOP 10 PICK....

I do believe I have a RIGHT to have expectations....wether they are far-fetched....or even as the poster @ 12:13 implies...UNREALISTIC....

regardless....that is my HOPES and EXPECTATIONS for EVERY player taken by the FINS in the TOP 10....

what are yours?

I'd like to know yours as well Jack....is your expectation that he becomes a solid contibutor...

the floor is yours....

Yeah, I thought about that, Dashi, and my older Son told me, It's Pat Riley who really coaches, Pops. Still, I have not seen any evidence of that looking closely at Eric or Pat.

My expectaions for a kid coming out of college and entering the NFL is to have NO expectations. These are not MY kids bro. So I like to see how they do and hope they continue to get better. The End.

Aaron Brooks??

Check out the Tyler Bray highlights on youtube YO!

"my expectations is to have NO expectations"....lol...but I find you here on a football blog...Mr. NO ecxpectations...

"These are not MY kids"...well DUH....got anything else ground breaking to inform of us...

why don't you tell us that "Water is wet...or Fire is hot....

you have REALLY run out of material...take a break....

YouTube highlights HAHAHAHAHAHAH
You people kill me...
Someone let all teh scouts and GMs know they can cut staff and take extra vacation. All of their scouting tools and evaluations can be done simply by clicking on the YouTube link....

So I responded to your question and you respond with...
absolutely nothing.

Kris 101

I was only putting things in perspective. Something wrong with that?

My expectations? Ok.

record 16-0
avg score 100-0

You think you responded...lol...

you know what...you probably DO think you responded....

Good for you....

I'll bet you heard that alot as a child and teenager..."good for you"...

One of the very hardest things to do is to convince a genuinely stupid person that that are indeed stupid. They are the ones that think they are the smartest.

Dashi proves this every day.


I believe that Dion Jordan will be the kind of movable game planning piece, dependant upon the offense we play that week.

There are absolutely so many different things that can be done with a guy like Jordan. I believe his overall dominance will be felt a little bit everywhere and in all different types of situations.

Some try and compare him to Jason Taylor, but, Taylor wasn't nearly as versatile as Jordan will be. For starters, you couldn't ask JT to cover a great TE.

So yes, like you, I have great expectations for Dion Jordan in 2013. No way, does Ireland trade up to #3, without 1st having a vision already in place as to exactly how they would like to use him.

He should have impact in a variety of different ways, positions, and parts of the field. It all begins year one.

Yeah it is a typical response for the jealous party...

*** that THEY are indeed stupid.


your post was perspective laden...and I apologize if I came off in an offensive way...

I was kind of responding to you...and Jack @ the same time...I shoudn't have done that...

You are talking inteligently...and challenged my post in a clear manner...nothjing wrong with that..

Jack...on the other hand is only looking for a blog fight....

I should have kept the post seperarate...I can see how it reads as offensive...

again...my apologies to you Mr. Teel...


So If The Heat Lose Who Is To Blame?

IF we start Pat Devlin or Matt Moore, we will likely go undefeated. I hope the preseason performace is not ignored because a decision has already been made on our 4 qbs. Matt Moore went through this foolishness with Chad Henne. Pat Devlin will be a top notch qb if he ever receives the opportunity.

The Players Or The Coach?

Maybe the team as a whole?

Keyword: TEAM


My point exactly....do you think that Ireland/Philbin and Ross traded up 9 spots and gave up a 2nd rounder so that...wait for it...

"have "NO expectations"...and hope "that the kid gts better"...cause after all...he is not Ireland or Philbin "kid".....

The length these guys pgo thru to find fault with a post and start an argument no no bounds....

Absoultely this staff has expectations of him...and mine are in line with yours YG....

Plus, Dion Jordan will be extremely difficult for opposing offenses to game plan for that week. How do you really game plan for a guy when you don't really know where the defense will play him that week.

Or, when he's coming on a pass rush or isn't, and if he is coming, from where will he be coming?

Jordan's will be an offensive coordinator's nightmare to prepare and game plan that upcoming game week. Then you've got to game plan for Wake and the blitzing lb's.


While we're talking "IFS", what if Dahi were a billionaire?

Ah Kris...you are doing it again.
I never said ANYTHING of Irelands or Philbins or the Oranizations expectations for Dijon. I was speaking of my own as you were speaking of yours. You can try to KrisTwist things around as you do. But it aint working on this guy...



Less see, overall 3 picks in 2012 Draft: Luck, RG3, Kalil. In 2011 Draft: Cam Newton, Von Miller, Marcell Dareus. What do you think? I think Ireland is getting too cute for his talent.

Al Golden doesn't know if Ray Lewis III will play RB or Corner.

I Think He Should Play Both.


It Is Well Known Riley Influences Everything Spo Does.

Notice How Riley Hasn't Been Seen At A Heat Game Yet these Playoffs. Watch As The Next Series Progresses Riley Will Start Sitting Behind The Bench.

Spo Was 90-74 and 4-8 In The Playoffs. Before The Big 3.

That Wasn't Screaming Coaching Prodigy.

YG, it has been said not by me but by Philbin. DJ will play with his hand on the ground, on the R side of the DL.

Do I know you...

why not come @ me under your real name...


I believe Jordan is the type of "multi-skilled" defensive player that has an excellent opportunity to win future "defensive mvp's".

Simply because he can have an impact in such a wide variety of ways.

Standing up, hands in the dirt, length and wingspand to bat balls down at the line, speed and quickness for sacks and hurries, play multiple positions, cover rb's and te's. Then after adding a little more muscle bulk and learning to set the edge, become a dominating force against the run.

He already has speed and quickness to chase down rb's from the blindside, for losses in the backfield.

After 2-3 seasons, his critics will ask themselves, "what cant this kid do?"

Ah come on man, I am as I am as you are as you are. Comment section names...pfft. Use my "real" name. I have no "real" name.
Now we are cooking with peanut oil...

hoho, Yg.

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