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Dolphins take flyer on QB Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is not what I'd call a buyer. You know, the athletes that get signed by a team and because they know they're going to be around for a few years they put down roots and buy a home.

Corps is a barely a renter, actually.

He played for two colleges -- USC first before transferring to Richmond.

He was signed in 2012 by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent. Then he was cut a month later. Then the Bills signed him in in February of this year. Then he was cut April 29.

Then the Dallas Cowboys signed him May 7. Then the Cowboys cut him May 9.

Today, according to thesidelineview.com, Corp agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins.

Corp, who is 6-4 and 220 pounds, will be given a chance to compete with Pat Devlin for the No. 3 QB job in Miami. That's the company line.

The truth?

He better show promise in the OTAs and June minicamp because his stay is not promised even until the start of training camp. If he does make it to training camp, I see him as a camp arm. Three quarterbacks cannot handle all the duties and throws of training camp.

He definitely isn't in a position to buy, just yet.

The Dolphins cut long snapper Patrick Scales to make room on the roster for Corp. One assumes Scales was also renting.


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Is Dashi Lying?

Apart From The Big 3. The Heat Are 12 Deep.

They Have The Most Talented Player In The World. And By A HUGE MARGIN.

Would People Blame Jordan Or Phil? If MJ Would've Lost In His Prime.

And The Heat Have More Talent Than Any Team MJ Was On. And People Say The NBA Was More Talented Then.

Camp fodder... just look at when he was picked up and dropped. One never knows, maybe a light comes on and he plays well enough in OTA's/Mini camp to earn a PS spot. Develop him, use or trade him. QB's are NFL Currency...

Bring in TEBOW!

True dat Dashi
The fall would be on LBJ if the team loses.
Spo is not even an after thought...he is the thought after that one. The phrase "plug and play", how about "plug and coach?"
Who can nod well, not mix up much and not challenge the superstars on the team to the point of distruption? E SPO..come on down.


If Philbin were looking for a "hands in dirt" only DE, they could have waited and gotten Sherman's Texas A&M DE, Damontre Moore. Their not going to telegraph to the rest of the NFL exactly how they will use Jordan right now. Other teams read other teams press clippings too.

I'm just so glad we haveguys now in place smart enough to realize this. Exactly why Ireland wouldn't reveal his true offseason and draft plans to the local press. Every teams monitors other teams press clippings to have a blueprint of what they need to do.

Only dumb organizations show their hands prior to the game being played.

You might as well sign Tebow since the Fins are becoming GatorSouth.


You Make A Great Point.

And I Believe Everyone Is Expecting This Kid To Make An Impact.

But Does That Mean Double Digit Sacks As A Rookie?

Or Wreck Overall Havoc?

The Coaching Staff Is Using The Same Strategy From Last Year With T-Hill. Try Not To Let The Public Get Overly Excited Early. He Is A Rookie And You Want To Taper Expectations From The Public.

You Make Him Win His Starting Spot.

The Coaches We Have Wanted DJ. They Already Had Ways They Wanted To Use Him Before The Draft.

What's with the stupid non dolphin dialogue ?
You two idiots, take it elsewhere !!!

We'll see a little of how the Fins plan to use Dion Jordan. However, the packages being installed involving him, wont be done until "closed to the press" practice sessions. So, we probably won't get to see in preseason games neither.

It won't be until opening game, regular season, that we get our 1st glimpse of how Dion Jordan truy will be used.

Tebow's Case for Being a Fin:

1)Ross likes him and knows he'll fill the stadium with die-hard Tebow fans even if he isn't starting.

2) Testaverde and Weinke have ironed out Tebow's footwork which was supposedly contributing to his passing accuracy problem.

3) Tannehill still has to prove that he can improve.

I am not a Heat fan and even I know they'll easily win another championship. Yawn.

Hi Douchi!

I also personally can not stand comparing current teams and players to ones past. Doing that one points to a personal trait in those who do so. More nastalgic or present day fan??


Spo is the Golden Boy. He Can Do No Harm. Read The Comments.

Yet, What Does He Do Well?

The Only Coach Who Never Complains About The Refs. In Any Sport.

If Phil Or Riley Were Coaching, People Wouldn't Be Allowed To Breathe On LBJ without Getting A Foul Called. LeBron Gets Flagrantly Fouled Every Game.

Hi Dashi!

Tebow's Throwing Motion Is The Problem.

He Winds Up To Throw.

Doesn't Matter If He Had Dan Marino's Footwork. Tebow Still Takes 3 Seconds To Release The Ball.

Well, I think one reason LBJ doesn't get as many calls as superstars past is that he is just on a whole new physical level than anyone else in the league now or ever. If they make all the calls then it just turns into free throw practice...
that doesn't grow ratings

Spoelstra is Sparano
Sporano would have been Spolstra...if he had had a HOF group of players.

JACK'd up both names...wow

Smooches to Dashi!

Jack....here is the REAL DEAL...

you are NOBODY....


Cause you twist and chose ANY point of view that you wish....and when you don't like that point of view any more...YOU change your name...and then take the other side of the argument...

I mean its SIMPLE who you are....You are OSCAR....your "i am what I am" post make that perfectly clear....

and as ALWAYS....I know if I can get you to type without thinking...you will resort back to your ORGINAL writing style....if only human nature...you don't really have a choice...I just have to get you riled up a bit...you know...speak the truth...

you ALWAYS do the rest....

...Look at the type of players we have on the defense now. Especially the front 7. Players who can move around. Players with athletic ability. Players that can fit into both 4-3,3-4 schemes. Players with the ability to be moved around to create confusion.

This has to be by design. Look you aren't going to beat the great quarterbacks by just supreme talent. You have to figure out ways to confuse them. Even if it is slightly irregular. It at least gives you a chance. So, with the players we have. I can't say we are a 4-3 team, or a 3-4 team..We can do whatever we want. The personnel dictates this.

We now have the ability to play multiple fronts with position players who can impact games, instead of just being bodies. Some weeks we may see more 34 fronts. Some weeks it may have a mixture of the 2. And some weeks dependent, we will be in a 4-3. What a team sees on film one week could be totally different then what they see in the next. It will take time for teams to piece together the tape to figure out what we do.

In theory it should give us a chance against the long list of quality quarterbacks we will play this year.

Dashi - Your room is ready.

Dashi, what is your problem??
Do you have ADHD?

You put up two good, intelligent posts about football and then all hell breaks loose. You start spewing filth or hit us with liberal bulls8IT and China is great. And then you start with the basketball crap.

This is a football blog. Lets talk football.

Kris...No not Oscar. Sorry for bursting your bubble.
Can't blame you too much for the thought though. Oscar is a pretty good target most of the time. You know, old age and such. But again no, not oscar. Appreciate your participation, exit stage left. Don't forget your consolation prize on your way out...

Oh and another note to your recent post. I am nobody, and it is perfectly okay with me. Is it okay with you? In fact maybe I will use that as my "real name"


As soon as the football genius known as FIRELAND noticed that Corp was a Cowboy for 15 seconds, little Jeffy just had to have him


Ofcourse I will exit stage left...or what ever stage will make you STHU....because a conversation with you is beyond pointless...

We have both wasted enough of the blogger's time with this childish diatribe....

my take away from this drivel...you disagree with me....good...get in line...

Good Day Sir....


Respectfully I think you're setting yourself up to be hugely disappointed, as far as Jordan goes. I've had this conversation with DD a couple of times already too. It's your life and you can make whatever choices you make but I don't quite understand why you'd want to do that to yourself. I keep hearing this 'we traded up nine spots to get the guy, so he'd better have impact right away'. I just don't get that mentality. Al the trade up means is the Dolphins got the guy they wanted. They didn't wait to see if he'd drop. So I don't get where all this added pressure and e pectations come from. If he has an average season but the team makes the playoffs and a guy like Vernon steps up will you be disappointed? I won't.

I'm pretty confident the kid will get it in time, but unlike you and DD, I won't be pressing if he doesn't get it right away. And all the fact he was drafted 3rd means is that he's a premium athletic talent. That's it I'm afraid.

Mark my words, DJ will be in the line of Von Miller and Aldon Smith he will be an absolute beast in the league and will surpass Wake as the team best pass rusher in year 2.


to your point....

I don't have a number in my head as to what Dominance is fot Jordan this year....I just think it will be something we know when we see it...

wether that is by applyin pressure on many downs....

taking heat off of Wake...and freeing him up....

or even shutting down the 7 yard crossing pattern to the TE that turnss in to a 30 yard gain (more often than not)....I think this kid wil bring a level of Dominace to the FINS D that we haven't seen in quite a while...

Just think about a DE who came into this league with this athleticsim and didnt succeed? There are none

He might be a problem in the running game though no doubt, that Wake sucked his first couple of years in the running game but now he ranked as one of the better ends vs the run

Dion Jordan = Dijon
Learn it, love it...you can even use it.

But who am I?


This is most likely Ireland's lack of first round production speaking (thus, pessimism) but after watching some highlights on Jordon I do not see anything that indicates he is

A) EXTREMELY athletic
B) really good
C) the best defensive player in a weak draft

He is quick and agile but he didn't have an inside move and once his momentum stopped he didn't recover. In fact. Most of the sacks I saw on these highlights were caused by breakdowns by other players and he was able to capitalize.

Guy better get stronger or refine something because going against Martin in camp isn't going to improve his pass rush like Wake did going against Long daily


contrary to your beliefs of me...I'm not infallible...you just think I am...thus your obsession...

Thanks for the correction...

The coaching staff and management have told jared odrick to expect to continue to playa major role in this defense for a while. now considering he spent the bulk of his plays at DE, does that mean Jordan will strictly play DE? I don't think so. he will play some in there while they shift Odrick inside on passing downs, they will play him at de and Jordan at OLB, they will play odrick inside, jordan at olb, and vernon at de, vernon at OLB, you never know what's up. then wheeler and ellerbe and the dbs know their way to the qb as well. This defense has the earmarks of something special..

MiamiD20, a DE who runs a 4.5 isnt athletic, give us a faor a f u c k off

*thats f u c k off

No thats his new nickname GD it

Posted by: MiamiD20 | May 15, 2013 at 02:06 PM

Another heads up poster that does the really tough evaluation work on player via youtube...
gimmie a break...

But who am I?


Craig M....

I understand your points....and again....I can't define HOW he dominates...I only expect that he will...I expect him to IMPROVE this defense...and with the additionof our new YOUNGER LBs...and new CBs....I expect us to be a much tougher D to score on...and just as important...a D that gets OFF the feild on 3rd down....

I have ZERO intentions on turning on Dijon...should he not be GREAT in his first year....but I do have EVERY expectation that he will be....


shoudn'tyour 2:10 RANDOM post be under the OSCAR sign-in name....

sure looks like an OSCAR post to me...

but your right (wink...wink)...your not him...

Mark @ 2:08....

well said....

Oscar is never around when you need him. Maybe it's just the time of day. Cubans must REALLY enjoy their lunch. Hey Oscar, 2 and 1/2 hours for lunch is plenty. Get over here and tell Krissy we are not the same. Well, we are the same but we are not the same. Not that it really matters. Just passing the time...

But who am I?



Again, you're entitled to your opinion, as we all are. I just wonder how realisitic it is. Should the Dolphins not have drafted this guy at three because he doesn't have immediate impact? Is he a flop because he doesn't get ten sacks right out of the gate. He's another piece to the puzzle for me and I don't believe we'll see the real Dion Jordan for 2-3 years.

I've set it before and I'll stick to it, I think Vernon will end up having a better year statistically this year than Jordan but we'll see.

Craig M....

If I were a betting man...

That would be EASY money (Jordan v. Vernon) stats wise...

A Heat Note:

if Riles wasn't at the last TWO Heat games, then that was a pretty good impersonator they showed on TNT !!!!!

..and the Coach is Spo....he has control...sur Riles has his back...but get real pleae..Spo and his staff runall the film sessions and the shoot arounds and the preps..

..and his "aide" is Ron rothstein..and he is the conduit to Riley, and the Riley approach....

I can't believe some of the drivel that gets written here....


Bray has potential but he's a project n has character flaws


When Jordan beats him you can tell me I was wrong...AGAIN.

Just the way I think it will play out. We'll see.

Craig and Kris,

I'm here laughing at your discussion because I think it's really about nothing.

Kris said he expects Jordan to do big things year one - I'm speculating because Aldon Smith and Von Miller did early - but if he doesn't, he won't be considered a bust and won't turn on him.

Craig says no expectations at all.

however bottom line - if he does well early, the team is better and we're all happy. If he doesn't - it's nto the end of the world but a little bit of a letdown. Fair?

Craig M...

Nothing wrong with a friendly little game of "I told you so"...to keep the season a bit more entertaining...

we'll see...


I think that's my point exactly. I actually think we've got a lot of good pieces on defence now and Jordan will only add to that. I'm confident that this guy will be a star at some point down the road but I won't be upset if it's not this year.

my opnly question with the whole thing is did Ireland take the right guy at 3? I still like Lane Johnson a lot and I think he'll be a really god LT in the league. So I like the idea of trading up, I'm just not certain he took the right guy. Again, time will tell.


That about sums it up...lol...

its the off-season man....I don't have much else...

I'm happy with the GM's moves...and were shaping up to have a heck of a 2013 season....

If it weren't for the PATS...I would say the playoffs were assured...but until we beat them consistently...the playoffs are in doubt....

Interesting to see Lamarr Miller set 1500 yards and 5.0 YPA as his targets for this year. I think this guy has very good talent. My only question on him might be his durability. We'll find out soon enough.

Just giving an opinion. Never said it was in depth, clearly stated it was from highlights I saw, and if you know me you'd know I never watch college football

That said. Watch the highlights and show me plays where he dominates. No "right spot right time" not "makes a good tackle" show me "did that OL dirty"

Also notice clue how I said extremely athletic with a nice little emphasis on the extremely. He is clearly athletic but i didnt see anything outstanding. Clyde gates ran a 4.3 or something. Don't tell me speed = athleticism.

I like guys on our team I'm called a homer
I don't like guys on our team I'm called clueless

You guys are funny :)

Craig M....

To be honest....I liked what I saw from Miller last year...when he did get on the feild...

Those PRO-BOWLERS that I jumped up and down about Ireland NOT drafting....

I think times have changed....I think we are very talent RICH...and the future looks bright...

Agreed Kris.

Wonder how many 0-16 predictions we'll get this season

Is there a better segment on ESPN Radio than SVP and Russillo? I don't think so.

But who am I?


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