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Dolphins take flyer on QB Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is not what I'd call a buyer. You know, the athletes that get signed by a team and because they know they're going to be around for a few years they put down roots and buy a home.

Corps is a barely a renter, actually.

He played for two colleges -- USC first before transferring to Richmond.

He was signed in 2012 by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent. Then he was cut a month later. Then the Bills signed him in in February of this year. Then he was cut April 29.

Then the Dallas Cowboys signed him May 7. Then the Cowboys cut him May 9.

Today, according to thesidelineview.com, Corp agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins.

Corp, who is 6-4 and 220 pounds, will be given a chance to compete with Pat Devlin for the No. 3 QB job in Miami. That's the company line.

The truth?

He better show promise in the OTAs and June minicamp because his stay is not promised even until the start of training camp. If he does make it to training camp, I see him as a camp arm. Three quarterbacks cannot handle all the duties and throws of training camp.

He definitely isn't in a position to buy, just yet.

The Dolphins cut long snapper Patrick Scales to make room on the roster for Corp. One assumes Scales was also renting.


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I think Jordan is a good pick but you know my opinion on Lane Johnson - I think he had the most athleticism for his position in this draft. Now they didn't pick Johnson because they think martin is good enough and Johnson won't be all world but they thought Joeckel could've been (since he was #1 on the board). Fine, i will defer to them obviously.

Now if Jordan is what everyone thinks he is and Martin holds up (doesn't have to kill it but hold his own) then nobody can complain.

Jordan was one of about 22 guys I think you could've made a case for in round one - yeah I'm not joking, I think there were than many guys who weren't that far apart. he was their guy, let's roll and see what unfolds.

Kris, yeah, and frankly your discussion on semantics with Craig was better than a discussion on Aaron Camp, Brooks, or Corp, whatever his name is.


Great summary. I think that's it in a nutshell. I don't believe there were any clear top picks in this draft. I believe the talent level between 1-20 or so was pretty even. Could it be argued that this was the wrong year to trade up. Yep. But Ireland got his guy and whether it was right or not time will tell. I'm happy to see him be aggressive with the move even if it doesn't work out. I'd hate ot have a GM who was afraid to make moves for fear of being wrong. It was a calculated risk and I like it. I happen to like Lane Johnson a lot but that doesn't mean I don't like Jordan and it doesn't mean Ireland won't be right. I get the logic and I'm OK with it.

i think we will regret big time trading up and passing on eifert

Eifert is Fasano 2.0
Glad we missed that bus. Not that I do not like Fasano/Eifert...good dudes, just not on our offense.

But who am I?


yep Craig, that's about it. And I don't think he would've traded up if it wasn't for excess funds on hand (in one of two 2nd round picks they had). Now giving up the opportunity to draft a kawaan Short or Kevin Minter may come back to haunt them but it's far from a crippling price to pay. Most years it would've cost a lot more. They did well to take advantage of a team desperate for assets. And Oakland drafted Menelik Watson who is a questionable tackle. This guy is very weak and his athleticism is very overated. I don't think Oakland gained anything in making that trade but time will tell.

eifert way better than garbage fasano. will have huge year in that cincy offense


@ a minimum...talking with Craig M (or ALMOST anybody for that matter).....is better than talking to one of Oscar's many aliases...

I think we can ALL agree on that....

with that...its time to battle traffic...

Still better than getting drawn into one of Oscar's pointless debates.... :) yay...traffic...

Jack, Eifert is a very athletic guy. Only commanality he has with Fasano is the school. Ertz has a better chance of being Fasano with that 4.8 40 time

Eifert has the same knocks (IMO) against him as Fasano. Good not great route runner, decent hands, not very good getting seperation. No doubt he is a very good TE, no doubt. But not the type that goes in the top 15 IMO

But who am I?






fasano is slower than u. eifert can run, huge difference

I don't know about that man, I am pretty slow. I mean, I am good for a quick burst but aftetr that I am wondering where my beer is...

Every day some knucklehead is hell bent on ruining this place for everyone by picking grade school fights over grammar and personal opinions. It's laughable and once again I'm not sticking around for the encore as I've already wasted enough of my time reading pages two and three.

Why won't the Herald do what every other blog does and create a registration so people are held accountable for their posts? It makes no sense because Armando is always saying how great the blog is in regards to hits. If there are that many people coming in certainly a sign in isn't going to stop them from coming. If the blog is loved so much then everyone will still want to be a part of it.

It's seems pretty simple and would completely weed out the cowards who attack others using disguises. Why is this the last site on the net that doesn't require registration? Would anyone in here really be against that? It seems like everyone complains about being stalked and attacked, even those who are accused of doing the stalking and attacking! Hahaha I don't see any reason why anyone would have a problem with this.

Does anyone have a problem with that? If so ,,why?

Drive safe Kris..

(( THE LOVE BOYS GANG ))..........

Phins78, is Roberto Luongo making a return to the Island ... or err Brooklyn?

But I agree with you, YG. I just don't think Philbin is going to use DJ properly asking him to play with his hand on the ground. Eventually, they are going to have to go to a 3-4 to properly develop him.

Interesting since the conversation while slow has been fairly solid today. I riled Krissys' feather up a bit but nothing a bird bath won't buff out. I am pretty sure dude writes post in word document then drops in every once in a while to paste them in and book out.

But who am I?


Only one time did he threaten me, "Miami is very big and you could fall in a hole and not know where you are", and only happened because I had talked badly about his Father.


Hey Oscar guess what. I am you...we are each other. Did you know that?

This guy Corp is an absolute stud QB and I wouldn't be shocked to see him starting by week 9 if we have a record of like 2-6.

Absolutely, Jack! It has always been So.

It is a healthy idea to never insult nobody.

Nothing has ever been. But it always is.

But who am I?


D. Jordan ONLY GOT 5 SACK last Year. Because He Rushed The Qb Only 25%Of The Time.

The Man Is A Weapon.

Ellerbe and Wheeler Can Play Inside Or Out. Allowing For Max Position Flexibility In Our Front 7. Only Player Who Doesn't Play Multiple Position Is Soliai. And He Comes Out On Passing Downs. Even Our DTs Can Drop In Zone.

Coyle Runs Multiple Fronts. And Now The Players Don't Have To Come Off The Field To Switch. Heck, Presnap They Can Go From A 4-3 to A 3-4.

Somebody recommended to me, because of my Philosophy, to go into Buddhism. When I stared reading about it I said, wth but it was I who invented this Philosophy along with Gautama. Yes.

Dashi answers commentaries directed to YG and viceversa. Could they be the same person, Armando?

Even philosophies such as Buddhism operate within the same "systems" that produce the terrors of the world. The philosophies and ideologies are simply sign posts. We have all be touched, the question is do you feel it?

But who am I?


If you keep writing like that, Jack!, we will be forced to believe what you say you are ......

Smart Man Oscar,

Most Think Buddhism Is A Religion And Not A Philosophy.

And We All Are One Of The Same.

Where is odin?

I Am Not Throwing Any Jabs. Just Making A Observation.

Some Get Mad At Dashi For Calling Other Posters Out When They Are Using Aliases. Boy Did I Get Heat. Yet, They Do The Same.

With That Said, Jack Is One Of The Main Regulars. One Of The Main Instigators.

I see 4:20 stasrted a few minutes early in here ...

Doesn't that feel good, Dashi? We are going to need it, because I believe we are the Only in this Universe.

And Don't Get Offended Jack. Cause We All Know How You Feel About Dashi.

Just Making A Observation.

Says the man hailing from Canada. Everyone here knows that is SOP in Canada!! That's why when folks go there, they rarely come back.

But who am I?

No body.

There goes Phins78 trying to be the president of the blog again, dude please give us a favor a STFU no one care what you have to post

KRIS........ 2



NFL Live: Wallace says Tannehill is as good as Rothlisberger. Cannon for a arm, maybe better than Rothlisberger.

Jack, yeah it's popular up here but I'm a scotch and cigar guy myself. More old school in my habits.

Not offended Dashi. You are right and wrong, in my eyes. I am a regular and have been for a good while. Sometimes I simply read, sometimes I participate, sometimes I talk smack. Though I do not believe I am an instigator. I have been know to sling my fair share of sh*t but A) some folks just make it too easy and B) sometimes it's just WAY too boring around here.
My handle does change over time but I am not looking for recognition. And I never change a name for the intent of attacking someone.

It is a certainty there are some other dense points.

Oscar, I Disagree With That.

If We Are The Only Ones What A Waste Of Space Is The Universe.

I Know You Are Old School. So You Probably Watched 'Chariots Of The Gods'.

I Know I Did As A Kid. The Proof Is There.

Also Dashi, I am one who enjoys your post and will take the time to read them. So please do not insinuate that Jack! has a problem with Dashi, because he in fact, does not. Jack! would be one more than likely to come to Dashi defense, though I usually do not. I allow folks to fight their own, even if it means an @ss whoopin. Unles it gets out of hand. But rarely is that the case.

My Apologies Jack!

I Thought You Were Someone Else. The '!' and The Krissy Comment Made Me Think Of Someone Else.

Scotch and Cigar, very nice Mark. For me just replace the Scotch with Whiskey...ah yesss, whiskey...

Your Identity Is Safe With Me.

But Remember Hating On Dashi Is What Sells. At Least For The Blog Hits.

Scientists and historians have rejected his ideas, claiming that the book's conclusions were based on faulty, pseudoscientific evidence, some of which was later demonstrated to be fraudulent or fabricated, and under illogical premises. For example, Ronald Story wrote a book rebutting Däniken's ideas in 1976 titled The Space Gods Revealed. A similar internationally bestselling book, entitled Crash Go The Chariots by Clifford Wilson, appeared in 1972.

Soon after the publication of Chariots of the Gods? von Däniken was accused of stealing the ideas of French author Robert Charroux.[4]

A 2004 article in Skeptic magazine[5] states that von Däniken plagiarized many of the book's concepts from The Morning of the Magicians, that this book in turn was heavily influenced by the Cthulhu Mythos, and that the core of the ancient astronaut theory originates in H. P. Lovecraft's short stories "The Call of Cthulhu" and "At the Mountains of Madness".

The iron pillar of Delhi, erected by Chandragupta II the Great, which Von Däniken claimed did not rust.
One artifact offered as evidence in the book has been disclaimed by Däniken himself. Chariots asserts that a non-rusting iron pillar in India was evidence of extraterrestrial influence, but Däniken admitted in a Playboy interview (vol.21, no.8, August 1974) that the pillar was man-made and that as far as supporting his theories goes "we can forget about this iron thing." Neither this nor any other discredited evidence has been removed from subsequent editions of Chariots of the Gods.[6][7]

Von Daniken? yeah, right

Hi Dashi!

Hi Douchi!

Thanks Dashi, no apologies neccessay. It can be a full time job keeping up with all the...uhh... tom foolery that takes place around here.

On a football note...
Is it July/August yet?

Dashi, your asss is mine.

Feminine Hygiene At Least I Get In More P'ssy Than You Ever Will.

Listen, pal, don't feel lonely. I know the Universe is very big but We have Each Other. That's why this is being disclosed now. There is no way we can remain tied to archaic ideas in these times or We stagnate or just disappear randomly. When Prof. Hawkins says there was not necessarily a God in our creation, he was right/wrong. It was He, She, All, Us, and We didn't create anything. Just had to expand out of sheer Necessity.

Jack .. whiskey... well of course, you're an American. No offense meant by that of course. I do enjoy some bourbon - Wild Turkey for one.

i think we will regret big time trading up and passing on eifert

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 15, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Yea, just like we needed Albert or Grimes or it would be a disaster, right?

We are all tired of your "insight".

cocoa, i read some of that. Wallace did speak very highly of his young Qb. Hope they keep supporting each other and it works out. he did say that Tannehill did have the stronger arm .. and that Ben started out as a WR in college - didn't know that

And Jack!

Like You Said, I Appreciate It When I'm Getting Lambasted On. That You Do Mind Your Own Business. Not For Me. Just That I Prefer To Be The One Getting Trolled And Not The Other Posters Here.

Don't Want You To Be Collateral Damage For Speaking Up For What Is Right.

Agreed. We Are All Big Boys Here. We Should Be Able To Stand Up For Ourselves. No Need To Run To Mando Or Anybody For Help.

Who was the centrefold in that 1974 Playboy issue .. bet dollars to doughnuts she didn't shave her whowho

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