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Dolphins take flyer on QB Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is not what I'd call a buyer. You know, the athletes that get signed by a team and because they know they're going to be around for a few years they put down roots and buy a home.

Corps is a barely a renter, actually.

He played for two colleges -- USC first before transferring to Richmond.

He was signed in 2012 by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent. Then he was cut a month later. Then the Bills signed him in in February of this year. Then he was cut April 29.

Then the Dallas Cowboys signed him May 7. Then the Cowboys cut him May 9.

Today, according to thesidelineview.com, Corp agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins.

Corp, who is 6-4 and 220 pounds, will be given a chance to compete with Pat Devlin for the No. 3 QB job in Miami. That's the company line.

The truth?

He better show promise in the OTAs and June minicamp because his stay is not promised even until the start of training camp. If he does make it to training camp, I see him as a camp arm. Three quarterbacks cannot handle all the duties and throws of training camp.

He definitely isn't in a position to buy, just yet.

The Dolphins cut long snapper Patrick Scales to make room on the roster for Corp. One assumes Scales was also renting.


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You are just not well versed in the Metaphysics. Everything has to be 100% proven, a !00% real. BS.

Mark in Toronto, I first saw what NFL Live said then I read article in the SS....yeah I was slumming but actual comments.

Either way, sounds good. We're all looking for some clue that Tannehill is the real deal. Keep your fingers crossed.

But of course, He who travels in the Metaphysics always borders the Psychosis. heeheeh

JoJo, Von who!

I am Not Saying Chariots Of God Was Right.

I Am Saying That Don't Underestimate Any Theory.

Pictures Of Flying Machines Have Been Around For 1000s Of Years. Why Have We Only Been Using Them Now?

Explain The Drop In Education.

The Mayans and Egyptians Were Great Mathematicians. But Like The Story Of Babel They Are Now Incoherent To Such Knowledge.

Why Instead Of God Speaking To Moses, Couldn't An Alien Have Been Speaking To Him.

If/When we Land On Mars Wouldn't We Be Aliens On That Planet?

I Don't Believe In The Little Green Guy Version Of Aliens.

If Aliens Do Exist They Look Just Like You And Me. The Perfect Being. That Is Why God Created Us In His Image. Get It?

Hell, I don't know either. It might be a Genius card by Ireland--> Dion needs development and in 3 year he still is a middle of the Roader. And Ireland is outta here by then. ???

So God is an Alien too, YG? Ho Ho !

I wish that all of these nfl players would stfu about predicting what type of season they'll have. Including Lamar Miller and his 1,500 yd 5.0 ypc. The lastest has been Dwayne Bowe predicting he'll lead the league in receptions and tds.

Enough of all this bs right now! It screams me-me-me. For once, lets have a guy come out and predict, he'll be 110% dedicated to doing everything his team asks and needs him to do. That's enough!

Everybody wants to be frontrunners and what get tossed to the wayside most of all, is this always has and always will be a "TEAM GAME".

Then, We are all Aliens. Hmm... Then, it doesn't matter, does it?

So God is an Alien too, YG? Ho Ho !

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 15, 2013 at 05:12 PM

God isn't alien Goofy, we are. We begin alienating ourselves from God the moment we took the very first bite of the apple.

Oh, then you should vomit that portion(of that Apple).


Take a drive over to Pork and Beans Prjects there in Miami. Im sure they would consider you alien. But, instead of taking your spaceship, they'll take your car, wallet, and probably your life too.

Or maybe, Somebody should make you vomit It?

Jack! = Dashi.

Yeah, I know, YG. You wish Death on me. It doesn't work out that way, you know...

D - Dumb
A - And
S - Stupid
H - Heathen
I – Idiot

I suspected it but now I have confirmed it. YG is a Black guy from the projects. We don't like your Hate here.

YG la Negra.

Oscar, Did Dashi Just Drop A Nugget On You?

Makes To Much Sense To Be True Right?

You Have To Have Personal Goals.

Nobody Said Anything When R. Bush Proclaimed He Will Rush For Over 2000yds Last Season.

Yes, a nugget of Hate, Dashi. Of course, We don't like it.

Hi Douchi!

Nothing wrong with American Negroes. Just that Cuban Negroes didn't Hate that much.

Ha!, that one you didn't like. Nevertheless True. Don't fukkkk around with US.

Reservation for Dashi confirmed!

Just listening to Floyd's Umba Gumba....careful With That Ax Eugene.

NOBODY wants problems with John Denney. I know.

Imagine a group of 7 year olds that contracted an illness that allowed them to grow up only physically, but prevented them from growing any further mentally and emotically.

That's what you have here at this blog.

Oh, that's called Idiocy, SciFi, congenital hypothyroidism.

Well, in 7 y/os and older it's called myxedema.

Those 7 y/os and older are not Idiots, SciFi, but they have problems...

Problem with the Floyd?

Thank you for the added insight Oscar.

Jeeze Oscar, don't go throwing out med advice. They might take you seriously. You don't even know what the thyroid gland does, do you?

Its Battlestar Galactica folks. Straight up. Who's human, who's cylon? The line is blurred now. This is the after story, this is what happens years later after finding Earth. This is the end of the line.

But who am I?


Syfy Is A Bulls Fan.

If This Is A Room Full Of 7 Year Olds? www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0FL1AzCAJ8

Dashi Is The Only Adult. And YG Is The Little Kid Waving His Hand.

It's Not Complicated.

Wooooooooo! @728.

Syfy Is A Bulls Fan.

Posted by: Dashi | May 15, 2013 at 07:22 PM

I thank you for proving my point beyond all doubt with your 7 year old response. An 8 year old would have done better.

Mr. Fi
And what grade level would you consider that piece of literary genius at 7:38???

Grades are for 7 year olds.

Would you like a gold star?

I'm out for dinner now and you all should be getting ready for bed. Remember to floss and brush well.

Well what??
For the love of god finish the story...

R. McClain Retires.

O. Newsome Is Still The Greatest GM Ever.

I Thought M. Shanahan Was The Player Terminator. Then I Remembered J. Fisher Existed. The Guy Who Rode E. George To The Ground. Plans To Kill T. Austin His Rookie Season. I Know I Said T. Austin Will Be A Scrub. But I Will Never Wish Hurt On No One. Not The Pain T. Austin Will Receive This Season.

What Happened Fifi?

Have To Go Eat Tubesteak Smothered In Underwear.

What the he1l is McClain thinking?? How terrible was Al Davis his last 10 or so years. You can not dispute what that man did for this sport. He was crucial in its conception and development. Then the old man loonies started to set in (you know what I'm talking about Oscar) and once that starts there is no getting better. Its a downhill slope friends.
Glad Fisher is in St. Louis, we got the better man and coach.
Wouldn't have been upset if we scooped Austin but I'm quite excited Dijon is a dolphin!

DashIdiot acting even more childish (08:12 PM )

07:38 PM indeed proves correct.

Dashi you are pathetic. Until you realize it, you will always be so.

Como on, Mando. Get off your sofa and report the latest Dolphins pick up: WR Mc. Nutt waived by the Eagles. Why await until tomorrow to report on it. There are no much news anyhow.

Jack! = Dashi

Hi Dashi!

Hi Douchi!

He's just too strong, too big, too quick, with a tremendous rim. Best of the very Best.

You no fool with Hudonis. He from the projects.

I am Nobody.

It's a good thing we have these little basketball Games now. Otherwise we would be trying to exchange with these Nobodies here.

Garrard just peaced out of NY citing his knee. Stick a fork in him he's done.
Along with him goes the Jets chances of winning 4 games...

Chicago is going to make them play another one! How 'bout that Oscar??

And the guy says we are desperate. In the 3rd Qt? Pluuusseee

If the Heat win the trophy, they will be the worst back to back NBA champs in history. This is sorry....giving up a huge lead against depleted Chicago. They are struggling too much against a B team.

Why is Lebron so gloomy in pregame interviews?

Lebron is great in a strange way.


The More Talented Team Came Out Strong. But The Least Talented Team Made Adjustments And Are Playing More Motivated.

That Or LeBron Throws Games?

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