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Dolphins take flyer on QB Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is not what I'd call a buyer. You know, the athletes that get signed by a team and because they know they're going to be around for a few years they put down roots and buy a home.

Corps is a barely a renter, actually.

He played for two colleges -- USC first before transferring to Richmond.

He was signed in 2012 by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent. Then he was cut a month later. Then the Bills signed him in in February of this year. Then he was cut April 29.

Then the Dallas Cowboys signed him May 7. Then the Cowboys cut him May 9.

Today, according to thesidelineview.com, Corp agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins.

Corp, who is 6-4 and 220 pounds, will be given a chance to compete with Pat Devlin for the No. 3 QB job in Miami. That's the company line.

The truth?

He better show promise in the OTAs and June minicamp because his stay is not promised even until the start of training camp. If he does make it to training camp, I see him as a camp arm. Three quarterbacks cannot handle all the duties and throws of training camp.

He definitely isn't in a position to buy, just yet.

The Dolphins cut long snapper Patrick Scales to make room on the roster for Corp. One assumes Scales was also renting.


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C'mon LbJ, take it to the rim.

Gee, did David Garrard just **MYSTERIOUSLY** quit.........AGAIN!

ROTFLMAO - This guy took Jeff Ireland for a ride and now he got the jets too.

If he would've just "Played" the jets, I would laughing along with the rest of the NFL(BTW-I wonder if they would want Jesus Jr. back now that they know Garrard was only collecting a check?).

But seeing how he "Played" The Dolphins too, it's just **PROOF POSITIVE** that he's a low life N.........he's a low life N.......

Well, it's 2013, lets just say he's Low Life Scammer and leave it at that.

Seriously, now that a pattern of Fraud can be established, I think Garrard should be brought up on charges. If nothing else, the Dolphin's should sue him in Civil Court and try to recoup the Money he "Scammed" them out of.

Twice in a Row? Come on Dave.......you should've took the money and ran you Fvcking Rodent! I hope the Dolphin's and the jets sue you for every last penny you ripped them off for!

I knew the "Goody Two Shoes" facade was just that. This thieving scum bad is no better than ALoco and all his fictitious Boy-Friends.

(I would've ended that last sentence with a "LOL", but it ain't funny. It's always just a few Low Life scumBags that ruin it for everybody!)

Fvck Off Garrard, I'm just glad we didn't waste a season with your less than mediocre skills.

I'm glad you commited, Jack! I'm tired of being the only one here.


how does a man your age constantly act like 12?

but if your TOP 10....or BETTER YET...TOP 5...my buzz word is DOMINATE..."any thing else would be uncivilized"

Charles Barkley

Posted by: Kris | May 15, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Dear Mr. Barkley,

If you could take the time out of your busy schedule, PLEASE tell Kris I said: RIGHT ON!

Don't tell Kris I said so, but I thought.............**I THOUGHT**.......he was trying to employ a double standard in regards to whom was drafted where and what position they MIGHT play.

Don't tell him all that though Mr. Barkley. Just tell him that I said I agree **TOTALLY** and that's the way it should be with **ANY** Top 5 pick, regardless of position.

Actually, Mr. Barkley, I agree with you too.

ANYTHING else **WOULD** be uncivilized........


Bulls have no chance even though they are playing extremely well.

LBJ is too nice. Wants to share too much. Sometimes man you have to be an assassin. Just lay it down...F you, F you, F you... I'm bout to end this.


you always say if you are ASKED you will admit to any aliases you use....

So I ask you....

Are you the Jack! character?

I had my suspicions as the conversation went along....but I thought we had put all the childish and petty stuff behind us....

Not that I consider you or anybody questioning my post childish or petty....but to confront me on my expectations that I HAVE for a given player....that was pretty silly...

So again....

Are you Jack?

If you are...i'm not even the least bit upset....I just like to fully understand the people I am dealing with....

Who teaches all these Players to play that great D? Pat Riley.


I'm Not Jack!

But You Know Him Well. That Is All I'm Going To Say.

It Isn't YG Either. Which Is Who I Thought It Originally Was. That Is Why I Said The '!' and Calling You Krissy It Threw Me Off.

I Also Type In Capitals When I Use Other Aliases.

I'm Not Offended Kris. I Understand Your Concern.

There is no undersstanding the human mind Kris. But allow me to tell you again as Dashi may also.
I aint Dashi
Dashi aint me.
Throw it out and let the water take it under the bridge.


i'm on for a few minutes during the "night shift"....so to you sir...I say thanks....

The blogging world is a tricky one to navigate...and it is possible that I wrote something that could have been easily misinterpreted....

thanks for giving me the opportunity to make it more clear....

- The guy is playing on one leg. - I know, man, he can do it.

Got it Dashi....


Someone let all teh scouts and GMs know they can cut staff and take extra vacation. All of their scouting tools and evaluations can be done simply by clicking on the YouTube link....

Actually, you wanna-be Genius, we use what information and tools we can to form our opinions, because, well, that's the best we can do.

At least it's better than what you're doing. You know, coming on here and flapping your Jacks with no idea and no clue as to what your blow holing about.

We're making educated guesses, where you.......you're just talking shyt. As **USUAL**.

Thanks For Stopping By.........NEXT!


I Agree With Jack Though.

LeBron Is A Punk! Always Has Been.

And Sad Part Is He Is My Favorite Player Right Now.

But He Is No Shaq! Shaq Would've Taken Out A Couple People Already!

Like Kris said: You're Played Out!

Take a Break SweetPea-ROTFLMAO!

Got it Jack...

pretty sure I was right the first time....I just had to confirm......

and I believe Dashi....

Kris, No Problem.

The Only Part That Offends Me A Little Is That You Think I Will Pull A YG And Talk To Myself.

Kris sucking up to DashIdiot AND odin?

geez that guy must have some troubles.

lol Dashi....

I knew there was a chance that I might offend....but I only know one way to take on an issue...and thats head on....

Again...I see the question can offend....and my apologies without conditions....

Kris is reducing himself to a bowel movement. I thought maybe, maybe, mebbe, he wasn't so naive. Wrong

I See The Troll Is On The Loose Now.

This Blog Has Been Running Pretty Smooth Today. Let's Try And Keep It That Way.

lol @ count...

what did you demote me from....kids boogers....

like what you think matters....

Kris is still afraid of NJ Phin Fan. Come on Kris admit it.

Odin cut the vahalla kkkrap, you are not some gdamn viking you pizzz ant

Yes @ 9:40...

people I have never met....typing on cummm soaked keyboards scare the crap out of me.....

i'm intimidated just typing to you....

Oh and another note to your recent post. I am nobody, and it is perfectly okay with me. Is it okay with you? In fact maybe I will use that as my "real name"


Posted by: Jack! | May 15, 2013 at 01:45 PM

It would certainly fit-LOL.

And if you want to get REAL HONEST with yourself, your last name could be: Worthwhile.

At least no one could accuse you of being something you're not: Mr. Nobody Worthwhile.

It does have a certain RING to it, NO?


The Game Was Closer Than The Odds Maker Thought.

Why aren't we talking about McNutt??

Great name!!!!

What a language by Kris, also!


Odinsye, shade tree mechanic, go support your children you lousy excuse for a father

6'2 216.... And has strong hands running thru the middle....Marvins' a huge pick up!!

And he's in Blue, also.

Alright night shift....

Its been fun....

Oscar.....always a pleasure...regardless of which name you are using.....you have used 2 other than Oscar by my count in the 15 minutes I have been here....

try and get some sleep old man....oh wait....

you probably live under the mantra..."You will sleep when you are dead"......

won't be long buddy.....i'm sure.....have fun while you still can....I'm glad I can bring some joy to your life....

And Kris,

Agreed. We Are Past Our Little Difference From A While Back. No Need For Me To Attack You For No Reason. Not My Style. Specially After Our Little Mishap.

I Make For Certain Now Before I Accuse Anyone.

Worst thing you can do, Kris, is to compare yourself to anybody else, be them White, Black, Mexican or Chinese. You will always come out on the losing end.

I like guys on our team I'm called a homer
I don't like guys on our team I'm called clueless

You guys are funny :)

Posted by: MiamiD20 | May 15, 2013 at 02:48 PM

D20, I have to take exception with your comment on Jordan NOT having an inside move. Granted he has a lot of work to do. But he has one of the best inside spin moves that I've ever seen coming out of the NCAA.

Other than that, your post sums it up for me. I'm a Clueless Homer.

FWIW - I like being me ;)

Good, odin, good.

Good, odin, good. hehehe

They keep signing complete garbage. YIKES!

More trash. Just what the Dolphins need.

Hey odin how's it going man? Good, good. Take 'er easy man.

You know the entire world could try to dictate what I say, think feel or do. But it wouldn't matter at all...to me.

But who am I?


I enjoy watching youtube highlights of players also. Good fun, maybe get excited or not so excited about a player. But to assume I can draw a complete conclusion (opinion) based on a few minutes clip(s) of this persons BEST action is well...silly, to me.

But who am I?


I get smartarsed about it when some nitwit drops by to just talk shyt on a player WHOM they have only witnessed 8 minutes and 14 seconds of their BEST game time.

So I can't really recall what that convo was earlier. And I don't really care to recollect. I don't think YOU were involved in it at all. But thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on the matter 8 hrs later.

Congrats to the Heat.

I am outs for the night

But who am I?


Nobody does not have a last name, odinseye.

Last note:
Didn't you also just call Garrard a n*****? Twice? So you blast nobody for having an opinion that someone else opinion is shyt...but you drop 2 Nbombs and that's kosher?


Nobody - Out.

Guess they arent too thrilled with Pat Devlin....

Lebron is better then MJ.

Lookout! You're trying to compare again.

Great Players, all you can say.

Screw the Swiss Army knife references and versatility talk. Jordan was brought in to pressure the qb. Beefy tackles and aggressive linebackers will address run stopping deficiencies. Edge rusher mostly, no disguising.

You might want to say, I like Lebron better than MJ. But if it is proven that that is not the case, then you're in a bind. But it won't be proven either way. Rest easy.

Lebron is gloomy in his interviews. Great player when he plays great, but he is inconsistent. A healthy Bulls team would have won.

I'm not impressed. Even if they win it all this year, this is not a great team.

Will this blog ever have anyone other than the three half-wits posting under a dozen aliases talk about football?

Oscar, odineyes, and Dashi? Is that the best we can do?

I think this blog is for Armando to simply have a laugh. There are no actual thought processes occurring here. For God's sake, half the posts can't even be considered English for foreign speakers.

Last note:
Didn't you also just call Garrard a n*****? Twice?


Nobody - Out.

Posted by: Jack! | May 15, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Oh God NO.........Jack.......Ass.

Get your mind out of the Racist Gutter. The "N" stood for Numbnut!

This is 2013 and you obviously need to catch up with the "Times".

I'm Apache and Norwegian. A Half-Breed! I have Nieces and a Nephew that have married Afro Americans. They themselves have had some Beautiful Children(Especially their eyes, for some reason all of these kids have nice complexions and Beautiful eyes).

Anywhoo.........MOST of us have come a long way since the Civil War. What happened to YOU Jack Ass?

Lebron is better then MJ.

Posted by: King James | May 15, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Nuff Said!!!!

Lebron Is Better Than MJ.

But Is Spo Better Than Phil Jackson?

Funny, I don't remember MJ quitting on his team.

Jordan made all those around him better. His play was contagious and caused those around him too elevate their play.

Lebron couldn't cut it in Cleveland. He alienated his teammates, his Coaches and the fans. He makes teams worse where Jordan helped the Bulls DEVELOP into Champions.

Lebron is the Trent Dilfer of the NBA. If you have him on a good enough team with a good enough supporting cast, he's OK.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Also, Jack = YG. No big secret there.


no one player in any sport will COME CLOSE TO MJ GREATNESS ..........


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