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Dolphins undrafted free agent list right here

The Dolphins start three days of rookie camp in the next few minutes.

Amid the team's draft picks will be tryout players and undrafted free agents the team signed.

This is the list of undrafted free agents:

Barker, Chris               G         6-2       305      08/03/90         Nevada                        Fontana, Calif.

Belton, Clay                 QB       6-5       232      12/12/88         Findlay                        Dayton, Ohio

Brenner, Sam               C          6-2       301      04/27/90         Utah                             Oceanside, Calif.

Bumphis, Chad            WR      5-10     196      10/18/89         Mississippi St               Tupelo, Miss.

Burnette, Chris             DT       6-2       285      02/15/90         Old Dominion              Baltimore, Md.

Clay, Michael              LB       5-11     230      08/30/91         Oregon                         San Jose, Calif.

Collins, Junior             WR      5-10     180      11/28/91         Mt Union                     Geneva, N.Y.

Francis, AJ                   DT       6-0       309      05/07/90         Maryland                     Severn, Md.

Highsmith, Alonzo       LB       6-0       234      11/21/89         Arkansas                      Missouri City, Texas

Johnson, Keelan          S          5-11     209      09/26/89         Arizona St                    Mesa, Ariz.

Kovacs, Jordan            S          5-10     205      06/12/90         Michigan                      Curtice, Ohio

Liaina, Ina                   FB        5-11     240      01/03/90         San Jose St                   Oxnard, Calif.

Marshall, Cameron      RB       5-9       211      10/14/91         Arizona St                    San Jose, Calif.

McCabe, Rob               LB       6-0       231      11/02/90         Georgetown (DC)        Newton Square, Pa.

Okpalaugo, Tristan      DE       6-4       245      10/10/89         Fresno St                      Livermore, Calif.

Onyenekwu, Emeka    DE       6-3       251      03/10/90         Louisiana (Lafayette)   New Orleans, La.

Sinkfield, Terrell          WR      6-0       198      12/10/90         Northern Iowa             Minnetonka, Minn.

Stockemer, Taylor       WR      6-4       215      10/26/89         Arkansas St                  Van Buren, Ark.

Ward, Patrick               T          6-6       305      01/11/91         Northwestern               Homer Glen, Ill.


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What about the Tryout players? Any names?

Considering that Bumphis did reasonably well without having a real quarterback to throw passes at him, I'm curious to see how he does.

... As for LT, I'm becoming resigned to waiting for the league to cut its rosters and see what shakes loose at that point.

Ina Liaina! Ina Liaina! Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!Ina Liaina!

Keelan Johnson is my boy. This guy should've been drafted. We got a freebie here.

Sinkfield of course is going to eb the guy most people pay attention to - he of the 4.19 40 yard dash

I thought it was Jasper, not Junior, Collins?

OK...I may get killed for this and called 'dumb' but I am really thinking along the lines of Mark from Toronto...HAVOC is needed.

Fins will face many top NFL QB's this year. Pressure on QB's will be everything this year.

I think the Fins are in good cap shape. Signing rookies and even a new OT will leave them with $4m-$5m...I believe.

If that rings true....

I'd be a big fan of signing Freeney or Abraham for a year or two to help develop Jordan and add to the HAVOC Wake and others want to create on Defense.

Clearly we all agree that more turnovers are needed. I think adding a VETERAN proven pass rusher to the mix could only help our cause.

2nd and 3rd down situations:

Wake (DE), Odrick (DT), Starks (DT), Freeney (DT)
Jordan (OLB), Ellerbe (MLB) Wheeler (OLB)
Grimes (CB), Clemmons (S), Jones (S), Taylor (CB)

I like that lineup a lot.


Another Armando blunder. It is Jasper not Junior Collins.

You would think that Armando could get 1 of maybe 2 udfa's with a real chance to make the roster's name right. LOL...

Armando, great stuff. Thanks.

Chad Bumphis, what a name! And he's from Mississippi. Perfect. Maybe that's just Chad Henne and he changed his name.

Will someone please buy a Dolphin ticket.

I don't think any of these udfa's has a snowball's chance in hell of making the 53 man roster outside of Jasper Collins(WR) and Chad Bumphis(WR).

And that's only as kick returners. Then either may have a small chance to make contributions in the passing offense.

The rest of the list, folks? Camp fodder and practice squad hopefuls.

Armando, great stuff. Thanks.

Posted by: Monte | May 03, 2013 at 03:02 PM


No offense. But what so great about a list of camp fodder, practice sqauders, and at best maybe 2 st'mers?

Boy, are you gullible.

Half this list probably quits on their own after the first week of a fast paced Philbin practice.

Reason being, some of these guys wont be able to handle their tongues dragging underneath their cleats.

Armando is Da Best Dolphin writer by far.

Armando is Da Best Dolphin writer by far.

Posted by: TGH | May 03, 2013 at 03:12 PM

Hold onto your wallet, Armando. I think this guy needs beer money.


Was hoping Da'Rick Rogers would be signed, but Bills inked him - think he could be good.

Probably about 500 udfa's audition for teams this summer. Its a great number if 10 of them make 53 man rosters.

50-60 of these udfa's are probably lucky to make practice squad with the 32 nfl teams. Their against 6th and 7th rd'ers to even make practice squad.

For Da'Rick Rodgers to fall all the way down to udfa speaks volumes.

Remember, even the honey badger was drafted. Rodgers must have character issues nearly irreparable to fall so far. He could have been a possible 1st rd pick.

Udfa suggests this kid will be out of the league within 2yrs because of irreversible character issues.

Chill YG, people are just happy we finally have Action. :-)

Thanks for the list Armando.

Cheers, to a hot day of practice. Welcome to the dirty south.

YG- Why so hard on the undrafted FA's? Aren't you the ssame person that said the Fins will hit 10 out of 10 iin the draft if our 7th rounder pans out?

So you are assuming the other 9 guys are going to be instant hits? YG, you remind me of this Bills fan they call John the Optimist. They all make fun of him on the local sports talk show because he talks every year about how this is going to be the "Bills big year." Last year he spent the whole season justfiying how he thought Ryan Fitzpatrick was still their franchise QB.

The Fins could put cow manure on the field and you would call it "growth fertilizer." You're a trip dude. You and Craig should start the Blind leading the Blind Dolphins fan club. LMAO!

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:32 PM

Finally, it explains it all. You're from Buffalo! ROTFLMO!

Never thought we'd go 40 years without winning a SB. Is this the worst Dolphin team ever? Have the Dolphins ever had 4 losing seasons in a row before? 5 losing seasons in a row?


I'm done trying to reason with you man. You lost all credibility when you said 'if Egnew doesn't work out this year it'll be a 'disaster'. A third round miss being a 'disaster'....LOL.

Doesn't matter what else you say....any crediblity is out the window. and YES.....you're MELODRAMATIC!

Buffalo is the big little city, that wants so badly to be a big, big city.

tvegas, good luck with that! LOL...

Posted by: TGH | May 03, 2013 at 03:35 PM

Will someone please lend this kid some beer money!

Usually one or two UDFAs make the team, so I wouldn't be down on the group. I'm hopeful a nugget got missed in the draft.

Only good thing about Buffalo is that Bills fan only go to NYC(Jets) to die.

Isn't Terrell Sinkfield the one who ran a 4.19 in the 40? I hope he knows how to play football because that is blazing speed.

Craig M for Moron lost all credibility when he said the Ravens were done with Bryan McKinnie. And when he insisted Henne was a franchise QB.

Why is it that everyone thinks the Fins are looking for an LT? Obviously the whole "needing an LT" idea was a smokescreen to cover their move up to get Jordan. For better or worse the Fins are not looking for an LT. If they really thought they needed one why wouldn't they have taken one at 3?

Everyone, including and especially the media need to quit kicking this dead horse because it probably isn't going to get up and run!!!

Ireland is probably still laughing about how easy it is to misled the media and public. It pretty much shows that Ireland is fairly good at his job if everyone still believes the misinformation more than a couple weeks after the fact.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if they grabbed an RT though...


The bad thing about udfa is that many dolfan homers are looking for their next Davon Bess. LOL...

I'm done trying to reason with you man. You lost all credibility when you said 'if Egnew doesn't work out this year it'll be a 'disaster'. A third round miss being a 'disaster'....LOL.

Doesn't matter what else you say....any crediblity is out the window. and YES.....you're MELODRAMATIC!

Posted by: Craig M | May 03, 2013 at 03:36 PM


I love a guy who takes one statement out of an entire post and spins it whatever way is convenient to be-littel anyone that doesn't agree with you.

NEWSFLASH buddy- Most people think you're a fraud do deal with it! Spin it any way you want buddy. If people could have reasonable debates about football with you, you would earn a lot more credibility. But you and YG can keep arguing and putting down anyone that doesn't agree with your side. You picked the battle bud, remember?

Have a nice life!

Craig M = Village Idiot

Hey YG- not from Buffalo bud but good try. Upstate NY is a pretty vast territory. Some of the most beautiful country you'll ever see. But I would expect you're the kind of guy that would rather lie on the beach every day and drink beer :)

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:44 PM

You've already admitted youre from Buffalo. No one needs to belittle you, its now already self-explanatory! LOL...

Didn't Mando Post This List Already?

Just Saying.

If We Do Get 1 Acorn From This List. I Hope It Is T. Sinkfield.

He Fits The Size and Speed Prototype For WR.

Even Though I Doubt We See Any Of These Guys. At Best They Are Practice Squad Players.

But Who Knows? Maybe One Of These Guys Can Turn Into D. Bess. Or M. Moore. Or A T. Romo, A M. Austin. Some UDFA Acorns Ireland Has Found Thru The Years.

And Yes, He Found Romo and Austin. Name 1 UDFA That Jerry Jones Has Ever Found. Specially After Ireland Left.

Why is it that everyone thinks the Fins are looking for an LT?

Posted by: Ak FinFan | May 03, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Because they dont have one. DUUUHHH!

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Don't try and weasel out of your Buffalo residency self-admission now. If youre listening to Buffalo radio, close E-damn-nuff! LOL...

I love that Ireland only invites two Offensive linemen. One Tackle, and one Guard.

The rest are DLinemen, LBackers, and WRs.

Canadien Bacon,

Be a MAN....show your TRUE identity instead of hiding like a wuss!! Until you do no one will take you seriously.

And tvegas, is there a reason you feel like you need to talk for the whole blog? As a matter of fact I have some really good discussions with a number of posters here. It's weasels like you who make these INSANE comments that I have a problem with and NEWSFLASH BUDDY, I will continue to call guys like you out for ludicrous statements like 'Egnew is a 'disaster' if he doesn't work out this year. If you want to play with the big boys tvegas then take the fire that comes with it. If you don't then go play with the kiddies.

I hope this will be out last exchange.

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Also explains why you call yourself tvegas.

Who the hell would want to call themselves, t-buffalo?

But you could have hidden yourself by calling yourself T-bill(money) dumb ass. ROTFLMAO......

Because they dont have one. DUUUHHH!

Posted by: Get Sense | May 03, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Then again i ask why didnt they pick one DUH!

'NEWSFLASH buddy- Most people think you're a fraud do deal with it!'

I LOVE these guys like tvegas who can't argue their won points and feel the need to drag other people into their arguments. You don't speak for the blog tvegas. If you have a problem with how I address you then just ignore me. Me? When you rip one of our players or our team by making some RIDICULOUS statement, I'll be right here to rip you a new one pal.....COUNT on it!

Craig M isnt the sharpest tool in the shed LOL


I that makes me a 'blind homer' in your world I couldn't give too shytes. You don't know me and if you did, you'd find I've been critical of the team and Ireland on a number of occassions.


Give tvegas a break. He's already admitted being from Buffalo. How much more can go wrong with this kid. LOL...


I'm looking forward to hearing him call our 6th and 7th round picks 'disasters'.....LOL.

Canadiens talking Miami football. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!


Buffalo is the part of N. America that even Canada didn't want. Theyre(Buffalo) still like America's orphaned child. LOL...

Ha ha.. You're on a roll dude. I happen to know Buffalo well and there a number of very cool people in that city that would love to, and undboubtably would, kick your arse. Whatever dude, I am sure wherever you're from is the only place worth living.

No wonder why so many people here find you and Craig to be tools. Too bad, used to love talking Fins with a good bunch of guys on the old board.

Guess i need to start searching again for some human intelligence :)

Craig M tell us again how the Ravens dont want


Also, I am not Canadien Bacon. Most likely it's one of Oscar's many aliases.

Never would extend you the courtesy of having the last exchange Craig. Craig= HOMER= MANDO hater= OVERREACTS about everything. You sir, are a tool.

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:59 PM

No one's ass s kick proof. However, if I were from Buffalo, I would want to kick someone's ass too. ROTFLMAO........

Craig M isnt the sharpest tool in the shed LOL

Posted by: Finman | May 03, 2013 at 03:55 PM

But everybody loves ya baby! LOL Wish you and YG could start your own board and leave the rest of us alone!

Guess i need to start searching again for some human intelligence :)

Posted by: tvegas897 | May 03, 2013 at 03:59 PM


Don't begin by looking in the mirror.

No one's ass s kick proof. However, if I were from Buffalo, I would want to kick someone's ass too. ROTFLMAO........

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 03, 2013 at 04:02 PM

No response to this one buddy. I see me sinking down to your level and that ain't a place I want to be. So I'll checkout for now

Upstate NY?

I Wouldn't Call It Beautiful Country.

You Can Find A Bunch Of Mountain Forest Region. Prettier Than Upstate NY.

Dashi Personally Like The Hills In Tennessee Or The Mountains Of North Carolina. Arkansas Has A Lot Of Beautiful Countryside. The Upper Part Of Michigan.

But Whether Upstate Or NYC. New Yorkers Swear That Their State Is The Best. Must Be That New York State Of Mind.

Heck, If You Want To Be Serious. Even New Jersey Has Places Similar Or Better To Upstate NY.

And Real History.

Upstate NY Was Where They Would Exile All The Pedophiles and Rapist. During The Late 1700's Early 1800's.

When The Population Started Moving Upstate. They Made Some Of Them Leave. But Most Stayed.

A lot Of Inbreeding In That Area. They Call Them Amish.

Think About It. 6 Families Can Only Breed So Much Before They All Become Part Of The Same Family.

This is from the last blog, (Just read it)

"Aldon Smith did. He had 14 sacks. Von Miller did. He had 11.5 sacks. As rookies. Jason Taylor and Jevon Kearse and DeMarcus Ware, the players the Dolphins most associate with Jordan, all produced to some degree or another as rookies. Ware had eight rookie sacks. Taylor, a third-round pick, had five rookie sacks. Kearse had 14.5 rookie sacks."

"And none of them were the No. 3 overall pick in the draft."

None of them (as far as I know) were held away from their team until training camp because of NFL rules that dictate the players school must finish their academic year first.

This is the only weekend coaches get to work with Jordan until the end of July. If you don't think that's going to slow his development some then you're not thinking straight. 5 sacks would be a fine year considering Jason Taylor had 5 and will be a hall of famer.

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