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Dolphins undrafted free agent list right here

The Dolphins start three days of rookie camp in the next few minutes.

Amid the team's draft picks will be tryout players and undrafted free agents the team signed.

This is the list of undrafted free agents:

Barker, Chris               G         6-2       305      08/03/90         Nevada                        Fontana, Calif.

Belton, Clay                 QB       6-5       232      12/12/88         Findlay                        Dayton, Ohio

Brenner, Sam               C          6-2       301      04/27/90         Utah                             Oceanside, Calif.

Bumphis, Chad            WR      5-10     196      10/18/89         Mississippi St               Tupelo, Miss.

Burnette, Chris             DT       6-2       285      02/15/90         Old Dominion              Baltimore, Md.

Clay, Michael              LB       5-11     230      08/30/91         Oregon                         San Jose, Calif.

Collins, Junior             WR      5-10     180      11/28/91         Mt Union                     Geneva, N.Y.

Francis, AJ                   DT       6-0       309      05/07/90         Maryland                     Severn, Md.

Highsmith, Alonzo       LB       6-0       234      11/21/89         Arkansas                      Missouri City, Texas

Johnson, Keelan          S          5-11     209      09/26/89         Arizona St                    Mesa, Ariz.

Kovacs, Jordan            S          5-10     205      06/12/90         Michigan                      Curtice, Ohio

Liaina, Ina                   FB        5-11     240      01/03/90         San Jose St                   Oxnard, Calif.

Marshall, Cameron      RB       5-9       211      10/14/91         Arizona St                    San Jose, Calif.

McCabe, Rob               LB       6-0       231      11/02/90         Georgetown (DC)        Newton Square, Pa.

Okpalaugo, Tristan      DE       6-4       245      10/10/89         Fresno St                      Livermore, Calif.

Onyenekwu, Emeka    DE       6-3       251      03/10/90         Louisiana (Lafayette)   New Orleans, La.

Sinkfield, Terrell          WR      6-0       198      12/10/90         Northern Iowa             Minnetonka, Minn.

Stockemer, Taylor       WR      6-4       215      10/26/89         Arkansas St                  Van Buren, Ark.

Ward, Patrick               T          6-6       305      01/11/91         Northwestern               Homer Glen, Ill.


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2013 Ireland has turned the Dolphins around

The L A Dolphins go team

I agree with Zonk, even though we are still the same douchebag

Fake Trolls Inc. your fake post smells about as bad as your wife's snatch. Dead fish pond

miami does not deserve the dolphins

the mexico city dolphins

the london dolphins maybe

Ross should move his garbage team to L.A Miamians wont care a bit.

trolls suck weenie

Ross will just float a double a rated bond and fix his stadium on his own

The Fins Had A Real 7-9 Team. Not Some One Hit Wonder 11-5.

What Dashi Means By This Is... We Expect To Get Better. Since Our Team Is So Young. We Expect The Fins To Develop More. Not Some Overpriced FA's That Killed The Cap For The Next 4-5 Years.

If Ireland Has Learned Anything In The Last 5 Years. Is Don't Guarantee Contracts To Every Free Agent.

Ireland Probably Had Visions Of J. Smiley Before He Offered Jake A Contract.

What Is Going To Happen To The Rams When They Are Overpaying For Bradford And Long. And Those 2 Midget WRs And Garbage Coach Didn't Work Out.

Bradford Is Going To Have To Develop 2 Slot Wrs This Season. Would Love To See How That Works.

T-Hill Has 3 Veteran Wrs And R. Matthews. I'm Telling You I Expect Some Things From Matthews This Season. He Could Be Our #3 By Season End.

he went for the free money and got sacked oh well

our defense will tkae the league by storm we will have a top 5 unit


No one knew who Tony Romo was when he got to that training camp. There certainly guys even on our team that made it from a tryout and were significant contributors. The name Davon Bess comes to mind.

However, that is not my point. My point is that Armando lists all these guys like any of us can actually comment on any of them. This is no real blog topic. We will have to find our own topic.

Fake Trolls Inc. I hope you and your entire family suffer a long and painful ending in life.

Trolls Inc is a fake fake troll, double bad. What a hypocrite, what a coward. No balls to use his real name on an anonymous blog.

Trolls Inc = Pansy.

Ross can easily afford to fix his own stadium.

Also, I wouldn't quite pencil Lamar Miller as 2013's starting rb just yet. If Lamar Miller does win the starting rb spot, he will have earned it by the skin of his chinny-chin-chin. Gillislee's no joke.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 03, 2013 at 05:35 PM

Thanks for the UDFA info above YG.

Thanks for the Gillislee and the "Update" info.

And to this last paragraph. I believe it's been only you and I to post how much we really believe in Gillislee's talents.

I try to avoid all the pundits and all the preconceived so-called judgements of others and believe my own eyes.

I fully expect Miller to be "The Starter". But I also fully expect Gillislee to pass up Thomas and SERIOUSLY push Miller.

Gillislee and Miller don't look like the typical "One/Two Punch", but I'm thinking they'll both offer another layer or facet to the offense. Hopefully one that Sherman will recognize and exploit to the hilt.

If nothing else, these two, with their similar skillsets should enable the other to "Stay Fresh ;)" all game long.

The ghost of Mark Colombo is roaming. If we do not find an adequate RT to protect Tannehill none of the moves made will mean anything. Even more concerning is how long will it take before Tannehill gets hurt behind this OL? I am not 100 percent sold on Martin either. All of the remaining OTs in FA are guys no one wants whiich is why they are still out there. Reminds me of the year we brought in Mark Colombo.

If Tannehill gets hurt it will be a blessing in disquise. Moore is far better a QB then Tannehill just like Moore is better then Henne.

Somebody here said that Miamians are spoiled from so many Championship Teams, Heat, Marlins, UM, Panthers, Ping-Pong. Very true. Is it our fault?

Miller And Gillislee Are Similar, But L. Miller Is Better.

That Is All That Dashi Is Saying.

Good #2. Better Than D. Thomas.

Just Watch L. Miller And Then Watch Gillislee.

Even In The NFL L. Miller Separates. He Has Real Speed. Gillislee Is Like Hartline. They Can Catch Him In The Open Field.

L. Miller Makes The Open Field. I See Defenders That Think They Have An Angle Get Beat To The Spot.

In College He Gained About A Yard More A Carry. And As A Rookie He Gained 5.0 Yards A Carry. About 2 More Yards A Carry Than D. Thomas and About 1 Yd More A Carry Than R. Bush.

I never thought that I would say this but the Heat are so good that it is boring to watch the NBA playoffs. Can anyone even challenge them this year?

10:1 odds Ireland is the one leaking info that Geno is a Dbag.

Yesterday, I hear that a lot. That Miami is addicted to championships and Miami hasn't won one in 40 years so that's why fans don't go to games and have turned on the team. And I repeat, Miami fans are bad compared to other sports fans, imo most suck.

That's no excuse and here is why. I could give you tons of examples of fans from every sport who haven't given up on their teams and still sell out their games or at least try like hell to support their teams. The next excuse is, "well that's because those cities are boring and there is nothing to do."Not true, once again I could point out plenty of examples where this is false. It's a sickness in Miami, just ask the Heat or Panthers. The Heat could win three championships in a row and have one losing season and the fans would stop showing up. How do I know, because they did it to the Panthers. Whatever, it is what it is. And if you're in Miami YG I'm sorry and this isn't about you. You seem to be a loyal fan but you have to stop making excuses for the rest of them, they suck period.

Knowing that not many UDFA ever make active rosters, I still always find a few to root for. This year is no different from any other, BUT THIS TIME........THIS TIME........I can just "FEEL IT-LOL".

Seriously, I think there are a couple of guys that could have a chance. At least some Practice Squadders.

Some of my favorites courtesy of YG's List:

C - SAM BRENNER (6-2, 301, 4/27/90, Utah): Two year starter played both guard and left tackle … Played in 50 of 51 games during his career with 26 starts … Allowed just two sacks total in 25 games as a junior and senior.

This guy is the longest of long shots. But I got a quick look while checking out some other players. He reminds me of Samuda and I LOVE Samuda.

WR - CHAD BUMPHIS (5-10, 196, 10/18/89, Mississippi State): Appeared in 51 games with 35 starts in his career … Totaled 159 receptions in his career for 2,273 yards and 24 touchdowns.

Seems like everybody's favorite and with good reason. There's always one or two big surprises every year. This guy is one of the best bets.

LB - MICHAEL CLAY (5-11, 230, 8/30/91, Oregon): Appeared in 49 career games … Recorded 277 tackles (156 solo), 21 tackles for a loss, seven sacks, eight passes defensed, three forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries.

A tackling Machine that will be a great ST's player. Worth keeping an eye on.

LB - ALONZO HIGHSMITH, JR. (6-0, 234, 11/21/89, Arkansas): Started all six games he appeared in 2012 season … Tallied 54 tackles (25 solo), four tackles for a loss, two sacks, one fumble recovery and one pass defensed.

**MY OWN PERSONAL FAVORITE** - I would have used a late round flyer pick on this guy. I still don't believe no one else did. I think he has the best chance to make **A** roster somewhere. Hopefully here.

S - JORDAN KOVAKS (5-10, 205, 6/12/90, Michigan): Ranks 12th on U-M's all-time tackles list (331 career tackles) ... Only the 15th player in Michigan history to record 300 career tackles.

Being a Michigander, this is my Second Favorite. A True Football player here. If he can raise his athleticism a bit, he could make it. At the very least, he could be a Special Teams Demon!

WR - TERRELL SINKFIELD (6-0, 198, 12/10/90, Northern Iowa): Played in 10 games in 2012 … Tallied a team-high 43 receptions for 499 yards and four touchdowns.

I don't know this guy from Adam! But with 4.1 speed you have to give him a chance in the return game. Has the size and speed to be a "Gunner" on coverage teams. With fingers crossed, I'll be rooting hard for all of these guys.


Gillislee is no Miller, not even close. If Thomas can stay healthy, you will see he is a serious talent way better than Gillislee.

Gillislee has good vision, his cuts are correct, but too slow for the NFL. He needs too much time to hit a faster stride.

Crap team = Crap fans

Crap team = Crap fans

Posted by: Fact of Life | May 03, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Nice job proving your point.

Looks like 'The truth is' is another of those weasels that likes to change his name from time to time. And you want to call people a 'tool'? Take a look in the mirror, pal. I've used the same name since day one and never changed it. I don't hide behind a bunch of made up names.

I know EXACTLY who you are (the fact you mentioned how and when you changed gave it away). And you've got the gall to put others down for their behaviour on this blog and then play all innocent when others call you out. A weasel by no other name. I also know you've got a personal vendetta against me....and I couldn't care less. I just think it very funny when I called you out on this before you played all innocent. 'The truth is' sign in is not new. It's been around for quite a while. Tells me you've been using it on and off for quite a while.

You're as weak as it gets man...

Craig M tell us again how the Ravens dont want McKinnie. IDIOT!


Now THERE'S a name you don't see all the time. Where ya been man? You seem to be right up on all that goes on here and yet NO ONE has ever seen you post here.

What a fukking coincidence!! Another fukking troll....or more than likely the same fukking guy!!

Good one though JIMBO (wink! wink!)....


You Are Talking About Tradition.

Notice Teams With The Biggest Fan Base Are Teams That Have Been Around The Longest.

That Is Why Soccer Has Such A Huge Following In Europe And Not In The US. MLS Has Been Around For A Little Bit.

Take For Instance Dashi. I Didn't Become A Marlins Fan Til They Won The First Title. I Was A Mets Fan Before Then. And You Expect Dashi To Be Diehard Enough To Pay To Go See Them. When I Don't Even Want To Watch It On TV. Not Even To Go See The Architecture Will I Pay To Go See The Marlins.

I Might Boycott That Place All Together.

They Built Something For The Devil On Sacred Ground. How Sacrilegious Are These Corporate Communist County Commissioners. How Much Did They Pocket?

Again, Everyone Knew The Dolphins Needed To Upgrade The Stadium Before The Marlins Left.


That Way The University, The Marlins, The Dolphins, The BCS Games, The Superbowl, And Every Other Event That They Might Want To Host In A New Sports Complex.

You Can Spend $1B

Make It Have A Mini Football Hall Of Fame. College and Pro. Retractable Roof For Baseball And Football.

This Would've Been To Logical.

This Dion Jordan looks mean as heck. Better smile and be nice to him.

I wonder why YG and oscar are never around at the same time.

Forget the mean. I meant tough. If he plays like that Brady is going to have a bad time.

Dion is a tweener. Many doubt he can play DE. OLB ok, but #3?

Once at 3 he could have traded back 2 spots for another 2 and then take Tavon.

The Dolphins should just lease Marlins Park. Its state of the art.

Who said Mike G. Is as slow as Hartlibe?

Gilli's slow time at the combine was 4.59. It takes a much bigger back to be successfulvin the NFL at the slower speeds, he isn't. Might be a good special teamer or occasional 3rd back.

He isn't going to challenge anyone for the starter job.

Why did they draft a guy that just had shoulder surgery? Isnt that a huge red flag?

mike zonk monte ronson,

Well no. Why should it be? Any player that plays the game gets hurt.

I guess you are the type that quits immediately.

The Trolls buried idiot Troll Inc.

I think Dion just needs better coaching. Chip Kelly misused him all over the place. In the game vs Stanford, he didn't know if he was coming or going and Stanford neutralized him and fooled him plenty of times. I believe he is the type of Player like Charles Clay, that would do best learning only one position and sticking to it.IMO

No doubt Troll Inc is one of the 5 idiot wimp regulars here all day and all night. Like oscar, he never get's laid.

keep an eye on kovacs!!

Watched the Jamar Taylor post practice interview. The difference between listening to him and Sean Smith/Vontae Davis is like the difference in watching a Philbin/Sparano interview.

The brain links are light years apart. He showed great maturity and smarts. something Smith/Davis never quite demonstrated while they were in Miami.

I always thought there might be trouble with Vontae Davis day 1. His voice alone makes him sound like a 5yr old kid. We would soon learn that was his mental age too.

I also thought there would be future problems with Sean Smith because early in his career he seemed more interested in tweeting from the mall than honing his NFL craft.

Smith and Davis were a great tandem alright. One was the peanut and the other was the shell. Neither quite q penny a piece in real value.

31 NFL offensive Coordinators lament our 2013 post season defensive haul. They watched tearfully as the "Free P'ussy" sign was removed from our pass rush and secondary.

NF Defensive Coordinators aren't exactly sending in their male enhancement refills either.

Breaking News:

Jimmy Johnson fired by EXTENDS. Its reported orders went 80% after the viewing of the Miami Dolphins offseason haul.

Spokesman for EXTENDS, Inc reported:

"It was an easy decision to let Jimmy go. There was no need for better performance once the nation primary source of Free P'ussy was no longer available."

When asked that source the rep responded;

"I can only say that it was one of the NFL's AFC eastern teams. The term FLIPPER may make you guys a little more familiar."

"orders went down 80%"

YG has nobody to talk to. And his wife is snoring.


7 consecutive posts by YG? Craving attention? LOL

Posted by: triste | May 04, 2013 at 12:12 AM

As long as the Herald has you on 24hr call, there will always be someone here to listen. LOL...

Bottom line is NOBODY knows what the hell the team is going to look like come training camp and beter yet the first real season game, so keep on speculating and maybe 1 out of 1000 of you guys may be %50 percent close to being right.However the bantering back and forth is fun to listen to.

Oscar? Is that you honey? Honey is it you? LOL...

YG GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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