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Dolphins undrafted free agent list right here

The Dolphins start three days of rookie camp in the next few minutes.

Amid the team's draft picks will be tryout players and undrafted free agents the team signed.

This is the list of undrafted free agents:

Barker, Chris               G         6-2       305      08/03/90         Nevada                        Fontana, Calif.

Belton, Clay                 QB       6-5       232      12/12/88         Findlay                        Dayton, Ohio

Brenner, Sam               C          6-2       301      04/27/90         Utah                             Oceanside, Calif.

Bumphis, Chad            WR      5-10     196      10/18/89         Mississippi St               Tupelo, Miss.

Burnette, Chris             DT       6-2       285      02/15/90         Old Dominion              Baltimore, Md.

Clay, Michael              LB       5-11     230      08/30/91         Oregon                         San Jose, Calif.

Collins, Junior             WR      5-10     180      11/28/91         Mt Union                     Geneva, N.Y.

Francis, AJ                   DT       6-0       309      05/07/90         Maryland                     Severn, Md.

Highsmith, Alonzo       LB       6-0       234      11/21/89         Arkansas                      Missouri City, Texas

Johnson, Keelan          S          5-11     209      09/26/89         Arizona St                    Mesa, Ariz.

Kovacs, Jordan            S          5-10     205      06/12/90         Michigan                      Curtice, Ohio

Liaina, Ina                   FB        5-11     240      01/03/90         San Jose St                   Oxnard, Calif.

Marshall, Cameron      RB       5-9       211      10/14/91         Arizona St                    San Jose, Calif.

McCabe, Rob               LB       6-0       231      11/02/90         Georgetown (DC)        Newton Square, Pa.

Okpalaugo, Tristan      DE       6-4       245      10/10/89         Fresno St                      Livermore, Calif.

Onyenekwu, Emeka    DE       6-3       251      03/10/90         Louisiana (Lafayette)   New Orleans, La.

Sinkfield, Terrell          WR      6-0       198      12/10/90         Northern Iowa             Minnetonka, Minn.

Stockemer, Taylor       WR      6-4       215      10/26/89         Arkansas St                  Van Buren, Ark.

Ward, Patrick               T          6-6       305      01/11/91         Northwestern               Homer Glen, Ill.


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Im hearing thru the grapevines many of your exclients would welcome you as a bunk mate in their prison cells.

Bottom line is the team is going to look like hell. 12 new starters! YIKES!

Posted by: We're gonna STINK | May 04, 2013 at 12:21 AM

No, we daily shower. Only you are gonna stink.

We will be a much improved team this year of that i'm sure. beyond that who the hell knows. I will however prdict double digit wins and a playoff ber so Trolls or whatever you call yourselves relax no worries at this stage n time. Just want to see Brady get his ASS kicked, that's all.


Brady crosses Jordan while also getting caught up in a Wake. Brady expected to be out 12 to 18 wks.

NFl qb's, please don't the cross the Jordan, you may also find yourselves caught up in a Wake.

The NFL had Dion Sanders. The NBA had Michael Jordan.

Could it be that we now have Dion Jordan?

With that Im off to bed!

Gilli's slow time at the combine was 4.59. It takes a much bigger back to be successfulvin the NFL at the slower speeds, he isn't. Might be a good special teamer or occasional 3rd back.

He isn't going to challenge anyone for the starter job.

Posted by: Greg | May 03, 2013 at 09:55 PM


Nice job of being a "Wanna - Be" no nothing Parrot.

Maybe you should read more than Mando and a Headline or two, before trying to sound like you know what you're talking about.

Gillislee did run a slow 40.......AT THE COMBINE.

He's also clocked in the 4.4's on MULTIPLE Occasions.

Try again Son, but try it on idiots like ALoco, Oscar and Mario. You know, the few that are more ignorant than YOURSELF!


Better late then never on the FA lists. Theres a couple of "maybes" in this group.
And, you heard it here first. Jordan's first step is quicker then JT's. Jordan's going to be better then JT.

Hi to Odin, Darryl D, Mark in T, Craig M,Dash i,Kris and all the boys...read the blog everyday and laugh at a lot of the BS being spread about but that's the cool thing about this blog....
CraigM don't worry about these new bloggers who spout their CRAPP. I sometimes disagree with you but your opinions are always well thought out...keep going pal...

My opinion of the draft...I'm not sure the WR situation is completely resolved and a lot hinges on Jordan.But Ireland at least showed some conviction and that's what I was happy with.It was the right call at the time.I would have drafted ONE more WR early instead of the Dallas Thomas pick...To me Wallace is not a prototypical No1 WR but he will be effective.
To me if JM plays LT then we have Jerry and Garner at the right???....not happy...more to do...

Mando the article today comparing JT to Jordan is complete hogwash. It's crazy to place a higher expectation on a rookie player picked in any round to a HOF player no matter how you try to justify it. Your reasoning is very weak. This is whole different era then 1997. Who did JT have to compete with for snaps?....Shane Burton. Pffft..don't make me laugh.

Here's the current situation...The Phins have Odrick who will likely be in on running situations and O. Vernon. Those guys need snaps too and O. Vernon looked very promising with some big impact plays and should improve this year. So like it or not Jordan will be part of rotation. BTW...I'm no apologist just a realist.

Check out Terrell Sinkfield's game high lights on youtube. He makes catches from behind. He makes them jumping over players. He makes diving catches. Reminds me of a faster verion of Mark Clayton. Why did he go undrafted? My guess was because he played for small school in the less popular Missouri Valley Conference and because he lacks size. Maybe the Dolphins will discover another Devon Bess.

Why do I get the feeling that many here did not like the Legislator's rejection of the Dolphin's Stadium renovation project? In any case, there's no need to delete my Posts anymore. I never cared one way or the other.

I have also been checking out some of our UDFAs; I saw the Sinkfield tape and thought he showed catching ability and body control, as well as the speed.
A.J. Francis seems to be interesting, but his height is somewhat subjective to the report you are reading. I have seen him listed from 6'0 to 6'5 and in between.
I think my favorite, not from probability but possibility, is Stockemer. He looks like the kind of kid that just starts to develop in his twenties.
Good luck to all, I'll take a diamond anywhere I can find one.

Is it just me or is Armando acting like a real jackass when it comes to Jordan? I personally found his recent article to be not good. His attitude sucks hroughout the whole thing. One his blog page I understand but that forum...stop acting like a beetch bro.

Practically the entire media is dumping on the kid. I don't know what is Armando's problem, but I think most of it is the continual drain off on Ireland. The media is so down on the Dolphins and especially Ireland, since he is the kicking dog left behind from the Parcell's debacle, that they will rain down dispersions on any front.
The cure for this is coming in the form of a W each week.

So many of you are so high on a bunch of late round picks that you never even knew existed before their names were called and you googled them. Now, you say great pick with stars in your eyes.

There is an inherent trait in people of good nature to promote the prosperity and well being of God's creatures.
There are others that can only achieve fulfillment from the pain and demise of those pursuing opportunity.
With whom does sadness reside?

The article about Jordan, wtf? First, they did not use their highest pick since 2005, they had the number one pick in 08. Secondly, Armando mentions apologists of Jordan will point to Taylor having five sacks as a rookie but its not the same because Taylor was a third round pick. For some reason he keeps leaving out the fact that Jordan, unlike ALL the players he keeps comparing him to will not be allowed to participate in ANY offseason activities with the team. He will be a little behind when training camp starts in July. I just don't understand why Armando is on Jordans sack so much. Dudes obsessed with draft status.

If he gets under 7 sacks what does that mean? He's a failure? The team failed by drafting him that high? He wasn't making it past 5 by the way. Are those the articles that will be written? After ONE season? And then when he gets a full offseason under his belt ,comes out in year two and terrorizes qbs all year will anyone care that he didn't live up to some silly comparisons in his first season? Pleas get off of this kids back until the NFL allows him to participate.

@ 8:49, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

There goes craig reading hings that we're never said! When ppl tell you you can't read they are accurate. I didn't say I changed my name. I said i blogged months ago under This name you ignorant pompus as!! Stop twisting words to suit your assumptions.

You will never be bright enough.

This is your porblem. You're an ignorant homer who thnks he's always right whn in reality you are just a moron.

At least we know what the M in your sign in stands for. Stop pretending ppl respect or appreciate you here. The really don't.

It occurs to me we always get one gem out of UDFA - I am keeping my eye on sinkfield - not sure why he was not drafted but we are lucky to have him. As for the past ten crappy years. All I can say is the turn over in head coaches leaves this team with no consistency at all in that area. Add to that the really bad picks ie. not taking drew breeze when they had a chance as one example. The big tuna did this team a terrible injustice bringing an o-line coach in as head coach...fist pumping field goals yeahhhh. IMHO we have a coach who really knows how to coach and put a team together...I only hope he hangs around for several years. I have a dolphin hat with about 50 autographs....none of the players are still on the team. GO FINS THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE.

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