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Hartline: Dolphins have best receivers in AFC East

Brian Hartline looks at the Dolphins receiving contingent and he sees Mike Wallace, and Brandon Gibson and tight end Dustin Keller. You know what else he sees? The best receiving corps in the AFC East.

"Absolutely, I think we are," Hartline said Monday on NFL AM. "The whole passing game I think is an advantage of ours."

I like the confidence. And the analysis is probably correct.

The Jets' best wide receiver is still Santonio Holmes and he's recovering from ACL surgery while Mark Sanchez security blanket Keller is gone to MIami. The Patriots lost Wes Welker in free agency and tight end Rob Gronkowski has been forced to have multiple surgeries on his forearm and might need another one. The Bills have Stevie Johnson, a very good No. 2 wide receiver, but they don't have a lot after him and, by the way, they think Johnson is a No. 1.

So it can be argued that on paper Miami does have the best receiving corps in the AFC East.

But the thing I appreciate more about Hartline is he's bright enough to see beyond the obvious and in his interview with the NFL AM crew he also said "it's a quarterback league."

And having great quarterback play is more important than having great receiver play. You'll remember in 2008, the Dolphins had the best QB play in the AFC East. Chad Pennington rarely made any mistakes. He found open receivers. And with a mediocre receiving corps, he led the Dolphins to the AFC East title. (It also helped that Tom Brady wasn't on the field that year while recovering from knee surgery.)

So excuse me if I hold off on celebrating how great Miami's receivers are until a couple of things happen:

1. They show it on the field.

2. Their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is everything you and the Dolphins expect him to be. (Yes, I'm simply going to observe on this one. I've been burned by high expectations for past Dolphins quarterbacks so I'm going to wait until I actually see it from Tannehill before I believe it, if you don't mind.)

If Tannehill plays at a high level, Miami might indeed have the best receiving corps in the division and be able to prove it. Without Tannehill playing well, the best receiver corps will be just another piece of an incomplete puzzle.


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Mark, don't let this 12 your old CamelToe bother you. He's a dolt who knows nothing about football let alone the Fins. Let him spew his nonsense...just move past his comments...they are really worthless.

I think MOST true Fins fans see potential in THILL. They see potential in the addition players brought in. They see potential in the coaching staff.

But the reality is we are all suffering Fins fans for a long time. We get a bit pessimistic at times. I am very optimistic now but there is a part of may that is still waiting to see real progress made. For me that is playoffs baby....get to the playoffs and I'll really begin to feel like this team is on the right track.

Why do we always get juiced up about an acorn who isnt likely to make the 53 man roster this guy Sinkfild needs to throw the sink at Ireland just to make the roster

You're right, JPAO ... absolutely right. I usually just skim by the drivel but when there is negative opinion backed up by factual inaccuracies or even bold face lies, I just have to reply.

There's no way Sinkfield makes the 53. He's got to beat out a guy who's made catches in the NFL when he barely made them in college. He's an intriguing PS guy though.

i was pumped with freeagency and THEN, the expectation of what miami would then do in the draft, it seemed the sky was the limit, every dolfans dream, and then came draft day, what was to me a, BIG downer...and so i ask you, why not totally maximise the offense on draft day with the best left tackle available, why not maximise it some more with a powerback(lacey) who would be able to do multiple tasks to improve last years low scoring offense, such as and most importantly sustaining drives by a)CONVERTING THIRD AND SHORT, b)making the playaction effective, c)picking up the blitz???? it just seems so unbelievable that miami went all out in freeagency, getting the best and paying big money for elite targets, and then do what they did when they were on the clock...?

Posted by: Clue | May 13, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Exactly why I always say, 1st these udfa types need to make st's to even have a contributory chance of making their slightest impact at their true position.

But, it is nice to see highlights of these kids, to see if they even have snowball in hell's chance of even making st's.

I do believe this Sinkfield kid does in the least has great ps potential. However, with 4.19 speed and if he proves he can consistently field kickoffs, while averaging 25yds or more. There's no reason why you don't puthim on your st's and begin developing and tapping into his wr talent.

Especially when he has a 40in vertical to go with that 4.19 forty speed.

Our receivers are better than Jets. Check!

Our receivers are better than the Patriots. (TE dont count right?) Check!

Our receivers are better than the Bills. Check!

I'll stand by Hartline!

they also had best recievers when they had marshall, hartline and bess but qb play let them down

It would be interesting to see sinkfield and thigpen returning kickoffs.

2. Their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is everything you and the Dolphins expect him to be. (Yes, I'm simply going to observe on this one. I've been burned by high expectations for past Dolphins quarterbacks so I'm going to wait until I actually see it from Tannehill before I believe it, if you don't mind.)
-Armando Salguero

we should have nailed down the left tackle position in the first round, and then drafted a toughguy powerback(lacey) who can fall forward for 3 yards, pick up the blitz, and demands the attention needed to make the playaction effective!...i loved what the eagles did, and i would SO totaly swap drafts with them, and the sad part is...everyone of those eagle picks were available to us...and then to put the icing on the cake, they go and get barkley in the 5th round who at the very least could be farmed into a first round pick next year to a team needy and desperate at their QB position...

Agree with Mando (via JoseCuervo) @ 3:20. Tannehill hasn't shown anything more than the willingness to blame everyone else on the team for his shortcomings.

Thank you for sticking up for me and protecting me against that beastly CameltoeJoe.
I am not a bonesmoker but I don't mind having a bonesmoker like you to protect me.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | May 13, 2013 at 03:13 PM

Have you paid close enough attention to the 2913 schedule? Only times we're not playing against a very good to great qb are the two games against Buff/Jets, and the one game against Cleveland.

No matter what else we did on offense in this draft, the offense wasn't going to average 35pts a game. That's about what the defense could have averaged giving up in most of the contests on our 2013 schedule.

With the combined efforts on offense in fa and draft, we're greatly improved. Last season's points allowed was a mirage because of the quality of qb's we faced. The pass defense was atrocious and sacks and pressures from anyone other than Wake was equally atrocious.

The defense probably needed a greater overhaul than the offense to have a chance of competing or excelling against 2013 murderous row of qb's.

Posters here get way too caught up in 40 times, verticals, cone drills, etc. Can he catch the football? Can he fight off press coverage? Can he learn and run accurate routes? Does he fight for the ball in the air? Does he adjust well to the ball in the air? Can he sit down in a zone? Can he block at all in the run game? For special teams, can he tackle, block, not fumble the kickoff/punt, read his blocks and hit the hole, not dance around losing yardage? Those things will determine if Sinkfield stays or goes, not 40 times and verticals.


Agree with Mando (via JoseCuervo) @ 3:20. Tannehill hasn't shown anything more than the willingness to blame everyone else on the team for his shortcomings.

Posted by: CameltoeJoe | May 13, 2013 at 03:22 PM

I think you're confusing Tannehill with Obama.

Please provide 1 instance where Tanny blamed anyone for anything?

Just shut your stupid mouth & keep walking.

Considerign no team wanted to spend a 1, 2 , or 3 pick on Barkely this year, what chances are someone will spenda 1 one next year?? That is pipe dreaming at it's best.

I like Lane Johnson but I hate the rest of the Eagles draft. I would be fuming if that was our draft ...

Posted by: MassDolphan | May 13, 2013 at 03:25 PM

Seems you're way to caught up in over analyzing what you read. Sinkfield's a udfa, no more, no less.

The 4.19 speed translates to football like an engine translates to a car. The 40inch vertical translates to his position in being able to outjump defenders for the football.

UDFA, screams this kid will have to fight for his life just to make st's. No one's stating this kid is the next great thing, especially coming in as a udfa. So, stop over analyzing what you read, sir.

the outcome of this draft has the POTENTIAL to be one of the BIGGEST draft day DEBACLES of all time, i hope that years from now i am not watching miami being credited with such a label on NFL NETWORKS top tens, but given the magnitude of miami's freeagency haul in combination with a contingency of numerous and favorable picks, and a fleeting oppourtunistic window... i'de have to say that the stars are well alligned for this to be one of the biggest draft day blunders of all time...i certainly hope i am wrong.

mia recievering corp will wil b good but nt great tell n
ext year

Miami had two big problems for the last 15 years - uncompetitive talent and poor coaching. Ireland remedied the uncompetitive talent problem with this recent brilliant FA and draft. We have a very young, fast, versatile, talented team on offense, defense and ST. We have the team talent to compete with anybody in the NFL.

The key question now is whether the changes last year solved the issue of poor coaching - that is, do Philbin, Sherman, Coyle and their assistant coaches to compete with Belichick and the other excellent coaches? We will know this coming year through three things:

1. Can Sherman and Coyle put coach our young team to technical excellence so their athleticism translates into a pro level of play?

2. Can Philbin/Sherman and Coyle put together offensive and defensive playbooks with a bewildering variety of looks and fronts to take advantage of our speed and versatility - ending the Sparano days when Miami was totally predictable and beginning an era when it is a nightmare to game plan against the Miami offense and defense?

3. Can Philbin, Sherman and Coyle teach the new playbook to our young players where they play automatically and where they play as a team?

There are other concerns - will Tannehill continue to progress (I have no doubt he will), will Miller or Gillislee or perhaps Gray emerge as a legitimate running game threat (likely - I have serious doubts about Thomas, Lane has the capacity as FB if he is in shape), will our new senior players provide leadership. But I see these as secondary concerns. The main concern are the three above - coaching players to technical excellence, putting together a sophisticated playbook, coaching the whole team to play as a whole.

CameltoeJoe, JoseCuervo, Sanchise, Tebow, Mike Tannebaum, Rex Ryan, Rex Ryan's Wife, Rex Ryan's Wife's tattoo, Rex Ryan's Wife's feet....clearly all in a league of their own.

so go ahead and debate it, but... anyone who could NOT see that miami CLEARLY had a problem with third and short(sustaining drives), picking up the blitz, and critically lacked effective playaction, was iether blind or had simply not watched the same games that i watched last year, miami also had weak play from the offensive line...miami needed a powerback and two offensive linemen from the draft PERIOD....they really could have made this a top FIVE offense, and to go back to the eagles...they also answered next years looming question at defensive tackle....in addition to getting excellent play at left left takcle for rookie money...i hope jonus gray had a LOT to do with irelands desision to pass on lacey...

UDFA's like Sinfield are good stories to follow in the offseason. Every year a few of them them NFL rosters, mostly as practice squad players. I love the fact that Ireland and his scouts find guys like this and allow them an opportunity to come in for tryouts. If they assess the kid and they allow him to join the practice squad it gives him time to develop a much higher level of competion. You never know. Bess from Hawaii and that Pac 10...really? That UDFA turned out just fine.

Now is it likely? No but we all know that. But if he or any of the other UDFA's turn into something than...BRILLIANT!!

anyone who could NOT see that miami CLEARLY had a problem with third and short(sustaining drives), picking up the blitz, and critically lacked effective playaction, was iether blind or had simply not watched the same games that i watched last year, miami also had weak play from the offensive line...miami needed a powerback and two offensive linemen from the draft PERIOD....
Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | May 13, 2013 at 03:49 PM

I agree with some of this.....But they brought in Lance Louis who can really make a difference. The guy was the Bears' best OLINEMAN. Thomas from Tennesse can also be a solid G for us. I like Incognito, Pouncey, Louis with Thomas replaceing Incognito when his contract is over. Teh center of the line needs to be stable for the short yardage run and pass protection. Clabo will be fine at RT and be stable as well.

Thomas was out with injuries. I think he can be a solid short yardage guy. If not, there are plenty of big backs they can bring into camp if needed for that role. I think Lane will be fine in that role too, assuming he lost some weight this offseason.

The one thing I would disagree with, slightly, is the comment on playaction. The reality is the West Coast system has much less of it. They rely more on quick 3 step drops so there is no time for it. I like playaction, for sure. But I don't think we will see much of it based on this system.

YG you keep mentioning Sinkfield vertical jump, how the h e l l does this translante over to a NFL games, is he gonna high hurdle 3 potential tacklers? LOL

That 4.19 was not an official time check the official time for accuracy.

budtki, rest easy, you are flat out wrong.

Gillislee Will Probably Start Off Returning Kicks With Thigpen.

Clue, teams run the vertical jump for a reason, to measure explosiveness. I'm sure you know how explosiveness can translate on a football field. It doesn't make someone a good football player but if someone is a player and match that up with explosiveness - then you got something.

With UDFAs, you are not going to get guys with insane measureables and production. You will get one or the other and sometimes you get lucky and it pans out. I mean, there were 225+ players drafted before these guys get signed up.

I really believe that our coaches did not believe that the O-Linemen in this draft were an improvement over what we had on the roster. I also believe that our coaches believe that they can coach our existing OL players to perform at a high level.

I also believe that our coaches believe that Jordan was the best player available in this draft. The best athlete, the best playmaker. Period. And he played a core position.

BPA. orBAP. simple.

Now, this is a tightly-knit logical article. You see how People learn how to think just reading these Blogs, Paul? Unbelievable, but never before proved.

Vertical jumps mean nothing in football. How often do you see a football player in a game stand in one spot for many seconds, squat way down, then jump up with one hand as high as they can and swat at a device over their head? How does that help one catch a football? Answer: it doesn't.
A great 40 time means one thing and one thing only: that person runs a great 40. These skills do NOT transfer to football. Otherwise Tedd Ginn would be a HOF'er.

You hit the nail on the head when you used the Pennington example.T-Hill is more of a mistake free QB than a gunslinger throw before the receivers make their cut like Marino was.The Dolphins now have the players to play the WCO that they really didnt play last year.
A move the chains type passing game getting field position if not scoring and with the upgraded defense let them play their game and get turnovers for short fields for the offense.
IMO all the offseason aquisitions point to this type of game for the 2013 Dolphins,all of this is on paper of

Mass, your commment at 4:16 is completely ignorant. No, they do not do the same drill in the game but they use the same muscle twitches in football action. The same muscles you use to perform the cone and the shuttle you use to change directions on the field. the bench press equates to how someone handles press coverage or a bull rush, the vertical uses the same leg and core muscles you use to access the force and explosion someone has in changing directions. Obviously by your comment, I can tell you seldom do a buttock lift off your own couch. keep eating the chetoh'd buddy.

That 4.19 was not an official time check the official time for accuracy.

Posted by: finfan 66 | May 13, 2013 at 04:08 PM

There isn't an official time for Sinkfield, he didn't get a combine invite. An official time is "electronically timed". Still, hand times aren't usually more than 1/10 off.

So, a hand timed 4.19 can easily translate into 4.24 to 4.29 officially.

I forgot to ad that Wallace will keep the defensive backs from creeping up closer to the line of scrimage to stop the WCO passing game.

Of course, everybody knows we have the best receivers out of our Division. And of course, everybody also knows that they won't be much if RT does not deliver that ball properly to them. Me? I'm a skeptic. IF RT can deliver that ball accurately to those receivers we'll be Great. I'm also a realist, If that is so, be preparing that 2nd string QB to step in at any second.

Posted by: MassDolphan | May 13, 2013 at 04:16 PM

Try telling this to Don Shula. It was one of the primary reason he drafted Mark Clayton.

Mark Clayton's great vertical consistently allowed him to out jump taller defenders for the football. Clayton's vertical was 38 inches, Sinkfield's 40 inches.

Also in regards to 40 times - there once was a WR who did not run a great 40, but man was he football fast. His name was Jerry Rice.
Davone Bess' 40 time was terrible - but was a good football player for us.
40's are run inside on a fast track with no football equipment. One of the most overrated measurables out there. Way too much emphasis on them.

"Yes, I'm simply going to observe on this one. I've been burned by high expectations for past Dolphins quarterbacks so I'm going to wait until I actually see it from Tannehill before I believe it, if you don't mind."

Holy hell what's this?! Someone decided that pre judging players before they actually get to play for 2 or 3 years isn't worth their time? Say it aint so! I thought the rule in here was to prematurely judge every player from the moment they are drafted and if they don't produce in the first year they are automatically a bust.

This should be the mantra for EVERY player on EVERY team. Do not say they will never amount to anything and do not say they are definitely the answer because none of us know jack s^%t. People are wrong as much as they are right because a player will either make it or he won't, it's a 50/50 guess when prejudging a player's career.

Posted by: finfan 66 | May 13, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Sinkfield does have "an official" 100 meters time of 10.86. This was timed at a track meet. Track meets are officially timed on the college level.

Well, we'll find out real quick if Tannehill has progressed to the next level or not. Miami's schedule is brutal this year; 8th toughest in the NFL. Just look at the first 5 games: @Browns, @ Colts, Falcons at home, @ Saints, and the Ravens at home! We should know by week 6 if this team is any good or not. And, if Tannehill is the franchise quaterback we all hope he is.

How can YG have so much knowledge from the Dolphins early years if he's so young?

I figured that the shuttle run measure explosivness or what not.

Of course the 40 time in isolation is borderline irrelevant. Speed is just one athletic trait of many that should be considered in drafting a player. Size, strength, agility, explosiveness all should be considered in conjunction with a history of production.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 13, 2013 at 04:31 PM

Ignore this post, its totally erroneous, totally wrong info.

you are right and the do have a time on him ( i might be a little off here but i believe it was a 4.30 to 4.32. Still faster then most it not everyone. I hope he works out. He said in an interview that the offense he was in was not designd to make good use of his skill set

we want to be a better TEAM than N.E and N.Y. and Buf.. that's the correct answer!

Im out for today. My focus is to now spend less unproductive time here. The truth will reveal itself starting game 1 of the regular season.

Nothing ever gets truly decided in these blogs.

Im out for today.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM


Oh, Heavenly Father THANK YOU for hearing our prayers!

Quick quiz on Dolphin histry. without looking it up who knows what possition George Wilson held while with the Dolphins from 1966-1969

Quarterback (but he also played some wideout).

I'm old.

I don't think he was with the team the entire time his dad was coaching, though. Thinking more like jut 66 and maybe 67. Could be wrong, though.

heehee, nothing ever gets truly decided anywhere

I was talking about yje father it was a trick question. JR was drafted by Sr.

George Wilson was a ball handler not a hose-hound or grundle-groupie.

JR was traded to denver in 67 I believe and was out of the footbal by 69. He did QB Miami to thier first ever Win. his dad was let go after dealing a 1st round draft pick to the colts for Don Shula. Anyone remember that guy. and yes I am old also

no doubt we have best wrs in east, isnt saying much though. but brady would love this set of guys

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