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Hartline: Dolphins have best receivers in AFC East

Brian Hartline looks at the Dolphins receiving contingent and he sees Mike Wallace, and Brandon Gibson and tight end Dustin Keller. You know what else he sees? The best receiving corps in the AFC East.

"Absolutely, I think we are," Hartline said Monday on NFL AM. "The whole passing game I think is an advantage of ours."

I like the confidence. And the analysis is probably correct.

The Jets' best wide receiver is still Santonio Holmes and he's recovering from ACL surgery while Mark Sanchez security blanket Keller is gone to MIami. The Patriots lost Wes Welker in free agency and tight end Rob Gronkowski has been forced to have multiple surgeries on his forearm and might need another one. The Bills have Stevie Johnson, a very good No. 2 wide receiver, but they don't have a lot after him and, by the way, they think Johnson is a No. 1.

So it can be argued that on paper Miami does have the best receiving corps in the AFC East.

But the thing I appreciate more about Hartline is he's bright enough to see beyond the obvious and in his interview with the NFL AM crew he also said "it's a quarterback league."

And having great quarterback play is more important than having great receiver play. You'll remember in 2008, the Dolphins had the best QB play in the AFC East. Chad Pennington rarely made any mistakes. He found open receivers. And with a mediocre receiving corps, he led the Dolphins to the AFC East title. (It also helped that Tom Brady wasn't on the field that year while recovering from knee surgery.)

So excuse me if I hold off on celebrating how great Miami's receivers are until a couple of things happen:

1. They show it on the field.

2. Their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is everything you and the Dolphins expect him to be. (Yes, I'm simply going to observe on this one. I've been burned by high expectations for past Dolphins quarterbacks so I'm going to wait until I actually see it from Tannehill before I believe it, if you don't mind.)

If Tannehill plays at a high level, Miami might indeed have the best receiving corps in the division and be able to prove it. Without Tannehill playing well, the best receiver corps will be just another piece of an incomplete puzzle.


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This blog is stupid.

Some posters (and Trolls, musn't forget them) apparently never allow the facts to get in the way of an opportunity to bash the Miami Dolphin's players, coaches and front office. Is there an Anti-Dolphins App that I don't know about?

When your best receiver is one of the top receivers in the AFC East and he has been relegated to being your second best receiver because you have found a receiver head and shoulders above him that speaks volumes. Damn the paper the Fins have the best receiving core in the AFC East period just add up the stats of their top receivers versus the those of the receivers on the other teams. Thill is more than capable but he had garbage to throw to. Question, who played opposite Hartline last year? We laugh and joke about Ted Ginn but he was better than any receiver we lined up opposite Hartline last year. Look at the stats for Ginn when Penington was tossing it and add up the stats for the Dolphins so called other outside receivers last year.

Is YG4L Here??
HAHAHAHA, Of course he is..

way off on awful ginn, he never had over 224 yards for us. guy is horrible

meant 794 yards

Ted Ginn never saw a sideline he did'nt like.

Wasn't YG high on Carimi in the first round couple years back? Carimi this, Carimi that...

Well after two years looks like the Bears are going to cut him.

has yg ever been right on anything?

YG Is the fountain of misinformation.

The best receivers in the AFC East is still a far cry from the best receivers in the NFL. Need to keep our perspective here.

Im out for today. My focus is to now spend less unproductive time here. The truth will reveal itself starting game 1 of the regular season.

Nothing ever gets truly decided in these blogs.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Give Me My Props.

Yesterday's Whopping Was So Bad!! YG Finally Saw The Light. If This Statement Is True The Blog Will Get Better By 95%.

You Can Just Tell By Today. Less Trolling, More Real Football Talk.

The Cuckolding BS Had To Stop Someday. Enough Was Enough.


That Is Why What Hartline Said Wasn't So Oh My God After all.

We Can Probably Go As High As Saying The Fins Have A Top 5 Receiving Corp. We Just Need To See Them In Action Before We Make That Statement.

The Good Thing Is The Whole Passing Offense Is Better. Not Just Wrs.

Dashi, He'll just post inder a different name, He does it all the time.

Im out for today. My focus is to now spend less unproductive time here. The truth will reveal itself starting game 1 of the regular season.

Nothing ever gets truly decided in these blogs.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Hey Fruitcake, How about gettig a job..

CameltoeJoe got pissed.

Dashi did you contribute anything to the blog today besides drivel, nonsense, and buffonery? Truthfully now.

Im out for today. My focus is to now spend less unproductive time here. The truth will reveal itself starting game 1 of the regular season.

Nothing ever gets truly decided in these blogs.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Flipper, How about get a JOB.

I Guess YG Is Still Here.

B. O. B/S. Y. S., You Are Right Spoke To Soon.

If I Am Not Mistaken Mr. Flipper Said At The End Of The Season. He Will Be Back During Preseason. The Guy Didn't Miss A Day.

Who Was The One Who Put The Rest Of The Quote Up?

“Absolutely, I think we are,” Hartline said. “Add Dustin Keller in there, Lamar Miller’s a great back and Daniel Thomas is a great back out of the backfield. The whole passing game is an advantage of ours.”

Amongst Other Things.

And When Has Dashi Instigated Today. Or Ever.

I Love How You Antagonize Dashi! And Then Play It Off Like Dashi Is The Instigator.

Very Sociopath Of You.

It's only 2 bloggers here(besides myself) and they are both pissed.

Dashi why are you whining on and on? What are you trying to prove and to who?

To whom.



I Take Offense To That. Dashi Never Gets Angry. Not Here. Not Anywhere Anymore.

Real Anger Blinds You From Making The Right Decision.

Dashi Doesn't Hold Grudges. Unlike My Troll.

ok, so one of you is white and the other black. Makes no difference, Dashi.


I Take Offense To That. Dashi Never Gets Angry. Not

Posted by: Dashi | May 13, 2013 at 07:02 PM

Like anyone would care if you took offense. How your ego is inflated. LOL.

We are fukkked, Paul.

I know, Oscar.

Yes, Oscar.

Ohhh Snap, Just saying is YG..
Lets see how many names YG Has..

Did I miss any?

Maybe it's Kris? There have been suspicions. He does fit the profile.

Yes Bark, you missed scrabble that is also YG4E.

Hoho, Oscar.

Weather we Hav the best wrs on paper means nothing. We will find out when the season starts if that is the case bottom line can they get open and make the big catch when the game is on the line that's when we get our answer.

Posted by: im done with this troll site | May 13, 2013 at 07:44 PM

Does anyone really know how many names Dashi uses?

I c more production than last yr from our wrs lol! I hope that they will b and opens up the running game.

If we can get some big plays out of our wrs early in the yr the running game should b a lot better as well. Rbush was our best O player last yr but without wrs making big plays teams keyed on him and bottled him up at times with a speed wr on the outside will force double team over the top and give more space underneath for the other wrs and running game.

Can not wait til the season starts

Not a bad group of WR's. They have to stay healthy and the line has to give Tanny time to throw the ball.

Who knows how good they can be. Thats why they play the games. Should be fun to watch though. Looks a whole lot better than this time last year.

Everybody and their sisters know that Miami has the best receivers in the Division now. Now, what would Belichick do? Try to take out those receivers and if not, take out their QB. Beware!

The new logo is too feminine. They did not contract the right artists.



Belichek has taken many calculated risks, letting veterans go that still had some left in the tank. It has never led to another championship. He was wrong to let Welker go, but Welker spoke his mind, and Belichek couldn't handle that. Even great coaches act like children.

This year, he will pay.

Hartline needs to shut the hell up and do his part to catch more than six touchdown passes next season. Also, the passing game goes as far as Tannyhill takes it. So far, he hasn't proven to be a clutch player like Luck, RG3, or Russell Wilson. Hartline is just giving opponents bulletin board material for motivation.

Why is everyone down on Martin being our LT? Did he not protect Andrew Luck's blindside for 4 years? Andrew wasn't scrambling for his life his whole college career for him to be drafted No. 1 was he? Martin came in last year a LT converted to RT because of Long; when Long got hurt he had to switch back to the Left side. That is a difficult thing to do since your stance is different and most of his weight as a LT is on your right leg. Sure he didn't do awesome in his 4 games but he was playing RT for 12. Martin will become a very good LT. He just needs this offseason and training camps to get acclimated back to the LT position, unless he's done so already.


What Hartline said isnt so bad.. as he said its all is determined by QB play..
There is a difference between what Hartline is saying vs what a Dansby wouldve said.. stating this is the #1 defense in the NFL and Smith and Vonte are the best db duo..
I guess it takes someone reading what he says in context

YG @7:49

Dashi Is Dashi.

Even When I Use Another Name, My Writing Style Stays The Same.

And I Don't Deny Using Another Name. We Had This Discussion Yesterday.

And Oscar,

Dashi Is White, Cause White Is Always Right.

That Is A Joke Now Don't Get Offended People.

When The Heat Play To Their Potential They Are Almost Impossible To Beat.

Who's Fault Is It When They Lose?

Any Other Team, Any Other Sport. Who's Fault Is It When The Most Talented Team Loses?

With That Said. If Spo Wins Another Title He Will Be A HOF Coach.

Only 5 Coaches Have Ever Won More Than 2 Titles In The NBA.

5-J. Kundla

And 7 Others Have Won 2.

If Spo Would've Been On His Job From The Get He Would Be Joining The Elite 5 This Season. Not Next Season.

He Will Probably Be The Youngest Coach To Win Multiple Titles Though. Haven't Checked That Stat Up. But It Will Probably Be True. I Know Riley And Phil Were Older When They Won Their 2nd Title.

12-4 , brother!!!! Whatcha gonna doooooo, when HArtline, the miami dolphsters, and all my Dolphamaniacs, run wild on yoooou!?!???



What good is having the best WR corp in the AFC East when you got the worst QB in the AFC East?

What good is having the best WR corp in the AFC East when you got the worst QB in the AFC East?

Posted by: JackSparrow | May 13, 2013 at 09:40 PM

I must have missed it, when did we trade for Sanchez???

If a troll is someone who posts under different names and a huge number of regulars here use different names to post then why do we even bother using the term here?

It's completely meaningless.

If Spo Wins Another Title He Will Be A HOF Coach.

Posted by: Dashi | May 13, 2013 at 09:16 PM



Try "when."

The Miami Heat are the most dominant team in professional sports right now.

Well, they have the worst QB in the AFC east...........

Manny, you're a fraud and you post virtually no actual information.

Well, they have the worst QB in the AFC east...........

Posted by: Howie | May 13, 2013 at 09:58 PM

So, other than Brady who would you want??

yeah fins def have second best qb in east

Because thats not the definition of a troll. Trolls dont know the definition because they dont see what they do as wrong which only makes them ignorant. But the definition has been explained in this blog many times so those who still dont understand are either stupid or new.

This is like having Brandon Marshall without a QB. Receivers are useless when you dont have a QB.

You idiot heat fans do realize your playing a team who is missing four starters including two all stars right? Stop stroking yourselves

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