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Hartline: Dolphins have best receivers in AFC East

Brian Hartline looks at the Dolphins receiving contingent and he sees Mike Wallace, and Brandon Gibson and tight end Dustin Keller. You know what else he sees? The best receiving corps in the AFC East.

"Absolutely, I think we are," Hartline said Monday on NFL AM. "The whole passing game I think is an advantage of ours."

I like the confidence. And the analysis is probably correct.

The Jets' best wide receiver is still Santonio Holmes and he's recovering from ACL surgery while Mark Sanchez security blanket Keller is gone to MIami. The Patriots lost Wes Welker in free agency and tight end Rob Gronkowski has been forced to have multiple surgeries on his forearm and might need another one. The Bills have Stevie Johnson, a very good No. 2 wide receiver, but they don't have a lot after him and, by the way, they think Johnson is a No. 1.

So it can be argued that on paper Miami does have the best receiving corps in the AFC East.

But the thing I appreciate more about Hartline is he's bright enough to see beyond the obvious and in his interview with the NFL AM crew he also said "it's a quarterback league."

And having great quarterback play is more important than having great receiver play. You'll remember in 2008, the Dolphins had the best QB play in the AFC East. Chad Pennington rarely made any mistakes. He found open receivers. And with a mediocre receiving corps, he led the Dolphins to the AFC East title. (It also helped that Tom Brady wasn't on the field that year while recovering from knee surgery.)

So excuse me if I hold off on celebrating how great Miami's receivers are until a couple of things happen:

1. They show it on the field.

2. Their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is everything you and the Dolphins expect him to be. (Yes, I'm simply going to observe on this one. I've been burned by high expectations for past Dolphins quarterbacks so I'm going to wait until I actually see it from Tannehill before I believe it, if you don't mind.)

If Tannehill plays at a high level, Miami might indeed have the best receiving corps in the division and be able to prove it. Without Tannehill playing well, the best receiver corps will be just another piece of an incomplete puzzle.


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Stop stroking yourselves

Posted by: Reality | May 13, 2013 at 10:19 PM

I have nobody else to st roke.


Should've Said When.

I Do Have Him Repeating Next Season. (Keep Reading)

I Understand The Need To Critique Everything Dashi Says. But C'mon Son.

As The Biggest Spo Detractor. I Give You The Biggest Gem That Would Make You Love Him. None Of The Spoaholics Drop Any Knowledge. They Just Like Him Because He Is The Heat Coach. That Isn't A Good Enough Reason In My Book.


I Still Think Spo Is An Incompetent Coach.

Why Does He Start M. Chalmers When Everyone Knows N. Cole Is The Better Player And Has More Potential.

But After This Title He Will Earn My Respect. And He Will Probably Be A Lifetime Coach For The Heat. Doubt With How Loyal The Heat Organization Is That They Let Him Go. Even After The Big 3 Retires. And He Has To Really Coach Basketball.

The Fins Have The 2nd And 3rd Best Qbs In The Division.

I Put G. Smith #4.

Why Did The Jets Have To Pick Him.

You Keep Trolling Dashi


Unlike Your Blasphemy. More Than Just Dashi Can't Stand You.

Dashi ia an incompetent poster. He's the perfect example of why they should give basic intelligence tests before they sell computers to dumb idiots!

g smith is horrible also. manuel will be much better for bills

Dashi, tell us again how Chad Henne will be a HOFer. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mando is a chooch A big huge chooch

Yes it means penis

Mando sucks

Mando is a mets and jets fan

Both M Sanchez(4 playoff wins) and Geno Smith are better then Tannehill.

I'm a casual fan and havent looked this up but a friend told me Mike Wallace was the 32nd ranked WR. If thats true whats all the fuss about?

sanchez and smith are horrible. how dumb can u be

sanchez and smith are horrible. how dumb can u be
Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 13, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Dunno. But not nearly as dumb as resorting to name calling when your opinion isnt shared.

The dolphins stink until they don't stink. 4 losing seasons in a row stinks. They stink until they don't.

This blog is a freaking mess. I'm ROTFLMAO how dashi, dustybottom and bark odin sit yg think Im using aliases.

The real troll using the aliases you're accusing me of is also ROTFL how big a dumbasses you are too.

Do you crave being wrong so badly you're willing to embarrass f'uck out of yourselves? If so, you're much dumber than I've ever given you credit for. LOL...

The guys at Universal Draft did a tape of every carry Daniel Thomas had in 2012 and the video doesn't look good for him. Thomas shows much inconsistency in his running and some tentative running as well as not being able to identify the hole. Miller, however, didn't lose yardage last year and ran the ball very effectively while he was in there. There's a lot of competition in camp this year so penciling in Thomas as the #2 at this point in time isn't a given. This is not the 2012 Dolphins. There's Miller, Jonas Gray, Mike Gillislee, Marcus Thigpen and Cameron Marshall. Of all of those guys there's 2, Gillislee and Marshall who have the best shot at unseating Thomas. One of them will, while the other should still earn a roster spot. Both are very good backs and both have completely different styles. Marshall is more power than either Thomas or Gillislee. He squats in excess of 525 lbs and runs thru arm tackles easily. He is much more difficult to bring down than Thomas and is a bit more athletic.
As far as receivers are concerned, I agree with Hartline. With Wallace, Hartline, Gibson and Matthews they definitely have the best receivers in the EAST. If they decide to use Thigpen in the slot because of his 4.4 speed and his experience playing receiver from when he was with the Hamilton TigerCats you have another reason to believe they are the best and could approach the best in the AFC. Throw in Terrell Sinkfield, however, and now you have the makings of a receiver corps that's tough to match. The kid is something special and getting him as a PFA after the draft is probably going to be one of the best moves Ireland ever made as a gm.

From NFL Total Access:

Top receiving trio per 2012 yds:

1. Thomas, Decker, Welker (Den)3,852
2. Jones, White, Douglas (Atl) 2,944
3. Wayne, Hilton, Heyward-Bey (Ind) 2,822
4. Jackson, Williams, Ogletree (TB) 2,816
5. Hartline, Wallace, Gibson (Mia) 2,610

Jets made playoffs in spite of Sanchez poor play.



Geno Smith? Hahaha

Lou, way too long dude.

Posted by: Professor Lou | May 13, 2013 at 11:45 PM

Totally, totally meaningless stat. Many of these guys were on different teams, offenses, and qb's throwing the football.

NFL Total Access needs to take this stat and shove it back up their ass. This has to be the most meaningless stat I've ever seen in my life.

Wallace's numbers are with Big Ben. He'll do much less with T-Hill.

Lou, how can you be a professor if you don't even know how to make logical paragraphs????

A second grader can write a long run on forever sentence too.

Nobody will read you writing like that.

Yeah Lou. Cmon man and shorten those posts up.

Fool, You should be the last one talking about people's writing. Your grammar is ATROCIOUS, Sentence structure is HORRENDOUS, and your vocabulary is MINISCULE to say the least.

And they're deleting perfectly fine post. Expect the Trolls.

Mando, how much is Yesterday's Gay paying you?


Great Stat!

Out of anything the numbers will be better for the Dolphins Trio. The Fins pass the ball more than the Steelers and the Rams.

odinseye, you really have no idea what you are talking about. if you think you know ANYTHING about a guy who played at Oregon, and was always projected to get drafted in the TOP 4 picks, with many projecting him to go #2 overall, you think waaaay too much of yourself. the only things you know of him is what you see on youtube and AFTER draft highlights. the rest of the NFL has been looking at ALL game AND practice tape for 2 years now.

I suspect this is Monkey Boy, the utter ignorance gives him away.

Dumbass, EVERY game Jordan played in 2012 is on youtube. Most of 2011 as well.

Do you live under a rock?

I've watched his games, his highlights, sports science, etc, etc.

Having said that, this place is for posting ideas and opinions. I have just as much right to mine as anyone else.

Just because your ignorant Fvcdk, don't try and drag me down-LOL.

The fact that you think you know that Jordan will struggle to gain "ounces" is F**** hilarious. And that you know the position for him and think you know how to best use him? Even more F**** hilarious. You have no clue dude. Get real.

Posted by: ss1hit | May 13, 2013 at 02:28 PM

Let me guess, your one of those fat bastards that have never been in good shape a day in your life.

Age has nothing to do with it, when you have a body fat % of 3. It's very difficult to gain weight.

I know, you're thinking how easy it is when you sit around eating doritos and drinking steel reserves.

Educate yourself you fat basturd. You're embarrassing. LOL.

Chill Odor, you know sound silly thinking Jordan can't gain weight.

How much body fat did Reggie Bush have before the Dolphins beefed him up?

NFL players have some of the BEST trainers on the planet.

If Odor was a doctor all his pt's would die.


I knew some Sosa's........the WHOLE family was retarded. You dey Kin....?

You are the ONLY one that said Jordan **CAN'T** gain weight. I don't care how retarded you is.....boy, try to comprehend what you read.

I said it is Very Difficult to gain weight when you have a 3% body fat. I know this from common sense and from experience, so save the Tardo Trip.......K?

I also said Jordan may very well develop into a Great DE, but it won't be this year.

He topped out at 248 this year when bulking up for the combine. Once training camp starts in S.Florida and during the long grind of the season, he'll most likely lose weight. Not Gain-Hello.

That's not even the MAIN point Dummy. Jordan will be a much better asset playing all 3 downs. 1st and 2nd at OLB and 3rd down as a pass rusher.

You'll all be eating crow-LOL. Philbin and Ireland didn't sink the 12th and 42nd pick into a situational project-PERIOD!


(But Mando said it, Mando said it, so it MUST be true)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

I should be charging you for the EDUCATION Troll Tard ;)


Seriously Odashe? That's your argument? Jordan will lose weight by week 1 because

it's hot out? You must be the dumbest prick in the world to even fathom that idea.

By your silly logic South Florida would be full of skinny people. But Surgeon General gave Florida a F grade in obesity.

1 minute U idiots talkin bout he only played a few snaps a game now U want him all over the field his rookie year.

I guarantee if the coaches want him bigger and stronger he would be.

Look what the did with J Martin. And he's a wimp.

Oscar Wiener man please entertain us with more of your lovely poems as you did last night. And Do you also recite poetry when you paint toes at the mall?



Yoiu've been posting for 36 straight hours and haven't stated your argument yet.

The only thing we get from you is, Mario's tpp big, he hurts me.

Or ALoco's to wimpy, I like to be man handled.

Look you living, breathing Genetic disorder, Jordan is simply too small too play DE in the NFL-PERIOD! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

I don't care what you're Bone Puffer Boyfriend says, he's wrong too.-PERIOD.

Nuff Said.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Armando and his Bone Puffing Pool Boy thinks you can have 245 lb Defensive Ends in the NFL.

Nate Solder is 6-6 335 lbs.

Do the Math Tard-ROTFLMAO!

(But Odin, Mando said it, he did. It MUST be true.)

That's your argument.......?

Mando said it.....? ROTFLMAO!

Monkey Boy will be hiding out under a different alias now that he showed everyone.....YET AGAIN........just how Fvcking stupid he REALLY is.

Cause Mando said it.........?

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Go phins

Well, back to the Hartline comments....the last time we heard about how our receiving corps stacked up vs. the East or the league came from Wanny & it didn't translate. I think Hartline will be even better vs. predominantly #2 DB's but he HAS TO find the endzone. It DOES all rest with Tannehill, whose accuracy is concerning. This is a 'solid' group as a receiving corp - not a 'special' group by any means. Be careful sellin' Amandola short with Marcia Brady - the guy is a very good WR (when healthy) & now has a MUCH better QB tossin' the rock. I hope Hartline's right but I don't care to hear about it prior to fact/reality.

Shut up and just catch the dam ball.

Miami's receivers need to be better than NE, NY and Buf secondary! they won't be lining up against the opposing teams wideouts. just saying...

I would have traded Hartline and kept Bess and drafted T Austin...that would give us Austin, Wallace and Bess

Stop trying to get us to pay to read articles. It's never gonna happen.

Posted by: TFK | May 13, 2013 at 11:49 AM

Agreed, Advertisement is your option

Our running game will benefit from our WR's. Miller is a home run threat.

No one ever doubled Ginn, even though he had build up speed, because they knew he couldn't catch. Wallace is even faster & is a proven playmaker.

If I'm Sherman, I go 3 wide all year. Make the defense take a LB off the field & 1 less safety in the box = big time rushing attack. Play action passes should be lethal if this is the recipe they choose.

Posted by: LOL | May 13, 2013 at 12:06 PM

I disagree should have Keller on the field more than gibson. He offers more. Blocker and solid Pass catcher.

Hahahaha Hartline is a scrub who caught 1 TD last year and has had ONE big game in his 5 year career, Wallace is a one trick pony who's career high in receptions is 72(and that's with Big Ben throwing to him)and Gibson is a scrub. Hartline is nuts and this article was written with homer glasses on.

Tannehill showed me plenty last year to be excited bout this franchise's future. Considering the talent he had to work with and the fact that he was a rookie who was considered to be a project since he had little college experience, I thought he was very impressive. He didn't have the running game rg3 and Wilson had. To me he has a more promising future and injuries is not a concern like it is with rg3. I wouldnt trade him for either qb.

The Bills have Stevie Johnson, a very good No. 2 wide receiver, but they don't have a lot after him and, by the way, they think Johnson is a No. 1."

Do any of these Dolphin receivers have 3 straight years of 1000 yards or more? 23 TDs over the three years? Didn't think so. You know who are the only other receivers with three straight 1000 yard seasons? Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones. I don't see any of your receivers in their category. The fact is Stevie plays hurt, without a real #2 on the other side and no one can cover him. Just ask Revis.

I rather have the best QB in the league...

From NFL Total Access:

Top receiving trio per 2012 yds:

1. Thomas, Decker, Welker (Den)3,852
2. Jones, White, Douglas (Atl) 2,944
3. Wayne, Hilton, Heyward-Bey (Ind) 2,822
4. Jackson, Williams, Ogletree (TB) 2,816
5. Hartline, Wallace, Gibson (Mia) 2,610

Posted by: Professor Lou | May 13, 2013 at 11:45 PM

LOL....so we mixing and matching stats now? That's the most silliest BS I have ever seen. Looks like some shish you get off Madden 2012.

Wow...Miami propaganda. So who in buffalo said Stevie is a no. 1? Woods and Johnson...may not be number 1, but qb play will be the deciding factor. Think about what Johnson has done, with what he had to work with. Not bad for a 7th rounder

First off, im a lifer dolphins fan. Wanna see these young guys bring us a superbowl "someday"...love confidence in players...but lets not become the next new york jets team predicting superbowls or this and that. Mark sanchez got way to full of himself, and his big ego along with rex ryans was the downfall of that whole team. Confidence does not mean arrogance or ego or somrbody to full of themselves..hopefully qb tannenhill remains humble no matter how great he might ever become...fans wanna see greatness on gamedays, not players overly thinking to much of themselves...your not superbowl contendors yet so keep working hard at iy...talent alone dont win superbowls..

Yes i do think if qb tannenhill stayed in college and came out in this yeara nfl draft he would of been the top qb taking in this years nfl draft by a mile..matt barkley or geno smith cant hold tannenhills clipboard. Backup qb matt moore would of been better than anu qb in this years nfl draft also!

Funny how he post nfl wr tandems when hartline only said best in afc east...funny how he tried to sneak that past us....

Lets go phins! gonna be an exciting year...dont put stupid expectations on this team...goal should be win afc east and make playoffs, then adjust from there!!!


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