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He said, she said turns against Florida speaker

Mike Dee and Stephen Ross say Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford promised them their bill, which in part would have allowed an election on Sun Life Stadium upgrades to go forward, would be heard and voted on during the last legislative session.

It wasn't. Weatherford closed the session without picking up the bill.

But Weatherford denies he ever promised to let the bill be heard as the Dolphins CEO and the Dolphins owner are contending.

“At no point during the process were any promises made to hear the Dolphins Stadium bill on the House floor. It's no coincidence that we haven't heard about this so-called commitment until after the bill died," Weatherford said in a statement to The Miami Herald.

So stalemate, right? He said. She said. Right?

Not quite.

Dee said other people heard Weatherford make the statements the Dolphins contend he said. And I found one of those people on Thursday.

"I was in the room with Mike Dee and Steve Ross and did hear what they heard," South Florida Super Bowl bid committee chairman Rodney Barreto said. "And yes, I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that the people of Dade County were not given the opportunity to vote and that's a huge disappointment.

"This is a democratic process and [the legislators] were approving nothing more than allowing the people to vote. And I think that's lost in all this finger pointing, that we had an election going on and 40,000 people voted already and they should have had the opportunity to finish that vote."

Sources close to the discussions between the Dolphins and Weatherford say other people also heard Weatherford tell the Dolphins the bill would be heard. One of those persons, according to a source, is Turnberry Associates Principal Jeffrey Soffer.

Soffer, whose company owns portions of the Fountainbleau Hotel and Aventura Mall, was present when Weatherford and the Dolphins spoke on at least one occasion.

Messages left for Soffer at Turnberry Associates have not been returned. 




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Nice piece of reporting. thx

Weatherford also lied when he said support for the bill was mostly negative.

What a suprise! A politician who lies and is only interested in his won agenda. Not sure how everthing works down there but the people of Miami would do well to get this guy out. I'm guessing as Speaker of the House this isn't an elected position but where there's a way there's a will. It's clear that this guy doesn't represent the people. Must be a way to get rid of this corrupt clown.

Folks don't care whether an individual in a goverment/political office is corrupt or not. All they care about is the letter beside their name...
(D) or (R) when they vote,
and that's it...

Move the team up here to Syracuse NY, oh wait if they do that, the NFL would have to give Buffalo a team

lets enjoy the last few years we have left with the fins


That's kind of dumb. I understand what you're saying and I know the US system is like that. It always amazing me it's that way. The people should want someone who actually cares about them and what's best for them. It's clear that's not who this guy is.

Mark (if you're still around),

Could be our Dolphins will be moving to Canada. Toronto's wanted a team for a long time. Sets up a natural rivalry with the Bills.

I pray this doesn't happen. Toronto will find a way to screw this up, as they've down with all their other pro sports teams. (Tough one for the Leafs last night. I think they're done).

When pressed to pick the correct answer in the "Guess Who's Lying?" game, between a politician and any other human, the answer 99.8% of the time, is The Politician. On the other hand, when pressed to pick the correct answer in the "Guess Who's Lying?" game, between a politician, and, say, Satan, I'd pick Satan .2% of the time.

Craig, if you listened to the fan590 this morning, that was me on the radio with Greg Brady asking him why he loves Dion Phaneuf so much.. I hate the guy (Phaneuf, not Brady). I don't think he explained why he does, he just thinks he's a #1 guy. He also put words in my mouth saying I thought the leafs would be better without him, I just said I thought they'd still make the playoffs and should use the money elsewhere because he isn't earning it (they need a true #1 Centrea nd I think the Phaneuf money shoudl be tabbed there ina future trade with someone - I mean Rick Nash got traded, guys get sold all the time). Overall i think the Leafs tried their best and left it all out there. This was just a horrible match up for them and they probably ahve at least deserved to be even right now but deserve has nothing to do with it.

Anyway, yeah, Rogers would be all over the Dolphins if they thought they could pry them loose.


Weatherford represents the 38th district, that's pretty much Orlando area. I don't think Orlandons gives a damn what he does to Miami.

So its doubtful this leads to his ouster. Though his advisory in the next election can use it as ammunition against him.

Steven Ross will probably be a huge contributor to Weatherford's opponent in the next election.

This is just dumb, why not let people vote on it? I also can not see Miami without the dolphins. No offense to the other teams of Miami, the Heat, Marlins or Panthers, even if they are considered Miami.

The last one people can see Miami without is the Dolphins. I would think.

I'm rememnded of a line from the movie Red October...

Jeffrey Pelt: "Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops. But it also means I keep my options open".

That's about all you need to know about the people who represent us. I really hope Ross, Dee and the media expose this lying POS for what he is.

YG @ 2:38 ... that is the surest bet one can make ...

Only reason I root for the Dolphins is because they are city of Miami. The only move that I can palate them making is Palm Beach or Miami area.

Any other move, I'll hate them more than the Bills, Pats, and Jets combined!

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever,
"...Though his advisory in the next election...."

Since you're always so quick to point out other people's spelling errors adversary and advisory are 2 different words with different meanings.


Agree with CamelJoe @ 2:47

Hey TiredFish: If there was a politician, Wallstreet stock broker and a lawyer playing "Guess who is lying" who'd win?

GO PHINS 2013!!!

You do not speak politician, what Weatherford said means that Ross did not pay him as much as Brahman did. Weatherford is in someone pocket and obviously it was not Ross's pocket. For the guy to not even let the citizens vote on the issue is criminal and is really the way that these people operate. I know that in the next election I will be donating a few dollars to Weatherfords opponent as I am sure Ross will do as well. He made a very powerful enemy (Ross not me) and I am sure this will probably end his political career.

Ireland lowballed the proposed payoff to the politician and the vote did not take place.

When Ireland lowballs free agents and politicians, and they walk away, Ireland has not helped the team.

Well YG you and Craig arent 2 peas in a pod cause he can care less if they leave Miami

Agree with JoseCuervo @2:50

Agree with CamelJoe @ 2:47

Posted by: JoseCuervo | May 09, 2013 at 02:48 PM

You 2 agree on every single post. Are you life partners?

If so, is it Joe's front or rear cameltoe you enjoy most?

YG @ 2:45, I agree for the most part. They were (I know you know) the 1st pro team in Fla. Before that, I used to root for the old Baltimore Colts only because of an uncle who lived there. Kinda cool when Shula took over here.

i agree, when they move im not a fan.

Why do I hear some clowns always say that ir was Ireland who lowballed or tried to lie to Weatherford. Irelands duties are strictly football related. Not financial or business related.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't destroy all of my Miami Dolphins memorabilia because of it. I would just no longer be a fan once they left the State of Florida.

But, the way the nfl has the 3 nfl markets sliced here, the only in State move would be "The Miami Area".

I don't think I would be a fan if they leave the Miami area. In fact I would quit on Football as of now. Maybe that would change, but as of now, no more NFL foor me if the Phins leave the Miami Florida "area".

Bring back the Orange Bowl!!!!

Kick the Marlins out, and build a new staduim where it should have been built in the first place.

Stupid people run this country, it should be about the people, and what the people want.


Dolphins Superbowl, REVOLUTION!!!! Hows with me!!!!

Let's face it, The Cowboys are in Arlington, The Patriots are in Foxborow, the Lions were in Pontiac etc...
The Dolphins in Palm Beach? Anything is possible.

Another frickin lying politician. SMDH (except he left witnesses ahoh)


I missed you on the FAN this morning. To be honest, I've grown very tiresome of the FAN and the whole Toronto sports scene. Overanalysis all the way around and the teams are huge disappointments. Good for the Leafs for making the playoffs this year but they'll have a LONG way to go before they earn my respect again. I mean, making the playoffs once in ten years when half the leagus makes the playoffs....DISMAL. A once proud franchise have become irrelevant outside of TO.

Your points on Phaneuf are well made. The only thing I would say is, I think if he wasn't making the money he is, he'd be adequate. Not sure he's captain material or even a number one defenceman. I agree with you. But because of the money he gets all that by default. Only thing I'd say is they gave up nothing of consequence to get him.

Funny things about Brady....he BLOCKED me on Twitter. I didn't swear or get rude with him but I guess he couldn't handle that I challenged him on some of the things he says on there. Bit sensitive really.....which is too bad cause I liked the guy. Did you know he was a Dolphin fan. I took exception to the fact that halfway through the year he said Houston, while it might have been the best team in the AFC at the time, probably had about 8 teams better than them in the NFC, including teams like Minnesota and Chicago. I didn't like that comment.

To think we spent a couple of Billion Dollars building a stadium for a team nobody cares about in South Florida. That same stadium is now closing the upper Deck to fans because attendance is so poor. In other words we have wasted half of the money for a stadium that one and a half years into it's life is already obsolete.
The Marlins should be playing at Mark Light Field. Even then I don't this they could sell out.


Thanks for the update on Weatherford. Like I said, I'm too far removed to have a good understanding of what the inner workings are down there. It's not getting great coverage up here and I haven't been watching the NFL network too much since the draft.


You need to keep up. DD, showed me the error of my ways. I don't want to see the Dolphins move from Miami. DD was right, it wouldn't feel like the sane team. So I'm hopeful things can be worked out there.

a politician worrying about his own re-election bid instead of its constituents. Never happens in this country. This country is built on lobbyist trying to buy our elected officials. We need term limits in all aspects of our government,

Why do I hear some clowns always say that ir was Ireland who lowballed or tried to lie to Weatherford. Irelands duties are strictly football related. Not financial or business related.

Posted by: John | May 09, 2013 at 02:58 PM

That is just the trolls and the ignorant fans who will always blame Ireland for everything. Sparano and Henne are gone so that's what's left to blame on everything Dolphins related.

Craig, one last one re: Phaneuf (because this isn't the place). Calgary just wanted out from under the contract - they knew they weren't gettting anything except an exit startegy in trading him and it was the right call. Good for Toronto for trying it because they ahd nothing going on at the time - but it hasn't worked at that price and I think the Leafs would do well just by letting him walk. Morgan Reilly will be a more than deserving eventual replacement.

I also made the same point to Brady that I'd have no problem with Phaneuf if he was on the second pairing and making half of what he makes. The cap hit makes him unbearable. At 10% + of a total cap the production and intrinsic value just doesn't equal.

As far as Brady goes. I think he's smart and backs his opinions up pretty well. i seldom agree but I like listening to him present his case. IN this case, I never heard a valid reason. Every radio guy needs to have a controversial opinion and I think he's the only guy in the region's sports scene that thinks the guy is a stud. everyone needs their schtick I guess..

Albert, I was recently in Miami, your baseball stadium is nice but where is it ... just seems to stick out of nowhere and there's all that nice empty space near the port where the AA is...

Wow,YG4L is here, T cant believe it..

Albert- the NY Giants and Jets play in New Jersey

And the Lions haven't played in Pontiac in forever. Ford Field is smack dab in downtown Detroit, right over the CDN border. Nice place.


Some good points. I agree with you on Brady...I like the guy but very rarely agree with him. Maybe that's what makes him good. He doesn't just mimic what others say. We actually have similar interests. His roots are English/mine Scottish. And he's a big EPL fan. Knows quit a bit about it actually.

Damian Cox blocked me too. What's with all these sensitive media people? Freedom of speech, should be free to challenge and yet they don't like it when they question them on something. Bit weak-kneed to be honest.


Albert- the NY Giants play in New Jersey but the NY Jets SUCK in New Jersey.

Posted by: Tru | May 09, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Funny things about Brady....he BLOCKED me on Twitter. I didn't swear or get rude with him but I guess he couldn't handle that I challenged him on some of the things he says on there. Bit sensitive really.....which is too bad cause I liked the guy.

Posted by: Craig M | May 09, 2013 at 03:12 PM

Well, good to know snobbish attitude is also dispised elsewhere.

You don't have to be rude or curse to come off as an obnoxious, smug, egotistical snob. That's why.

Speaking of block buttons, if only this blog had one so we could all block from having to read your self absorbed redundant posts.

Always the funny guy.....trying growing a name and then maybe will take you seriously.


Damian Cox blocked me too. What's with all these sensitive media people? Freedom of speech, should be free to challenge and yet they don't like it when they question them on something. Bit weak-kneed to be honest.

Posted by: Craig M | May 09, 2013 at 03:31 PM

More evidence that you just aren't very likable. WE'RE SHOCKED!

Do we need more proof of what a swell fellow you are or do you want to provide more names of more people who block you?


Craig, too many people just like to talk and never listen. That was my experience even with calling in today. I never did it before and what happened is I was allowed to ask my question, he returned with a yes or no answer and then I was cut off and he's allowed to twist what I said or put words in my mouth with no retort. I will probably never call in again anywhere as it doesn't provide an adequate platform for discussion.

You know you're a loser when you have no shame to admit that people block you on social media sites.


It's blatantly obvious that the things said about you on this blog are true. It's obviously not the only place where your smug, condescending, smarter than thou attitude is not welcome.

But, the sad part for us is that you can't take a hunt & we don't have a block button too!

Like I said, pal....go find yourself a NAME and try being normal for a change. Until you do you're just noise.

Like I said, pal....go find yourself a NAME and try being normal for a change. Until you do you're just noise.

Posted by: Craig M | May 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Tell us how it feels to be blacklisted on Twitter?

You don';t even realize how pathetic you just made yourself look!


Buddy....what's the FASCINATION with me? Get a life, d8ck!!

On and on and on....paragraph after paragraph. You keep saying 'nobody reads your comments', 'nobody cares what you say'.....but there you are like a CHUMP, responding, post after post.

For the last time, be a MAN, use your actual name and leave me the fukk alone. OK, dyckweed?

can't take a hunt??

how you like me now? is an idiot

belongs with the NY Jets fan base

Nah nah nah nah.....

What are you 6?

I couldn't care less that some guy blocked me on Twitter. Do you think I'm the first person to be blocked by someone? I made the point that I think both people are being overly sensitive. You weren't there, so what would you know about it? You don't even know who we're talking about. But go on, tell us more....tell us all about it. You've got it all figured out.

You're pathetic man.....until you use ONE name and a REAL one, you'll continue to be. Have fun!!

One other thing dyckweed,

You can BLOCK me ANY time you like. Here's how it works:

Simply skip over any time you ever see my name. Pretty obvious you can't do that.....but try.

Who's got the problem again? Exactly....Mr. No-name and no-life.

See ya troll!!

You're such a dyckweed, you probably have never even heard of Twitter before or if you have, you have no clue how it works. It's likely too complicated for you, like using ONE name and not hiding like the fukking coward you are!

If a politician's lips are moving, then he/she is lying. Fact of life!

From the last blog...

By the way, I read this morning that McKinnie will make close to $7 mil next year with the Ravens.


Posted by: Craig M | May 09, 2013 at 01:25 PM


It is a two year deal for approx 7 mill, not one year.

Bryant McKinnie didn’t want to leave Baltimore, but the two-year contract he signed to remain with the Ravens underlines the hard time free agents have had getting paid this offseason.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, McKinnie’s deal has a base value of $6.3 million with incentives that could push it close to $7 million.


The Signal,

Just I re-read that once I'd posted it. Thanks for the clarification, though. Sounds about right for the guy.

As if my name has anything to do with you being unlikable. LOL

Hey, I'd be making up excuse after excuse to not talk about it either.

You are hoping Armando posts a new topic asap so no one will read what a pathetic low life you are.

You can't even get people to talk to you electronically!

glad mckinnie didnt come here. let the ravens have his lazy ass. ravens ozzie newsome great gm though, made some great moves this offseason to keep them on top

And yet....

There you are AGAIN.....talking to me ELECTRONICALLY.

What else you got Sherlock? You're o-fer so far....

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