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Impressions of rookie camp -- all one day of it open to media

Unlike other NFL teams, the Dolphins rookie camp is closed to the public and closed to the media after the first day. So the three-day event is mostly, well, closed.

But these are my impressions of what I saw the one day it was open:

First round draft pick Dion Jordan didn't practice and so didn't do anything impressive yet, as I write in my column. He'll miss a couple of OTA days. He'll be back for the June minicamp but probably still won't be ready to work. He's looking to take care of his shoulder injury and be ready for competition during training camp.


Former Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs, an undrafted rookie free agent signee, knows how to make an impression. He was a walk-on at Michigan and rose to prominence and had something of a cult following in Ann Arbor. He knows the way to draw attention and that's hit. He did plenty of that, taking some liberties at times in the defensive backfield. He also had an interception. So he's got my attention, at least.


Yes, running back Mike Gillislee was good in his first practice of rookie camp. He ran with authority. He hit the crease hard. No shuffling of his feet. No chopping. I like that. Will that translate to anything once hitting starts? No idea. But good start.


The competition for kicker will be real. Kicker Caleb Sturgis connected on a couple of 50-yard tries. No, he's still not been in the fire of a pressure kick with his job on the line. But the kid kicked in The Swamp for the Gators. He's played in front of crowds much bigger than what the Dolphins will see in the preseason. I don't get the vibe that he'll be nervous.


The Dolphins need to find good athletes and good system-fit players when searching for corners. Let's face it, Sean Smith wasn't a fit. He's better as a press corner. The Dolphins don't play press coverage. Jamar Taylor seems better suited for the off-man scheme the Dolphins use. And he said what he's seeing from coaches is similar to what he saw at Boise State.

“Most of it is similar, just different terminology you’ve got to get used to," Taylor said. "But most of the plays are kind of similar.”


The Dolphins brought a couple of QBs to camp, including undrafted free agent Clay Belton of Findlay. He's has a way to go. A long way. His delivery is methodical. Takes too long. His accuracy is inconsistent. His footwork needs to be tightened up. He has a live arm, that's for sure. But I understand why he wasn't drafted.


I mentioned Jamar Taylor above. Third round pick Will Davis looked every bit as natural and like he belonged. He had an interception. Good first day.


Receivers Jeff Fuller and Brian Tyms -- both with the Dolphins last year -- were at the first day of rookie camp. Inconsistent. All I'm saying on that.


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No word on the other Dion?

Big Alfy,

Thanks for the shout out on the last blog. Always good to hear from you, man. This place is better when we get a post from you from afar. Be well!

Thanks Armando!

We just need something to chew on with this team. Real impressions on these guys.

"Dion Jordan didn't exactly jump out of the blocks to start his NFL career, and that's not an aspersion but simply the truth."

You say you are not casting aspersions, but the demeaner of your entire article is one of a skeptic with an overriding tone of pessimsm.

Remember Mario Williams was drafted first overall and didn't have the lofty expectations you are putting on Dion. Yet. nobody is saying Mario was the wrong pick. Others drafted lower than Dion may have done well, but just maybe they had a much better supporting cast?

How about giving the guy a chance to play instead of publicaly announcing your demands on him as to what constitutes success?

If you are going to define his success to number of sacks as opposed to his overall impact on the defense, then your scope is already too narrow.

That quote I posted was from Armandos article, my post was directed at him.

But Mando, How could Jordan impress since these are non contact drills and he's limited recovering from surgery? Seems like you're riding the guy. There's no need to worry about him or Dallas Thomas until the real training camp opens 2+ months from now. There's no sense in risking long term health for a rookie minicamp.

Very happy to hear about the rest of the team. Sounds like Philbin was impressed with their energy.


Great points @10:27am. The guys name was announced by our team barely a weak ago and already people are demanding success. Completely unrealistic!! would it be OK if the guy heals and gets acclimated to the NFL before people start calling him a 'bust'.

I'm seeing the next few months already. And it'll be the same clowns who are enjoying his success 2-3 years down the road. Laughable!

Mando How Is Kovac A Good Hitter. When They Weren't Even Wearing Pads.

Gillislee Will Probably Be A Good #2. He Lacks Home Run Speed. You Guys Complained That Who Is Going To Replace Reggie? Not Gillislee Is For Sure. We Have L. Miller. A Natural.

Had High Hopes For The Rookie Qb, But At Best He Sounds Like A Practice Squad Player.

D. Jordan Will Be Ready For Training Camp.

It Takes 3-4 Months To Fully Recuperate From Labrum Surgery. And He Isn't A Qb. So He Doesn’t Have To Build Back His Throwing Strength.

Heck, He Ran And Jumped At The Combine.

If You Are Telling Me He Ran A 4.62-40 On 1 Arm. That Is Impressive To Me.

Yes, You Use Your Arms When You Run. Try Running With 1 Arm In A Sling. YOU Run A lot Slower.

Clearly you have a problem with Jordan. Idk why, but I am sure when the season starts, you'll change your tone.

Dion Jordan sidelined. Great pick Ireland.

Could've had 2 healthy players instead of an injured guy with questions. YIKES!

Yeah, I don't like Armando's tone when it comes to Dion Jordan. Did you read his article about Dion need to pay back the investment based on his high draft status? Duh. Armando, leave Dion alone. You are trying to drive up expectations when you should be cutting the kid some slack

Steve, it was a great pick, you're showing your ignorance.

Pro Dion people take a chill. Im pro Jordan, and you know what? Im now letting preconceived dion Jordan criticism roll off of my back like water on a Duck.

In the end, its only Dion Jordan who will mount the best defense of himself by playing the best defense with his onfield play.

So let the detractors say what they will. Only Dion Jordan will have the final say.

4 months till the season. the players need to get in shape, learn and get better, and be consistent. starting week one we need to win, win, win! better offense, better defense, more wins, playoffs, division title, afc championship, superbowl!

Would all of you Ireland haters and logo haters and negative commenters please go find another team. Your negativity is really annoying and does'nt help anything. If this team irritates you so much why don't you go be a jets or bills fan. The Dolphins don't need whiners like you anyway. You're probably the same jerkoffs that boo at the stadium. Oh, no, you probably don't even support the dolphins by going to some games. Probably just sit in front of the TV and run your ignorant mouths on forums like tihs. smdh.

Armando is simply setting the table so he can bash Ireland if, and I say if, Jordan does not produce as expected by October.

Despite the fact that every single draft expert had Jordan as a top 5 pick/player, Ireland will be a fool for picking Jordan if he does not "produce" thru the first 4 games of the year.

That's the strategy Armando is pursuing here.

The negativity an be annoying at times, but, many are only diehard fans screaming:

"Team Ive loved so long, I beg you please, prove me wrong!"

That in it itself is a huge positive.

D. Jordan Is Mando's New Recipient Of Hate. Since J. Ireland Has Actually Become A Good GM.

Dashi Is Still Happy We Were Able To Trade Up To #3 and Only Use A 2nd To Do It. That We Got Probably The Best Athlete In The Draft. And He Plays A Position Of Need.

Forget The Foresight That Ireland Is Showing. Picking A High Quality DE While Wake Still Has A Couple Years Left. Having O. Vernon and D. Jordan Already On The Team. Ireland Has Always Said, Once You Have A Strength You Keep Stockpiling.

...This is where I disagree with people on Jordan. And Craig I am not "twisting your words" as you claimed I was a few days ago. You said at 10:43 that there are already people demanding success. I would be one of them. You said that this quote "Completeley unrealistic" to which I simply say Phoey.

I don't get why we cannot expect this player to be good right away. Why shouldn't we expect him to make some contributions. And why if he doesn't does it make those(myself) in that LARGE group who think he should(be a contributor) scream bust?

I have certainly never said this(I'm not saying you are implying I did) I have said it would be seen as a disappointing season if Jordan was ordinary, if he was overmatched. If the team couldn't find a niche for him right away..All of these are possibilities. It doesn't mean bust. It is totally fair, and objective to call it like the truth. Not this built in excuse mechamism(that is how I see it..sorry)

Also, don't compare this to Mario Williams..The Texans didn't trade up 9 spots in the first round to take this guy. Each pick, each player is a different story. All we know is we traded up to get the guy we had to have. We didn't do this with the idea it would be "completely unrealistic" for him to be a contributor this year

I'll tell the truth, before the draft, how many here expected or would have condoned trading t the #3 spot to take Jordan? I wouldn't have.

Hell, when finding we traded to the #3 spot, I was so happy we hadn't traded that high for Lane Johnson it was a helluva relief to hear Jordan's instead.At that time I would have even rather heard Tavon Austin announced as our 3 overall pick instead of Johnson.

Now, it is what is, and at least Lane Johnson wasn't announced as the 3rd overall pick. In this, I would have been even more disappointed.

Hey Craig.......Dion Jordan was a disaster today!!!!!

Just kidding. ;p

Typical Irescum draft. Garbage.


When you get a chance, if you already haven't, go to miamidolphins.com and listen to some of Dion Jordan's interviews. The guy sounds very intelligent. He doesn't answer questions with obvious answers that can also be the not so correct answer.

His responses are years above his age. Its easily to see he has great maturity.

So, when I analyze these things with his supposed off the charts athleticism. I see a player with a truly great chance to succeed and become a great defensive force in this league.

YG4E I watched some highlights of Jordan after someone posted he was not a big hitter. What I saw was a guy coached to wrap up tackle because of his big wing span. He engulfs players like the Kraken, they just don't escape.

NostrodamJS (in LA) sez...

1. Most of the complainers about Jordan will end up buying his jersey in a year or two. Jordan will end up being the photo icon when they show match-ups on the TV: Brady vs. Jordan (eg). The rest of the complainers will just find different ways to complain.

2. Gillislee not only has a shot to beat out Miller for starting job, but will end up with more minutes near the end of the season. But neither Gillislee nor Miller is our answer, and we will be signing or drafting our starting RB next year. Miller doesn't have the iron-jaw to push thru traffic, and Gillislee is just not feature back material. I watched every down he ran at Florida, and though he tries very hard, he just can't create anything when it's jammed. With a hole, he's as good as anyone else though. He's a solid back-up, and versatile - just not a feature back.

3. The Jets and Bills are going to fall flat on their faces. Manual is talented but doesn't have any intangibles - my guess is it'll be several years before they know for sure if he's going to blossom or not.
G.Smith is going to be a J.Russell bust. His career film says that once he got game-planned against, he couldn't beat it - even WITH T.Awesome, and S.Bailey. That and the supposed knocks against his work ethic, attitude, and I don't see a multi-million dollar star being very humble on Broadway. The Jets will bend every rule they have, and coax and cajole for at least 3 years before they finally realize their fate.
So... that leaves a solid but not spectacular Miami team sniffing at the Patriots heels on their own. And even though i think Patriots are still better .. I don't think they got very much out of their draft class. So how soon? Not sure. Depends on Tannehill's progress.


I am really surprised you did not devote an entire artcle to bashing the Dion Jordan pick as my sources tell me the following:

Dion did not put his socks on properly yesterday.

He initially put his jock on backwards, until he figured that out.

His fingernails needed cutting.

He disrespected the Fins organization by not getting a proper haircut prior to first day rookie mini-camp - word is he went to SuperCuts for the $15 special.

These are all clear indications that Ireland blew it by picking this guy with the 3rd pick.

...YG..I think we have a good player(Jordan)..none of us know how his career plays out here? Will Jordan be the right fit, can we get the most out of him? All questions that will soon be answered. To me. And this is just how I see it. I think he will be everything as advertised. And I expect this from day 1. I think he will be a big piece to our defense this year. So to me, when I hear that people are saying calm you expectations on this kid. I simply disagree. I think it is justified, and fair, to expect big things right away.

Now of course this may not happen. I may be setting myself up to be disappointed. It won't be the first time. But I will get over it. Put it this way. If Jordan has a less then stellar season, and the team the same. He will not be the reason. But...If he is great. and the team as well...He could be that x factor as to why.

Still, I d understand the fear of those, including Armando, about Ireland trading up for Jordan. It run the risk of boom or bust for the decision alone.

Yes, expending only a 2nd rd pick to move 9 spots to the #3 position can be looked upon as being relatively cheap. But, amongst observationists as fans, the primary question which lingers is:

"Did Ireland get to fancy for his own good in this move?"

We'll have the answer shortly as the regular season comes to a roll.

..Yg.I will check out those interviews when I can..My PC is blocking that site for some reason..

Well, the great news this morning is Ross wont get any charity from the taxpayers. That money should never go for football when schools, police, and fire are in desperate need of funds. Maybe Ross will sell the team to an owner that has winning as a priority instead of raping the fan base of money for his crap on the field product.


Im still of the Parcells philosophy, "If they don't bite as pups, most likely they aint gonna bite".

DD, Philbin said to not expect Jordan to get snaps just because he's a third overall pick. So while he figures out the defense and his role in it do you expect him to unseat a veteran immediately? Forget about his pick status, is that a fair expectation of any rookie?

I hope Jordan comes out like a force of nature but I'm prepared for his role to be limited to start especially seeing how he won't really be healthy enough or eligible enough to practice until training camp is under way.

...J.S.. I have to disagree with you on the RB situation. First if you say that you watched every Florida snap. That makes you a much more qualified observer. I posted yesterday that I saw 2 games. LSU-Florida State. Gillislee was great in both(I posted yesterday it may have been pure coincidence that I caught his 2 best games..Am I correct?) In both those games he looked like a back that was a perfect fit for this scheme..One cut, up the field..Not huge gains, but ample. He caught a few passes. He blocked. In the LSU game he was a mule. Dominated the game. no other way to look at it.

So you say he doesn't do well in traffic. He needs space. Which running backs do well in congested areas? Reggie Bush? So the argument that he needs lanes to run through or he is garbage. Kind of goes against why we took him. We run through cutback lanes. Our running scheme is predicated off this. He fits perfect. Will he have homerun capability? Who knows. I watched Alfred Morris run away from defenses last year. And he didn't have a burning 40 time. Way over-rated. Does Gillislee run hard? Yes. Does he know how to find the creases-or cutback lanes? Yes. Can he be effective? Yes. Will he be effective? Don't know. But to discount him or Miller at this point is a bit unfair. IMO

Man I just want to see this kid running step for step with gronk or hernandez and knock down or pick off some Brady specials.Guess he doesn't pray hard enough huh Mando?

I guess Ross should;ve fired Ireland.

Mando is just looking to get a rise out of people. Of course a number 3 pick better pay dividends! Hello! This is going to continue to be a subject with people bc everyone thought we were trading up for a LT. If we took lane Johnson, mando would probably say something less inflammatory. I also think there is general unrest among the fan base bc Ireland is seemingly ignoring the OT situation and not signing a vet. Based on his behavior I'm thinking he is gonna wait til June 1 before making a signing on an OT. That's what my gut tells me. Meanwhile, some of these guys brought in to audition might get signed elsewhere. That's going to p*ss off some people including myself. One of these guys can be brought in cheaply enough and provide stability.

But the Jordan thing is going to keep coming up when "experts" like Jon gruden flat out say on national tv during the draft that Jordan was a bad draft pick. Yea- Jon gruden is such an expert with drafting people- that's why he got sh*t canned by TB of all places. Oh by the way, why did he get fired? He drafted for sh*t. How can a too 5 prospect in the entire draft be a bad thing,

If Dion draws double and gets 0 sacks, but the team total increases by 50%, why wouldn't Mando consider him a success still. The beauty of team sports in the interwoven nature of it.

..Darkoak. I hate comparisons. I think they are pointless. Unless it is my point I am trying to make(lol)...Anyway. Aldon Smith..A lot of people making this comparison. We will go with him.. He didn't start his rookie year. But he contributed double digit sack stats. He created pressures. He contributed. That is all I am saying. Jordan should be a disruptive player this year. Should we expect double digit sacks? If you want fine. I would say anything more then 7 would be a start. I also know that sacks are not the only barometer of his success, and judging him on this alone is not fair...So add how did he play in space? Did he contribute pressures.

I think it is fair to expect these qualities from Jordan. Some think he may need some time to develop..And that these expectations I have are too much..So we debate.


I watched more than 3 Gators games, and like you, totally disagree with JSLA's Gillislee assessment. Plus, Gillislee is a local high school prospect less than 20 miles away from me. So, Ive been hearing the name much longer.

Like you, for JSLA to make the assessments he made after claiming to have watched "nearly every game", completely boggles my mind too. Its like being two witnesses at a crime scene, with both seeing the details polar opposite.

IMO, this means somebody doesn't know what the hell their looking at. Or someone's telling an out and outright lie.

Also in evaluating Gillislee's 2012 season, how many Gator olinemen were drafted in 2013's draft? Absolute zero!

I like Gillislee better than Miller, because he isn't shy about charging into a hole. But he just doesn't have the chops when it comes to getting the tough yardage. That was always Florida's downfall was the tough yardage run game. They resorted to the QB for tough yards, even when Tebow was there. Their RB stable was full of quick guys who needed space.
Yes, every back wants space, and most every NFL back looks great when they have a nice hole. But in the NFL, you don't get good holes a lot. Bush couldn't hack that either (I wasn't a fan of him as a feature back).
The games you watched, I don't recall specifics, but LSU got game-panned by our blocking scheme, and didn't recover. Once Gillislee had a hole, he excelled. Other games, UF blocking was sorely lacking, and Gillislee had to be creative. He isn't creative.

Miller IS creative. And he's a dangerous threat when he has the ball. What he isn't is hard nosed.
The great traffic runners deliver blows. They lower shoulders, and will themselves the extra yard. Other guys brace for impact, clench and take the blow.
Miller is a taker, not a deliverer.
Bush tried to be tough, he just didn't have the size or strength to beat the solid tackles. Miller might be able to, but he has to change from the back I saw last year. Maybe he will. But I doubt it. It's inside you, not what coach teaches you.

Gillislee was the Gators 2012 offense. The quarterbacking was high consistent at best. Still Gillislee had over a 1000 yards rushing behind both a suspect oline and suspect qb.

It was the Gator defense and Mike Gillislee that allowed the Gators to have the 2012 SEC success that they did enjoy. I mean, what more do you want from the kid?

Can anyone hear not a Gator fan name their qb? How about a wr?

I think his injury and not being able to attend OTAs isn't going to help his cause DD. That said I just read a Bleacher Report article saying if they use Jordan just for pass rushing he has a chance to beat Kearse's record for rookie sacks.


The most important thing you missed if you watched Gator games. QB John Brantley placed fno fear into any defense's heart. Brantley was just signed as a udfa by the Ravens.

The Gators oline sent not 1 onlineman into the nfl by way of draft this year. Its very difficult to access the true abilities of a player without also assessing what he had around him.

This is the most fatal missing element of your assessment of Gillislee. A lesser rb is lucky to have 500-600yds rushing for the Gators last season in similar circumstances. Now shutup and wait for the season to begin. LOL....

Also, Gator TE Jordan Reed should be a far better pro than college tightend. Simply because he'll now have a more talented qb throwing him the football.

Jordan Reed's college production can be considered very low for is talent level. But, of course, he cant throw the ball to himself and catch it too.

If you look at Reeds college production alone, you would wonder what's all of the muss about him too.

YG, as always, you'd argue with me about which direction the sun comes up. You have your opinions, I have mine.

Gillislee was the remainder of the Urban Meyer sytem that had backs as space runners. He was tougher and heavier than the others, and that was why he didn't get more playing time behind Rainey and Demps. But he was as effective when given the shot. What none of the backs could do was run behind Weiss's pro-style blocking. You needed heavier, more bully style backs for that job. Alabama types. And Yes, the blocking did suck, which is why we had trouble winning tight games against solid D-lines.
Gillislee will excell in a system where he can get some space, or swing passes. Supposedly that was Shermans' system, although I saw too much ground-n-pound style last year. And Bush wasn't built for it. Did his best, tried hard, but it's not his game. Miller excels in space too. Hopefully we'll have a lot more of that, the ol' WC offense style, and the backs will fit well. What neither will fit well into is the 1st and 2nd down up the gut runs. Or 3rd and 1 power dive. I'd like to think that's not our offense, but I saw a LOT of that last year. So I'm assuming that will be back to some extent.
But, I suppose I'll see some statistic in your posts to tell me I'm full of it, so I'll be quiet, and let you guys pass around your reasons for making me out to be a moron.
Have a nice Saturday, gents.

Why Ross continues to allow Ireland to do the drafts is mind boggling. Is Ross in a coma or what?

C'mon my brother Zonk, give Ireland credit for a great draft this year. Even Mike Mayock graded it out a B!!! Incredible


Its not an argument. You just think just because a thing's in your brain, it must be correct. You don't take a break to try and evaluate the "know's of what you don't know".

You're a highly intelligent guy, but, seldom do you take it to the next level. For the most part, I too say things prematurely at times. Then later, I may come to totally different thought by trying to examine the knows of what I don't know.

This usually comes after carefully searching for that, oh so important info, that I unknowingly missed. Oh, my bad, on this blog its called "flip-flopping". Human beings are always expected t get it right the first time here. LOL...

There were zero "can't miss" defensive prospects in the draft. And only a few offensive "can't miss" prospects and they were all linemen. So this is why people are getting that queasy feeling, along with excitement when evaluating Jordan. He didn't exactly blow away college competition like Derrick Thomas or Von Miller, or Aldon Smith did. In fact, he wasn't even on the field all that much at Oregon. So either Chip Kelly was a moron, or Jordan is legitimately a project. He has as many "unknowns" as any top-5 pick I've ever seen, minus a few quarterbacks here and there. Teams took a bunker mentality in this draft and played it safe with lots of linemen and trench guys. This is yet another reason why the Jordan pick has been so polarizing among the critics.

Gillislee vs Miller
On first blush you have to give the nod to Miller - he is a tenth of a second faster in the 40, had a year to play in the pros and learn from Bush (much maligned but the best back Miami had since William's great years). Gillislee did not get a lot of opportunity in his first two years (or was not good enough to force getting used) but did will in his last year. Both of them have fresh legs. Should be a good battle. Miller has some advantages but there is more to being a running back than pure speed. Vision. Moves. Toughness and leg strength. Receiving ability. Good to have a competition. I think that Bush leaves big shoes to fill. I hope both of them turn out to be great.

Jordan and Dallas Thomas
The coaches should take their time with Jordan and Thomas. Let the shoulder heal completely. Jordan is a player that can be a complete game changer for Miami. The last thing we need to do is to repeat the mistake made with Long - having him play with an injured shoulder and thereby create a permanent problem that impairs the rest of his career. Vernon is fine and has earned the opportunity to be a starter. Thomas looks like a versatile player who is best utilized not as a starter but as a backup player who can sub into any position where we have a ding. YOU NEVER get through a season with all your offensive linemen intact and HAVE to have backups who are as capable as the starter to fill in the gaps.

Practicing a thing wrong 1000 times doesn't make it right. It only makes it wrong 1000 times.

Monte, I dont see even one good playmaker drafted. Our O is pathetic and needs tons of help. Ireland ignored the O again.


I read your comments to me. The comments I made earlier were not directed to you specifically but rather all those who are expecting success from day one, including Armando. Please me address what you've said to me.

You've said, 'don't compare him to Mario Williams'. Huh? Mario Williams was the first overall pick and the Texans were crticized by many for not picking Bush. If you based it on the first year, you would say they got it wrong taking Williams. Why not compare him to Jordan. They gave Williams HUGE money for being the first overall pick (I think close ot $60 mil), so to me the expectations from day one for a number one pick making huge money should be greater. Jordan on the other hand will make about $20 mil, so a much lesser expenditure.

DD, at the end of the day it's your perogative to do whatever you want. I think under the circumstances, coming off a shoulder injury where he really won't be able to fully particpate for a couple more months, and perhaps learning a new position, the expectations should be tempered. I've also read that Philbin has said he may use Jordan some on special teams this year too. So it's clear to me that Philbin isn't going to have too high an expectation on Jordan either. I don't believe they've drafted him to be a saviour for this YEAR. I've also said I believe Vernon will have better stats than Jordan at the end of the year. I don't believe he'll be the player Jordan will be long term.

I'm fully expecting to hear all the NONSENSE about what a disappointment Jordan is from day one. Respectfully, I'll be laughing....because for me the true test of what Jordan will be is not this year but the next 2-3 years.

And people get defensive because we gave up a second round pick, like it's a SURE thing. Please tell me who the good second round picks are we've had the last few years? Please tell me that 'can't miss' prospect was we should have taken in the second round?

Under the circumstances, with an extra second round pick and an extra third, it was worth the risk. On top of all that, Ireland didn't even give up fair market value for the trade up. He's STOLE the trade-up. So with all that taken into consideration, it was well worth trading for the 'potential' of Jordan.

How about getting a tally of the early vote? would be nice to know what direction thestdium vote's were going.

Dion Jordan = Another Irescum bust?


Last year's "points allowed" stats were totally deceiving. Just go back and look at last year's overall qb's we faced vs this year's schedule. This year's qb schedule is far more difficult.

So no matter what offensive player we drafted, we still weren't going to score points in 2013 as fast as the defense was going to give them up. Our only 2012 save face was that we didn't face more talented qb's.

With this year's offseason and draft theme being pass rush and pass defense. We have a much better chance to compete against the 11 of 16 qb's we face in 2013, without 2012's "free p'ussy" signs plastered on our "sloppy wet" defensive foreheads.

In 2013, we have 2 games against the Jets. 2 games against the Bills. 2 game against the Browns.

Folks, that's only 5 games our defense gets some what of a breather against. The other 11 games, all are, or are possible playoff qb's.

Ireland knows this. So he revamped the lb corps, fortified the pass rushing potential, and refortified the pass defense. there was no way we would score points as fast as the defense would give them up with the qb schedule we face this season.

And....... Ireland did this while also adding a little more scoring punch via fa and drafting of Mike Gillisle. He also added Dion Sims in this draft. So he did do offensive work this offseason.

I don't get a pessimistic tone out of this article. I see a critical eye reporting what is seen. Positive observations were made regarding our new running back, CBs, and kicker. Go back and scan the article again.

Everyone knows Jordan is recovering from surgery. He'll be fine.

And anyone who is still questioning Ireland/Ross/Philbin at this point clearly must have an alterior agenda for bashing this team (Jets fan?) Otherwise, I can't seriously believe that anyone who is a Dolphins fan, and wants this team to win, could be so blind.

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