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Impressions of rookie camp -- all one day of it open to media

Unlike other NFL teams, the Dolphins rookie camp is closed to the public and closed to the media after the first day. So the three-day event is mostly, well, closed.

But these are my impressions of what I saw the one day it was open:

First round draft pick Dion Jordan didn't practice and so didn't do anything impressive yet, as I write in my column. He'll miss a couple of OTA days. He'll be back for the June minicamp but probably still won't be ready to work. He's looking to take care of his shoulder injury and be ready for competition during training camp.


Former Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs, an undrafted rookie free agent signee, knows how to make an impression. He was a walk-on at Michigan and rose to prominence and had something of a cult following in Ann Arbor. He knows the way to draw attention and that's hit. He did plenty of that, taking some liberties at times in the defensive backfield. He also had an interception. So he's got my attention, at least.


Yes, running back Mike Gillislee was good in his first practice of rookie camp. He ran with authority. He hit the crease hard. No shuffling of his feet. No chopping. I like that. Will that translate to anything once hitting starts? No idea. But good start.


The competition for kicker will be real. Kicker Caleb Sturgis connected on a couple of 50-yard tries. No, he's still not been in the fire of a pressure kick with his job on the line. But the kid kicked in The Swamp for the Gators. He's played in front of crowds much bigger than what the Dolphins will see in the preseason. I don't get the vibe that he'll be nervous.


The Dolphins need to find good athletes and good system-fit players when searching for corners. Let's face it, Sean Smith wasn't a fit. He's better as a press corner. The Dolphins don't play press coverage. Jamar Taylor seems better suited for the off-man scheme the Dolphins use. And he said what he's seeing from coaches is similar to what he saw at Boise State.

“Most of it is similar, just different terminology you’ve got to get used to," Taylor said. "But most of the plays are kind of similar.”


The Dolphins brought a couple of QBs to camp, including undrafted free agent Clay Belton of Findlay. He's has a way to go. A long way. His delivery is methodical. Takes too long. His accuracy is inconsistent. His footwork needs to be tightened up. He has a live arm, that's for sure. But I understand why he wasn't drafted.


I mentioned Jamar Taylor above. Third round pick Will Davis looked every bit as natural and like he belonged. He had an interception. Good first day.


Receivers Jeff Fuller and Brian Tyms -- both with the Dolphins last year -- were at the first day of rookie camp. Inconsistent. All I'm saying on that.


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1 game against the Browns.

The 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man didnt deserve handouts after losing EVERY year he's been the owner. If you can EVER build a winner the fans MAY return. But not when you lose EVERY YEAR!


Absolutely! Din Jordan represent a swing for the fences by Ireland. We'll know by the end of the season whether it was a strike out or grad slam.

But at least he showed the balls to swing for the fences. His previous trade ups were definitely playing "small ball."

Why are some posters continuing to post about Ross and the stadium bs. I mean, who the f'uck really cares but you?

Most of us don't give a damn if we play our home games in cow patty fields of Texas, as long as they play the games.

Wheteher Ross gets stadum renovation money or not, there will be a 2013 season.

So pleeeeeeze...................... Enuff of this bs!

Ross can pay for hie own repairs!!!!!!!!!

Unless you live in a freaking HOTEL ROOM Ross and the Dolphins weren't asking you for a PENNY.

Godalmighty what a bunch of clueless nitwits some of you are.


I Understand Your Point. And Dashi Expects At LEAST 8 Sacks From DJ This Season.

What Dashi Sees Is The Same Thing As Last Year. The Fins Didn't Want To Announce T-Hill The Starter Right After The Draft. So He Can Earn It. Same Thing With DJ.

That And Even The Coaches Won't Know Where He Starts Til The Beginning Of The Season. Will He Beat Out Odrick Or Will He Beat Out Misi?

Good Thing We Have 5 Preseason Games.

And Those Of You On The Gilislee Bandwagon. Blowing Smoke Up Your Own Ass. The Games Say It All.

L.Miller Is A Better RB. That He Is Faster Is Only Icing On The Cake.

Who Did Gillislee Have At Linemen?

I Know You Aren't Using That One.

L.Miller Gained More Yards Than Gillislee In College and More Yards Per Carry. On A Less Talented Team.

L.Miller Played On 1 Of The Worst Teams UM Has Ever Had.

Don't Talk About Talent Level.

You Are Taking About The 2011 UM Team. Not The 2013 UM Team. Golden Had No Scholarships That Year.

Again Not Just Pure Talent.

L.Miller Is Younger Than Gillislee. Got Drafted Higher Than Gillislee.


L.Miller Ran A 4.38. And He Says He Can Run Faster. That He Was Still RECOVERING FROM SHOULDER SURGERY.

Gillislee Ran 4.55. And That Is The Fastest He Runs.

And Watch The Tape.

Don't Confuse L.Miller With R.Bush. L.Miller Puts His Head Down And Gets The Tough Yards. Better Than Gillislee Or Bush Or Even D.Thomas. L.Miller Cuts In. He Rarely Cuts Out. He Has The Ability To Get Small In The Hole And Explode Out The Other Side. And Again, Even If You Are Ahead Of L.Miller U Might Not Be Able To Catch Him. Even In The NFL. L.Miller Can Get To The Corner.

L.Miller Is Like Clinton Portis. While M.Gillislee Is T.Minor.

And That Is An Honest Comparison.

And Of Course R.Bush Is The Best RB We Have Had Since Ricky. He Replaced R.Williams.

R.Brown Had A Better Career Rushing Than Reggie. But Ronnie Was Ricky's Backup.

L.Miller WIll Gain 1200 Yds. Gillislee Can Fight D.Thomas And The Other RB's For The Other 800 Yards The Run Game Will Produce.

Posted by: Actually Read The Bill | May 04, 2013 at 01:59 PM

Yes, they are utterly clueless. Hospitality taxes exist everywhere. Even if they raised that tax 1% on a $100 per nite room. That visitor only pays $1 more than he usually pays.

Wow. Im sure that sends every tourist to the poor house. That $1 more is utterly unpalatable!

...Craig M..Good post. This is what I think. I may be totally off in space. And What I am about to write could be 100 percent incorrect.

I look at our first five games. Look at the quality of quarterbacks we will face. It is a big task for any team. These 5 games could have a huge effect on the balance of the season in both a positive, or negative manner. How much of this(If any) was in Irelands head when he started the blueprint to build this team? How much of this opening stretch could be the make or break for him, for his career here?

Now I said this could be nothing. Maybe just me thinking to much. What does this have to do with Jordan. Well if there is any bit of truth to my thought. Ireland moved up 9 spots to draft who he believed was the best pass rusher in the draft. That says something. A guy that is less then 100 percent even. That is how much conviction he had in this player. I could care less about the second pick, IMO the deal was a steal if you look at what other teams gave up for their first round trades.

Anyway..I keep thinking that yes..Of course we want to improve the pass rush...But it wasn't the most glaring need for this team..We were sold a bill of a horizontal draft approach(which proved to be a great smokescreen) So with LT's available in trade up scenarios. The deal for Jordan was too god to pass up, and Ireland took the BPA in his mind..Now I think he did this with the idea Jordan would be a weapon today. That he would be a piece in a fierce pass rush, or player who could matchup with tight ends(We play a ton of teams that use a 2 tight end formation) How ever we want to use this extrodinary player..It is a plus for us. But the thinking overall was that he would help now.

Of course I'm not saying that the first five games of the season will be deciding factor for Jordans rookie evaluation. Nor am I saying it will be the end all be all. I just think there was part of Ireland who recognized these games as the table setters for his future. and getting the best pass rusher in the draft would help jumpstart the year..

...@2:10...Forget week one. Cleveland is the exception here. (as far as quarterbacks) Still a road game, against a team in a similar situation to us. Wanting, needing to get off to a good start..No gimmie.

Last yr I was not on board with Jeffery nor his draft. Seasons 9-10-11-12 have made me a Jeffery hater or antagonist at best. Ive watched my Dolphins since 1965 and Ive cried tears over their loses. Since Shula, then Johnson to now Ive been riding the Dolphins hard and have not attended one game in 25 yr's, when I would go to at least twice a year (don't have money to burn). Now, depending on which game is up, I plan on attending 3-4 games. I live in Fort Myers. Anyhow, I think Jeffery's draft class is very solid, I think most of the drafted players will make this team and one or two will be on the scout team. I am the only Dol-fan (that I know) who wanted Jordan picked at #12th. When I saw he was going in the top 5, well, I had my doughts'. WOW, Jeffery got Jordan, traded UP which hasn't been his style, and I know he caught everyone off guard including me,,,WOW. Anyway I think, the Dolphins, with FA they've signed, the draft which was very good, are on their way back to being the " Beast of the East".
For the first time in 20 yr's. I am anxious for the beginning of football season,


Exactly why I say Ireland's offseason focus of upgrading lb corps(pass rush and coverage0, Pass rush(Jordan), and the secondary(coverage) is placing focus in the correct areas. No way to we oust score all of the 11 playoff or playoff caliber qb's in 11 games of our schedule without this focus.

Need proof? Go back to last year's schedule and compare the number of playoff to playoff potential qb's faced this year compared to last year. You'll notice a very huge difference.

That also contributed to a lower points allowed number last season. Had we this qb schedule we're probably no closer than bottom half nfl in points allowed too.

Armando, I think we should have very high expectations of Dion Jordan. Most teams hope for some impact from their 1st rders let alone the 3rd pick.

We all knew he wouldn't be ready for rookie camp though. Your preaching to the choir here.


Great posts above. I agree with what you've said.

This might surprise you DD, but when I looked at the schedule I think we could very easily start 0-5. People will think that's nuts and 'no chance'. I'm saying, 'there's a chance'....but not a great one, but a chance nonetheless. I agree with your Cleveland comment. Only thing I'd say, I don't believe that's going to be an easy game. Road game. New HC. They've upgraded their team, just like us. It's a big one, as far as I'm concerned. If we lose that one, it could very easily start a bit of a landslide. I like us against the Bills and Jets this year and I think we have TB on the schedule too. It's not going to be easy. Would really help to get off to a good start.

Hi Dashi!

....YG..Totaly on board there. I agree. That is why before the season last year I said we could go 10-6 as easy as 6-10..Because of the lack of quality at the QB position we faced.. This year. As you have noted. We do not have this luxury. This season will be a difficult test for this young secondary. Trying to boost the pass rush was really a no brainer after Ireland did his homework..We have to be able to pressure these top tier quarterbacks to give this secondary a chance. No pass rush..No success in the secondary...These quarterbacks are just too good to rely on young a relatively inexperienced group(inexperienced as far as playing together as a unit)

Looking at the qb's we'll face in 2013, I think we still allow 25ppg or less. Had Ireland not made the defensive upgrades he made this offseason. We probably give up nearly 30ppg.

No matter who we drafted on offense(Eiffert, Austin) I don't see us making up the difference.

I can see us averaging 25ppg and giving up nearly the same. But, the success or failure of 2013, will be more making that critical play offense or defense to win games. Than finding out we cant score nearly enough points to make up for our defensive deficiencies.

Which would you guys rather have?

We havent beaten Cleveland in many years and I doubt we beat them in the opener on their home field. They probably are better then us now.

It'll be interesting to see what the expectations are for Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson. Do they get a pass because they'll both likely be playing RT this year? I mean how different is that than Jordan this year? I haven't read anywhere from Philbin that Jordan will start. So do those two guys get a free pass because the coaching staff won't expect them to play LT?



No way we lose to the Browns. We have the much better qb and greatly improved offensive weapons.

So try 1-5.

But with what Ireland's done on the defensive side of the ball, I believe we have a chance to win in every game we go into this season. It will come down to who makes that critical game changing play. Us or them?


Nobody drafted top 5 ever gets a free pass. Never happened, never will happen. But, because of how highly they are drafted, they do get a 2nd season to redeem themselves.

If not then, its considered they're well on their way to nfl bust.

TanneBust led the league in 3 n outs putting extreme pressure on our normally good defence. If he sucks again they better switch to Moore before the season is already lost.

Terrible or great, no one cuts a top 5 pick after just 1 season. They always have year 2 of redemption.

@ consecutive season of not fulfilling expectations, then bust becomes fast approaching reality. Until then, its all speculative. Speculative never paid any bills, yea or ne.

Posted by: Steve in Ottawa | May 04, 2013 at 02:37 PM

So only having 2 wr's the entire year means absolutely nothing to you right?

Also, post the evidence Tannehill led the league in 3 and outs.

You cant because that lie doesn't exist does it. Do all of your truth come from out of your ass? Lets certainly hope not. LOL...

Agreed. Noone gets a free pass. Fisher, Joeckle, and Johnson will be expected to start. I'm sure Milliner who went at 9 will be expected to start with the Jets.

I will say that the 3rd pick this year is not the same as the 3rd pick last year though. Much more talent at the top of the draft last year.

Dion Jordan is probably top 15 in any draft though.

...Holy shrikers...So I got caught using my upstairs apartment as my Direct Tv address for the bar.. Now they want total square footage plus seating capacity for the total for the Sunday ticket..It is going to coast an arm and a leg. 6500.00 for the Ticket. We don't have 100 people in town..What to do? This sucks because our local channels offer Denver, and Seattle as the options...No Phin games???? or ante up the 6500 for the ticket at the bar?

Much rather have Jordan miss time in May rather than training camp or in September. Get the shoulder healed 100% and give 'er hell when you are ready to go. Three months until Canton, 4 months and 4 days until Cleveland. Gonna be a fun year. Phins Up! GO FINS!

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | May 04, 2013 at 02:47 PM

It all comes down to whether or not your profits are reduced by $6,500 during the entire football season if you don't pay it.

Hell, even if you only break even, its better than going under because your bar becomes a ghost town during games.

You seem to be a smart business man, you'll figure it out. While you're figuring, also figuring in the huge profits you've already made by "complete fraud". LOL...


If I were you, I would be happy if I didn't get back charges for my fraudery. LOL....

i think we have inconsistent wr to develop and i'm still thinking we lost patton in round 4. worst, we didn't think at him and we could select him at round 4!

...Yg.. Buisness wise I can't afford it..No way. Come October when the road closes there are like 10 guys that watch games...The decision is purely a selfish one that will cost way more then the return on investment. But..I can't stand the thought of having to watch the Broncos, and Seahawks all year.. And my friends that do have the ticket at home are all freeking Steeler, Raider, and Packer guys.

The irony is that when I bought the bar..The satellite was already set up in this manner. For the last 8 years since purchased the place. I told Direct TV that when I transferred the account. So I didn't think much of it. I thought that I was "Grandfathered in"...They were cool. They could have charged me back charges, but acknowledged the mistake. I did kind of get away with one. The corperate rate is actually much cheaper then the standard home charge. It is just the Pay per view stuff that kills you....

Some stupids fan don't know how is the boss

Boss = Ross
Ross = owner
Money Money
Got it

...Craig M...This may be totally unfair. It could be offbase. But I think the reason why there may be what may be seen as high, or even unrealistic expectations for Jordan is that we traded up to get him. The 2 tackles had we traded up for one of them. I'm sure that the expectation would be similar. As far as what their expectations are compared to Jordans? I don't know. I would say both have high bars set by their fan bases, and teams to succeed.

I think the trade is the big elephant in the room as far as why some(me included) have high expectations. Lets say for instance that we had the 3rd pick, we didn't move up the 9 spots to grab him. I don't think there would be the same pressure for him to make an immediate contribution. (pressure from some of the fan base)

Is Joe Philbin a leader of men?

How do you draft a guy with a bum shoulder? At #3?


How do you draft a guy with a bum shoulder? At #3?

Posted by: Get Sense | May 04, 2013 at 03:54 PM

How does your Mom not know who your Daddy is?

DD, they'd have to pay me to watch a Dullfin game. Its like watching paint dry.

DD, they'd have to pay me to watch a Dullfin game. Its like watching paint dry.

Posted by: MJ | May 04, 2013 at 03:59 PM

Well they don't have to pay you to blog nonsense so I guess you can be happy you enjoy coming back to the blog.

No one pays to watch the Dullfins.


By any chance to you have a hard, bent object stuck up your rectum?

What's fun to watch are reruns of Mark Sanchez running face-first into his offensive linemen's butt and fumbling the ball away.


I'm just playing devil's advocate here....

If we had the third pick and had traded down the 12th pick, would there be far less expectation on the guy? I'm just trying to understand how all this works?

In my mind I likely won't have an opinion on Jordan for three years. If that makes me in the minority, then that's fine.

If we had the 3rd and than trade back to 12, the with the extra picks traded back up to five, then get another pick going back to 7 and then right back up to 4, we could have had Dion and another two second round picks.

Dion never should have been ranked that high. Same as Ansah. Those two are hugely talented but unpolished Players. #8-10 for them would have been more appropriate. You gonna delete this? No need now.

Lawmakers 1, Ross 0. LOL..if they were WINNING then building a new stadium would be no problem.


Since you seem so focused on draft rank versus sack count, would it make you feel any better if Dion Jordan does better than the #2 overall selection Chris Long?

It is fine to opine on what the expectations should be on DJ, but to compare him only to the few superstar players selected later than him, and yet not mention the non superstar players selected higher than him is not perspective, it is a biased agenda.

Just to clarify
The resort tax on hotels is 3 %
So between state county and city you pay 7+3+3 total 13 % tax
The proposal is to increase the resort tax to 4%
This is only a tax for hotels so only tourist pay
Those are mainly New Yorkers and New Englanders who come to S Florida
So I am all for the tax
we benefit and they pay fir the renovations to our stadium and we get a super bowl out of it
Just wanted to get all the facts out

Why is there a need to rush to judgement or put statistical expectations on Jordan? I didn't see those with Tannehill last year at position where stats can tell you a lot more about a player. I am looking for progress and what happens during games and how he responds. Does he make impact plays? What the team needs most is impact plays like FF's, INT's, Sacks, TFL's and even pressures....at key moments.


It's ridiculous....it really is. You're right, Tannehill gets time to develop and he should. Jordan should be afforded the same luxury and please don't tell me 'because he plays DE, it's different'.

People can rush to what ever judgment they want to make on Jordan. I'll be right there cheering for him, but with the expectation that it might not happen right away for him.

Corporate Communism Wins Again.

Don't Worry Ross Is Going To Expose A Couple Politicians In Tallahassee

How can you be anything but pessimistic about a franchise that loses every friggin year?


If you are going to define his success to number of sacks as opposed to his overall impact on the defense, then your scope is already too narrow.

Posted by: Bodine | May 04, 2013 at 10:24 AM

No disrespect Bodine, but I suspect you're wasting your breath with Armando.

You see, it's not about any "Lofty Expectations". It's not about draft position. Heck, it's not even about whether he plays DE/OLB or whether he starts at all.

With Mando, it's all about replacing Jason Taylor. To be more precise, I should say, "Not Replacing Jason Taylor".

After all, save for Jordan busting out the Gate with a Hall Of Fame Rookie Season, no one.........AND I REPEAT.........**NO ONE** will EVER take Jason Taylor's place in Armando's "Heart of Hearts".

That spot is Reserved and Retired as far as Armando's concerned. Some Bonds.......like the "Bonds Of Love", simply cannot be broken! Poor Dion Jordan doesn't stand a chance!

We were right about Orb. $ in our pocket.

No charity for the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR MAN.

Heck, if we were right about a Horse on a sloppy track, albeit a very good Horse, We could be right about Dion also.

Fukkk you. I had nothing to do with that.

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